Shanghai dragon means to avoid when the target as a result of the process

optimization is now developing very fast, but there are a lot of Shanghai dragon company in order to pursue efficiency, reduce costs, it will continue to work for Shanghai Longfeng decomposition, which our common work is Shanghai dragon website editor, released the chain Commissioner, friendship link exchange Commissioner, artists, procedures and so on, completely different […]

Bottlenecks encountered in the development of domestic B2B website brand shaping into a breakthrough

China e-commerce has developed rapidly in recent years, the B2B e-commerce platform while maintaining stability. China’s B2B platform e-commerce market is large, and showed a trend of development. At the same time, the total number of e-commerce websites in China’s B2B platform is large, and its business models and services tend to be homogeneous. The […]

Network Entrepreneurship to understand their strengths to find their own advantages

in today’s society, the opportunity is still very much want to start a business. The online shopkeeper team gradually large, especially with the launch of Alipay is more firmly, many want to join the ranks of the people’s confidence in electronic commerce. Convenient trading platform, safe trading tools have been gradually improved, but also waiting […]

19 will be held in Chengdu innovation and Entrepreneurship Week activities

once said, entrepreneurs are lonely. However, as more and more people join the entrepreneurial army, peers in the entrepreneurial road is no longer alone. They speak freely on entrepreneurial activities, both competitors and partners. 10 15, the West China Metropolis Daily reporter learned from the provincial government news conference, October 19th -23, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu […]