In the era of how to do web image search engine optimization

Around 3 4, the size of the control. We know that for certain types of map. , the deployment of relevant information of the picture. We often in some large portal sites, often see some popular atlas, atlas under each picture will write down the description information of the pictures, some pictures with the keyword matching text in bold display. In fact, according to the current technological development of the search engine, "if only simple images, search engines can only index to the general web Title and other related information and pictures of Alt description. So, if you can put some pictures in the front and rear position for picture text, picture or description information with keyword matching to optimize the picture, web pages can be better in the search engine rankings. 2, the relevant information must be accurate and rich. The search engine is actually very love index picture, but the premise is to enrich the relevant information of the picture. Generally speaking, image related information in web pages include: Alt (alternate text), image width size, page Title, picture text, labels, naming. To search engine, after the index to the picture, the picture content cannot be read, need some auxiliary information in order to accurately understand what type of picture? What users search keywords should push this picture. But the picture exactly should explain these information, help the search engine to better understand this picture. love Robin Li in Shanghai shortly before the Shanghai love Union summit prospective predictions of "picture" application will be developed by leaps and bounds in the near future, "the time has come, and the search engine will greatly enhance the search application support for pictures. This will also mean that the website pictures for search engine traffic may also be more and more big proportion. The picture is a very important part of the content of the page has been received, the novice webmaster ignored, therefore the author in this paper to share some pictures on the page in the search engine a few suggestions. 1, Alt tags add keywords. For the web images with Alt tag keyword, this is a picture of "the most important job search engine optimization in. Alt (alternate text) is mainly for the purpose of search engine to provide text, general visitors can not see. Through the Firefox browser, right click on the picture you can easily see the attribute. For the webmaster, usually add content in the process, there are two kinds of image generation methods, one is my last picture, the upload process can easily set the picture Alt, more webmaster by copying other pages in the picture, in this case, more is through some technical methods of picture information in Alt the page is generated in processing. Many owners also modified by some code, can realize the "Title automatic setting become every picture of Alt, and included in the search engine ranking and the results are very good, the webmaster friends can try.

Love Shanghai webmaster chain plunged half maybe the next one is you

2, Shanghai love chain algorithm to update dropped a bolt from the blue. The   chain plunged heartache shocked, then now is the analysis of the problem in which: the owners of the house so far has been in the above published 5 articles, consistent with that is a good place for soft Wen contribute, now a left love Shanghai chain algorithm has been updated, the chain of garbage strike needless to say, some of the chain dropped the most direct embodiment is as follows:   put this in the first place, because the chain dips, the most obvious manifestation is [url] is linked in the URL link all into home, we do two pages and a large number of pages of the chain disappeared. Here you might think that quality is too low, however, the first is the phenomenon of "all" disappeared, second pages outside the chain of quality is the quality can be, for example, I wrote an article "small and medium-sized enterprise how to do network marketing" is the reference articles for publication the link address, the the article was the site reproduced a dozen times, it was in the chain before the show now also disappeared.     A5 now has only 2, the strange thing is that I didn’t have published 6 paper submitted by any one of the chain in the article, and those who contribute the chain is recognized as high quality chain. , a chain of in the distribution chain, the chain for some positions relatively fast, in order to complete the task, we made a little, which makes for the chain blog, Sina blog, renren贵族宝贝, 100 merchants from these names up to dozen or two. 1, love Shanghai outside the chain of tools update I was in charge of the Jiangxi modern service trade network, a B2B website. Not to mention the problems existing in the construction of the station site, the site for half a year, to do outside of the chain has been vague, now seeing the chain plunged by half, could not help but carefully analysis on the direction of external links. 1) well-known webmaster forum outside the chain of hair almost   chain by 12.23, 1702 dropped to 819 2) the number of the chain from the same domain greatly reduced has published 2 articles behind many articles including topic posts, replies, now is not only a thinking: the above phenomenon there are two possibilities, one is the famous love Shanghai webmaster forum chain accept submitted to the soft excluded, the music point of view, is the love of the Shanghai chain algorithm is still in testing after these adjustments, the chain may be back.   The algorithmWhy

Wrong views tangled two level domain is not completely independent of the website

The same to a level two site ready, promotion can drive other related grade two site. Two site first we must have enough content, will be associated with second site before, there will be a navigation related to the two stations are put together finally. For example, Taobao area navigation and net area navigation. So we must make good use of good weight two sites to drive other related sites. to select the correct URL people often because the choice of a directory or two level domain and trouble, so everywhere ask Master or seek answers on the Internet, the author also experienced over. We have received and the answer is often, if your site has enough content, can be an independent website, choose two domain names, and the two level domain name is an independent site. At first, in front of these words are not what problem, the key is the two level domain is an independent site often mislead people even if the two level domain is a completely new site. I recently observed, between the two level domain name each other or the existence of mutual influence of the situation. one or two site association between   , two level domain name will not transfer station weight, such as the Internet, a directory, and the two level domain can not. I want to share to help everyone, from the SKF Bearing 贵族宝贝 handwritten original, reproduced please keep the source two, is perhaps due to the existence of such a link between the two sites, so when one of the sites to rise or fall will also affect the other two sites. We have enclosed photos of data map, specific see: this group of data is not just a few days before this, such as the first picture the original love Shanghai included is about 600 thousand, second pictures originally included can reach 5-6 million. We are just on the first site of the corresponding set of second stations will be updated, what changes. But even so, this site is the first site of the same implicated, the other two sites as well. Included reduce, reduce weight, even the latest PR update, are all reduced accordingly. So between the two sites are affected each other, is not completely independent of the site. share bliss and misfortune together   , thank you!

