Secret IDC business series three test the true bandwidth quality

through the last "secret IDC business – the computer room, the price difference is so big", we understand the difference in bandwidth quality, directly leading to the computer room price difference. So, how can we test the true bandwidth quality? Today, we use some of the most common windows tools to test the bandwidth quality of your computer. 1, TraceRT In a previous article in , we mentioned that the quality of the bandwidth directly connected to the backbone is much better than the network connected to the province. When my website main customers from Guangzhou and Shanghai, if my room is connected directly to the backbone network, so when the network flow for customer visit is "Guangzhou -> backbone network node; node", as long as go jump can be achieved; if my room is connected with the Hebei Langfang bandwidth, so when the network flow of customer visits when is the "Guangzhou node -> backbone network node; -> Beijing District of Hebei province node node -> -> Langfang node, need to walk four jump to achieve speed, certainly more than the backbone network access mode has slowed down a lot. TraceRT is used to detect the number of hops and response time from the end customer to the server’s computer room. method: log into your server and enter in Windows’s Dos interface (start menu run run " cmd"); " tracert -d [IP]" all over the country; example: login to a three line server 211.166.XXX.XXX, test the following circumstances, (thanks to the data center backbone network with interesting line bandwidth for test room) , tracert, -d,, Beijing Unicom connection situation 7 jump (room – Unicom backbone – Beijing Unicom) , tracert, -d,, Jiangsu Unicom connection situation 10 jump (room – Unicom backbone – Jiangsu Unicom) , tracert, -d,, Qinghai Unicom connection situation 9 jump (room – Unicom backbone – Qinghai Unicom) tracert -d Telecom connectivity 10 jump (room – Telecommunications backbone – Beijing Telecom), tracert -d Telecom connectivity 11 jump (room – Telecommunications backbone – Guangzhou Telecom), tracert -d Telecom connectivity 13 jump (room – Telecommunications backbone – Jiangsu Telecom), tracert -d>

Talk about how I do Baidu optimization

every day of the past, since the construction site since I will update every day, but do not worry about what specific, I am in a video tutorial today heard a saying: the optimization site accounted for 30%, update station 30%, the chain accounted for 40% did not know his words is not so I hope, SEO master to explain whether it is correct, or his personal interpretation of it, which I really don’t understand. Now, according to his analysis, the first step I do optimization keywords other not how to pay attention to, not because I do not want to optimize, I won’t, so I couldn’t optimization, the second step is I think the most easy steps, the update site, I do Taobao customers, as long as I update the product can be, there are friends told me that the light of updated products not, so he taught me a blog program, then write in the blog, I also found this article to be included, do not know why. Because just learn a lot do not understand, so I feel that the forum site included more pages. And we Taobao users use the program to download, nothing is more difficult to include the article, so more than 20 days have been included are 1 pages, but also feel disheartened. Today, finally included 107 pages. say that the third step, increase the chain, said that the text has the effect, I also in the A5 station made an original, it feels really good, second days will be included in Baidu but also row on the first page, but a few days to see people go into others the blog, I saw the original is my article, I do not know how to do, just think! Get to get love! I had to write an article, in fact here is second, it is really useful, if you write every day, I think there should be help, then keep updating your own website, I only compared with the Taobao customer program website friends, other type, I don’t know, I just talk about an idea of my own. Wrote so much, just want to explain 2 points: 1, every day to update, it is better to have the article, 2 hair soft Wen, I now other don’t want to do. My literary talent in general, but still want to write, I hope the more able to write the better. I hope everyone will make more money. this article starts with ( stationmaster.

The website is worth insisting, the good ideal needs to persist and diligently

I have been in the Internet industry for 5 years, and have been doing website construction and sales promotion. Really own your website last year. At that time, I was out of my own alone, there is an agent to give an agent platform, strictly speaking, not yet developed their own web site. It is also obsessed with the development of customer, do business. No other idea. Overall, it’s not bad. New year’s day 2008. I began to have my own website, that is, that day, my 100 push net officially opened, also began my webmaster’s road. This half year, I put my 50% energy on this site, and 50% of the effort should be put on my business. Do business during the day, and at night I do this small website, in fact, I also started in order to do more business and do this site. So I did not say a word bitter: tired. I think: there are many old websites from persistence to the present, and some have succeeded. But can I succeed? That’s not necessary. I don’t think perseverance will succeed, but you can enjoy the process of persistence. Anxiety, bitterness, joy, anticipation, annoyance, etc. Although my website started very short time, but this webmaster process, I have begun. 1 gets up earlier than usual: I have no in the station before, in fact I am lazy cat. We 9:00 in the morning to go to work, I want to sleep to get up at 8:30 (the company near my home) now, alone, and a website, every day is to do business, all night for my own updates. Get up at around 6 in general, say a conscience, sometimes dream can dream of this website things up, as the face is not washed, teeth are not brush, began to lie in front of my computer. Look at my site rankings have not risen, the PR value has not raised it, who keywords in front of me, etc., anyway, is a lot of old AdSense for nothing meaningful. I remember an article saying that, like our type, the stationmaster belongs to the three class. Up, do not brush your teeth, wash your face. I won’t say any more about that. 2. website content update: search engine to original article, original article in search engine inside also has very high value. These webmaster all know. However, the real self has original articles, how many? I think we have a few, but more and less problems. Just like a warrior on the battlefield. Can you say he didn’t kill anybody? He didn’t kill an enemy. I didn’t believe he didn’t have blood on his body. And you ask a student to write an article every day, or a diary. I think in the end, he can not write, only cheating, copy each other. But copy, you have to copy skills, but you have to update your website, ! as we all know, rich content is the basic factor that […]

