There will be three of us are walking together outside the chain of my teacher accidentally learned

this idea really bad, and it is operable, plus the shortest time limit and Shanghai Longfeng scheme after the success of the reward (which can ensure maximum fairness) can be, I think it is best to adjust: I accept the Shanghai Longfeng rectification plan, provide internal links in a web site three months for my blog or a designated website (including designated website anchor text and hyperlinks to each page or one-way Links one month), if effective, then the web page or home page outbound links Links were extended to a single year or three months. read more

Website optimization experiential optimization techniques of the child is father of the man

we all know site optimization success depends on details, no good localization and website optimization idea ability is unable to achieve the purpose of profit webmaster, here for website optimization techniques and personal opinion, in order to achieve the overall site optimization idea expansion.

Before and after the

most people when browsing the web is to the right way from top to bottom from left, think this way is not set the column to our enlightenment, people have a strong logical thinking ability, step by step way of thinking is characteristic of the general population (not exclude exceptions), so the column be logical contact. We take Shanghai dragon industry as an example, the first is the new stage will start from Shanghai dragon basic knowledge, then we want to know the Shanghai dragon skills in the skills that need to use the tools, then you want to head through the case to test their knowledge, here will have questions so, do not ask Shanghai Longfeng less, so now the column order set out, followed by the "Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon skills, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon case, Shanghai dragon quiz, Shanghai Dragon (quote this column is a combination of the above user experience added)". read more

Analysis of love Shanghai polymerization search for correlation search results page judgment

4, the existence of the value of

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search results page, is the website of aggregated search results display, search for a lot of Shanghai Longfeng polymerization of obtaining a lot of search engine traffic, specific performance, related keywords to industry consolidation, generate related keywords mass polymerization page, then through the inside and outside the chain to enhance the aggregation page included love Shanghai. For the love of Shanghai specific punishment I will not say more, I discuss is how to love Shanghai polymerization search relevance of the search results page to judge read more

About four grassroots website included increasing skills

says the site content is not updated copy and paste the others, but the quality of the original. The search engine spiders love to eat fresh and nutritious food, rather than vegetable soup and cold processing, so the content of the site must have the weight of. Here I remind webmaster friends, writing an article is the time to pay attention to punctuation, paragraphs, although the search engine spiders cannot read article is what meaning, but the search engine spiders can according to the number of articles, paragraphs and punctuation on the article in the comprehensive evaluation. In addition, in addition to the search engine spiders browsing but also for the user to read the article, as little as possible wrong words, the article finished after his reading, discourse organization will be smooth. read more

n 2012 five the rapid expansion of stationmaster method of long tail keywords

three, occupation development method

two, seasonal expansion method

for personal webmaster optimization, increase the flow of long tail keywords this method is not very strange, relatively many personal station due to the station competition high flow word and the portal, generally choose long tail keywords or keywords little competition. I think that is the long tail keywords, long tail keywords is the core of the future personal webmaster optimization. Because of the long tail keywords has several features, a low degree of competition; two flow accuracy; three optimization to obtain stable ranking; four more in line with the user search habits. Since the long tail keywords have such a good advantage, we should be how to expand more long tail keywords to make up for the main keywords ranking to get traffic? Today I came to explain several extended long tail keywords. read more

Only let Shanghai Longfeng value return Shanghai Longfeng will be infatuated with you

first to explain what is the value of the return, the return value means to return to its original value, then the Shanghai dragon really worth it? I believe that there is a clear standard, Shanghai dragon is only a means but not purpose, for example Shanghai dragon is like a sword, the sword let me use the sword may play out what power, but if used in the hands of Zhang Wuji, then the power is infinite. The Shanghai dragon is the same, with the Shanghai dragon play a great value in master hands can, if placed in the hands of ordinary people, may not play much value. Here, in fact, Shanghai dragon or the Shanghai dragon, just look at what people are in use, what kind of person can reflect what kind of value of Shanghai dragon. This suggests that the problem is not in the Shanghai dragon, but in the human body, so we only become what kind of person would make Shanghai Longfeng value return next? I will give you one by one. read more

Yang Lin Shanghai Dragon how to write a high quality of the original article

(a) the title can be through the use of some keyword mining tools, or the love of Shanghai know, Search ask, or use the main keywords, two words can also be extended to competitor’s Web site to see the title of the competitor that attracts you, then modify.