Noble baby Shanghai Longfeng guide notes (two)

Transfer the relevant web content seven, optimize the picture using bogey: anchor text is too broad (such as "click here", "article"), the use of "has nothing to do with the contents of the text, use the web URL as anchor text (except reference website), is too long, the anchor text and conventional content can not distinguish between the search engine and the accumulation of a large number of anchor text keywords or too long and create lots of unnecessary links. A taste of the anchor text links to other websites and ignore their own website. The will try to save the picture in the same directory, simplify the image path. The use of most browser support > effective anchor text can more effectively, the anchor text can refer to website pages or other websites. Good anchor text settings can help visitors and search engines to better understand the target web content. five, high quality content and services following the nobility baby Shanghai Longfeng guide notes (a) after. bogey: content scattered, messy layout, different style or content distinction on the same page does not add. The text mostly appears in the picture that users can not copy and paste, search engines can not identify. Imitation, plagiarism, similar content. Keyword stuffing caused problems for the user, fraudulent use hidden but visible text search engine for users. should be novel and unique, easy to read, expand the content organized around the theme, writing content first consider the needs of users, then to the search engine grab included. The use of language and subject content should be closely related to advance understanding of user search related content will use the language of article writing more help. anchor text to use descriptive, accurate and brief language to standardization, the use of special formatting to differ with other conventional text, which has been highlighted, consider using the anchor text chain in construction. refers to the anchor text can click on the hyperlink text, usually placed in the form of mugs, such as photo photomugs six, effective anchor text high quality content for your site is more influential than other factors. It is easy for users to distinguish the quality of content, of high quality content on the website of the forwarding, sharing influence is huge. "this guidance is not what tips can help you automatically improve the natural search rankings, but comply with this code can help the noble baby spiders better crawl and index." each picture will have its own name and Alt properties. They should make good use of. When the picture for some reason can not be displayed, the Alt attribute will be displayed, of course can be used for the relevant information about the picture. If the picture is a link to the Alt property will play the role of the anchor text link word form, try not to use a picture as a link.

Website operation CTO responsibility listXie Wen joined shlf1314, shlf1314 said it was inconvenient

1.            familiar with major network programming languages, and underlying architectures and their relationships.   requirements: I wrote fifty thousand lines of code, or modified more than one hundred thousand lines of code, or independently wrote two web systems. 3.            understanding color matching and web design; able to design the entire site color. 1.            familiar with the industry which counterparts, in which companies do what?. 3.            familiar with the database and other network program components. , an outside spokesman for shlf1314, told ChinaByte that shlf1314 had no comment on the rumours. But shlf1314’s hiring strategy is open, covering all walks of life. As long as shlf1314 needs talent, but also willing to shlf1314, shlf1314 are welcome. 2.            familiar with major server operating systems and server network security. Xie Wen resume: interface capabilities: began to explore the development and operation of broadband value-added services in 2000. Beijing broad channel Internet Information Technology Co., ltd..   2.            well known web interface interface, how to make it the most user-friendly, the simplest, the easiest to operate. technical capabilities, 3.            can know in < requirements: write the modules between three and five websites and their relationships. Draw more than two of the site structure, draw more than ten pages of the structure design. On the three page design, we design three different color styles. in early 2001, Xie joined the Internet laboratory. In 2002, CEO became the Internet laboratory.     website operation CTO responsibility list Original: Wang Zhaoxian, interpersonal skills,   2.            can find relevant industry circles, gatherings, technical and life classes.   joined in 2003 09 and served as CEO, and successfully created the blog finance portal. In November 16, 2005, it announced its resignation.                   Xiong Haiyan August 2nd; today, there is news that Xie Wen will be the inauguration of shlf1314 Internet experts. In this regard, Xie said to ChinaByte, recently, many companies are in contact with themselves, including shlf1314. But the specific company which will go to the inauguration has not been determined. It may be a small company or a big company, but the key is to meet the requirements of the enterprise and bring benefits to the enterprise. But he said shlf1314 would be one of his options. some analysts believe that Xie Wen’s understanding of China’s Internet industry is very profound, especially in terms of WEB2.0, Xie Wen, if joining shlf1314, will play a very big role in promoting shlf1314’s market and promotion. Moreover, shlf1314 is fully tapping its potential, and its strategic cooperation with the 265 is its concentrated expression. Xie Wenru to shlf1314, will probably be responsible for the work related to this. October 2006 sunrise 17, general manager of YAHOO China, leaving in November 27th. , […]

