DOH confirms 2 more cases of COVID-19

first_imgHe became the 44th COVID-19 case inTaiwan. The patient is currently stable at theResearch Institute for Tropical Medicine in Muntinlupa City. The fifth confirmed case is a62-year-old male Filipino with hypertension and diabetes mellitus. He coughedwith phlegm on Feb. 25. DOH also received reports of 3confirmed COVID-19 cases among foreign nationals who had a history of travel tothe Philippines. “The patient returned to thePhilippines on Feb. 25 and experienced chills and fever beginning March 3. Hehad himself checked by a hospital. Samples were collected for testing. Thesewere positive for COVID-19,” Duque said. Secretary Francisco Duque said thefourth confirmed case is a 48-year-old male Filipino with a travel history toJapan. “These recent developments aresignificant, but we are prepared to respond to its potential consequences. Ourpriority is to protect our health workers and the most vulnerable populations,”Duque said. This patient had no known travelhistory outside of the country, said Duque. “The fifth case is known to haveregularly visited a Muslim prayer hall in Barangay Greenhills, San Juan City.Previous visitors to the prayer hall who have fever and/or respiratory symptomsare encouraged to call the DOH hotline (02)8-651-7800 local 1149-1150 forproper referral to the appropriate health facility,” he added. The Health chief said contact tracingis being done and DOH is in close coordination with concerned local governmentunits.center_img “We can still contain the spread ofthe virus in the country, which is why we are encouraging the public topractice proper hand-washing, social distancing, and cough etiquette. We callon the public to be vigilant and continue doing their part in containing thedisease,” he added./PN Secretary Francisco Duque. PNA The first case is a 38-year-oldTaiwanese male who went on a five-day trip to the Philippines with his friendsand, while in the country, had diarrhea on March 2. After returning to Taiwan he hadhimself checked by a clinic for dry throat and tiredness. The third case is an Australian female(from the southeastern state of New South Wales) in her 60s who traveled to thePhilippines. “The patient sought medical help inMetro Manila on March 1 and was hospitalized for severe pneumonia. Specimencollected on March 4 tested positive for COVID-19,” Duque said. The second case is a 44-year-oldJapanese male who visited the Philippines from Feb. 21 to 28. Prior to visitingthe Philippines, he traveled to Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan. Hestayed at three different hotels during his visit to Metro Manila. MANILA – The Department of Health(DOH) has reported two more confirmed cases of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)in the Philippines, bringing the total cases in the country to five.last_img read more

Bleach with some final words of advice

first_imgHall of Fame columnist, Badger alum and occasional University of Wisconsin professor Len Shapiro utilizes a rolodex of maxims when teaching his sports journalism course, and in my final column for the Badger Herald, one in particular comes to mind.“You will be rewarded for showing up.”Now, Shapiro was making the point that a good journalist will always make the extra phone call, drive 50 minutes to see the high school game and in general just not take the easy way out. Good solid advice for any career, really.But it might apply to Wisconsin students even more prominently.As any good SOAR leader will tell you, this university and city has just about anything that an incoming freshman would like to try. We have three revenue sports at the top of their game, a plethora of clubs for all interests and, yes, two daily student newspapers.**Mandatory pitch on behalf of the BH: This place really is awesome. I am trying to avoid the heartfelt farewell column that you, the reader, don’t really care about. But seriously, if you have any interest in writing, expressing your opinion or just generally pissing people off, come to the Herald. You will not regret it. I love you guys.All you have to do is show up. Several examples from this year alone prove it.For the Ohio State football game, tickets were being sold online for $300-$400. It was enough to pay for a student’s entire season ticket package.Theoretically, I can understand the temptation to cash in one game to pay for the rest.Practically, those who sold their OSU tickets are abject morons.From the very first kickoff – bless you David Gilreath, you finally brought one back – to the rushing of the field, it was the most exciting UW sporting event since … well … ever. No one in attendance will ever be a part of 80,000 people simultaneously enjoying that same level of euphoria ever again.Unless you are one of the vultures buying tickets solely to sell them – dare I make a “Worst People On Campus Joke Here”? – what was the point of buying season tickets if not hoping for just a chance to be a part of a moment like that.And all you had to do was show up.For basketball, the story repeated itself. The No. 1 undefeated Buckeyes came to town, and scalping prices skyrocketed. For those who missed the game, all Jordan Taylor did was submit THE greatest performance of a Badger basketball player ever. And I mean ever-ever.If there is anything to learn from Ohio State besides the jersey-to-tattoo monetary scale, it is just come to the damn game. In 10 years I will still remember taking down No. 1 Ohio State twice. I wonder if the scalpers will remember the cheap beer they bought with their haul?The tour guide speeches of limitless opportunity don’t lie when it comes to Wisconsin. Be it snow days, protests, the Terrace or a good old-fashioned ass-whupping of Ohio State, Madison provides memories that created the phrase the “good ‘ol days.”Just make sure you are there to see it.Michael is graduating with a degree in journalism and history. For those who still are curious about the View From The Bleachers, check out his new home at For your favorite memories of Madison, email Michael at or follow him on twitter @michaelbleach.Thanks for reading over three years.last_img read more