(three) Title correlation. If your website is selling software. Then you have to write your own website and software related articles, don’t write some irrelevant, write some irrelevant articles will distract your weight, we are in order to have more users, only from the perspective of users to write, we will wait for the things we want. read more

The new dry cargo sharing –2016 website ranking acquisition method

for the title of the site, I usually put it into three grades, one pass, two is normal, three is good, below I will the three Title respectively to share with you, hope to help everyone talking. We give an example, such as your site is doing black fungus wholesale, the title should be how to write it.

2 core, scattered, looks like the core word, in fact there is no real core. This is not only unable to write the right to show the user to your site, but also spread your keyword weight.

1 and the number is too long. A direct result of words is too long is that users in Shanghai love search when you may not be able to fully show the title, like below, this is the very influence of the user experience. Every day we clamored to enhance the user experience, it is necessary to avoid the. read more

The webmaster how to avoid search engine punishment

: the first frequent modification of meta information, resulting in ranking changes.

The so-called

third: black.

‘company. If our friends are ideological purity, good moral character, it is good to the development of people. Send, you are the low quality of the people, they will be more low quality. Many people are on the side of the friends do not pay attention to this point. Because there is a saying that one more friend, one more way out. However, the premise of this sentence is that you must be good friends and aspirant. If your friends are people who do nothing, this kind of friends more is useless. The website got the same is true. If your website and some punishment website links, want to know the best. Because you may also be punished. Every webmaster can’t remember and had a bad record website Links. Links must be recorded and good cooperation website. Some Adsense times don’t know why the website will be blocked. The reason is probably, in your Links do too much, which leads to the linked site also cannot distinguish. All in all, and never punished site do Links. read more

To find out the reasons of love Shanghai not included

the first question: this bread started to build networks, with a IP address, when I moved to the new site space, did not completely remove the old space, the old space provides a three level domain name, even if I put DNS canceled, bound to a new the three level domain name space, but still exists, it does not delete the contents of space, access to a lot of the old content through the three level domain name can still be. The search engine will not think of my bread web content for piracy, then I checked some information about the three level domain name, found not to be included in search engines, it should not be caused by this reason. Whether or not it is the so-called styled, has put the old space data were deleted, and the suspension of space WEB and FTP etc.. read more

What kind of articles will be included to love Shanghai

Ace web site started without generating static, love Shanghai included, after a month has been deleted. After the conversion strategy, try to generate static pages, find love in Shanghai from the original 0 slowly began to increase the number of. So when the hair should try to use a static web page.

a static

The title

4, the title is not included in Shanghai with the love of the same title, for this phenomenon, can take the title with love Shanghai search.

2, the title should not be too long, 9-17 words best, if too long, easily lead to the spider crawling time lengthened, not included. read more

The three elements of the new optimization attention

3: the ancients said: "the army may be deprived of, man can not be deprived". When it comes to believe that we have a clear mind, do everything will need to adhere to success. Shanghai dragon is not ten days and a half months can have the result, especially for the keyword ranking often six months or longer may not see the benefits. This is our endurance and perseverance in the test. Once the Shanghai dragon, waiting for us is to persevere. Said that the accumulation of only persevere accumulation chain and content, we can have a chance to succeed, otherwise, everything is wasted. Stick to it, and that is our capital. read more

The website of Shanghai dragon with user experience = sustainable development

site speed is very important can say is the site of the window, as users to search a website, if just a few seconds or even more than 1 minutes to open it, 70-80% people will choose to directly turn off the switch to another station, and thus a direct loss of users. Site speed is 3 problems caused by.


maybe many webmaster friends do keyword is very powerful, through various means in a short time traffic surge also did very well, but after 3 months of blood site traffic not stabilize or even decline, stay back many of the users, this is the site of the user experience is not in place, the content of viscosity is not caused by. Personally think that a sustainable development of the site needs to have the following several points. read more