Not updated snapshot ranking is better if you still love the snapshot

      ?The original   But ranking from the site keywords, did not suffer a impact, 28 SMS network keywords also has a relatively large increase, from this it can be said that love is not due to the Shanghai site there what a bad situation, perhaps is in love with the sea is as a result of changes in website snapshot update not timely.   article by SMS Daquan 贵族宝贝28dx贵族宝贝/, please add this link, thank you! ! website snapshot has been one of the many webmaster index used to evaluate the quality of a website, if a website snapshot is very new, in exchange connection may very successful completion, when the snapshot after a week, what other sites included, the chain number more, others may also not be completely indifferent. Willing to exchange a big reason is because the snapshot update time; indeed, from the analysis of the previous website, the website snapshot barometer is a website, every day is a new snapshot, indicating the site progress is very good, whether it is from the perspective of a search engine or webmaster friends point of view, a snapshot of the new site is specialized in personnel seriously with optimization. love Shanghai algorithm change, many website snapshot is stagnant, through the analysis of their SMS site, from the beginning of July 27th the snapshot is not updated, maybe No. 27 is a love of Shanghai big update, the snapshot back to number 21, has been stagnant updates through the website analysis of short letter class, not only is your site has this condition, other SMS page ranking before snapshot several is updated slowly:   not updated snapshot ranking is better, in this case can be found, not the first time that the website snapshot of what good or bad condition, from this point, the webmaster friends in exchange connection is a different approach, not too heavy to see a snapshot site, because the site snapshot the new, there is the impulse of desire; because the snapshot update slow, will lose a high weight link exchange connection perhaps like Google PR before, now PR update is more outrageous, many new sites can reach PR4, website snapshot also have different approaches but equally satisfactory results effect, if you still webmaster website snapshot fond of

The wholesale website optimization promotion skills

after a try, have this feeling, on the choice of a website promotion method can, my domain name and website domain name is very similar to the Alibaba, once in the QQ> website internal links are also one of the effective ways to promote, consider the internal links from the perspective of optimization, to ensure that each page can have a return to the home page links, of course, can not ignore the degree of customer experience, each link to make the user feel comfortable. For the link to check regularly, to prevent some invalid links. Internal links generally appear keywords, keywords links effectively guide users visit the website, in order to achieve the maximum of bonding users, allowing users to find the required content. In the update, to ensure the authenticity of information. In order to highlight the wholesale website keywords, so in each column are subject to update, plus two words such as wholesale, wholesale clothing, furniture wholesale, wholesale mobile phone. Then the contact name, mobile phone number, fax number, update landline number, mobile phone number in order to keep in touch with convenient, landline number is true as far as possible to ensure that the message. For each manufacturer’s address, website are included, its purpose is to facilitate the users to find the information you need in the shortest time. Love Shanghai search engine although the picture is not too interested in, for the user to consider the point of view of each content update and picture description. In a word, the content description, combined with the characteristics of products and manufacturers, use simple words to describe, for example certain furniture factory mainly supply XX, professional integrity, trustworthy manufacturers, welcome letter from the advisory. website content is king, this update is a dull without rebuke, lasting work, the content of the website do good, no external link does not work, no external promotion, it is difficult to expand the visibility of the site. How do website external links, this is quite a headache. With reference to some website external promotion, although there are many ways, such as blog promotion, Forum promotion, mail promotion…… Tried to do some, the effect is not too good, the promotion is mainly because of the need to spend a lot of time, a registered account, post need to enter the verification code and so on, and the post is very easy to be a moderator deletes, the effect is not obvious. With the popularization of electronic commerce in network, the wholesale industry to enter the Internet is not what new things. How to do the promotion of wholesale website, now put the experience for everyone to share some of their experiences, some skills about doing wholesale website. Wholesale website promotion and other website promotion mode is basically the same. Consider the user experience from the website structure, website column classification, online will be the best-selling product of clothing, cosmetics, mobile phone classification, so Web browsing can quickly find the products and type, […]

