Coronavirus pandemic’s third wave generates enraging déjà vu

first_img– Advertisement – A nurse attends a protest, organized by the New York State Nurses Association in front of the National Holdings Corporation on May 8, 2020. The nurses protested because congress granted bailouts to corporations and Wall Street billionaires, but not enough for the communities hit hardest by the coronavirus crisis.Night Owls, a themed open thread, appears at Daily Kos seven days a weekCaroline Chen at ProPublica writes—The Enraging Déjà Vu of a Third Coronavirus Wave. Health care workers don’t need patronizing praise. They need resources, federal support, and for us to stay healthy and out of their hospitals. In many cases, none of that is happening:There’s a joke I’ve seen circulating online, over and over during this pandemic, that goes along the lines of, “Months this year: January, February, March, March, March, March, March…”My lips pull into a smile, but my heart’s not in it. […]As a health reporter covering the pandemic, I’ve experienced too many moments of deja vu. This summer, as the virus swept through the South, news footage of overwhelmed hospitals in Houston turning away ambulances recalled similar scenes from March and April in New York City. Now, we’re in the so-called third wave of the pandemic, with the virus slamming into Midwestern states, and this week, Dr. Gregory Schmidt, associate chief medical officer at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, said his colleagues are converting 16 hospital beds into new ICU beds in anticipation of an influx of COVID-19 patients. “People in leadership are starting to say things in meetings like, ‘I have a sense of impending doom.’” – Advertisement –last_img read more

VSoftCo – Sponsor Profile – #bofcon2017

first_imgShare SBC Webinars and Digitain present Finding Value in Untapped Markets July 14, 2020 Submit Share Simon Westbury, VSoftCoSBC caught up with Simon Westbury, Managing Director for Betting on Football 2017 (3-5 May) sponsor VSoftCo, to discuss his company’s approach to virtual sports betting, why he was attracted to the event and which parts of the Stamford Bridge conference agenda he is most looking forward to.SBC: Having also sponsored last year’s Betting on Sports conference, what is it that attracts you to events organised by SBC?SW: The attraction to us is the specificity of the events, there are lots of conferences that claim to be ‘must attend’.However, these types of events apply a brush stroke philosophy, touching on lots of different topics and verticals but failing to address any particular area.The events that Rasmus Sojmark and the SBC team put together are very specific in content and speak to the vertical that VSoftCo operates in. In addition to the conference focus, we also find the networking excellent and have managed to secure contracts from contacts we have made at the show. Put simply, it’s a win-win for VSoftCo – specific content and excellent business development opportunities.SBC: What are you most looking forward to at the conference?SW: I am really looking forward to hearing from football stakeholders to understand their point of view on gaming and how the two industries can work together in closer partnership. We are also looking forward to exhibiting at the show, and I am delighted to confirm that VSoftCo’s exhibition stand will contain a penalty shoot-out simulator to allow attendees to prove they are better than England at penalties.SBC: How can virtual sports betting and football stakeholders work better and more effectively together?SW: This is an interesting area of discussion and one that VSoftCo has explored in detail in the last six months. The owners of VSoftCo also own Sheffield United Football Club (SUFC), so we have been able to work with the club to explore how we can improve our virtual products using real football. For the example, the main area we have cooperated with SUFC is using professional football players in our motion capture.We have added over 800 new sequences to the game which will mean by the end of May, VSoftCo will be the only provider of virtual football to have a fully motion captured game using professional footballers. We are looking to deepen the relationship with the club. It has been suggested we look at Pro-zone stats the club use and use this data in our virtual game to ensure that we make our virtual football as real as possible.SBC: What new technology do you feel will have the biggest impact on virtual sports betting?SW: We are the only provider who uses real time technology, meaning that every game is a unique instance with over 2.5 million possible interactions per event rather than relaying a library of pre-recorded video clips. We have managed to use this technology to adapt to changes in football, for example within a week of the new kick off sequence occurring in real football we were able to incorporate the new kick off sequence into our virtual game.Additionally, the real-time technology allows us to offer bet markets that other suppliers cannot. For example, our first goalscorer market is the most popular market with operators, followed by 1×2. The first goalscorer market is 30% of all bets we take and no one else offers this specific market. So, by working with us operators manage to gain 30% of bets they would otherwise miss out on.So, the focus of VSoftCo going forward will be how to maximise our unique technology to maximise realism and betting opportunities for operators and players alike. We believe the technology and access to a professional football club gives us an advantage our competitors simply cannot match.SBC: What key agenda, debate or discussion do you want to hear at #bofcon2017?SW: Please forgive me for being selfish here, but I am really looking forward to the panel that I am speaking on. It is a panel that incorporates some of what I have spoken with you about.The panel will address how virtual football can emulate the beautiful game and I am looking forward to pushing VSoftCo to the forefront of this discussion – the combination of our real-time technology which shows the whole match means we are in the best place to replicate real football.Our competitors can recreate a highlight show such as Match of the Day, but we can re-create the excitement that goes hand in hand with watching a real football match in real time and not knowing what will happen once the game has kicked off. Combining this real-time technology to create unique excitement and betting markets others cannot, with the heritage of a professional football club, creates an offering no one else can compete with. 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“We started to win at the roundabout that leads to the stadium”

