Watch The Disco Biscuits’ Full Tabernacle NYE Run Opener [Pro-Shot]

first_imgThe Disco Biscuits kicked off a three night stand at the famed Tabernacle venue in Atlanta, GA yesterday, getting things going with a great opening night. The band opened up their show with “Above The Waves,” treating fans to the lofty tune before digging into “Rainbow Song” and “Morph Dusseldorf.”The Biscuits also spreaded some holiday cheer with “Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy,” and some Frank Zappa cheer with their cover of “Pygmy Twylyte.” They would ultimately close out “Above The Waves” towards the end of the second set, and close the set with “Mr. Don.” “Rock Candy” completed the show in the encore position, putting a triumphant end to a great first show.You can check out the full video from night one below, as the Biscuits will be providing free, full-length videos live for each of the shows. Check out night one below.The setlist and a full gallery from Dave Vann can also be viewed below.Setlist: The Disco Biscuits | The Tabernacle | Atlanta, GA | 12/29/16Set One: Above The Waves -> Rainbow Song, Morph Dusseldorf -> Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy -> Minions -> Morph DusseldorfSet Two: Uber Glue, Pygmy Twylyte -> Orch Theme -> Spraypaint -> Above The Waves, Mr. DonEncore: Rock Candy The Disco Biscuits 12/29/16 – The Tabernacle, Atlanta GA – Photo © Dave Vann 2016 Load remaining imageslast_img read more

The Avett Brothers Announce 2019 New Year’s Eve Show At Greensboro Coliseum

first_imgIt’s not even June 1st, but The Avett Brothers are already making sure their fans mark their calendars for 2019 New Year’s Eve. The folk-rock band has announced that they’ll head back to their home state of North Carolina for a show at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro on December 31st to help their fans dance their way into 2020.Related: Listen To Asleep At The Wheel And The Avett Brothers’ New Song Honoring Willie NelsonThe December 2019 show continues the band’s tradition of ringing in the new year in front of their fellow North Carolinians. The past few NYE celebrations have seen the popular group deliver end-of-the-year shows at Charlotte’s Bojangles’ Coliseum and Raleigh’s PNC Arena. This year’s NYE performance should help kickstart a year which will see The Avett Brothers and their fans travel to the Dominican Republic for their Avett Brothers At The Beach destination event in late February. The band also recently revealed they will be the basis for a new original stage musical, Swept Away, set to premiere at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre in Berkeley, CA beginning in June 2020.While NYE 2019 is still many months away, fans can catch The Avett Brothers on tour throughout the summer beginning with select dates with Willie Nelson‘s touring Outlaw Music Festival in late June. They’re also set to link up with Lake Street Dive and Trampled by Turtles for a run of shows beginning on July 3rd.Tickets for the 2019 New Year’s Eve show will begin general on-sale on July 12th. For a full list of the band’s upcoming tour dates, head to their website here.last_img read more

Hardened Arteries, Elderly Falls Linked

first_imgA stiffening of the aging brain’s blood vessels reduces their ability to respond to changes in blood pressure, increasing the risk of falls by as much as 70%, researchers reported Monday…Dr. Farzaneh A. Sorond, a neurologist at Harvard University’s Institute for Aging Research, and her colleagues studied 420 people over the age of 65. The team used ultrasound to measure the flow of blood in the patients’ brains while they were at rest and when they were breathing rapidly…Read more herelast_img read more