Keywords optimization of outsourcing trap, you caught it

fourth, the price of actual combat, trap efficiency. website hijacking is one of the most common black hat tactics, it is through the code in the user search "infected" user computer terminal, the other information retrieval when the first time to show the contents of the website. In order to get traffic to the website and click, to promote website ranking promotion. The common website hijacking code actually many, is reflected by JS code form, this website will generally appear similar to the file in the "tail of the file, but the author Dennis is analyzed, it can achieve a certain effect, but it is better not to use on the site, because the effect is obvious at the same time hidden among them. second, link to win, the virus strikes. regular Shanghai dragon optimization takes time and patience, for example a search volume keywords millions, PC index of 1 – 100, using key words means to do white hat into the home position in 1 to 4 months, and the quotation should be in 3000 – 4000. Some Internet companies in many in price is also pressing time in the thousands of dollars in about a month, and the sales package…… But the price is often low, in order to attract customers to obtain orders. But how in the keyword ranking cycle, if the regular way, how to achieve this effect. first, software model, short-term emergency. as a webmaster we often monitoring sites, most of the time we will find the site was hung black chain, is illegal gambling websites marketing. For a short time a large number of "vote" into the site will be rapid uplift, but this black chain in the love of Shanghai algorithm is not allowed, but also the monitoring and screening measures, so most of the keywords the upper 2 – 3 days after returning to the site will be on standby in the sandbox. third, website hijacking, mirage effect. enterprises in order to expand the marketing network in a short time, the sales plan, at the same time in order to save the cost of the enterprise will choose Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization outsourcing to professional network company. As everyone knows, Shanghai dragon industry chaos, is to choose a lot of black hat techniques, compared to the normal to optimize their price to win, but the final result is the poison of confessions of rivers. That today I Dennis as we summarize centralized common keywords outsourcing trap, in order to avoid accidentally lying gun. many Internet companies will choose to use the software to brush keywords, we know that love Shanghai click algorithm, and they are using this to improve the website keywords ranking. Early will use such as flow wizard software to lift the web traffic to a certain position after use to spin keyword ranking software such software to improve keywords to the top ranking. This short period of time can be keyword promotion, but also because it will be because […]

New website internal links optimization should be how to do

Why is third, each link of the chain web site should have diversified. It is similar in addition to extended reading so that the inside of the chain was carried out using the URL address, you can also use the core keywords and long tail keywords for each link, and the link between need certain correlation, can not let the two unrelated content link > second, the chain to the layout of a level and netted. In the chain of the corresponding column under the front page should remain the same, just after a few English letters or numbers there are some differences, so you can make love Shanghai spiders quickly identify the page content which belongs to a plate. In addition the content of the website needs to use the chain link, and the appropriate content of a part of the link to the corresponding column page, the appropriate content links to the website homepage, can not let all of the pages and the front page of the chain, so it is easy to be loved as Shanghai is cheating, which is easy to make many new sites on the line when the errors seriously affect the optimization effect within the site chain. with love for the Shanghai site outside the chain optimization has very strict requirements, whether it is serious impact from the quality or from the correlation of the webmaster optimization work, which led to the webmaster is difficult to use traditional wide coverage optimization model, lead to the chain optimization effect becomes more weak. If the owners want through the chain to improve the optimization effect of its own, you need to spend more money, this is clearly the grassroots webmaster is very difficult to accept it. So more and more grassroots webmaster began focusing on the optimization of the internal links, and thus to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai’s attention, and then improve the website optimization effect. first, the website chain must be one-to-one and content. This looks very simple, but with the content of the website continues to expand the scale, to the chain and the corresponding content began to become more and more difficult, for example, some owners will be the content of the past re release, some will remove some of the content, but also keep its links on that page, so there will be no corresponding in a chain and content, if there is no open link, the corresponding content, it will seriously affect the user experience, if the content is a multiple link, it shows the existence of duplicate web content, is not conducive to the love of Shanghai, or even to punish site. This can be solved by setting the 404 page, released at the same time to avoid duplicate content. optimization sitelinks now become so important? And this love Shanghai intelligent upgrade has close relationship, love Shanghai on current Internet spam too rampant, in order to effectively improve the quality of Internet content, web site in […]

NetEase koala micro mall owner of Shanghai Longfeng promotion experience adhere to

Small class then put a period of time, because of the foundation for the promotion of the Shanghai dragon can still, soft Wen has continued to attract people has been active consultation. Not too much is not large, mainly inadequate promotion and personal style in addition to screen a considerable part of a hot head to consult the white. Shanghai Dragon: a lot when you send the article and will not immediately get ranking, after over a period of time gradually ranking. It needs time to precipitation, do stand up the rankings Shanghai dragon will be slower; post extrapolation because basically choose high weight website, so the effect is relatively fast. The onset time ranging from a week to a month. love Shanghai ranking update cycle is not fixed, ranging from a few weeks to a few months. So pay attention to love Shanghai ranking buddy may find a word of rankings do not go up half a day, one or two weeks ranked keywords how did not move. This is a normal phenomenon, others to seize the initiative, occupy a period of flow and dividends; you lay a good foundation, the next update may be your turn. years ago, the whole effort in a number of NetEase project quality Amoy koala, hanging in the self media platform and network push place. Simple promotion, later want to to do the chain optimization also didn’t have time to do. , on this principle by heart, and even the recent review this rule. years after the busy time with the koala is not too much. The old soft consultation brought is almost broken just occupy the idle time. taolibuyan xiazichengqi, recently NetEase koala micro mall owner promotion experience confirms this truth. many boy made one or two weeks found that no effect is not playing, unfortunately. A pity, not to say, you may then persist for one or two months, you can see some improvement, will continue to do so. The koala project with anything else 28 principles clearly, not give up halfway is quite much. Insistence is not difficult to give up easily, the loss is not 788, but the denial of its own, this is the most harmful. Micro business guest can do, can do the koala koala; tasted, nature is too poor, doing other projects are also difficult to succeed. do any of the items have to persist. Shanghai Longfeng rules is a recently discovered something interesting. A friend asked me how is the recent effect, said online to see me around the search ranking. There is a recent intention customer consultation, just like before changed. A large coffee, the old wet, God made me not too embarrassed. Later discovered because before writing, the original high quality, after a period of precipitation, Shanghai ranked the whole love up; and the article itself is so many people see the dry cargo, I feel that I am a senior big coffee. When the study began the Shanghai dragon