first_imgNot because it doesn’t give you a title, but there are nights that you don’t forget. This is one of those nights. The best team in the world comes, a lot of victories and you can beat him. You have not passed, but you have won because we have options for a match.-Is it time for the season to go for the Champions League and leave the League?We never did. When we win the League, we play the Champions League final. When we were second in 2016, too. When we go second in 2018, we win the Europa League Winning many times brings winning. The way to feel strong is to win what comes ahead. The tension is in Villarreal already. It is very important.-How did you see Lodi?I didn’t take it out of the field, right? Broke it. It is a time of absolute demand and I know you can give what you gave. To give it you have to go through moments that have happened. I hope he can sustain it, because he is 21 years old and is in a team that has to win every day. And for that he has to play like today. And you can do it, you have proven it. Although at times I hate myself, I already told him that he will end up loving me.-Klopp talked about the environment …Not only in the Champions League, but in the League, we see that it is difficult to win as a visitor. The teams become strong. What will happen in England? Missing a lot, there are games ahead. We are in the league now.-Saul.I can talk about the game of Felipe, Vrsaljko who had not played for a long time, but has been involved, absorbed the responsibility not being fit after nine months without playing and responded from the heart. Is growing. I have spoken a thousand times about Saul. Sometimes I put it on the left side causing difficulties because I know he is capable of everything. He played where he feels most comfortable and has that nose of important goals that is a gift, few have it.-How do you prepare for Anfield?We don’t stop thinking so far. When the game approaches, I will count …-Why Lemar?There was a match that nobody expected that was with Lemar. I did expect it because I trust him and his characteristics. It’s different and I had to take it away because he felt a contracture. Between Correa, Morata, Lemar and Lodi, we could generate on the left with some precision, with a different step to the four Mestalla media. Then we look for Marcos’s legs to the right and finally 15 minutes for Costa’s return, which the team noticed.-What was the plan?The idea was to win. From there, the team has situations and understands them. If there are forces, it is pressed forward, but it is not easy to always have them. When the team understands that it is time to return and be together, it does it perfectly. It was what was seen. A block, height doesn’t matter so much. Worked triumph against the champion: “It was the game we expected, with a very strong opponent, with different records in his field and in ours, and I think we responded very well at the start and then we played as we had to play, even in some contrsagolpe we could increase the advantage”.Perfect defense?: “If the attackers and midfielders had not participated in the defensive work, the defenders would not have been so good.”Liverpool: “They play very well, they have great physical power, they are specialists and steal and get out fast” with the ball … “.Role of the hobby: “We started to win at the roundabout that led us to the westadio. In eight years I did not see such a reception.”Options: “We are going to play with humility, because they are used to playing great games in their stadium.”In a press conference he said:– Zero shots on Liverpool’s door.Liverpool had important occasions, although they did not go to goal. They have very good records in all lines, strength, power, players that solve in small spaces … The team did a great job as a block. We started to win it when at the roundabout the bus turned and we found a lot of people excited, ambitious, without fear … The group woke up something beautiful football, if we have to suffer, we suffer together. A block, the people and the team. We found the goal, we backed down because they took us but we defended. Some kickback we could carry it better. We were not fine to generate more danger.-Is it a coup d’état against pessimism?Of the eight years I have been, few times was the fans at this level, because it was throughout the game. It was exciting, it makes you want to play. The word that comes to me is tranquility, knowing that when you work as a team you can. The team responded with great effort, as it did in Valencia. This time he understood that he was pressing down and learning records. I like it beyond the result.-Is it the best night? Simeone appeared in the ‘flash interview’ of Movistar Champions League to give his first analysis of the victory against Liverpool that gives hope for the return at Anfield.last_img read more