Social media strategy how easy is your website’s monthly traffic loss

leads: Demand Media is a content oriented social media company in the United States. Its company only visits eHow as much as 6 million per month. Its executive vice president has raised three points of experience in increasing monthly visits. ancient people said: "an endless stream of visits, but also easy.". hey, what do you say, ? Demand Media is a content based social media company in the United States, and its company has only 6 million eHow visits per month. When Demand Media executive vice president Dan Brian was asked how to get more web visits, Dan made three points, giving the essence of creating eHow to experience millions of visits per month. 1., Always, think, about, your, users (always from the customer’s point of view) , 2., Don, t, be, selfish, 3., Always, deliver, value, to, your, users (always give users a certain value) get content, the world, only the personal good to build good expectations of the content, and selflessly passed on to their value, will get the hearts of users. Of course, you might think that if I write these three words, the title of the party cheat you come in, it must be the ancients called me to pit father. Ha ha ha Xiaobian feel shy not that kind of person! How could let everyone to drink coffee and smoke his own one meditation intended! So, small surf churning the ocean of knowledge for a long time, in the tens of millions of Raiders in accordance with Dan added some useful and practical approach to strategy and policy, you want to update inspiration. , 1.Always, Think, about, your, users (always from the customer’s point of view) title must be optimized must write a good title for views is undeniable, we must achieve just as in "look at you, never forget your face, the point is not considered white writing, although we all hate the title of the party, but it attracted customers simply cannot explain the ability to tough. So, for our kind of content, more can not be lost in the title. The following simple classification for everyone to look at the title kind and feel: conventional (2013 angel investment annual report (ten), digital entrepreneurs often fall into the trap), specific type (the biggest challenge facing Losangeles, 90 entrepreneurs entrepreneurship must know those things), type (bragging do this business for three years just ring the bell), question type (if there is enough money, you will surely succeed? (Ma Yun), while type three word of advice to Tsinghua graduates), irrational type (partner in love, investors withdraw "

SEO Tips for operation instructions — keyword optimization

whether it is in the station site structure adjustment, page optimization, or outside the station outside the link construction, it will involve a skill is the optimization of keywords. And this is exactly what we can do for our operators. SEO, English "Search Engine Optimization", Chinese translated as "search engine optimization"". We usually define it as: SEO refers to the base of natural ranking mechanism in the understanding of search engines, adjust and optimize the internal and external of the site, improve the site in the search engine keywords ranking, get more traffic, so as to achieve the goal of website marketing and brand building. in general, the optimization of SEO sites includes optimization both inside and outside the station. Among them, the station optimization refers to the webmaster can control all the site itself adjustment, such as web site structure, page HTML code. Outside optimization refers to the construction of external links and the participation and interaction of the industry. As the name suggests, these activities are not carried out on the website itself. And whether it is inside or outside the station optimization, the ultimate goal is to make more valuable pages are indexed and indexed by search engines. this is actually with our operators, I hope that our content has been seen by more people alike. Whether it is active operations or content operations, the more users touch, the greater the value it brings to our products. (generally speaking, because if the user does not match, even if the user base is large, and the conversion rate is too low, the number of the final effective users is also very small.) , and whether it is in the station site, structural adjustment, page optimization, or outside the station outside the construction of links, it will involve a skill is the optimization of keywords. And this is exactly what we can do for our operators. why do you want to optimize keyword ?The optimization object SEOer is not the professional website, they need to carry out the system of keyword research, so as to ensure the target keywords people search and reduce the difficulty of optimization, to find effective flow and realize the diversity of searching and discovering new keywords and a series of purpose. our operator’s keyword optimization, in general, will involve only one of our activities, copywriting, or articles, so we have only one aim to make more of our copywriting / articles available to more people. how to find keywords since say keyword optimization goal is to let more people see. Well, we’re looking for a keyword, one of the basic goals is: "search for this keyword’s user base is large enough."." the only way, when they search these words, our article is likely to be seen by them, click conversion. Otherwise, if we choose a keyword that does not bother to be optimized, then even in the search page of the keyword row >

