There will be three of us are walking together outside the chain of my teacher accidentally learned

this idea really bad, and it is operable, plus the shortest time limit and Shanghai Longfeng scheme after the success of the reward (which can ensure maximum fairness) can be, I think it is best to adjust: I accept the Shanghai Longfeng rectification plan, provide internal links in a web site three months for my blog or a designated website (including designated website anchor text and hyperlinks to each page or one-way Links one month), if effective, then the web page or home page outbound links Links were extended to a single year or three months. of course, obtained outside the chain is the most fatal flaw is the most acceptable weight of your site in Shanghai dragon service will not be too high, " this idea is not bad, as long as we put into practice, it is a can continue to improve their Shanghai Longfeng practical level, and within a certain range of occupation prestige can easily get a new tricks site outside the chain – of course you perfunctory others, others you link is completely legitimate. is really "tapo iron boots and hunting, do not come around" ah! This morning sex Shanghai know that open in Shanghai love to know the friend for help on the blog for routine inspection, suddenly a bright eyes, learned in the future can be modeled on a chain trick. personal feeling, this method operation is really strong, as Marx said: "with the sincere exchange of sincere exchange heart heart", people have feelings, as long as you really use their knowledge to help others with selfless (don’t stare at money, the vast majority of grassroots webmaster website it is not yet profitable website, live is not easy, to help others help), really do not understand the website of Shanghai Longfeng scheme for Shanghai dragon but needed Shanghai dragon scheme friends, everywhere for the sake of others, is not too much of this request a bit, and after the expiration of the extended link is naturally the. actually, I had passed for others to continue to provide Shanghai Longfeng service means, won the other navigation website most willing to the chain home page, but also from other websites have provided free home chain to some real flow, but I did not mind, summed up in a timely manner, by analogy, thanks to the friend reminded I. will continue to strengthen in all the webmaster Shanghai dragon consciousness, we cherish chain as gold today, the friend put forward, as a programmer at the old Shanghai dragon station optimization, you can be free for all needs of the grassroots webmaster website Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, according to the actual situation of each website, provide feasible Shanghai Longfeng rectification free service plan. Only one condition, accept the diagnosis of the site must be in front of friends hanging on his web site chanxiangmao text link. Of course, this friend is never revealed to others that the website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, commercial sites.

Website optimization experiential optimization techniques of the child is father of the man

we all know site optimization success depends on details, no good localization and website optimization idea ability is unable to achieve the purpose of profit webmaster, here for website optimization techniques and personal opinion, in order to achieve the overall site optimization idea expansion. Before and after the most people when browsing the web is to the right way from top to bottom from left, think this way is not set the column to our enlightenment, people have a strong logical thinking ability, step by step way of thinking is characteristic of the general population (not exclude exceptions), so the column be logical contact. We take Shanghai dragon industry as an example, the first is the new stage will start from Shanghai dragon basic knowledge, then we want to know the Shanghai dragon skills in the skills that need to use the tools, then you want to head through the case to test their knowledge, here will have questions so, do not ask Shanghai Longfeng less, so now the column order set out, followed by the "Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon skills, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon case, Shanghai dragon quiz, Shanghai Dragon (quote this column is a combination of the above user experience added)". site column is the weight difference, the higher the weight of the column in the front row, so when the site columns must consider the industry competitiveness to select different keywords, keywords competitive to the corresponding column position, to achieve the ideal keyword ranking, to fully consider the optimization of its own strength, do not do too much in order to avoid any greedy optimization effect, this is the The loss outweighs the gain. 2, the user browsing habits column 1, user experience optimization strategy for 4, from the column to the extension of most of the population through the search engine to a website, he is with the purpose of great, so our columns should take into account the needs of users, so as to realize the optimization of the website, which can reduce the bounce rate and increase the optimization ideas of PV. We will now take Shanghai dragon industry for example, the user search area + Shanghai Dragon into your site, to prove that he is to understand what is the Shanghai dragon, this highly professional word, he is not a peer website optimization needs of users, so he would like to know your site optimization ability and website optimization with single quotes, so he wants to see you to optimize your case on the site, then you need to set the case of this column. The price is also more concerned about the user, so the price column is essential, it is convenient for the user to set the column optimization. 3, taking into account the cost of the program optimization strategy of website optimization strategyA small part of the section of the web site only website (relative to the website), but he is through the whole site optimization strategy program optimization strategy […]

Analysis of love Shanghai polymerization search for correlation search results page judgment