Challenges facing relief workers in Philippines

first_imgThe death toll in the Philippines, reported by the Philippine government, is now estimated at about 2,500 people. Hundreds of thousands of residents are displaced and millions are still without food or water after Typhoon Haiyan made landfall on six Philippine islands on Nov. 8.Due to the damaged infrastructure and debris, aid has been slow to reach those in need, particularly in the hardest hit city of Tacloban.Herman “Dutch” Leonard, the George F. Baker Jr. Professor of Public Management, talks about relief efforts in the Philippines and the challenges facing those trying to help.QUESTION: It has been [five] days since the typhoon ravaged the Philippines. What are the most significant challenges faced by government authorities and relief crews as they try to coordinate assistance?LEONARD: As is common in massive disasters like Typhoon Haiyan, the most pressing problem is communications and transport within the affected region. Communications, because it is vital to know where help is most needed. Transport, because enormous volumes of rescue workers and equipment and relief aid need to be moved quickly to survivors.Compounding the challenge, the typhoon will simultaneously have created critical and urgent needs, and at the same time have degraded the region’s capacity for communications and transport. The deficit that is thus created — the yawning gap between what is needed and what is available — is heartbreaking to witness.QUESTION: Could authorities have done a more effective job preparing for this disaster? What should they have done?LEONARD: Catastrophes of this sort result from a collision between enormous natural forces and human values — human beings and the communities and social fabric and physical assets they have constructed. In the aftermath, it is always clear that more could have been done to reduce the damaging impact of the storm. We may not be able to change the storm itself, but we can change what we have put in harm’s way in the face of the storm. In particular, we could be better about not allowing dense agglomerations of people and houses in low-lying areas that are subject to storm surge and flooding. But, in practice, this is very difficult to do. Most days are good days, and on good days the open low-lying land looks very attractive, and people who are struggling for day-to-day survival prove willing to run the risk of living in flood-prone areas.QUESTION: What can and should the United States and U.S.-based agencies be doing now to help?LEONARD: Sadly, for the most part, given the distances involved and the remote nature of the damaged areas and the shattering of transport and other infrastructure, the likelihood that much can be done in the way of rescuing remaining trapped survivors is low. While there are always a few miraculous rescues days after an event like this, the chances of survival for seriously injured survivors decline rapidly after the first few hours, and outside help is generally not available in time. This is one reason why the true “first responders” are the survivors themselves and the immediate bystanders.The implication is that the role for external aid agencies and providers is to help stabilize the situation and then provide materials that allow the rebuilding of structures (both physical structures and social and community institutions). In the short run, this means providing ways of rapidly assessing the (widely varying) levels of destruction in different areas, and then moving relief aid to where it can be most valuable.One critically important asset in circumstances like these is helicopter airlift. There are urgent needs to move people and materiel, and with roads, bridges, airports, and rail transport severely damaged, helicopters are a godsend.The other vitally important asset is the ability to systematically survey and assess damage and then rapidly to develop plans for addressing the most urgent needs. The “Incident Management System” — a formalized organizational structure for responding to emergencies that is widely practiced in the U.S. and elsewhere — turns out to be a very useful organizational structure for developing and executing adaptive plans.QUESTION: What are the most important lessons learned from this disaster?LEONARD: It is too early to tell what specific lessons will emerge from this event — but there is always something that is surprising, and in surprise there is learning. Our research will continue to focus on what is unexpectedly good — and on what turned out to be unexpectedly difficult — so that we can provide better general advice to others facing large storms and other disasters in the future. This is one important act that we undertake in memory of those who perished or were injured or who lost friends and loved ones in this event — so that their great suffering will not have been in vain.last_img read more

