Our EMC Federation Strategy

first_imgToday, information technology is being transformed by four powerful trends—namely, mobile, cloud computing, Big Data and social networking. This transformation of IT is accelerating, and for players in the IT industry, the future will be both extremely disruptive and incredibly rich in opportunity. Collectively, these four trends comprise what research firm IDC calls the “third platform” of IT (the first being mainframe, and the second being PC client/server) and critical to its success will be an underlying foundation of security, privacy and trust.We are in the early days of the third platform and as such we believe second platform architectures will continue to be the foundation of the enterprise data center for many years to come. Our strategy is to continue to take market share here and lead our customers on their journey to the third platform. We see enormous opportunity to help enterprises transform both IT and their business. We will pursue this strategy through our unique federated business model that includes EMC Information Infrastructure (EMCii), VMware and Pivotal. Our businesses are strategically aligned yet each is focused on its core mission—developing the best technology and building the right partner ecosystem to best serve customers. This federated model allows us to offer best-of-breed, integrated, technology while preserving customers’ ability to choose and deploy products from other IT companies.Continue reading Joe Tucci’s letter to shareholderslast_img read more

Helping Companies Succeed One Conversation at a Time

first_imgBuilding relationships is crucial to every successful business. I have the privilege of meeting with an average of 35 companies each month; some are longtime EMC customers and others are looking to strengthen their partnership. Along the way, we sometimes lose sight of why they choose us.  The reality is that EMC has the most relevant products and the broadest portfolio of services capabilities in its history. We have the most robust solutions in the marketplace, as well as strong technology alliances and partnerships. We possess substantial financial resources for pursuing R&D and acquisitions while maintaining solid financial stability. We have the ability to help companies effectively save money on legacy IT so they can strategically invest in the future.The breadth of these factors is why companies choose to work with established players in the industry.  We ease the workload placed on their shoulders.  The ability to significantly impact our customer’s business success is the main reason I have stayed a part of the EMC Federation for almost 25 years.A healthcare company I recently met with had been frustrated that it was taking nine months for their developers to get the resources they needed to do the job.  After partnering with EMC, VCE and VMware, it now takes nine seconds or less to deploy the equivalent new infrastructure elements, allowing them to focus on improving the healthcare experience and understanding better and faster ways to get and keep customers healthy.Financial service companies are frequently focused on the need for speed and agility. One such company is world-renowned for stable insurance and mutual fund investments.  However, with the internet now posting insurance premiums and fund returns online, their customers are able to see minute-to-minute changes in performance, increasing the traffic level on their trading systems exponentially.  Their most profitable offerings are being disrupted at the core of their business model. We are actively engaged in educating the leadership team on technology that ensures they can do business faster by immediately responding to changes in the marketplace, as well as identifying specialty data that can be commercialized.  They’re looking at all EMC’s offerings to help them get there.A $15B company in the highly competitive food services industry provides thousands of small restaurants with the food, beverage, and serving supplies they need to open each day.  Their competitive edge is the ability to deliver a great customer experience with their electronic ordering and delivery processes.  Their IT system’s performance and stability are critical to ensure that their customers continue relying on them each day.  Again, EMC is the core element to their environment.This track record of executing for our customers opens the door for much deeper engagement.  All three companies asked EMC to challenge their way of thinking about IT.  With our strong field teams and our world class product and services, EMC has been able to move from being a vendor, to a supplier, to being a business partner, to the ultimate goal of being a strategic business partner.Great business relationships take time; they’re built on trust.  It’s only when you earn trust that customers feel comfortable enough to open up a dialogue around discussing what’s possible with their business.Everyone at the table knows that not every idea is going to stick, but it’s the ability to sit with a customer to strategize on how we can help them that is refreshing and exciting.Companies are looking for strong business partners now more than ever.  I’m convinced EMC is in the right place at the right time with the right offerings to enable our customers to transform their business.last_img read more

Dell Technologies Capital Brings Innovative Technology to Customers

first_imgWhile one very visible venture capitalist may have recently hung up his spurs, the world’s largest privately-controlled technology company today brought out of stealth its venture practice, Dell Technologies Capital.Early on, Dell recognized the value of venture investing as a key tool for innovation, in addition to organic research and development, partnerships and acquisitions. But it was always about more than just investing money.“Capital is merely table stakes to set a startup company on the path to success. New companies are looking for active investment partners who provide breadth and depth of expertise and access to resources and scale,” said Scott Darling, president of Dell Technologies Capital.That why Dell Technologies Capital offers experienced board members, deep technical expertise as well as access to the global scale, channel, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and go-to-market relationships that are unique to the Dell Technologies’ family of businesses. In addition, we provide access to industry-leading technologists, investors and company executives.And while you may not have heard much from the team of highly experienced investors at Dell Technologies Capital, you might have heard of some of their portfolio companies.“…we were able to utilize Dell Technologies’ ecosystem to collaborate and combine the powerful Dell EMC and Virtustream portfolio…ShareFor instance, Edico Genome announced earlier this year an agreement with Dell EMC to offer a bundled compute and storage solution that increases the maximum rate at which data can be processed.“Accelerating time to answers can lead to faster diagnoses for critically ill newborns, cancer patients and expecting parents waiting on prenatal tests, and allows scientists and drug developers to spend less time waiting for data and more time interpreting results,” Edico Genome CEO Pieter van Rooyen said.Edico Genome’s Dragen bioinformatics processor is now integrated into a 1U Dell PowerEdge 4130 server for genome analysis, as well as Dell EMC’s Isilon scale-out networked attached storage for genomic data storage across all levels of throughput capacity.“As a Dell Technologies Capital portfolio company, we were able to utilize Dell Technologies’ ecosystem to collaborate and combine the powerful Dell EMC and Virtustream portfolio with the speed and accuracy of the DRAGEN processor to offer a complete, cost-effective solution for rapid genomic analysis for new and existing customers,” he recently added.Dell Technologies Capital Capital has been an active investor in more than 70 other early-stage startups, and will continue to invest globally for Dell Technologies’ unique family of businesses including Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks, Virtustream and VMware.For more information about Dell Technologies Capital, including its current portfolio and previous investments, visit delltechnologies.com/capital.last_img read more