4, the existence of the value of ! ! search results page, is the website of aggregated search results display, search for a lot of Shanghai Longfeng polymerization of obtaining a lot of search engine traffic, specific performance, related keywords to industry consolidation, generate related keywords mass polymerization page, then through the inside and outside the chain to enhance the aggregation page included love Shanghai. For the love of Shanghai specific punishment I will not say more, I discuss is how to love Shanghai polymerization search relevance of the search results page to judge page generation time some time ago for the love of Shanghai launched < not related to static search results page will be dealt with harshly > about as follows: love Shanghai web search anti cheating team recently found a part of the site to generate a large number of popular keywords traversal search results page to get search engine traffic, which is not related to the contents of a large number of serious damage the search engine user experience and occupy the corresponding area of high quality website revenue, we will make a website for such harsh treatment of this problem, I hope the webmaster timely corrective adjustment. keyword search loves Shanghai very clear also know what kind of keywords is a search value for users!. The Shanghai dragon is cheating keywords and content through acquisition software acquisition, and not through the judgment and choice of whether can search these keywords. And through the acquisition. 3, according to the number of pages on the judgment of search results page number is the content of the web site and user and there is relevance. A percentage of your web page is only 2000, and only 1000 users, and your search results pages but out of the 10000 or more search engines can roughly determine whether your site is in the presence of artificial interference, because the normal user search ratio is not so high. That is to say the search page should account for a proportion of the total normal web page. value should not be too high! normal search generated static pages, at the time should be regularly. Not in a time of the emergence of a large number of search related static pages, by cheating Shanghai dragon is usually collected tens of thousands of relevant keywords in one batch to generate static pages. 1, according to the web page to determine the 2, according to the judgment of search engine according to the user’s behavior to determine the value of the site search page. For example, search recruitment information, 58 city and 51JOB, the search rate is higher, while the forum and portal site search using rate is low. So the search engine can be based on user behavior to judge the search using a higher rate of web search results page value is high, and the low rate of website search using the search results page, low value. If the search using a low […]

About four grassroots website included increasing skills

says the site content is not updated copy and paste the others, but the quality of the original. The search engine spiders love to eat fresh and nutritious food, rather than vegetable soup and cold processing, so the content of the site must have the weight of. Here I remind webmaster friends, writing an article is the time to pay attention to punctuation, paragraphs, although the search engine spiders cannot read article is what meaning, but the search engine spiders can according to the number of articles, paragraphs and punctuation on the article in the comprehensive evaluation. In addition, in addition to the search engine spiders browsing but also for the user to read the article, as little as possible wrong words, the article finished after his reading, discourse organization will be smooth. , a good website content update is not high, the website weight love Shanghai snapshot is not normal site, want to increase your website does have a certain degree of difficulty, but want to increase your website is not impossible, it would need to use the high quality of the external links. The high quality of the chain have been introduced before, I do not want to repeat, I remind you that in the end of the chain must leave the content of the web site, so that the search engine spiders follow links to climb to the site of the page. recently love Shanghai in constant adjustment, many search engines do not increase the amount of long-term site is K off, why? Is mainly because the website weight is not high and the quality of the site is too poor, so how to improve the site’s search engine is included? Next I will some small knowledge the web site is included to increase their own share, inadequacies also hope to forgive me. The four, to regularly check the work of website is not difficult, as long as the job site on the line, one step at a time, one day you will be successful. Please note: 贵族宝贝 two, website content, external links are good, need to regularly check the site, ensure the site can be opened at any time, especially when the search engine update site; ensure no dead links, especially the website, because web page search engine spiders often place. three, quality and stability of the import link station anchor textThe site in the design after the layout frame are fixed, and how will the other related articles together? Then you have to rely on the station anchor text. In the article the important points into the anchor text, it is directed to the specific details of the page, so that search engine spiders can browse other pages. The network itself is the link with each other in series, if there is no link between each other, the network does not exist, the search engine will not exist, so the anchor text is very important for the search engine. The increase of After the

In 2012 five the rapid expansion of stationmaster method of long tail keywords

three, occupation development method two, seasonal expansion method for personal webmaster optimization, increase the flow of long tail keywords this method is not very strange, relatively many personal station due to the station competition high flow word and the portal, generally choose long tail keywords or keywords little competition. I think that is the long tail keywords, long tail keywords is the core of the future personal webmaster optimization. Because of the long tail keywords has several features, a low degree of competition; two flow accuracy; three optimization to obtain stable ranking; four more in line with the user search habits. Since the long tail keywords have such a good advantage, we should be how to expand more long tail keywords to make up for the main keywords ranking to get traffic? Today I came to explain several extended long tail keywords. as long as you have been to the company to work, will know. generally has the distinction between seasons are the main types of medical and shopping website. Such as medical types of websites to expand the long tail keywords, can be combined with appropriate seasonal words, such as the prevention of colds, rhinitis prevention in winter spring, the long tail keywords have a drawback, that is in the corresponding season will flow, but the long tail keywords throughout the year will expand out naturally can remedy this defect. The mall type sites are generally at the end of the season and the season will make some special offer, then we expand the long tail keywords, can make such a form, such as the spring and summer skirt dress special offer sale, autumn winter trousers, down jacket sale etc.. Of course, other types of sites can also be expanded by using the method of seasonal long tail keywords, but to think fit to. Generally speaking, the seasonal development of law with long tail keywords I think is more appropriate in the medical and shopping mall, but also the only two types of websites to get the long tail keywords seasonal effect into full play. in the long tail keywords in the process of expanding, the area with keywords to form long tail keywords is a relatively common, especially some targeted website. For example, the Shanghai Dragon Development keywords, long tail keywords, can add keywords name in the area, such as Guangzhou Shanghai, Shanghai Shanghai, Dongguan dragon dragon dragon, Shanghai Shenzhen Shanghai phoenix. This long tail keywords expand out has several advantages: a pair of strong, such as you are to optimize the company’s service in Shanghai Longfeng Guangzhou area, then you can use the Guangzhou Shanghai, Guangzhou Shanghai dragon, dragon optimization of Guangzhou Shanghai dragon company. Two the target user group is clear, because of the long tail keywords itself bring precise meaning, natural search long tail keywords users are very aware of what they want. Three low degree of competition, the long tail keywords regional will be much lower than the long tail keywords for the national […]