Helping Companies Succeed One Conversation at a Time

first_imgBuilding relationships is crucial to every successful business. I have the privilege of meeting with an average of 35 companies each month; some are longtime EMC customers and others are looking to strengthen their partnership. Along the way, we sometimes lose sight of why they choose us.  The reality is that EMC has the most relevant products and the broadest portfolio of services capabilities in its history. We have the most robust solutions in the marketplace, as well as strong technology alliances and partnerships. We possess substantial financial resources for pursuing R&D and acquisitions while maintaining solid financial stability. We have the ability to help companies effectively save money on legacy IT so they can strategically invest in the future.The breadth of these factors is why companies choose to work with established players in the industry.  We ease the workload placed on their shoulders.  The ability to significantly impact our customer’s business success is the main reason I have stayed a part of the EMC Federation for almost 25 years.A healthcare company I recently met with had been frustrated that it was taking nine months for their developers to get the resources they needed to do the job.  After partnering with EMC, VCE and VMware, it now takes nine seconds or less to deploy the equivalent new infrastructure elements, allowing them to focus on improving the healthcare experience and understanding better and faster ways to get and keep customers healthy.Financial service companies are frequently focused on the need for speed and agility. One such company is world-renowned for stable insurance and mutual fund investments.  However, with the internet now posting insurance premiums and fund returns online, their customers are able to see minute-to-minute changes in performance, increasing the traffic level on their trading systems exponentially.  Their most profitable offerings are being disrupted at the core of their business model. We are actively engaged in educating the leadership team on technology that ensures they can do business faster by immediately responding to changes in the marketplace, as well as identifying specialty data that can be commercialized.  They’re looking at all EMC’s offerings to help them get there.A $15B company in the highly competitive food services industry provides thousands of small restaurants with the food, beverage, and serving supplies they need to open each day.  Their competitive edge is the ability to deliver a great customer experience with their electronic ordering and delivery processes.  Their IT system’s performance and stability are critical to ensure that their customers continue relying on them each day.  Again, EMC is the core element to their environment.This track record of executing for our customers opens the door for much deeper engagement.  All three companies asked EMC to challenge their way of thinking about IT.  With our strong field teams and our world class product and services, EMC has been able to move from being a vendor, to a supplier, to being a business partner, to the ultimate goal of being a strategic business partner.Great business relationships take time; they’re built on trust.  It’s only when you earn trust that customers feel comfortable enough to open up a dialogue around discussing what’s possible with their business.Everyone at the table knows that not every idea is going to stick, but it’s the ability to sit with a customer to strategize on how we can help them that is refreshing and exciting.Companies are looking for strong business partners now more than ever.  I’m convinced EMC is in the right place at the right time with the right offerings to enable our customers to transform their business.last_img read more

Knights of Columbus fundraise with steak sandwich sales

first_imgThe white and blue banner that hangs from the double arches of the Knights of Columbus building at the intersection of South and God quads reads, “Home of Football Game Day Steak Sales $1,000,000 Since 1973.” Talk to any member of the Notre Dame Knights of Columbus, though, and they will tell you it’s about much more than the steak.Photo courtesy of Notre Dame Knights of Columbus “Notre Dame Knights are proud of their steak sale program, but more than the time spent on game days raising funds, the council enjoys working with some of the charities we support,” Robert Rauch, Notre Dame class of 2012 and former president of the Notre Dame Knights of Columbus, said.“For instance, we annually conduct several events with the Corvilla Home, one of our first charities,” Rauch, who now works as the College Council Coordinator for the Knights of Columbus Supreme Office, said. “We have annually prepared and consumed a Thanksgiving dinner with residents, we have participated in bingo and bowling events, and we have sponsored a team in their Snowball Softball tournament. The best part of steak sales is being able to have a relationship with the people we support.”According to the Notre Dame Knight of Columbus website, the steak sale began in 1973, but members of the Knights had been grilling steak sandwiches as part of their own tailgate since the late 1950s. Dennis Malloy, a third-year law student, said the location of the sale helped it take hold as a game day tradition.“The location of the Council Home next to the old bookstore was a prime location with thousands of potential consumers,” Malloy said. “We decided to sell only steak sandwiches to provide a distinct treat to our customers and reap the benefits of economies of scale.“Even though the bookstore moved and the glamour of Irish Green is far away, we are an essential part of the game day experience for many who make a special trip to the corner of God Quad and South Quad to visit us.”Malloy, who is a former grand knight of Notre Dame’s branch of the Knights of Columbus, Council 1477, said the Notre Dame Knights have about 100 active members. Each football Saturday, Malloy said at least 15 people work the steak sale at any given time, and about 40 people, including Knights, their friends and family and members of other campus organizations, work the sale throughout the day.Rauch said poor weather can lessen proceeds from the steak sale, but on a typical game day, the Knights will serve about 3,000 sandwiches and raise $10,000. As the sign outside the Knights of Columbus building highlights, the steak sales have raised over $1 million since 1973, a figure which Rauch said is not adjusted for inflation.Sophomore Henry Dickman, who oversees the steak sale this year, said he hopes to involve more student groups in the unique fundraiser.“Steak sales are not only significant in terms of the funds raised, but the event also provides a great way for council members to get to know each other and serve the Notre Dame community,” Dickman said. “Going forward, we’d like to find ways to get other campus groups involved with helping at the sales as well as attracting more students to buy sandwiches.”Rauch said the tradition of the Knights of Columbus at Notre Dame extends much further than the steak sales. The Notre Dame Knights were founded in 1910 and were the first student group on campus aside from athletic teams, the marching band and student government.“Like many things related to Notre Dame football, Knights of Columbus steak sales are rooted in tradition,” Rauch said. “The large stream of fans to the bookstore would smell the steak next door and would buy one on their way in or out. Plus, the steak sale program is all about charity and giving back — both themes that members of the Notre Dame family identify with.“When Fr. Sorin said that Notre Dame would one day be an enormous force for good in this country, he was speaking of people like the Notre Dame Knights who through their steak sale program and all their other activities serves as this force by being a charity that evangelizes.”Rauch said the sale can be taxing at times, but the benefits far outweigh the challenges.“College students typically don’t enjoy waking up before 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning, much less multiple Saturdays in a row, but that’s what the men of this council do every game day,” he said. “But when you have a good cause to support, you keep that in site and you keep going.”Jeff Gerlomes, Notre Dame class of 2014 and former president of the Notre Dame Knights of Columbus, said while the steak sale serves as a favorite game day tradition, it also goes beyond the bounds of Notre Dame football to make a tangible impact on peoples’ lives.“When we see that line down the quad, it’s humbling to think that this sandwich is as important to some of these people as a tartan cape or a golden helmet,” Gerlomes said. “Even more important, though, is that this fundraiser is our biggest opportunity to make a direct impact on some of the most serious social injustices around us. Instead of just campaigning for the poor and marginalized, we can aid programs that really help them on a lasting and personal level.”Tags: Game Day Tradition, Knights of Columbus, Steak Sandwich Salelast_img read more