Website analysis, the definition of Hacks, business objectives change into measurable activities

This article is an excerpt from the site analysis of T.Peterson Site master Eric "Web Measurement Hacks" – HACK#38 " Identify, Your, Business, Objectives" To achieve true business value, must first know what to measure and why to measure. analytics is fundamentally a question: "why do you need to have a website?"". Defining your business goals is actually the reason for your website’s existence. It’s important to decide what you’re going to do and what you’re going to give up. Defining a company’s business goals is not a complex thing. Usually when you ask what the company’s business goals are, you can understand exactly what they are. However, if you are still unsure what a business goal is, read the following in this Hack. every web site has a business target, if you have spent time to write some HTML files and other resources, and upload to the server, no matter how small, "or how small, you have been considering a goal to do these things. If you have a eBay store, blog, or any website, you can certainly identify some types of goals. your business goals are always the most basic thing. If you are an online retailer, your goal is to sell more goods and support existing customers; if you are in sales of software and services, your business goal is to create high quality customer interest and sales oriented. Table 1 lists a number of business models and their corresponding business objectives. Table 1 business objectives for common online business models transforms business goals into measurable activities, as you can see, the level of business objectives is very high. So these very theoretical things how to have real measurement site analysis value? This is very simple and practical! Each business goals are part of the binding activity, and then click through flow measurement and analysis of these activities. let’s take a closer look at what may be the most popular business target on the Internet: selling products. How do you sell goods on the Internet? Visitors open your website, find what they want, put them in a shopping cart, and finally pay to complete the transaction. Each individual activity (arrival, search, addition, and payment) is more obvious, even the most commonly used web analytics tools measure these activities. Break down the business objectives of more abstract "selling goods" into activities to show what needs to be measured, such as table 2. Table 2 defines activities and related indicators that "sell goods" as business objectives

Webmaster want to succeed must hold

I lived in Xi’an for 5 years, leaving in 2003 that year, there is a similar idea, but I was trying to do a second-hand university network, because every year the graduates, will handle a lot of things, but those things are not graduating students, even an old book there people buy, the price is much higher than the selling paper! And when I heard that some universities not to put in the school to sell, then want to do such a website that a year ago! The girlfriend graduated, they followed her to Hangzhou development, the idea is put aside for ! business is tough! I think that year, when Shaanxi Normal "new generation" big campus, even newspapers, did not come out, with a copywriter, run to get those postgraduate training class advertising, that a 600 yuan pull over, and from a sell BP agent pulled 95 yuan over there (said to be deducted 5 yuan money tax money). So personally think, do any business, does not want to profit, only hard in you have a good idea! "Later generation" campus newspaper and at the Polytechnic University, Shaanxi Normal University, Institute of Posts and telecommunications, and Institute, University of highway traffic free, has aroused strong repercussions, listening to friends say a Professor Shaanxi Normal University scholastic class with a political "new generation" campus as a case study! So, remember: people always pay attention to the interests of the business, you must find a good starting point, may bring benefits for them, it may have convinced them. Just like what I did this year, China’s rich project network, in the web pages, procedures and software are not fully developed circumstances, with only one mouth and a pile of data, spent 5 hours on the 100 thousand yuan of funds. Although the number is very small, but now I can make enough to live comfortably at ease development website! It is very important to me, ! webmaster of courage, but not enough to follow. Personally think, should first repair internal strength, lay a good foundation. If you do these things, website publicity is actually easy. As long as you think of a way to do something flashy, then it will naturally be speculation. But conversely, if you don’t do it yourself, even if you’re famous, what can you do? Just speed up death, ! besides, entrepreneurship is about day, place, place, person and country. It’s something I thought about in 2005. At that time by the newly published "new Zheng is a Alibaba: inspire the world is not difficult to do business", want to imitate Ma Yun’s credibility and integrity of China mode ring rich project network. At that time, my first job was successful and there was no problem in the economy. But then people and this one doesn’t work, a former girlfriend’s family seriously troubled me, two I in technology will only simple ASP changes, even the sentence "if… Then…" statement can not fully understand! Moreover, ex girlfriend technology […]