Only let Shanghai Longfeng value return Shanghai Longfeng will be infatuated with you

first to explain what is the value of the return, the return value means to return to its original value, then the Shanghai dragon really worth it? I believe that there is a clear standard, Shanghai dragon is only a means but not purpose, for example Shanghai dragon is like a sword, the sword let me use the sword may play out what power, but if used in the hands of Zhang Wuji, then the power is infinite. The Shanghai dragon is the same, with the Shanghai dragon play a great value in master hands can, if placed in the hands of ordinary people, may not play much value. Here, in fact, Shanghai dragon or the Shanghai dragon, just look at what people are in use, what kind of person can reflect what kind of value of Shanghai dragon. This suggests that the problem is not in the Shanghai dragon, but in the human body, so we only become what kind of person would make Shanghai Longfeng value return next? I will give you one by one. you should be able to see from the above, only the marketing to make Shanghai Longfeng. in the forum often complains that his salary is too low, the Shanghai dragon value has been seriously underestimated, but is this really the case? I think, if you can use to enhance the Shanghai dragon 1 million of the profits of the month, if your wage is only four thousand or five thousand yuan a month. You can ask the boss to raise your salary, if not, then you can choose to leave. (I often talk with friends say Shanghai dragon is actually a very good technology, into the attack, retreat. Can enter into e-commerce, back orders do stand) if you can create benefits for the Shanghai dragon such a high value for the enterprise, even if you believe will be doing out well, and if you’re in business by Shanghai Longfeng a month does not receive what, then your Shanghai dragon value even you four thousand or five thousand dollars a month sorry. problem: only let Shanghai dragon return value, Shanghai dragon will be infatuated with you. So many friends will ask how to return to the original value of the Shanghai dragon, or to enhance the value of Shanghai dragon? Take the example above, someone can use Shanghai dragon for the enterprise a month earn millions, while others use Shanghai Longfeng a month does not receive a single, where is the difference, I believe there is only one explanation, problems appear in the marketing level. So I often say Shanghai Longfeng sector may have no real master (there may be a lot of people will not agree with my point of view), actually I’m standing in the marketing sense, rather than the technical perspective. Why is it, I explain to everyone, because Shanghai Longfeng this industry is too small, the real marketing master is not Shanghai dragon on the technical level, China Shanghai dragon […]

Yang Lin Shanghai Dragon how to write a high quality of the original article

(a) the title can be through the use of some keyword mining tools, or the love of Shanghai know, Search ask, or use the main keywords, two words can also be extended to competitor’s Web site to see the title of the competitor that attracts you, then modify. (three) Title correlation. If your website is selling software. Then you have to write your own website and software related articles, don’t write some irrelevant, write some irrelevant articles will distract your weight, we are in order to have more users, only from the perspective of users to write, we will wait for the things we want.   Keywords extensions such as: the main keywords are spectrometer, then we can be extended to "spectrometer to what?" this is the main keyword expansion. Because the 2, the content of content: not too much, but quality must be high, remember that we write to love Shanghai, but to the user, we are going to write an article from the user’s point of view. (two) to have attractive places, you can write some articles such as regular activities, you are a cosmetics website, the company will certainly have some preferential activities, such as playing a few folding free experience ah, ah, buy a send a ah, 100% ah, add some of this. In the content Title: first to write the most important is the title, title to write a good article, you will succeed in half, then we should be how to write the title is busy recently, has been a long time not to write A5 soft Wen, Yang Lin today to share with you how to write a high quality of the original article. The content is the important method of a commonplace talk of an old scholar, or heard some friends, to write the website will be a headache, but if the intention to write, hard to do, in fact, is a very simple thing, gossip, to the point. (a) the article must be readable, if you are writing a technical article, but users do not know what to write and read what you write, it is a failure of the article, if you are using a pseudo original tool, the pseudo out of the article is not readable so, we must go to the pseudo original manual, not for the sake of convenience, with software. (two) the first few words of the title is very important. Why the first few words of the title is very important, I think everyone on the web site of the weight should not be unfamiliar, the title in front of search engines give weight will be higher, so in writing to the keywords as far as possible in front of this ranking, this article collects and will greatly improve. extensions such as: two keywords Shenyang spectrometer, then we can be extended to "what place Shenyang sell cheap" spectrometer which is the main keyword expansion. Keywords   ?