Find out where the face site right down to not be afraid of reason

two, within the site so when we site is down right, if we were in accordance with the method of maintaining the website as in the past, is usually very difficult to recover, even to get the ranking is more difficult than we do in going to a new website, then Xiaobian said that what method can help us to quickly restore the weight? The following small simple from two aspects to analyze for everyone. if we want to avoid the site right down the risk, then the first thing you need to know some of the features we make the site right down. Many webmaster think, once the decline of our site ranked greatly, even has not search, it is certainly our site is search engine punishment, in fact, such a situation we still should be divided into two to look at the. For example, a small website title change, so when the spiders crawl will definitely re examination, then the ranking will decline, but usually such a situation quickly within a period of time will be restored. But for some website ranking suddenly dropped drastically in site, and cannot be recovered in the short term, this site is really to be right down the search engine. but we released the chain, is not what the chain to release, but to release the real value, a chain of help, such as industry forum, website submission, write some soft Wen and so on some methods are possible. What information do not engage in some junk chain group, so far from helping to the website, even affected. If you have a high quality do stand friends, you can also contact them to help with, because Links is usually on the home page, the spider grab more diligent, so exchange Links is the high quality of the chain of choice. Another is that we do not in the construction of the chain to secure construction, act with undue haste, released every day, this is the best result. down the right site for every webmaster combat are undoubtedly great, but for some of the more experienced webmaster, is commonplace. But in fact most of the webmaster are difficult to find a reason for your site is down right, most of the webmaster is to blame for the search engine algorithm update, but in essence, can only say that your site is not doing enough good, is unable to let search engines increasingly sophisticated method of love. has been down the right site, the weights of the external input is extremely important, because usually for a right down the website, search engine spiders access time is very short, the webmaster can also through their website content is included can be judged, so we can publish some of the chain, attract spider crawling and visit our website, this can be very good to promote the spider crawling, is crucial to the website weight recovery. , a external input increased weightFor a The adjustment and optimization […]

Domain domain name is not in the four home and the Countermeasures

measures: stop using black hat Shanghai dragon. In Shanghai love observation period, unremittingly use Shanghai dragon method (white hat chain original + regular), love Shanghai good investment, to win the trust of Shanghai love. domain itself has a domain name. Use the domain syntax is: check the domain name popularity, namely the so-called chain webmaster. The domain syntax is love Shanghai unique search engine Grammar (Sogou also support, but the accuracy is not high), other search engines, such as Google, soso and Youdao, Bing was not supported by the domain syntax. two website, revising the title " about the cause of the problem and the solution leads to the network also meet the eye everywhere. But these answers have two problems: 1, analysis of the causes are too similar, no written opinion; 2, the solution space hole empty talk is not feasible. this is not explained. How do you play it with love Shanghai, or your own. As for the useless black hat Shanghai dragon, you know. domain uses according to the practical experience as well as the consensus of Shanghai dragon industry, domain domain name is not in the home represents the site was down the right punishment. So the analysis of domain domain name is not on the front page of the reason is in fact the reason analysis of sites have been punished. Shanghai Dragon this paper domain domain name is Yu Xiaoxiang in this topic page, bold nonsense causes and solutions. From the first use domain syntax to start. , a website causes the use of black hat techniques [introduction] as a webmaster, almost every day we will deal with the search engine’s proprietary grammar. For example, the query included site syntax, the chain query domain syntax… The two is the most commonly used grammar, today to talk about the Xiaoxiang Yu domain domain is not in the solution and the corresponding page. domain is not the first home page how to do? "And" why domain is not the first home page? "" what the cause of domain is not the first home page? "These questions in Shanghai know, Search ask questions such as platform in A5, ChinaZ It is often seen., such as webmaster forum is can be found everywhere. syntax many more love to Shanghai dragon master search chain "with the domain name. Such as "www.***贵族宝贝". With domain:www.***贵族宝贝 this method has different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful. It is the domain name as a keyword, let search engine find the title or page contains the keyword www.***贵族宝贝 visible results. domain domain name is not in the front page of the reason and solution of

Check the page 404 wrong batch method (Xenu method)