Zero based how I cheated from the site to the harvest

I am engaged in the iron and steel industry, the friends all know that 08 years of financial crisis, the steel industry is one of the most affected, falling prices and stock index are roughly the same, so the usual work is not very busy, just thinking about doing a website. has just started to be more interested in SEO, a hot head is to attend the training class, did not expect the second days money, throw garbage domain, not you, but I hate that angry ah, not to go to Jinhua to find him there, just think of, don’t believe the station is in. Later, also did not give up, ready to do what is on their own, because I was selling the high-pressure alloy pipe, to register a domain name, I did not expect that the domain name registration, finally registered a decent point of corn. with corn, I bought space, bought 300M, and began to read a lot of articles, every day to study A5, and then look at the ready to use that CMS background, ha ha, talking about the election of the background, it is really no effort. Just beginning to learn FooSun, had learned half family tutorial is not updated, do not know how to use, it is to rely on others novice tutorial, after that is 07 years, the template code ah ah, what will. Then go to the DEDE, see together, those code is more, installed in space, how can’t tune, tutorial also can not understand, and then run to move easy. Oh, pretty much easy tutorial, very suitable for beginners to learn, or from the most basic tutorial to teach, learn a week PowerEasy, backstage is skilled point, but the template will not get to spend money to buy it, and now is not very clear, bought it can not be used to say, then and learn how to use DW tutorial, learn together and half a bottle of vinegar, did not insist on down. Finally, use someone else’s template. learning for nearly 3 weeks, my station was basically completed, although some of the rubbish, but my heart like that ah, see people say, hey, buddy, I built a station, NB does not go, let you see. Ha ha, behind the promotion is not very tired, is to join some search landing entrance, go to the BBS post, go to Baidu. What reply?. All previous experts offer methods, slowly. Also promoted for several days, ha ha, I did not think in a very short time, Baidu, Google can be included, and had a site today. I rely on, actually collected a page, really happy tears, ah, after the joy of power again, I want to slowly send a post to find links, Baidu home date can be, ha ha. this is my 2 month old experience, smiled at it, don’t be too loud, the novice to see if you have help, help me with my station, Tianjin high-pressure alloy pipe sales […]

Ten tips for a surge in web sales

, as long as you are skilled in using the following ten small methods, you can easily make your business website sales surge, and bring good results. 1. Select stable high quality host space you in Baidu, Google to buy keywords, do a print advertising in the print media in a short period of time, many visitors to browse your site, but you choose a free hosting space, or simply can not afford your traffic. Your potential client has come and left without ordering. Why? Your web page simply doesn’t work. So you first need to select the host space that is high quality and can easily load your traffic. 2. Start an electronic magazine, you have to run an electronic magazine to get a list of potential customers so that customers don’t slip away from your website. Then you can regularly communicate with them, build relationships with friends, often find out what they need and help them with their problems. Help them find solutions and free gifts. Electronic magazine can be used for subsequent sales, and bring you continuous sales performance. 3. Clear buying method you will find the word "order" and the clear ordering method everywhere in the sales letter. Visitors need to lead and guide. Tell them how to buy, you need to help them, and lead them to the cashier. There are many ways to buy, some like remittances, others like to pay online, and some prefer cash on delivery. Are you listed? Please don’t lose any of your customers because you don’t know the preferences of most customers. 4. The reason now, you need to let your visitors buy now and pay now, not one day later, one week later, or one month later. So why do we have to buy now? You need to give a reason. To buy now, you will receive a free gift of 200 yuan, as long as you pay within 5 minutes. Do you offer gifts to your customers? Give them a reason and motivation to buy now. 5. The power of testimony, your sales letter will not sell, and your witness can. Your customers want to know what their customers have been using, whether they like your product or not. You need to list a lot of customer testimonials. The more you witness, the more authentic, and your sales will become easier, because witnesses can sell. 6. Bargaining system you like discounts when you go shopping. Even if you can’t, you will bargain with the merchants. Then your website will also try the bargaining system, and we will give you a better price for the potential customers who are still hesitating. Your customers like this, and they will like to buy your products at a better price than others. 7. Use in >

On the road in the local portal community operators placed in the webmaster front obstacle