The new dry cargo sharing –2016 website ranking acquisition method

for the title of the site, I usually put it into three grades, one pass, two is normal, three is good, below I will the three Title respectively to share with you, hope to help everyone talking. We give an example, such as your site is doing black fungus wholesale, the title should be how to write it.   2 core, scattered, looks like the core word, in fact there is no real core. This is not only unable to write the right to show the user to your site, but also spread your keyword weight. 1 and the number is too long. A direct result of words is too long is that users in Shanghai love search when you may not be able to fully show the title, like below, this is the very influence of the user experience. Every day we clamored to enhance the user experience, it is necessary to avoid the.   first, we love Shanghai search, get these things. Continuous fermentation search results is too long, I will not screenshots, almost all the content. Through the above two maps, we basically can be found, users are most concerned about the black fungus black fungus wholesale price, black fungus species (artificial fungus), black fungus origin (northeast) and so on, then we how to write the title of the site, the most simple is to put these words together, plus our brand word, such as "black fungus wholesale price, black fungus, black fungus, black fungus, black fungus producing XXX wholesale manufacturers". But the headline personal feel really bad, only barely passed, although all the words are written in. Wei Zexi event let love in Shanghai to strengthen the control of the flow, the user experience has become increasingly concerned about the love of Shanghai, how to further enhance the user experience of the website, we can get the key flow and website ranking. How to start it, today I come to share some of their experiences.   The we all know, users to search in the love of Shanghai, the first show to the user and not the content of the website, but our website title and description. A good title and description is the key factor to attract users to click on the. Writing a description, there have been many great God shared their experience, today I mainly talk about the title of the writing style, master please drifting away, do not spray the great god. is slightly better to write the title is the common title is what kind of? We look at this "northeast black fungus black fungus wholesale price picture – XXXX wholesale manufacturers". This title looks very OK, to control the number of words is very good, when the love of Shanghai search can be completely displayed, but we have to think will be a mess, like a pot of porridge. Key >

The webmaster how to avoid search engine punishment

: the first frequent modification of meta information, resulting in ranking changes. The so-called third: black. ‘company. If our friends are ideological purity, good moral character, it is good to the development of people. Send, you are the low quality of the people, they will be more low quality. Many people are on the side of the friends do not pay attention to this point. Because there is a saying that one more friend, one more way out. However, the premise of this sentence is that you must be good friends and aspirant. If your friends are people who do nothing, this kind of friends more is useless. The website got the same is true. If your website and some punishment website links, want to know the best. Because you may also be punished. Every webmaster can’t remember and had a bad record website Links. Links must be recorded and good cooperation website. Some Adsense times don’t know why the website will be blocked. The reason is probably, in your Links do too much, which leads to the linked site also cannot distinguish. All in all, and never punished site do Links. second: website Links and punishment. The webmaster website search engine was blocked, this is the site operation tragedy. Everyone don’t want to encounter this kind of thing, because not many people know. Because I have a lot of websites on the students and allies, sometimes they will talk to this topic, so I know some of the reasons more clearly, the website blocked in particular, want to take a shortcut for some webmaster, do not meet the high pressure line, once touched, the day is almost the same site. Write the following content, I hope to help you. keyword is a very important role for the website ranking. If you don’t find it, then the keywords ranking will be very difficult to make progress. Key words do not, the website ranking will be greatly affected. Ranking behind, users see the website are peer competitors. The search engine site observation data whenever and wherever possible. Once the abnormal phenomenon, will make a good judgment on the site analysis. If your site is found to have abnormal behavior, the probability of large sites blocked. Meta information is to play a large role in the layout of the keywords. This information can not be arbitrarily changed. Because of frequent changes in your keywords, ranking will change. This time, the search engine will send new information on your web site content recognition. If your website is a constantly change, will be banned. Keywords ranking can reflect this change. We order the normal operation of the site, to avoid the unnecessary risk. For example, there are a lot of wires, we can not touch these wires. Because your body is under power is very limited. So, we see the high line will be far away.

To find out the reasons of love Shanghai not included

the first question: this bread started to build networks, with a IP address, when I moved to the new site space, did not completely remove the old space, the old space provides a three level domain name, even if I put DNS canceled, bound to a new the three level domain name space, but still exists, it does not delete the contents of space, access to a lot of the old content through the three level domain name can still be. The search engine will not think of my bread web content for piracy, then I checked some information about the three level domain name, found not to be included in search engines, it should not be caused by this reason. Whether or not it is the so-called styled, has put the old space data were deleted, and the suspension of space WEB and FTP etc.. from the beginning of last December, the network began to decline included bread, I have been looking for reasons, also questioned the possible bugs, such as bread network templates, IP address, the pilfer edition, but after careful research conclusion, should not be a template problem, should not the piracy problem and even if the article is pirated, not only a home, I have a lot of memories of the past, and now found two problems. second: IP address, when the site moved to the new space, included in the site once the highest point is more than 300, in order to better the development of the website, I re purchase virtual host IP, once again changed the IP address, and since the change to new independent IP, website included is not normal. According to the latest snapshot, snapshot without 3W stay in the last 11.8, this time is almost my replacement time of IP. Now, once again, for the website to replace a new IP address, after the replacement of IP, to observe a month or so, see included whether can return to normal, if not reflected, looking for other reasons and solutions. third questions: the 301 redirect, early site operations, and did not take the 301 jump, later made a 301 jump for the domain name, do not know because 301 jump. This problem aside for the moment, the first web space for a IP, if later changed the IP still does not work, then the 301 redirect is canceled, look at the results. If all that done, it still doesn’t work, the estimation problem is the domain name. About short, where the problem is good, as long as we patiently to find, can find the cause of the problem, even if the domain name, and I will continue to operate, because I always believe a word, he is not afraid of the shadow oblique, all website article is my own original website, did not take any cheating however, the search engine how to deal with, at least my own conscience, it is enough the bread 贵族宝贝mianbao0贵族宝贝/ feeds, please keep the link with […]