– OK, mail host OK said: – not found not found said: if it is not found, namely, empty link. link test target exists and whether there is isolated page can be done automatically by the program, but the program can not judge whether the target page to the user’s meaning is consistent, if the link to the wrong page, for example to introduce the company linked to the product introduction, the program can not be judged, so the correctness of the link to the page to artificial judgment. The root directory Xenu state recognition Whether the – timeout, no connection, no such host said: access timeout or cannot access (is null);   after test link state commonly used are: OK, timeout, no connection, no such host, not found and so on. batch to check the page from the website to search all web documents, read the hyperlink, all the web pages in the file image files, including files, CSS files, page links all the links, if the site within the specified file file does not exist, the link does not exist or specify the page does not exist, it will be the link and the specific location of a record is in what file down, until all the links all the pages in the site after the test before the end of the test, and output test report. if it is found that web site within the page has no links to other resources nor other resources links, you can determine the page for the isolated page, add this page to page isolated records, and prompts the user. Xenu Link Sleuth is a simple function, but it is very important to Shanghai dragon spider crawling simulation tools. The interface is very simple, the user enters a URL, usually the URL of the page, click the OK button, the software will live web site lists and links are dead links according to the input URL, even it is crystal clear steering link analysis; support multithreading, can check the results stored in text files or web page file. Xenu test principle normal link; uses the above software easily found some 404 error page this page we index page, so that we can quickly solve the problem. modified web address today, because the original site path is not uniform, so most of the pages according to the rules of replacement, found that many pages are unable to connect, we could not have a check here found a tool, can be 404 wrong

High quality user experience to build the station optimization

many websites because of many aspects, and in the category of capacity and more, but not through the catalogue and navigation to achieve reasonable layout, the website has a huge amount of information, but because of the unreasonable classification directory is this advantage into a disadvantage: the website information structure is too disorder caused resentment users. If the site has a different aspect of the message, we need to think through the clear and concise navigation show to the user, the user can quickly enter into the needed information page. In addition to the home page navigation, we also want to do reasonable classification information directory. The different information is stored by different lower folder name, the information classification, directory level the lighter the better, the shorter the better. This is not only very conducive to Shanghai dragon, the user experience is also very friendly. this is a great influence on the factors of Shanghai dragon and user experience. Reasonable internal links can make a visitor access time is greatly increased, which means that the site has a very large user > 3. related content anchor link , webmaster circle ushered in a new round of reform. Google launched a love, love Shanghai and Shanghai share the "thumb", all the changes are telling us 2012 of the webmaster circles have high site user experience is king. Now the search engine has been on the station and some garbage stations have a more rigorous review mechanism, the API site has almost no guest who almost to a place to live in, more and more difficult to survive. At this time we can not help thinking about how to build a truly long-term website, this is a site like? Should be a value to the users, has an excellent user experience of the website, to make him a natural demand based on the above. Of course, your efforts will bring lasting and stable returns for you. Refer to the user experience of the word, we must discuss all aspects of station optimization. A good website optimization site can gradually increase the degree of user experience. How can the site called the station optimization quality? We need from which some focus on the optimization of is now almost all the common problems in many web page content more, enter the page content is slow, seem bloated. This is not only slow to load the viewer is difficult to quickly find the required information, resulting in poor user experience. A web site’s home page is the site of the entrance, determines the main effect of browsing and preferences on the website of the main judging condition. So, no matter what the website home page to try to profile, but the amount of information can not be less. Through the reasonable and excellent artists will present information beautiful show to visitors in bring visual beauty at the same time can quickly find the required information, this is the high quality website user preferences page. 1. […]

Analysis of a phenomenon in a special way to enhance the speed of the ranking

with ranking and not the same, with the website title tags more different (the name should be a title label customers have long used) just fell in love with the sea this is the case, soso, ) a customer, will be handed over to the site before a company optimization optimization, according to customers that ranking is rising very quickly (popular keywords, ranking the first second pages), should be because of the price customers no longer renew (according to customers that ranking is up, but there is no effect), these are not important, important is: rankings rapidly 1, in love Shanghai ranking website home page title problem Display display only, not what other shows, but the site itself title, description tags have no problem (a little wordy…… Is that the antecedent) from the day before yesterday, the customer site extremely is not normal, including the following: since the end of cooperation, the website of the customer has been modified, the main is to remove all pages of the keywords, description tags, title tags to modify simple company name, a company also admitted that they modify, say they do is to recover the effect. Even after the customer to modify FTP, background landing address, user name, password and other information, still be modified after the site was implanted in the back door, the back door clearance, in recent days to be not be modified. (just call that page changed, I see, this is just to modify the title, keywords, description and other labels that haven’t been modified) etc. are normal noble babyThe the company a few months time, will do the second page ranking first, have not done the first page, but the day before yesterday, ranking in the first page of the tenth, yesterday, the first page fifth, this morning, the first third pages, the first page of second now. Keywords 3, site is not normal, as follows: 2, the search results are not normal, as shown in figure (third is These are not the focus of love station query, as shown below, it is not difficult to find the two word keyword "shaker" and "vibration" and other word ranking > (1) above is to see a Shanghai dragon why friends question today in the Shanghai dragon why forum, so it is curious, hope to have interested friends together to study. The following are some experience personal opinion, if say wrong please correct me, thank you! This phenomenon and the analysis of some station competition website before encountered are similar to those standing by a bridge cheating technology to maintain the website ranking, and a slightly different place, fell in love with the sea did not describe information. Only the titile label.

