Airaa review Nayantharas film gets mixed response from critics

first_imgNayanthara in Airaa.PR HandoutNayanthara had been displaying that she has the smartness to pick the right scripts. With the kind of movies she had done in the recent years, the actress has proved that she knows how to balance between woman-centric and commercial films. Now, she is back with Airaa.Story: The movie revolves around a media personnel Yamuna and Bhavani, both played by Nayanthara. The former desires to have her YouTube channel. She comes up with an idea where she fabricates videos of ghosts and her experiment begins at her grandmother’s bungalow in Pollachi. It becomes very popular in a matter of time.On the other side, a few commit suicide in Chennai under mysterious circumstances and there is a link to Yamuna. What follows next should be watched on-screen.Airaa is not just a pure horror film, but there is a lot to it. More than a horror flick, it is an emotional film without too much of melodrama. It also touches on the subjects like rape, harassment, bullying and many others. One fine example is how Nayan’s character hits back at slut-shaming. More importantly, the Butterfly affect concept needs to be hailed.There is an attempt to present Nayanthara like a superstar and her performance proves again why she is called a Lady Superstar by fans. However, the narration is not tight in the first half, while the movie has a lacklustre climax. Technically, cinematography stands out from other departments.However, critics are divided over Airaa. While some have found the movie to be a passable entertainer as it laces multiple messages in spite of belonging to horror genre, others feel that it fails to engage the audience. Checkout what they say about the flick below:TOI: It tries to play around with the Butterfly Effect concept to make the revenge angle – a staple of horror films – seem unique, but unfortunately, this attempt backfires. One of the main problems with the film is that Yamuna is an uninteresting character with no endearing trait to make us fear for her safety.Sify: Airaa would have worked with Bhavani’s portions alone, the horror angle actually takes away the novelty of the film. Had director Sarjun focused only on the emotionally moving story of Bhavani, Airaa would have been a classic. The butterfly effect to the horror thriller is another interesting aspect of the film.India Today: The first half of Airaa aims to induce fear in the audience’s mind. But, having watched over 100 horror films in the last few years, the audience has, by now, turned immune to them and it takes a great deal to pull off jump scares today. For any horror film, the backstory plays a major role and Sarjun has crafted a relatable story in Airaa.last_img read more

144 years of verses memories

first_imgA refrain in his poetical themes pointed to the idea of life being a continuous painful struggle, that ends with life itself. It is succinctly captured in one of his couplets that compares life to a prison that is like a bondage of grief. A grief that can only get away when death befalls on life. Kaide hayaat, bande gam asl mei dono ek hain,maut se pehle aadmi gam se nijaat paye kyon?The poet is synonymous to both Urdu and Persian poetry in India and he is the one who is renowned even amongst circles that have nothing to do with poetry- Mirza Ghalib. He lived his last moments in Delhi, the city that is brimming up with activities to commemorate the work of the great artist on his 144th death anniversary. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The day shall mark the release of the documentary Yaad Gaar-e-Ghalib, paying a tribute to the renowned poet whose couplets and poetry still receive reverberating appreciation in poetic gatherings.  It will be screened at the two day ceremony to celebrate the artist and his works.The two day festival will bring together a motley of activities. The highlights are Uma Sharma’s Kathak performance Ek Shama Rehe Gayi Hai So Who Bhi Khamosh Hai, ghazals by the maestro, Ustad Moin Khan coming from Mumbai and the excerpts by Pawan Kumar from his book Ghalib: The man The times. The evenings shall draw to a close with Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixMushaira baithaks (poetical gatherings) with eminent poets in mughal style. The poets are coming from all across the country to participate in this event. To entice you, there’s a long list of poets gracing these evenings with their presence and the list includes Uday Pratap Singh, Nawaz Deobandi, Rahat Indori,Salim Sidiqui, among others. The streets of Ballimaran, right in the midst of the ever busy Chandni Chowk speak of the life and times of the late poet. Ghalib memorial, carrying an air of poetry is a permanent exhibition that runs on the site where the famous poet breathed his last. Had Ghalib written in English, he would have been the greatest poet of all times, amongst all languages, said Ralph Russell, a British scholar of Urdu literature. We can’t agree more!last_img read more