for a rational webmaster, in the operation of any kind of site, must be fully analyzed, analysis of their own advantages, analysis of market prospects, analysis of profit model, etc.. for the webmaster, running a site outside the purpose is to profit, to make money, but we can also see that there are a large part of the webmaster in operation on the road to support, can not be profitable, even some sites only hastily closed. In these easily aborted site types, a large part of the site type is a local portal community, because the operation of local portal community seem simple, but in fact, in the local community portal operation on the road there are many obstacles. The author will talk about in the local portal community operators in the road stumbling block, the hope can help to operate local portal community owners more rational choice. : a stumbling block to the existing competitors too powerful to the author of the city of Quanzhou, Quanzhou is a small city, in the country belongs to second tier cities. The author analyzed the main city in the community portal forum, in search results ranking one or two is the domestic famous "small net" and "19 floor", although we know that as a webmaster to dare to accept the challenge, but in the face of such a strong opponent, if you just single-handed grassroots webmaster, and these a large team grab, tantamount to take the egg stone, the last is the futile. When our community portal is facing such a strong competitor, unless your resources (such as local government support, rich funds, etc.) can be better than rivals. Otherwise, I still recommend that you do not rashly to operation places such as the forum, the local portal market was somewhat limited, a little piece of cake "tiger" has been carved up, blindly doing so unrealistic, impulse will always make you turn around in the station on the road to calm your analysis the competitors, to find their own strengths and weaknesses, weaknesses is the road to success. two stumbling block: the profit pattern bottleneck at the same time, the author analyzes the profit models of the common local community forums, and finds that the main profit models of many community portals are focused on advertising, and the popular advertising positions of rental websites are the main means. A successful community portal is in the local will have high visibility, so many local businesses are willing to spend money on advertising, but the profit model is capacity bottlenecks can not be overcome, after all, the local willing to advertise on the Internet merchants on the platform Advertising Co., limited. In addition to advertising revenue, if you want to get more long-term development, you need to open up a new model? Like membership fees, investment products, such as the diversification of the local group purchase, profit model is all you need to expand, of course, will depend on the specific strength and local […]

Who is the lead of the miserable fate of abandoned prematurely senile Tencent micro-blog

work today to open WeChat see "Tencent micro-blog" to push my article, and these days the Internet overwhelming Tencent micro-blog team disbanded in addition to say goodbye "article, also think Tencent micro-blog" is a bit poor, it’s like rural boy girl does not love love is the same reason, boy in order to carry on the family name and a sense of security, a Tencent "micro-blog" is the same reason to increase their product line and competitiveness, it can be said that the "micro-blog Tencent" from the birth of the day is doomed miserable appearance and the fate of being abandoned. 1, timing and positioning error Tencent micro-blog was toward the peak in Sina micro-blog was born, when Sina micro-blog has certain user groups, user habits have been Sina micro-blog created, we are accustomed to using Sina micro-blog is not necessary to open the micro-blog Tencent like we use computer as we have been accustomed to using the desktop computer, now said to give me a laptop computer that is not that necessary, nor the temptation for notebook computer. 2, requirements, platform positioning error Tencent micro-blog in former Tencent have QQ space, the Tencent (friends just like campus community) 2 information platform, as was supposed to be a son now has 2 sons third sons can be said to be not essential, everyone will wonder why Tencent has hundreds of millions of users of micro-blog is a Tencent fire it up! This is not wrong because the Tencent Tencent micro-blog QQ space, Tencent friend network has to meet the user needs in Sina micro-blog function. For example, want to send a bad mood in the Sina micro-blog QQ text space and Tencent can meet the friends network, one thing to hear your suggestions can vote in Sina micro-blog, Sina micro-blog can now assume that the user does not have the voting function QQ space has been able to meet the user is not necessary to open the micro-blog Tencent. Users in the Sina micro-blog QQ demand function space, Tencent can meet the net friend, you think of the user as well as the need to open and use the Tencent micro-blog mody. 3, content source Tencent micro-blog content sources are basically come from other platforms such as Sina, micro-blog, QQ and other three space platform, coupled with the habits of users in the QQ space, if there is a network of friends Tencent opened Sina micro-blog published the thoughts and the passions of their own, to see the Tencent micro-blog see elsewhere the contents are not strong, the content of the original user does not love, like this site as the original degree is not strong the user does not love search engine is not love this site, so the site’s ranking is not good this is a voting mechanism, like Chinese love if there is a place with lots of people that people will gather more and more. 4, the community did not build a good Sina, micro-blog […]

The easiest thing for a novice to do is to ignore a station!

development of the Internet today, all gradually return to the rational, we are beginning to uncover various Internet around the head halo in thinking, doing personal website, beginning the first step is the key, who knows, if you start to go wrong, then even more backward, the more you do, will make more the error produces more regret. So what should you think about before you start a website? What do you do, ? 1, who do you want to earn, ? first you have to figure out, you are going to direct users who make money? Website or the client’s Internet users? Because from the beginning of " sharing; free; free " the spirit of the advertised, even today, Internet advertising model is still a classic pop. Tens of thousands of personal websites are almost like this. If this is the model, then you need to figure out which Internet users you serve. What are the structures of the Internet users at this level? What are the patterns of consumption? What are the common features? Are you sure you’ve made a clear distinction and understanding of them?. Don’t worry about how narrow the user group you define is to see the total amount. Now almost no project is invisible to others, we have to do, in addition to finding existing industry deficiencies, that is, subdivision and segmentation. For example, my present model, its target positioning is very clear, the crowd is also very narrow range, but you can see that the total amount of demand is so huge. This is the most basic, even if you do not know who can do, you will never know what others want, your services will be the basic does not exist may meet each other, even if 100-200 can run IP from Links, spam or Baidu to access every day, also cannot complete the transaction, these people come back to the probability is almost zero. The amount of access is naturally invalid. 2, needs to decide what to do in front of the assumption that you have aimed at a certain level of Internet users groups, then you give you the delineation of target groups of users to provide what kind of service? This service meets the users needs which aspect. A lack of purchasing power cannot be called a requirement. Even if you provide the service, the user you are targeting cannot complete a transaction with you. Then you have to know what you need to dig this stage, slightly needed, or just need to wait? Of course the demand determines the purchase, the purchase is not a pure sense of the purchase, may be coming to your website to provide free service to enjoy your. The more urgent you need, the easier your correspondence service will be. Of course you also need to review this is big enough, that is we often say that the cake, the cake is enough for you to eat, can not let you eat […]