Transformative Innovation is a Trendsetter in IT

first_imgOver the last year, I’ve shared my thoughts on what I believe is part of a winning strategy.  Staying focused, committed, determined and working as a team to deliver on your plan – these attributes and a bias to action set up any organization for the win. How you jump and clear hurdles running full speed ahead — that makes all the difference.   It’s what keeps your strategy on track.We at Dell Technologies play an important role in ensuring our customers have what they need to be resilient through the dramatic technology shifts under way – and take on Digital Transformation notably as their biggest asset, data, holds the keys to their ability to derive a competitive advantage through unlocking the power of that data.Today, I reflect once again on the power of a winning strategy and the power of a team that works with speed, resilience and determination to deliver nothing less than the best.  Our Storage business has yet again, delivered its third consecutive quarter of revenue gains as reported for Q3 FY19.  And now, as reported by IDC’s latest 2018 Worldwide Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker, our Storage business has delivered its third consecutive quarter of year-over-year share growth. IDC reported a 31.3% revenue share in external storage for Dell, Inc. – representing +23% year-over-year revenue growth and +2.6 points of year-over-year share gain.I have a favorite saying…two dots make a line – three dots make a trend.  The trending growth in our Storage business demonstrates that Dell EMC is delivering innovation that best meets our customers’ needs in a world awash in vast amounts of structured and unstructured data – driving new requirements in data storage, protection and analytics – at the edge, in the distributed core and cloud.   And that innovation is being broadly lauded across the ecosystem – with PowerMax 8000 and Dell EMC Unity 650F both taking home CRN 2018 Product of the Year awards; and Gartner recognizing Dell EMC as a “Leader” in its 2018 Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage for our Dell EMC Isilon and Dell EMC ECS platforms.   AND, our SC Series 5020 midrange array secured further recognition for Dell EMC Storage with the 2018 Editor’s Choice from Storage Review.There’s way more to celebrate here and Dell EMC’s Storage President Jeff Boudreau does so in his latest blog.  Amazing work from the best Storage team in the industry.Also trending is our growth in Servers and Networking – where again, we saw our eighth consecutive quarter of year-over-year revenue growth in Q3 FY19. Our Data Protection team’s Purpose-Built Backup Appliances (PBBA) gained share year-over-year for its second consecutive quarter in Q2 according to IDC, and our HCI business hit 14 consecutive quarters of year-over-year growth in Q2 CY18.Further, our PC business continues to emphasize that the PC is very much alive and well — 23 consecutive quarters of year-over-year unit growth according to IDC[i] – talk about a trend! Through the first three quarters of 2018 we saw 7.1% growth, which is way higher than the paltry 0.8% growth of the industry as a whole.These accolades and innovation are proof positive that we know what our customers need to be game-changers in their own rite.So as I look ahead to the next year, I’m more optimistic than ever about our opportunity and more importantly – the opportunity for our customers to take advantage of what’s possible through Digital Transformation – arming their workforce with incredible innovation and services that keep them engaged, productive and resilient, and ensuring their IT strategy has them set up for nothing short of success and a strong competitive advantage.  We do this through our commitment to deliver innovation at the edge, notably as our customers prepare for 5G; leadership in Multi-Cloud flexibility as part of our continued and deep collaboration with VMware – enabling customers to achieve the right on- or off-prem, public AND private cloud strategy that works for them;  and, by advancing the capabilities throughout our entire IT portfolio with AI and Machine Learning for intelligence and automation.Our strategy is working and that’s a trend worth paying attention to.i Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage, Julia Palmer, Raj Bala, John McArthur, 18 October 2018ii IDC Worldwide Quarterly Purpose-Built Backup Appliance Tracker, CYQ218iii IDC Worldwide Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker, CYQ218iv Worldwide Client Share Summary based on IDC CY18Q3 datalast_img read more

Albanian communist-era landmark reinvented as youth center

first_imgTIRANA, Albania (AP) — A pharaonic landmark in central Tirana built as a posthumous museum for Albania’s communist-era strongman, Enver Hoxha, is being transformed into a youth training and art center. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama attended Thursday’s symbolic start of work to radically transform the largely abandoned, 17,000-square-meter (180,000-square-foot) structure. It was designed by Hoxha’s daughter and her husband, both architects. Long viewed with mixed feelings by Albanians due to its link with the hated communist regime, the building narrowly escaped destruction a few years ago under a former center-right government. Other proposals had included turning it into a national library, a theater or even the country’s parliament.last_img read more