US Navy Conducts Freedom of Navigation Operation, Contests Venezuela’s Excessive Maritime Claim in Caribbean Sea

first_imgBy U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) Bureau of Public Affairs June 23, 2020 While peacefully operating in the Caribbean Sea, the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Nitze conducted a freedom of navigation operation on June 23, contesting an excessive maritime claim by Venezuela.The U.S. Navy ship conducted the operation in international waters outside Venezuela’s 12 nautical-mile territorial jurisdiction. During the operation, the ship lawfully navigated an area the illegitimate Nicolás Maduro regime falsely claims to have control over, a claim that is inconsistent with international law.The U.S. Navy routinely conducts freedom of navigation operations around the world to preserve the maritime navigation and access rights guaranteed to all nations and vital to the global mobility of U.S. forces.Global access to international waters protects U.S. national interests, promotes a just international order, and ensures the U.S. Navy can accomplish key missions, including humanitarian assistance deployments, disaster relief operations, support to international counternarcotics efforts, and multinational exercises that strengthen regional partnerships.“The United States will continue to fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows, preserving the rights, freedoms, and lawful use of the sea and airspace guaranteed to all nations,” said U.S. Navy Admiral Craig Faller, commander of U.S. Southern Command. “These freedoms are the bedrock of ongoing security efforts, and essential to regional peace and stability.”last_img read more

Tax status allows CUs to ensure 115M members come first

first_imgThe credit union difference means all 115 million credit union members come first, CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle said in a video released this morning. Speaking on the occasion of Tax Day, Nussle said those credit union members are “the boss” when it comes to the credit union movement.Nussle also referred to several highlights of CUNA’s recent white paper on the credit union tax status, which found credit unions’ presence in the marketplace results in billions of dollars in consumer benefits each year, and that credit unions generated approximately $19.6 billion in federal and state taxes in 2017.“Our tax status is responsible for $16 billion in consumer benefits in 2018 alone, a number bigger than any supposed benefit that would come from taxing credit unions,” Nussle said. “Credit unions are simply people helping people, and it’s out mission and structure that let credit unions do this.” continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Human H5N1 cases confirmed in Egypt, Indonesia