Unconventional opportunities of the traditional model

since the beginning of the Internet, web site navigation had not disappeared, no matter is used as a fortune in this YAHOO, is now still persistent and the traditional mode and living flavorfully,, or Web2.0 will be used in the navigation and play fast good network ( The strong vitality of all highlight navigation mode. So where is the future of navigation? When we are obsessed with the innovation, a new mode to new tactics, but also to explore the life curve under the navigation mode will be how to go ! we first need to consider is the network development trends, segmentation, precision, specialization, these are the most recent keywords. One can imagine that the future of the Internet is customized user service oriented, who can provide users need, and do everything in good measure, who can lead the opponent. For navigation, vertical is represent the general trend, according to the different user groups, the evolution of the targeted site navigation in the future should be able to get great development opportunities, city site navigation, professional development, interest driven navigation website is this kind of idea. Secondly, we consider the demand characteristics of the user’s individual needs, we will be friends of the station first need to consider the issue, the user is never satisfied with the service, the pursuit of more personality, more in line with their needs is that they always expect. Accordingly, we can be sure that the content of the future web site, navigation form will not be determined by the webmaster, but by the user to choose, who can provide users with more choices, who can win more user support. finally, from the technical development trend analysis, AJAX, RSS, reseaux… Web2.0 technology is the content of modular, free assembly for users to achieve personalized customization. In order to gain new vitality, navigation must inject elements into it. Well, the web and the 800 web site community ( are the web sites built on the basis of this idea, take this opportunity to share my little point of view, and hope that all friends pointing out (out of 800 websites, communities reprinted famous contact QQ:191360929)

Sing Chen Hua how to build a phenomenal product with two hundred million users

Abstract: Chen Hua started his two venture in 2011, creating a social APP song, which has 260 million active users so far. In the face of this huge KTV and the rich potential of the one hundred billion market, the singing tune "Kingmv" does not meet.   till, big star… Many KTV have put up the shutters, even Wanda will not play ! traditional KTV to encounter "life and death rob" it? ! ha ha ha, don’t be afraid! "Kingmv" here! Teach you to use the traditional KTV mobile phone fun! who the hell is he, ? Chen Hua, founder of the university campus influential man, cool web search; from the Alibaba responsible person, today to sing CEO. Chen Hua started two startups in 2011, to create a social APP sing, this product has so far has 260 million active users, daily active users reached 6 million 500 thousand, ranking first in the mobile phone KTV industry. KTV in the face of this huge potential qianyiji market, the singing tune "Kingmv" does not meet, he used the Internet products thinking challenges traditional industries, create new ecological mobile Internet era KTV. a minute to understand Chen Hua said what? The biggest secret of ‘s product is to make users cool everything can be subverted, even if it doesn’t call "KTV" is not important. sing, enter KTV, is hoping to use some Internet product awareness, to gradually delve into the KTV, but also how to play?. We are going to need to find, can make users with more comfortable, more convenient point. each product has its own air outlet, every product, it has a problem of time phase. I used to be a search engine, and in 2011 I felt that maybe this time had passed. , we’re going to think about what opportunities we can do today on the mobile Internet and even on the internet. Well, singing is just one way to get a chance. young users are the most flamboyant groups, singing is a natural necessity. When we solved this demand on mobile phones, many users came in. , in fact, a young user base is one of the most flamboyant and favorite crowds. Sing it, be a young man, show off and get a platform for fans to respect the crowd. the more people copy me, the more I’m right, as I did when I was singing, so many people copied and sang, and I thought it was pretty good. they’re in the process of copying