What kind of articles will be included to love Shanghai

Ace web site started without generating static, love Shanghai included, after a month has been deleted. After the conversion strategy, try to generate static pages, find love in Shanghai from the original 0 slowly began to increase the number of. So when the hair should try to use a static web page. a static The title 4, the title is not included in Shanghai with the love of the same title, for this phenomenon, can take the title with love Shanghai search. 2, the title should not be too long, 9-17 words best, if too long, easily lead to the spider crawling time lengthened, not included. 3, some people think that some special characters are unique, completely mistaken, these special characters are not recognized by spiders counterproductive to do so. if there is a hierarchical, sub title, be bold red font design, the purpose of doing so is hierarchical and clear, and the difference between the structure and content of other articles. This is a very refined points, spider love, you think the structure is very reasonable and scientific. To love Shanghai included. With Ace excellent text > four layered The content of Ace and teach you, what kind of articles to be included. That these are bloody lessons in experience! Love Shanghai included in the article or the quality is excellent, or is the original article. But for an ordinary website, actually does not have the time and resources to integrate the. So if you want to be loved in Shanghai included, in addition to the content module, can actually start from the structure, make it easy for you to be loved in Shanghai included. This is from the Ace website is lesson of blood after K. Practice is the only standard to correct or not, that is really right. Shanghai love contains articles not only look at the content, but also the main structure of the article, following on from Ace excellent examples, analysis of the structure of how to handle from the collection, more likely to be included in the love of Shanghai. at the beginning of the first paragraph do not add hyperlinks, otherwise easy to love with the people in Shanghai are not included in the optimization. If you really need it, add links in the following section. Such as spiders have value in front crawl content is not easy to cause resentment, your help. page of the articleWhen the original three 1, an article editor, the most attractive is the title of the article, a new title can attract readers. Such as the use of idioms makes the rich connotation, adding digital performance results, some techniques, can achieve the unique effect. As the Ace excellent article for example, use the idiom a phrase for a rainy day, contains a lot of information show that the establishment of the new sites must be fully prepared. Have to say China text broad and profound! two The content of At the beginning of

The three elements of the new optimization attention

3: the ancients said: "the army may be deprived of, man can not be deprived". When it comes to believe that we have a clear mind, do everything will need to adhere to success. Shanghai dragon is not ten days and a half months can have the result, especially for the keyword ranking often six months or longer may not see the benefits. This is our endurance and perseverance in the test. Once the Shanghai dragon, waiting for us is to persevere. Said that the accumulation of only persevere accumulation chain and content, we can have a chance to succeed, otherwise, everything is wasted. Stick to it, and that is our capital. Shanghai dragon in this industry, many people will think of Shanghai Longfeng work is not difficult. Can really understand the Shanghai dragon is the experience and practice. With the development of network marketing competition more and more incentive, which means the competition continued to put pressure on us, means that our growing workload. Shanghai Longfeng workers of Shanghai Longfeng exploration to what level? In fact, all the work is not difficult and easy to say, vary from person to person. The elements of Shanghai Longfeng work, I believe we will have a deeper understanding of Shanghai dragon. I study in Shanghai Longfeng, inadequate advice please. The statement is not very smooth, forgive me. The source of 400 phone 贵族宝贝400-400贵族宝贝.cn please keep 1: time is speed, time is strength, time is the most important resource of Shanghai dragon. If Shanghai Longfeng workers waste of time can be said to be self defeating, every day, we just in a race against time. Compared to competitors, we can lose at the starting line, but can not afford to waste time, because today to work in Shanghai Longfeng waste of time, are likely to be competitors out tomorrow. If the Shanghai dragon for a new, rival is the old station, the weight is relatively high than you stand, a start time distance. One day in the step is equal to one day and then pull far distance, if you have the heart to a waste of time, it is not self defeating 2: Rome was not built in a day, a successful career cannot do without accumulation, usually need to accumulate. Also, affect the site ranking chain with more content is to slowly accumulate. As we all know, especially the site outside the chain, not three days, five days can make the chain strong, need is a process of accumulation slowly. Quick fast increase the chain, will make the search engine that is cheating, it is asking for trouble. The content of the website is the same, not to say that the update dozens of articles to the site, let the search engine included slowly, faster and that will only make out website ranking in search engine. The content of the website is to be updated every day slowly accumulate. In short, when we query Shanghai dragon competition website, found each other […]

The website of Shanghai dragon with user experience = sustainable development

site speed is very important can say is the site of the window, as users to search a website, if just a few seconds or even more than 1 minutes to open it, 70-80% people will choose to directly turn off the switch to another station, and thus a direct loss of users. Site speed is 3 problems caused by. . maybe many webmaster friends do keyword is very powerful, through various means in a short time traffic surge also did very well, but after 3 months of blood site traffic not stabilize or even decline, stay back many of the users, this is the site of the user experience is not in place, the content of viscosity is not caused by. Personally think that a sustainable development of the site needs to have the following several points. 1. virtual space host VPS server, this is to determine the choice according to their own website development route, general new entry is to select the virtual host virtual host, the price is relatively cheap, limitations, a server is less a few sites, more than a few hundred sites, resource constraints are generally very harsh, HTML most of the virtual host will generate lock timeout, this is because the host has limited CPU resources, web traffic high speed more slowly this is the limit of bandwidth resources. The virtual host generally recommended blog site or 1000IP site can use the following. But when also do not covet cheap money year dozens of fast small company or personal server run is not reliable, in addition to the speed problem might often break open problem, which is fatal to the search engine of Shanghai dragon, a long open unstable website is very easy to fall right. Long-term replacement space actual consumption a lot, and IP to go to the engine side weight is influential, if there is confidence, want to make a sustainable development of the site, the proposal can choose the advantage of VPS is that VPS is out of the virtual server, and the server function is almost the same, the resources are completely independent, I have a few sites can be put in, but the price is affordable, less than 10 thousand IP the site first, domestic VPS around 100 dollars a month, the configuration can meet the site within 10 thousand IP. Just find a reliable service providers generally provide 3-5M bandwidth speed is no problem, resource limit is also relaxed what ah ah HTML acquisition generation be nothing difficult. If you are afraid of trouble and need to record the price cheaper if you can choose foreign VPS, foreign VPS monthly rates generally less than 50 can fix, the majority of foreign and domestic VPS choice of the United States do not have the characteristics, it is very very cheap enough bandwidth, IP. (many people say that the independent IP engine general weight high) are the United States VPS 10M-100M line is shared or private port or even 1G […]

The original intention of website optimization can not be beyond the core competitiveness

? two, the original intentions to get more opportunities to link oriented search engine keyword ranking, quality content is absolutely fundamental to win optimization. Not only that, the fundamental content is a website, good content can not only pay more attention to the one and only by the visitors, also can get more popular search engine. The search engine for their own commercial value, hoping to find more excellent users love the content retrieval for users. Only in this way, in order to attract more users to retain existing customers. The search engine is the content of the web crawling and retrieval by the mass, so the original content rich website, there is no reason not to slowly get search engine recognition and favor. has a copy of original content and pseudo original There is nothing comparable to this advantage. The first content is the existence of this website, especially high quality original content, not only favored by the users, search engines do not also happy. More importantly, "adhere to the original" four word itself contains a kind of quality, the original is a state of mind is an honest attitude, adhere to is a kind of a kind of quality and do not give up the quality. The quality of these two is the site construction production and site optimization success, essential. Writing thinking is necessary, in the optimization of the long process of thinking in-depth study of continuous review, methods and skills must also continue to accumulate promotion leap. In the website design and website optimization process, original content is indispensable, even to build the core competitiveness of the degree of optimization. What is the core competitiveness? The core competitiveness is the ability of a person or an organization to have others beyond or not to imitate, why the original can be raised to that level of hard everyday, just to enjoy the self, or simply as " this is a topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar website production, need more and more high-quality content. But recently love Shanghai and Google in the adjustment of the algorithm, both more and more on the original content. Especially love Shanghai, we can have this kind of feeling is more and more obvious. In fact, not only in the content of the website on the grasp of love Shanghai on the existing snapshot update frequency is more and more fast, this is a moment of the amount collected soaring, encounter updates included sharply reduce, many original content has been included by ruthless delete. This trend is also reflected in the love of Shanghai, began to substantially eliminate duplicate content, massive links through the soft start before the acquisition has shrunk dramatically. The original content is more and more attention, on the one hand is the search engine to improve search quality demand more from the user experience point of view. On the other hand, is also in order to save the cost of the search engine, because a […]

Website optimization four core high weight of the chain in the process of judgment standard

in general, after the chain release and the effect of time are the length of time is often determined by the way of existence and the weight of the chain of the platform, such as after the submission a soft paper to bring a lot of industry portal reproduced the chain after six months or even longer when I once again found the query, but also well, what this shows that the stability of weight outside the industry portal and its platform plays a big role, for example, some signatures similar to the blog and forum for the low quality of the chain the chain, the author found that the high weight of the platform included speed faster, released the same day second days included, some even seconds, but after a month or long time test, the chain with the passage of time, almost disappeared, I think early The chain like is a good way to attract spiders, but the real stable weight improve the chain ranking mode or to be hard to do. > this is self-evident, what relevance in what place? I think the performance in the first type, for example, the author is Lantian jade, and their related sites such as Xinjiang Hetian jade, Henan Dushan jade and so on. Because Chinese belong to four famous jade, this kind of site is one of the best way to reflect the correlation. Secondly, the industry association. For example, he is doing jade just online website weight is low may be some high quality high correlation link is not very good for what, no, this time we can consider related industries such as jade industry Links, jewelry industry forum or Links and so on can be operated. Secondly, classified information platform related industries. Many industries do not have the obvious characteristics of the industry, such as the enterprise station is confidential, is a conservative country or company secrets, mainly for government agencies, this time it seems that the B2B did not have a similar classification, this time we can release the categories using our products, such as system integration, security monitoring and so on, of course this is correlation the lower ranks. first, the chain has the best platform and its correlation factors website. Third, as everyone knows, the website chain is always a very important site operation and maintenance of the optimization process, although the green Shanghai launched for a variety of algorithms of love chain attack, has hit Shanghai dragon Er variant of injury, but the author thinks that the chain is like a repeatedly taught does not change the son of his own existence, in a timely manner a lot of shortcomings, but we still need to be patient education, patient guidance, not because of a mistake will break it, so is the chain, in this case how to effectively deliver high quality outside the chain, the basic work in the construction of the chain into the track is what we really want to do things […]

The head of the Title tag website optimization techniques

Keywords Title a website optimization head is in place, related to the site later ranking can continue to deepen. Then, since the site optimization head is so important, how should we optimize the website head label? Xiaobian today from the following share web head label optimization techniques. 2. page setting skills simple, no accumulation, repeat keywords. The title keywords appropriate repetition is conducive to search ranking, repeat keywords search engine will deepen understanding. But excessive accumulation, will make the search engine that is one of the key words and keyword stuffing is suspected, cheating, will be punished by search engines. Stack effect as shown in figure -2:   Title in the title, "the head tags, as shown in figure -1 mind map The set the title tag keyword number is limited, the title length of the title character, love Shanghai best control in 30 Chinese characters about Google. head title tagsThe so-called mind map keyword is reasonable repetition contribute to the optimization of the core words or words will be the most difficult optimization contain repeated in other keywords, repeat 3 times. For example, the keyword "Changsha Shanghai dragon", then the title can write like this: Changsha Shanghai Dragon – Changsha Shanghai dragon website optimization Shanghai dragon network promotion Changsha – Shanghai Dragon – free blog consultant preferred. "Changsha Shanghai dragon" interspersed in the other keywords. Need to pay attention to here, the best number of repeat keywords within 3 times, if the number of repeat too much, will increase the risk of being punished.   Keywords two, title tag set skills site page title keyword set can not be repeated as many websites either page or inside pages, are set to the same title, this approach will lead directly to the search engine cannot understand what each page is about what content. So the title title page of the site is not repeatable. Keywords Title 3. word limit   Figure -2 , what is the site optimization of 1. page setting principle website optimization is to optimize the title head label refers to the web page title tag, title tag site optimization is very important. The search engine will focus on key words the title tag to understand the content of the page. Later directly affect website ranking optimization.

2017 how to speed up the Shanghai love of the new sites included the speed

  Before the in the website before, in addition to the other I absolutely ignorant of the station, Shanghai dragon is a legend for me, in the end how to please the search engine included, I really do not know the acceleration. I think many webmaster like me, holding a cavity blood work station, waiting for a long time the enthusiasm is cold also not included in the search engine, so I wrote this article to share with colleagues in the website include experience. 360 site selection of ex gratia love Shanghai included my site (selection of ex gratia 360) at the end of May on the line, the first time after the line, I will submit your site to love Shanghai, then wait for the included, up to now, Shanghai has been included in 3250 pages of love. line on the site, I filled the first batch of data for the website, mainly divided into two parts: the first part is through the Taobao API collection special offer goods, such as 9 9 shipping, Taobao / Tmall products and special offer coupon ladies, this part of the data every day there are thousands, but two or three days later out of date; the other part is to write a crawler, collected some articles from other similar websites, put their own shopping headlines channel, this general every day there are tens to hundreds of individual, the day collected thousands, so during this period of time to wait for the site officially launched in (about two weeks) my website is about, 2W+ on the page. The website officially launched, I submit your web site to love Shanghai, the third day home page was collected, then I am very excited, while continuing to update the content, see the side of Shanghai included the amount of love from time to time, the result is two weeks.   5-27 domain audit by back to Shanghai to review the new love and included more and more strict, the longest may have 3-6 months of the review period, the review period in addition to the home page will not have any other page out. Although this love Shanghai in order to ensure the quality of search results and strengthen included standard practice in understanding, but the waiting process is really suffering ah. In such apprehension and torment, waiting for about two weeks, and then one morning suddenly discovered that the website of the amount collected was changed from 300+ to 1, good wood! But then it is for a long time, nothing! I started on the site to learn some basic skills of Shanghai dragon. The Internet is " " content; and in line with this principle, I regularly update special offer commodity information and shopping information basic daily headlines, I will update the 10000+ special offer commodity information, I will update the 30+ headlines, so that lasted for two weeks, suddenly fell in love with the sea included amount to 1000+. Feeling the moment I […]

Change the search outside presage a glorious period of Shanghai dragon has been

has a large part of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners in services for SMEs, mainly responsible for the maintenance and optimization of enterprise station. But the establishment of the enterprise purpose is to increase the order, if the site flow can not be converted into orders, so that enterprises would have little meaning. While business owners have gradually realized that, with Shanghai dragon attitude has changed. No longer excessively infatuated with the Shanghai dragon role, begin to pay attention to the network marketing, for example, now is the fire of WeChat marketing. Shanghai Longfeng customer service resources are being reduced, other network marketing way to get the favour of small and medium-sized enterprises, is summed up in. ? Shanghai dragon finally cool like a raging fire training, training institutions blossom everywhere, but how many of the training institutions to Huyou mainly Shanghai dragon. In fact the level did not achieve, but see training indeed profitable, so we start for Shanghai dragon training. Search outside change at least one point, that is the Shanghai dragon training has become more and more difficult, even very good word-of-mouth search outside are so, not to mention other well-known training institutions or team. for the past few years, Shanghai dragon army has been growing, practitioners are more and more, but after the bustling is also facing the industry reshuffle. Shanghai Dragon Technology of the low threshold of so many young people continue to join the industry, can eventually become the elite level of the minority after all. There are quite a few practitioners of the level still stays in the construction of the chain, and chain specialist wages is not increased, because such technical content is too low. Enterprise or company needs a higher level of Shanghai Longfeng talents, technical level is not up to those are likely to be unemployed. from Shanghai dragon to Internet marketing, this is an inevitable trend, so magical Shanghai dragon role not advocate, is just the tip of the iceberg of network marketing. As a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, we should change what, whether it should be free from the chain code, try to learn knowledge of Internet marketing. Has a lot of friends around the chain Commissioner for several years, including the author himself too, in the chain of the ocean eventually lost. The transition is imminent, the future needs of network marketing talent, not a pure Shanghai dragon staff. now the chance to open the search network, search and found major revision, once the search outside the forum is many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners exchange the Holy land. Now already changed, the chain forum into the ocean, the lack of communication more valuable content. In addition to providing a platform for the exchange of Shanghai dragon industry, there is to do training business, search the Shanghai dragon training should be high visibility, but also has a good reputation. But after the revision of the search is titled "online video course" from Shanghai to Phoenix Internet marketing, it is trying to change […]

Experience sharing how I do love the personal blog Shanghai first

After Shanghai Longfeng optimization based station optimization soft Wen promotion drainage stationThe 1, I build a good blog on all pages of the entire site of TKD are examined, and all the Shanghai dragon optimization, whether from the user point of view or perspective of a search engine to ensure it is reasonable, especially the TKD home page TKD, because it will directly affect the site’s ranking. blog launched nearly 2 months time, because the domain name registration, registration, set up to have spent some time on the line. After this period of time to have successfully sent the key word "Hefei Shanghai dragon" who never do it first, difficult to optimize the word that simple is not simple, but very difficult to say no. I want to know is that those methods can in such a short time quickly improve the keywords ranking? In fact, as long as you master the method of optimization of Shanghai dragon, do SEO really is not so complicated, today I Li Yong and buddies to share the latest Shanghai Longfeng optimization method and real case experience. Currently this method effect > A high quality chain belonging to the early optimization work, so the website keywords ranking in the top 20 no words will have a certain effect, to know that the chain can not only transfer the weight, but also allows users to click on the link to the promotion effect, but also to allow website visibility or brand promotion indirectly the. Links not show each other the other site, click the location of Links is a website belonging to the high quality of the chain, why many websites use Webmaster Tools query found not much outside the chain, but can still have a good rankings? Which is a large part of the site because of the high quality Links exchange in fact, it stands behind these sites is a high quality the chain support. My blog will Gesanchaiwu to find Links in early optimization, the ranking of the site will also have a big upgrade. The chain extension of 2 station, URL path optimization can not be ignored, the deeper the URL path of Shanghai Longfeng optimization disadvantage, try to keep the path not too deep. For example, column page or category pages in the main domain directly behind a directory, the page can be in the column page / page classification directory, can be directly in the domain name. As long as not too deep in the URL path, actually in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not much difference, according to the theory of URL path hierarchy is as short as possible. promotion optimization of 3, as we called Sitelinks optimization that is to guide other spiders to crawl the page, and easy for users to find other related articles. In the optimization sitelinks as long as we take these 2 points as the core of it, I believe you can do well in the station optimization. Links

Use custom click ads to make moneyWang Feng business these years more think more Niubi Niubi

first of all, you have to have a website of your own, must be a domain name, because the two domain name web site in the application for the union advertising can not pass. Well then. What kind of website should be done? In fact, do not need to make great efforts to do large, content rich stations, as long as some of the content, and updated from time to time, so that sh419 included. is very simple, he is nothing more than those websites through advertising alliance advertising revenue by visitors click on the ads, but how to ensure their own website every day there are a lot of IP traffic? How to enter your website for people to help you by clicking on ads? This question is interesting.   The marketing tools Jinshan Sanjie, angel investment Lei Jun millet mobile phone and Every dog has his day with a series of successful and did well; Qiu Baijun holding a large number of Jinshan shares recently rose to HK $9. Jinshan, retired; in contrast, these years some heroes and Wang Feng. the reason is simple, but there are a lot of tedious tasks to do. If you have plenty of time to surf the Internet every day, try it. next to ad to put their advertising, must choose to click custom code, because you can not let visitors to your website after a glance it is an advertisement, so they are not too active will help you click, click the custom code hidden behind the video window, visitors search videos enter your site, see the video window he is looking for the film, so he has other options besides click? Click on the video window when he saw him, he wants to see the film, you get the advertising fees. 1, Internet Co has an interesting departure culture, leaving a topic of the company’s people get together to open a group, an interesting name. sh419 out called "Broadway", Shanda called "Sheng fighters", Jinshan called "San Francisco."". In the San Francisco army, Wang Feng belongs to the qualifications of generations old one, worked with Qiu Baijun, Lei Jun and Jinshan three". note: the publication of this article does not mean fully agree with the views of the article, only to understand the iceberg Wang Feng entrepreneurship these years. then I choose to do the most popular movie or series of sh419 search site, a station put a film on it, all the text on this film to do so, the title i.e., keywords appeared many times on your website, the title in the sh419 search site you are to search opportunities will increase note: the keyword density is too high may lead to sh419’s offensive, must not overdo sth.. at the end of 2007, Wang Feng founded the blue after the first large-scale media. At the time the mentality too, threw a three year strategy — three years annual income of over 1 billion yuan, 10 billion yuan more than […]