n the era of how to do web image search engine optimization

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4, the size of the control. We know that for certain types of map.

, the deployment of relevant information of the picture. We often in some large portal sites, often see some popular atlas, atlas under each picture will write down the description information of the pictures, some pictures with the keyword matching text in bold display. In fact, according to the current technological development of the search engine, "if only simple images, search engines can only index to the general web Title and other related information and pictures of Alt description. So, if you can put some pictures in the front and rear position for picture text, picture or description information with keyword matching to optimize the picture, web pages can be better in the search engine rankings. read more

Love Shanghai webmaster chain plunged half maybe the next one is you

2, Shanghai love chain algorithm to update

dropped a bolt from the blue. The

chain plunged heartache shocked, then now is the analysis of the problem in which:

the owners of the house so far has been in the above published 5 articles, consistent with that is a good place for soft Wen contribute, now a left

love Shanghai chain algorithm has been updated, the chain of garbage strike needless to say, some of the chain dropped the most direct embodiment is as follows:

put this in the first place, because the chain dips, the most obvious manifestation is [url] is linked in the URL link all into home, we do two pages and a large number of pages of the chain disappeared. Here you might think that quality is too low, however, the first is the phenomenon of "all" disappeared, second pages outside the chain of quality is the quality can be, for example, I wrote an article "small and medium-sized enterprise how to do network marketing" is the reference articles for publication the link address, the the article was the site reproduced a dozen times, it was in the chain before the show now also disappeared. read more

Wrong views tangled two level domain is not completely independent of the website

The same

to a level two site ready, promotion can drive other related grade two site. Two site first we must have enough content, will be associated with second site before, there will be a navigation related to the two stations are put together finally. For example, Taobao area navigation and net area navigation. So we must make good use of good weight two sites to drive other related sites.

to select the correct URL people often because the choice of a directory or two level domain and trouble, so everywhere ask Master or seek answers on the Internet, the author also experienced over. We have received and the answer is often, if your site has enough content, can be an independent website, choose two domain names, and the two level domain name is an independent site. At first, in front of these words are not what problem, the key is the two level domain is an independent site often mislead people even if the two level domain is a completely new site. I recently observed, between the two level domain name each other or the existence of mutual influence of the situation. read more

Noble baby Shanghai Longfeng guide notes (two)

Transfer the relevant web content

seven, optimize the picture using

bogey: anchor text is too broad (such as "click here", "article"), the use of "has nothing to do with the contents of the text, use the web URL as anchor text (except reference website), is too long, the anchor text and conventional content can not distinguish between the search engine and the accumulation of a large number of anchor text keywords or too long and create lots of unnecessary links. A taste of the anchor text links to other websites and ignore their own website. read more

Website operation CTO responsibility listXie Wen joined shlf1314, shlf1314 said it was inconvenient

1.            familiar with major network programming languages, and underlying architectures and their relationships.

requirements: I wrote fifty thousand lines of code, or modified more than one hundred thousand lines of code, or independently wrote two web systems.

3.            understanding color matching and web design; able to design the entire site color.

1.            familiar with the industry which counterparts, in which companies do what?. read more

Not updated snapshot ranking is better if you still love the snapshot

?The original


ranking from the site keywords, did not suffer a impact, 28 SMS network keywords also has a relatively large increase, from this it can be said that love is not due to the Shanghai site there what a bad situation, perhaps is in love with the sea is as a result of changes in website snapshot update not timely.

article by SMS Daquan 贵族宝贝28dx贵族宝贝/, please add this link, thank you!


website snapshot has been one of the many webmaster index used to evaluate the quality of a website, if a website snapshot is very new, in exchange connection may very successful completion, when the snapshot after a week, what other sites included, the chain number more, others may also not be completely indifferent. Willing to exchange a big reason is because the snapshot update time; indeed, from the analysis of the previous website, the website snapshot barometer is a website, every day is a new snapshot, indicating the site progress is very good, whether it is from the perspective of a search engine or webmaster friends point of view, a snapshot of the new site is specialized in personnel seriously with optimization. read more

The wholesale website optimization promotion skills

after a try, have this feeling, on the choice of a website promotion method can, my domain name and website domain name is very similar to the Alibaba, once in the QQ>

website internal links are also one of the effective ways to promote, consider the internal links from the perspective of optimization, to ensure that each page can have a return to the home page links, of course, can not ignore the degree of customer experience, each link to make the user feel comfortable. For the link to check regularly, to prevent some invalid links. Internal links generally appear keywords, keywords links effectively guide users visit the website, in order to achieve the maximum of bonding users, allowing users to find the required content. read more

Keywords optimization of outsourcing trap, you caught it

fourth, the price of actual combat, trap efficiency.

website hijacking is one of the most common black hat tactics, it is through the code in the user search "infected" user computer terminal, the other information retrieval when the first time to show the contents of the website. In order to get traffic to the website and click, to promote website ranking promotion. The common website hijacking code actually many, is reflected by JS code form, this website will generally appear similar to the file in the "tail of the file, but the author Dennis is analyzed, it can achieve a certain effect, but it is better not to use on the site, because the effect is obvious at the same time hidden among them. read more

New website internal links optimization should be how to do

Why is

third, each link of the chain web site should have diversified. It is similar in addition to extended reading so that the inside of the chain was carried out using the URL address, you can also use the core keywords and long tail keywords for each link, and the link between need certain correlation, can not let the two unrelated content link >

second, the chain to the layout of a level and netted. In the chain of the corresponding column under the front page should remain the same, just after a few English letters or numbers there are some differences, so you can make love Shanghai spiders quickly identify the page content which belongs to a plate. In addition the content of the website needs to use the chain link, and the appropriate content of a part of the link to the corresponding column page, the appropriate content links to the website homepage, can not let all of the pages and the front page of the chain, so it is easy to be loved as Shanghai is cheating, which is easy to make many new sites on the line when the errors seriously affect the optimization effect within the site chain. read more

NetEase koala micro mall owner of Shanghai Longfeng promotion experience adhere to

Small class

then put a period of time, because of the foundation for the promotion of the Shanghai dragon can still, soft Wen has continued to attract people has been active consultation. Not too much is not large, mainly inadequate promotion and personal style in addition to screen a considerable part of a hot head to consult the white.

Shanghai Dragon:

a lot when you send the article and will not immediately get ranking, after over a period of time gradually ranking. It needs time to precipitation, do stand up the rankings Shanghai dragon will be slower; post extrapolation because basically choose high weight website, so the effect is relatively fast. The onset time ranging from a week to a month. read more

Find out where the face site right down to not be afraid of reason

two, within the site

so when we site is down right, if we were in accordance with the method of maintaining the website as in the past, is usually very difficult to recover, even to get the ranking is more difficult than we do in going to a new website, then Xiaobian said that what method can help us to quickly restore the weight? The following small simple from two aspects to analyze for everyone.

if we want to avoid the site right down the risk, then the first thing you need to know some of the features we make the site right down. Many webmaster think, once the decline of our site ranked greatly, even has not search, it is certainly our site is search engine punishment, in fact, such a situation we still should be divided into two to look at the. For example, a small website title change, so when the spiders crawl will definitely re examination, then the ranking will decline, but usually such a situation quickly within a period of time will be restored. But for some website ranking suddenly dropped drastically in site, and cannot be recovered in the short term, this site is really to be right down the search engine. read more

Domain domain name is not in the four home and the Countermeasures

measures: stop using black hat Shanghai dragon. In Shanghai love observation period, unremittingly use Shanghai dragon method (white hat chain original + regular), love Shanghai good investment, to win the trust of Shanghai love.

domain itself has a domain name. Use the domain syntax is: check the domain name popularity, namely the so-called chain webmaster. The domain syntax is love Shanghai unique search engine Grammar (Sogou also support, but the accuracy is not high), other search engines, such as Google, soso and Youdao, Bing was not supported by the domain syntax. read more

Check the page 404 wrong batch method (Xenu method)

– OK, mail host OK said:

– not found not found said: if it is not found, namely, empty link.