Network security how to quickly clear the mail virus

in today’s virus everywhere, network security more and more attention by enterprises. And the prevention of virus invasion is a shortcut to improve the security of enterprise networks. According to the survey data, nearly 80% of the enterprise’s network security incidents are caused by viruses, and nearly 50% of the virus is transmitted by mail as a carrier, which shows the harm of the mail virus. related experts pointed out that when e-mail has gradually become the main mode of communication of enterprise daily office, the virus began to surround the shadow around the email, many companies suffered harm mail virus. Especially for companies that often need to send and receive e-mail, they are most worried about e-mail security issues. as a corporate network, how can we prevent the erosion mail virus, creating a secure application environment for daily office business? Consider a network management level, not only these problems. If the enterprise staff accidentally opened the virus mail, and found it too late, what should the network management do? This is the key moment to test the level. I think most of the network management must think of the first time with anti-virus software killing. Of course, with the virus will kill, this idea is understandable, the treatment is also the most simple. But you may ignore several very important steps. In this regard, the Chinese Connaught net security experts here to teach you safe and fast way to remove virus mail. first: disconnect the network quickly. When you find the unfortunate virus after the invasion, one thing is to make a prompt decision to disconnect your Internet connection, to avoid further spread of the virus. second: backup files in time. When you do the first step to disconnect the network, then you want to delete the virus with the mail, and then run antivirus software to clear. However, in order to prevent the manslaughter antivirus software is deleted or you haven’t dealt with important documents and mail, Chinese Nobel network ( security experts suggest that the best first important documents and information transfer to other mobile backup storage disk, such as USB disk, mobile hard disk, CD, try not to use the local hard disk, in order to ensure the security of data. However, remind you not to quit Windows first, because the virus may not enter the Windows once it is attacked. if you make a GHOST backup at ordinary times and use the image file to restore the system, even potential Trojan programs are removed. Of course, this requires your GHOST backup to be secure and free of viruses. third: with antivirus software. When you’re ready for the front, you should turn off the computer, start the machine, and then boot the system with a clean DOS boot disk. In addition, after poisoning, Windows has been destroyed, some of the key documents will be frequently illegal operation, so the antivirus software under Windows may not run, so you should prepare a >

The growth process of a campus website

wrote three years after I graduated from college, based on recent questions that have been asked by classmates, friends and investors alike. Write it here today, and share it with all of us. had to start with 2004 December, thanks to me, a student of the Music Association, who gave me the inspiration. The Music Association often undertakes some campus song friend, he asked me whether there is for college students in Guizhou website, want to publish some song friend information on the Internet, because they each activity to the university to posters, the cost is very high, the effect is not how. (I work in school, had to learn is the kind of construction, often in the Internet industry in the mix, in the original backward Guizhou Internet field is a minor celebrity, because they already do a Guizhou IT website, she also received some business website to do earn living expenses) as he said, mind: if a website is not seen in Guizhou for college students, to help students find out the resources, I began to search for "3721 Guizhou campus", "Guizhou University", "students in Guizhou", "Guizhou University" (the original 3721 very good), no one the record on the left, there are some university home right, and then to GOOGLE search, no, there is no Baidu, so I was surprised: This is why college students? Such a large and concentrated population, people don’t think he has the commercial value of ? with surprise and joy, the "books" hold to the bed (from the countryside to the poor I had to own the outside to earn extra money to support myself, now is to give Guizhou some enterprise web site design to make some money, then do the IT website is a local portal, business owners to find their own. The offer is good, a corporate website can make a 3000-5000, so he spent 9600 yuan to buy a Compaq in 2100, the first year of work in the office was stolen, but Y!), look at these keywords, I think: I can do a campus website yourself! Then look at the campus website ChinaREN do better, China student network, after pondering, decided to make a Guizhou campus portal. So to the business China query domain (mainly because of business China domain support pan analysis), later found a very suitable for students of the domain name, is for the students, determine the site name call Guizhou campus network. Then began the overtime work, stay up late and absenteeism, two days of the interface design with PowerEasy system into a website, in the Internet to find some related articles posted up, then I find the Music Association of students, he said Guizhou is currently no one for college students do a website, I hope they support. , two weeks later, Hang Tianqi is coming. This time they are promoting posters and adding a network of media support. That’s my website