Shanghai dragon is important but remember excessive optimization

Then the This method of The first, the existence of excessive phenomenon of content optimization. For a web site, the content is the core module of sustainable management. The content is an important communication platform with search engine and user. Not only help the search engines crawl and attention, but also to get the favor of users. Of course, the premise is the quality of website content is very high. But you know for a web site, if the quality of each piece of content are very high, so for the webmaster, is undoubtedly a huge challenge, so many webmaster through content optimization methods to improve the search engine’s attention. is commonly used for pseudo original, and then into the corresponding keywords. The most direct is to replace the pseudo original title, and then change the content unchanged, authors and editors etc.. This way, the name of pseudo original, is actually a kind of plagiarism, such as many through the collection collection algorithm website content, also belong to this pseudo original. This optimization is actually a kind of excessive optimization, it is easy to be search engine punishment. But this way for the majority of users. But it is not necessarily a Nothing is right., after all to the same type of articles were unified, but after all these content too much garbage, so for the optimization of the site, can be said to be no benefit and harm. site optimization of important I believe that many owners have a profound experience, not to mention a good ranking will increase website traffic, the key also can effectively enhance the site’s brand awareness, of course, more importantly, Shanghai Longfeng optimization for the website promotion is a long-term. It is true, more and more owners will be almost all the time on site optimization, it seems to go from one extreme to the other extreme, you know everything you do will have a too much problem, so in site optimization, also to avoid the phenomenon of too far. is placed within each page all within the chain, such as anchor text keywords, extensible hypertext and so on. Some Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel while editing the content of an important job is as much as possible on the page with the keyword anchor text, then pointing to the front page or column page. It attempts to enhance the weight of web page or column page. But when love Shanghai spiders in the grab in the chain, but found a large number of home page in the chain, it will not only reduce the spider crawling efficiency, also easy to cause the user to browse the site difficulties arise, because they often do not click on these keywords > site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, there will be those problems caused by the whole optimization? The author summarizes the following several common optimization problems over. second, in the chain of excessive optimization problems. With the love Shanghai algorithm updates, effectively enhance the optimization effect […]

The fourteen rule site diagnosis report (a)

  Analysis of , the first condition included the major search engines Analysis of this is not to say it, one often not open or open web client will not speed super slow love, love is not love Shanghai more! So choose a good server (or virtual host) is how important as can be imagined although not required, instantly open website can not exceed 4 seconds, otherwise you will lost Baidu and visitors. original content on the search engine more and more important, although an article appeared in different sites in Shanghai in search results, but can not ignore the importance of the original article, especially new sites, a large number of pre copy paste often extended period love Shanghai, even not in Baidu there will be K. Of course do not require you to have to learn how to write the original, there is the ancient "the world is a big copy", the so-called "pseudo original", it should be. fourth, website content is rich and original   site diagnosis of the first step must be to do an analysis included in this website, we all know that even if your website is more beautiful, the user experience is good, do not have a good collection of no traffic support, it will lose the meaning of the existence of this website. Some of my friends that I said "my site only included the home page, but the words are in the first, my flow is quite large," congratulations on you do so well, but I want to tell you as a qualified website long tail keywords true flow proportion is examining one point, no one the huge long tail traffic, late development will encounter bottlenecks, so it has a good record for the website is very important. Since it is so PR has not significantly so important, but the novice friends will not find a good PR even for a Links all around the wall, now Google resumed in 3 months to update a PR habit, this is not that PR is still very important now out of a? Love is not love Shanghai weight, although the official release of Shanghai, also caused no small repercussions on the grassroots webmaster. third, the server stability and speed analysis recently a lot of friends asked me how to write a web site analysis and diagnosis, this problem is in fact should not be a problem, because the site is a site diagnosis in an analysis, since it is a general analysis of it can be the corresponding website optimization regulations 11 to check on it however, there are so many new friends do not understand a complete website to include what diagnosis, still today to tell you, only as a reference is not necessarily complete, after all, site optimization contains too many details. second, PAGERANKAlthough

Shanghai Dragon Master experience sharing

refers to some basic terminology, at least you learn to know what Shanghai dragon is the domain name, how to partition; what is outside the chain, what is the anchor text, what is a spider, spider crawling and so on how these basic things. Recommended for novice to read more books, read some senior writing tutorials, although many methods are now no longer applicable, but the basic idea and principle is the most important, your understanding of the basic knowledge of the principle, to determine how fast you go ahead, only familiar with the basic premise only the search engine can accurately judge the trend, quickly respond to a new situation can be. Grandpa Mao said: "resolutely oppose bookishness, dogmatism, books only thought of learning, we must create the operation methods and processes have their own characteristics. last sentence: Shanghai dragon is in need of basic technology, but can not rely solely on the technical thought, you know, any technology is just a tool. teacher Wang Tong once said, class execution + three flow of creativity, can be more than the best creative execution flow + three. We do not light a thinker, scientific thought, we also need fast and effective implementation, we can not allow the method all stay in the mind.   Shanghai dragon is nonsense, said all rely on technology is the bastard execution will decide everything, think we should do 1, the implementation of a firm. Especially Shanghai Longfeng, some methods are needed to a certain amount and time to appear, steadfast execution is the most powerful weapon you more than others. The basic concept of Do not need technology The basic concept of is indispensable, the most important basic knowledge of said the Shanghai dragon all rely on technology will give you an idea, is a search engine and the hostile thoughts, when a person to accept new things first thought is very important, it determines your future path is right or wrong, and once formed is difficult to change, so I say this is the bastard, is simply the wrong people harm themselves. Shanghai dragon is a combination of technology and art, if you do not understand technology, the station optimization program does not start, and even your technical staff communication is a problem. So, those who tell you don’t need to understand the technology learning of Shanghai dragon people are nonsense, at least you will be able to understand HTML code. But if all from a technical perspective to think of Shanghai dragon will cause search engines with the opposition, while the Shanghai dragon’s intention is to make harmony between the site and search engine, if you think that the hostile relations, Shanghai dragon is in the drilling of search engine vulnerability, then you will fail. is the first small title is very shocking to have? I swear that’s, only blame now misleading new article too much. Shanghai dragon in the end is not technology, today again:

Some failures in planning

user’s IQ = you dead The challenge of web page, you can use a five step formula summed up: grab attention (pain), stimulate interest — build trust — stimulate desire – trigger action, some people may not know here mean, here I use the general process of chasing girls is described under the notice of her understand, she fell in love with her, and home to marry, in general, this "planning is no problem, and more suitable for single page bid and promotion, but if handled improperly easily according to the biggest mistake, is that each section of the independent combat capability. "logic seemingly complete = maximum failure "all is bright = no highlights , don’t assume that your users are stupid! Take charge, you have just started a price charges, then added to what discount, to call the last hit several hundred dollars? Are you will believe users you? Or you’re just starting to say free, results in the middle of said charges, users will feel deceived, Xiao Bian here need self review, take the refund, you quibble got a refund process, the user may not believe that half a day, why? Because it is nothing to say, the words "not satisfied with a full refund immediately." work than what promises to be honest. Other such as red tape, seal and signature, in fact, after all users actually care about it. "   is a web page to bring benefits, can be said that the starting point in the "planning, general planning," need to go through the following steps: understanding of customer needs, competitors site investigation, functional design, website copywriting, website structure planning, the next step is to coordinate with good customers, and the three art program exchange of work, and "planning as an important part of it, today Xiaobian take some mistakes you focus on under the plan to make. is like a person is an image which can be summarized as the head, neck, chest, waist, hips, legs and feet, if you want to let users have noticed that all users are aware of what the result is, why do you say that? You see in the street girl is a look at those places.? the face, chest, buttocks, legs believe that 90% people will choose from which to carry out a first impression, the same, the same site, you need a unique bright spot to attract users. Let’s talk about the general design idea of consumers are impatient, he had no patience to see your product specifications, general users can pay attention to where the picture and the title, so you must be in a minute of time with these to attract him to consult, so there is a need to focus on map, map, big head accessories the title, while the head figure inside you need to pay attention to is to have a product name or the user does not understand the statement.

The anchor text links to Shanghai dragon ranking to help

reasonable direction will make the engine more accurate understanding of the content of the articles to describe information, so that the long tail keywords rankings, increase website weight. The weight of key external link anchor text will give the website very high. It also contains the page each other skills. 3, to enhance the user experience soft implant, consistent with the overall needs of articles, not stiff nested, add anchor text and keywords to insert strictly control the number of anchor text, up to three. anchor text link role: when users browse a page, the content to the user is not very useful, this time the anchor text has played a leading role, through the anchor text, users tend to be faster and more accurate to find the information they need. Do not so to the website of the anchor text site, when the user does not find the things they need, their common action is to close the page, it also proved from the reverse side station anchor text for the role of the user experience. Shanghai Longfeng optimization high quality anchor text links need to meet the conditions: 1, of course, to do this you have to know what users really want? It is particularly important to meet the needs of users, recommend friends to see this article: how to meet the needs of users of in Shanghai Longfeng site optimization chain, anchor text links relatively than text links and other links, anchor text setting ranking of Shanghai dragon help is undoubtedly the biggest; the popular explanation is that the link anchor text outside the chain of keywords and links, then how to build high quality anchor text links. Shanghai? Shanghai Longfeng optimization understanding Shanghai Longfeng for you analyzed as follows. has to do with the promotion of articles, so that the two can complement each other, do not add analysis ! anxious people are anxious, extend the needs of users, mining user demand and meet additional Shanghai dragon crawling web directory helps the search engine spiders more quickly to search engine, one of the anchor text is the role of a guiding role. Reasonable distribution of station anchor text, will make the search engine spiders more rapid crawling web directory, this is all different approaches but equally satisfactory results and we often say breadcrumb navigation, which is a manifestation of search engine friendly. said the Internet is a little easier, and the page page links and link text. Shanghai dragon ER during the analysis of competitors, can through the anchor text link guide and text anchor text description (in fact, even if competitors do ranking keywords) to sophisticated optimization emphasis of competitors. Can be used to draw station link oriented graph to analyze the The station anchor text 4, ? 2, help to improve the keywords ranking