President Granger has exposed the State to incursions from Russians, others

first_imgDear Editor,The allegation by the Russians that the UK and others are building a military base in Essequibo to be used by Venezuelans, underscores the dangers that President Granger and the coalition have exposed Guyana to by refusing to call timely elections.By having a defeated, fallen, or illegal Government managing Guyana’s affairs, the State is made vulnerable and exposed, especially in light of what is happening in Venezuela.The State must be governed by a stable, legal Government that enjoys the confidence of the people. This is precisely why the Constitution dictates that fresh elections are needed “within three months” following the valid passage of a No-Confidence Motion.The PNC and its coalition partners, however, have shown that they are willing to sacrifice the security of the State in the interest of the coalition. The idea of a secured and safe State has evaporated among all the talks of registration.Moscow recognised this. It has seized upon the occasion made possible by President Granger’s exposure of the State, and has committed its first incursion.Indeed, the Russians may have laughed when Government said it abides by the principles of the United Nations Charter. They know that President Granger and coalition members cannot abide by the United Nations Charter when they are busy flouting Guyana’s Constitution.They also know that Government does not have the support of a majority of the people.All that the Russians have to do is to ask Government exactly on whose behalf it is speaking, and Moscow would have further exposed the State and threatened the integrity of the Instruments of Independence acquired in 1966.Sincerely,Rakesh Rampertablast_img read more