link test target exists and whether there is isolated page can be done automatically by the program, but the program can not judge whether the target page to the user’s meaning is consistent, if the link to the wrong page, for example to introduce the company linked to the product introduction, the program can not be judged, so the correctness of the link to the page to artificial judgment. read more

High quality user experience to build the station optimization

many websites because of many aspects, and in the category of capacity and more, but not through the catalogue and navigation to achieve reasonable layout, the website has a huge amount of information, but because of the unreasonable classification directory is this advantage into a disadvantage: the website information structure is too disorder caused resentment users. If the site has a different aspect of the message, we need to think through the clear and concise navigation show to the user, the user can quickly enter into the needed information page. In addition to the home page navigation, we also want to do reasonable classification information directory. The different information is stored by different lower folder name, the information classification, directory level the lighter the better, the shorter the better. This is not only very conducive to Shanghai dragon, the user experience is also very friendly. read more

Analysis of a phenomenon in a special way to enhance the speed of the ranking

with ranking and not the same, with the website title tags more different (the name should be a title label customers have long used) just fell in love with the sea this is the case, soso,


a customer, will be handed over to the site before a company optimization optimization, according to customers that ranking is rising very quickly (popular keywords, ranking the first second pages), should be because of the price customers no longer renew (according to customers that ranking is up, but there is no effect), these are not important, important is: read more

Shanghai dragon is important but remember excessive optimization

Then the This method of


first, the existence of excessive phenomenon of content optimization. For a web site, the content is the core module of sustainable management. The content is an important communication platform with search engine and user. Not only help the search engines crawl and attention, but also to get the favor of users. Of course, the premise is the quality of website content is very high. But you know for a web site, if the quality of each piece of content are very high, so for the webmaster, is undoubtedly a huge challenge, so many webmaster through content optimization methods to improve the search engine’s attention. read more

The fourteen rule site diagnosis report (a)

Analysis of

, the first condition included the major search engines

Analysis of

this is not to say it, one often not open or open web client will not speed super slow love, love is not love Shanghai more! So choose a good server (or virtual host) is how important as can be imagined although not required, instantly open website can not exceed 4 seconds, otherwise you will lost Baidu and visitors.

original content on the search engine more and more important, although an article appeared in different sites in Shanghai in search results, but can not ignore the importance of the original article, especially new sites, a large number of pre copy paste often extended period love Shanghai, even not in Baidu there will be K. Of course do not require you to have to learn how to write the original, there is the ancient "the world is a big copy", the so-called "pseudo original", it should be. read more

Shanghai Dragon Master experience sharing

refers to some basic terminology, at least you learn to know what Shanghai dragon is the domain name, how to partition; what is outside the chain, what is the anchor text, what is a spider, spider crawling and so on how these basic things. Recommended for novice to read more books, read some senior writing tutorials, although many methods are now no longer applicable, but the basic idea and principle is the most important, your understanding of the basic knowledge of the principle, to determine how fast you go ahead, only familiar with the basic premise only the search engine can accurately judge the trend, quickly respond to a new situation can be. Grandpa Mao said: "resolutely oppose bookishness, dogmatism, books only thought of learning, we must create the operation methods and processes have their own characteristics. read more

Some failures in planning

user’s IQ = you dead

The challenge of

web page, you can use a five step formula summed up: grab attention (pain), stimulate interest — build trust — stimulate desire – trigger action, some people may not know here mean, here I use the general process of chasing girls is described under the notice of her understand, she fell in love with her, and home to marry, in general, this "planning is no problem, and more suitable for single page bid and promotion, but if handled improperly easily according to the biggest mistake, is that each section of the independent combat capability. read more

The anchor text links to Shanghai dragon ranking to help

reasonable direction will make the engine more accurate understanding of the content of the articles to describe information, so that the long tail keywords rankings, increase website weight. The weight of key external link anchor text will give the website very high. It also contains the page each other skills.

3, to enhance the user experience

soft implant, consistent with the overall needs of articles, not stiff nested, add anchor text and keywords to insert

strictly control the number of anchor text, up to three. read more