first_imgJun 25, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – The World Health Organization (WHO) today confirmed two H5N1 avian influenza cases, one in a 4-year-old Egyptian boy and the other in a 3-year-old Indonesian girl.The boy is from Qena governorate in southern Egypt. He got sick on Jun 20 and was admitted to the hospital the next day, where he is in stable condition, according to a WHO statement.He is Egypt’s 37th H5N1 case-patient; 15 cases have been fatal. Egypt’s last two confirmed H5N1 cases, both in children, also occurred in Qena governorate.Initial investigation indicates that the boy was exposed to dead poultry, the WHO said. The test results were confirmed by Egypt’s health ministry, the country’s Central Public Health Laboratory, and US Naval Medical Research Unit 3 (NAMRU-3), which is a WHO reference laboratory.The Indonesian girl, from Riau province in central Sumatra, fell ill on Jun 18 and has since recovered, the WHO said. The source of her infection appears to be exposure to sick and dead poultry, the WHO said. Indonesia now has had 101 cases with 80 deaths.Azizman Daad, the avian flu team leader at a hospital in the Riau capital of Pekanbaru, said the girl was treated with oseltamivir (Tamiflu) as soon as she was admitted, Agence-France Presse (AFP) reported on Jun 23. She was to remain in the hospital for a week of observation, the report said.The two new cases boost the WHO’s global H5N1 total to 315 cases, with the number of deaths remaining at 191.See also: Jun 25 WHO statement on Egyptian patientJun 25 WHO statement on Indonesian patientlast_img read more

Is green tourism the future of the new normal state?

first_imgSo one of the consequences of the “new normal” situation will be greater investment and probably acceleration of the development of green tourism. Especially in the European Union, which has a plan (Green Deal) that there will be no more net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and this is only possible with large investments. The implementation of the plan is already underway, and this can be seen in the state aid. Namely, large companies, if they want support, must provide a report on how they will align state aid with European green goals. UNWTO – Global guidelines for restarting tourism Initiatives launched, talks with governments and calls for help from small and medium-sized tourism businesses have not gone without results. Although this does not mean much to the little man who is struggling with canceled reservations and loan repayments, it should be emphasized that the UNWTO is one of the world’s organizations, which in times of crisis imposed itself as a very important factor in policy making, at least as far as tourism is concerned. The latest initiative, signed by UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Polikashvili, is the relaunch of tourism. Research conducted by the UNWTO shows that travel restrictions are beginning to be eased in a number of countries, and governments and the private sector are working together to restore confidence-building and a foundation for recovery. Namely, at the fifth meeting of the Global Committee for the Tourism Crisis, they were adopted guidelines for tourism recovery. We have already written several times so far about the efforts made by the United Nations Tourism Agency to restore tourism. This important document outlines a plan and priorities for the sector in the coming months, from providing liquidity to vulnerable companies to opening borders and coordinating new health protocols and procedures. At the same time, innovation and sustainability continue to be promoted. In this way, as tourism restarts, a sector can be built that will work for people and the entire planet.center_img What exactly does that mean? There are currently about 200.000 hotels in the world that provide 18 million beds, and another 2,4 million rooms are planned. They themselves represent 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions and thus increasing the sustainability of this part of the global tourism sector can make a significant contribution to sustainable development goals related to climate. One of the main focuses will be working with private sector partners to promote green finance and share experiences in financing sustainable buildings. Sustainable tourism should no longer be considered a special nicheUNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili Planet? As big as it sounds, it concerns all of us. Namely, the UNWTO has started cooperation with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to encourage the recovery of tourism from the current crisis, while promoting green financing to improve sustainability throughout the tourism value chain. Finally, we will conclude with the words of the UNWTO Secretary-General: “Sustainable tourism should no longer be considered a special niche. Instead, this break in global travel offers us a chance to rethink tourism and make the entire sector more sustainable as we grow forward and stronger. This new initiative with IFC will provide valuable guidance on sustainable investment in tourism that increases tourism’s contribution to sustainable development goals.”last_img read more