The original intention of website optimization can not be beyond the core competitiveness


two, the original intentions to get more opportunities to link

oriented search engine keyword ranking, quality content is absolutely fundamental to win optimization. Not only that, the fundamental content is a website, good content can not only pay more attention to the one and only by the visitors, also can get more popular search engine. The search engine for their own commercial value, hoping to find more excellent users love the content retrieval for users. Only in this way, in order to attract more users to retain existing customers. The search engine is the content of the web crawling and retrieval by the mass, so the original content rich website, there is no reason not to slowly get search engine recognition and favor. read more

Website optimization four core high weight of the chain in the process of judgment standard

in general, after the chain release and the effect of time are the length of time is often determined by the way of existence and the weight of the chain of the platform, such as after the submission a soft paper to bring a lot of industry portal reproduced the chain after six months or even longer when I once again found the query, but also well, what this shows that the stability of weight outside the industry portal and its platform plays a big role, for example, some signatures similar to the blog and forum for the low quality of the chain the chain, the author found that the high weight of the platform included speed faster, released the same day second days included, some even seconds, but after a month or long time test, the chain with the passage of time, almost disappeared, I think early The chain like is a good way to attract spiders, but the real stable weight improve the chain ranking mode or to be hard to do. read more

The head of the Title tag website optimization techniques

Keywords Title

a website optimization head is in place, related to the site later ranking can continue to deepen. Then, since the site optimization head is so important, how should we optimize the website head label? Xiaobian today from the following share web head label optimization techniques.

2. page setting skills

simple, no accumulation, repeat keywords. The title keywords appropriate repetition is conducive to search ranking, repeat keywords search engine will deepen understanding. But excessive accumulation, will make the search engine that is one of the key words and keyword stuffing is suspected, cheating, will be punished by search engines. Stack effect as shown in figure -2: read more

2017 how to speed up the Shanghai love of the new sites included the speed

Before the

in the website before, in addition to the other I absolutely ignorant of the station, Shanghai dragon is a legend for me, in the end how to please the search engine included, I really do not know the acceleration. I think many webmaster like me, holding a cavity blood work station, waiting for a long time the enthusiasm is cold also not included in the search engine, so I wrote this article to share with colleagues in the website include experience.

360 site selection of ex gratia love Shanghai included read more

Change the search outside presage a glorious period of Shanghai dragon has been

has a large part of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners in services for SMEs, mainly responsible for the maintenance and optimization of enterprise station. But the establishment of the enterprise purpose is to increase the order, if the site flow can not be converted into orders, so that enterprises would have little meaning. While business owners have gradually realized that, with Shanghai dragon attitude has changed. No longer excessively infatuated with the Shanghai dragon role, begin to pay attention to the network marketing, for example, now is the fire of WeChat marketing. Shanghai Longfeng customer service resources are being reduced, other network marketing way to get the favour of small and medium-sized enterprises, is summed up in. read more

Experience sharing how do love the personal blog Shanghai first


Shanghai Longfeng optimization based station optimization

soft Wen promotion

drainage stationThe

1, I build a good blog on all pages of the entire site of TKD are examined, and all the Shanghai dragon optimization, whether from the user point of view or perspective of a search engine to ensure it is reasonable, especially the TKD home page TKD, because it will directly affect the site’s ranking.

blog launched nearly 2 months time, because the domain name registration, registration, set up to have spent some time on the line. After this period of time to have successfully sent the key word "Hefei Shanghai dragon" who never do it first, difficult to optimize the word that simple is not simple, but very difficult to say no. I want to know is that those methods can in such a short time quickly improve the keywords ranking? In fact, as long as you master the method of optimization of Shanghai dragon, do SEO really is not so complicated, today I Li Yong and buddies to share the latest Shanghai Longfeng optimization method and real case experience. read more

Use custom click ads to make moneyWang Feng business these years more think more Niubi Niubi

first of all, you have to have a website of your own, must be a domain name, because the two domain name web site in the application for the union advertising can not pass. Well then. What kind of website should be done? In fact, do not need to make great efforts to do large, content rich stations, as long as some of the content, and updated from time to time, so that sh419 included.

is very simple, he is nothing more than those websites through advertising alliance advertising revenue by visitors click on the ads, but how to ensure their own website every day there are a lot of IP traffic? How to enter your website for people to help you by clicking on ads? This question is interesting. read more