All for a cause

first_imgFrance’s most iconic attraction, the Eiffel Tower turned pink as part of a push for breast cancer awareness, the media reported on Tuesday. October is breast cancer awareness month and Paris officials did their part to raise awareness by lighting the Eiffel Tower in pink. The illumination is part of the Ruban Rose (pink ribbon which is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness) event launched by Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, who witnessed the spectacle on Monday night. Organisers said lighting up the tower in pink was “more than a symbol – it’s a sign of victory over this illness”.  The light show in Paris marks France’s 22nd “Pink October” campaign, which will also see information stalls set up at Trocadero, not far from the tower, until Thursday. A series of events including beauty therapy and solidarity marches have also been scheduled.last_img read more

Pinkathon Running for empowerment

first_imgMarathons sound intimidating. But Milind Soman, with his unique way of promoting awareness through running a marathon has been empowering women to run through his initiative ‘Pinkathon’.Addressing a press conference, Soman announced that ‘Pinkathon’, an initiative by the United Sisters Foundation will be held on September 4 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in the national Capital. Pinkathon will be India’s biggest women’s run with over 10,000 women participating.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The initiative hopes to empower women across India and create awareness about breast cancer. “‘Pinkathon’ is more than a marathon. It is the beginning of a movement that is to be carried forward by a growing community of empowered women acorss India, who share a belief that a healthy family, and a healthy world begins with empowered women.” said Milind Soman. The panelists who were a part of the conference highlighted the necessity for a better awareness about women’s health. Most panelists spoke of how women are simply relegated to household chores and are constantly stressed out, with little or no time for exercise or even a health check up. “The WHO, World Health Statistics stated that only 1.16% of its GDP was spent on health in India. It is time for everyone to bring health to the forefront and ‘Pinkathon’ will help achieve that,” said Ranjana Kumari, Director, Centre for Social Research and President, Women Power connect.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThe primary goal of the marathon is awareness. The campaign aims to encourage healthy lifestyles among women by encouraging them to run. ‘Pinkathon’ is also giving out free medical check ups with the help of their Medical Partner, Apollo, as well as free mammograms to participants above 45 years of age. ‘Pinkathon’ which endeavors to make sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to achieving social justice, has decided to use the Tsunamika doll as a participatory model. The Tsunamika dolls were made by fisherwomen who lost their livelihoods after the Tsunami of 2004. Before the main event, the team is also organizing a Cancer Shero Trek, a shero is a cancer survivor. The initiative hopes to felicitate them for their inspiration. In addition to this, over 50 visually challeged woman are expected to participate. All proceeds from the event will be used for expenses incurred in organizing and marketing the event, and by the Women’s Cancer initiative in its fight against breast cancer. Interested participants can register at read more

Empowering women to rewrite social norms

first_imgMedha Mukherjee, a young entrepreneur started, with the aim to provide a platform to women and address their issues. She started the project four years back and hasn’t looked back since then. When asked how and why she became an entrepreneur, Medha said, “Entrepreneurial hunger is a desire to change something and create an impact. That craze for changing something will drag you to build anything that drives that change.””A friend and I opened a lemonade shop in our neighborhood when we were just 12. At that point, we were just filling up a need gap in the market. But concurrently the entrepreneur in me was born. Although I worked in a multinational for short time, I was longing to start something of my own,” she added. Why She replied, “I saw women in my family and around not doing enough to realise their full potential. Their minds were stymied by the pressures of a patriarchal society. As a result, they were conditioned to look for different excuses. But when they saw women from their generation doing well, it started creating a positive impact on them.” Medha, who initially started it as a blog, decided to launch a full-fledged website after she was introduced to ‘word press’. She began to write about all kinds of women and their lives. “Soon I found that my audience wanted to read about women who were achievers, as it inspired them. So I started communicating with famous and successful women; it could be professionals, authors, actors, requesting them to mentor my readers,” mentioned the young entrepreneur. Talking about the challenges she faced during the journey, Medha replied with an example, “The impact of patriarchal superiority was so strong that when I went to Bangalore to pitch for my first investment, I was asked ‘who handles your team’. They couldn’t believe that I, a woman could manage a team.” She always felt the need for a media platform for women and hence decided to work on this project. Now, they will be holding their first event in March in Mumbai, in association with ‘coworks’– a platform which facilitates startups. Medha is happy that finally there is no stopping, funds have come and the website has started making small money too. A known name among young entrepreneur, Medha believes that as long as the purpose for what you are working for is sorted, it is easier to work for yourself than for someone else.last_img read more