The development and profit model of regional talent networks

With the establishment of model, more and more factories of the company growing, enterprises continue to improve, the demand for talent is constantly updated, talent network provides a virtual job platform for all applicants, so all kinds of talent network came into being, until now, there have been tens of thousands of people net. recruitment for students. No longer strange, NACE talent network also become an independent school, it was almost a monopoly, but the local portal station can not be ignored, it can be said that the recruitment or Najie is advertising to do good, the good promotion only, at the surface, only to find a job for a my ideal candidates, some at a loss, after all, they are too big, not specific, like looking for something in a big room, if you just want to find a small toy box you want to find it, how will you go? Where to go? This one can not be ignored is the search function, of course, this is a very good thing, so now the search has a very good user experience, they can according to what you want to step by step to find What you are looking for. But for local applicants, they are not suitable, because the ability is limited, besides, your city will not go to their job information, therefore, talent portal like bamboo shoots after a spring rain is local, to improve this vulnerability. Daye talent network is the city of Daye talent portal, you might ask: "where is Daye ah? Oh, maybe is your hometown and Daye as a county-level city, belonging to the class of three or four, the total population of around 1 million. Why do I have to take this as a problem? For a reason, let me explain it in more detail. 1, big city competition pressure, talent more, if you do a talent network, easily, inevitably mixed. Before listening to a classmate said, they made a talent network in Kunming, but because of a few months after the collapse of a variety of reasons (also seems to be not closed), one is the need to update information, the source of funds is two, any one industry, eventually to profit for the purpose of. I think everyone knew. 2, small and medium-sized city’s limited resources, strength is limited, not so much money to those big online talent recruitment information, of course, to have the strength of outsiders is not willing to go to you there, leaving the door for the profit here talent network, it will leave the area of talent my happy. 3, for small cities, the amount of information is not so large, easy to control the scope and grasp the direction, so as not to appear large and empty, empty and incomplete phenomenon, leaving more room for thinking. 4, candidates can quickly find what they want to find information, enterprises can also free or low-cost recruitment of information, so that two good things to kill two […]

The impact of accurate user positioning on the site

user positioning has been the core of the SNS community, because the profit model is supported by the user, there is no precise, high-quality, easy to use user groups, profit model is a fart. A new website: my home for a long time, it’s doing well in this area, it is worth talking about. UI is very good, you see, I do not need to say more. 1 opens up a new user aggregation model, my long target user base is home networking. Why emphasize family, because the website is aggregated with family as user. After registration, the first step is to select or create your own family. This approach is commendable: the general community is divided into types of target user groups, such as white-collar workers, women, petty bourgeoisie…… , the only advantage of doing this is to imagine users enough for many, rely on after the operation, and the definition of research for users is difficult, it is common All the world knows. personality but can not grasp. So, this division is basically not reliable. My family for a long time as a unit, very clearly locked the user groups, this lock for the operation after the great convenience. Secondly, the family as a unit, you can service landing, and you can achieve accurate orientation. Finally, this aggregation model increased the reality of SNS, although all communities in the real name system, and emphasizes the authenticity of acquaintances, in fact, due to the virtual characteristics of the Internet and the community itself the authenticity of the rules of the game, basically just a slogan. And my family for a long time is not the same, the family of users between the natural aggregation and belonging, the user interaction is also very subtle: This is the same family ah, homesick, and parents exchange. This feeling, even the usual pleasure, can not be done. Therefore, the interaction between users will be very specific, such as specialty, clothes, genealogy, nagging and are very easy to use, in fact, in my long current popularity is still not the busy time, these pieces of interaction is full. two raises the profitability of the SNS community, As said earlier, my long user aggregation model is appropriate for accurate service points. It is easy to understand, each family from the most simple advertising model, and the surrounding community, there must be a lot of businesses, from restaurants to the clothing store from a convenience store to KTV, all the time in the attention of his family’s every act and every move. Let these businesses put on advertising, temptation must be high scores, the media high. As a matter of fact, I am also sorry for the school. Why didn’t he do it, ? in addition to advertising, my family can also be aggregated for a long time, to provide discount services for members. There’s a lot of room for profit. Seemingly Fantong and rely on this to make money, by contrast, the advantage of […]

Website promotion, the long road and long (four)

  After ‘s hard work, the site was finally ready. But it has to be promoted and promoted so that more people will know and visit it. I often hear that "it is difficult to do a website and to promote it more difficult", and now I have a profound experience. Rich rich, can spend money to buy advertising, extensive publicity, but our webmaster, how to publicity and promotion of their own site? We don’t have so much money to advertise, can only go in his circle of friends, relatives and friends, QQ group publicity around the others. Sometimes by other people K, be scolded, these we do not care, just want to let others know that he has a web site, I hope he can go to see, visit, he was satisfied… … ! after this website completes, specially applied for a independent domain name space. And it is named after "bookworm studio", without him, because it is also interested in literature and especially in the beginning of the New Year! Well and uploaded to the space. After that is to major search engines and login web site to log in and submit your website. Hope to be included as soon as possible by the major search engines. to be honest, because he is purely a rookie, do not know how to set up and optimize their own websites, like those what set keywords ah, how to optimize your page ah what I was utterly ignorant of. I don’t understand what SEO means, let alone do something about it. Also do not know how to exchange connections with others; to tell you the truth, because of their dishes, but also by chance to learn and leave to this network circle. Don’t say, do not know how to add and exchange links; just know, because do not know other people, but also not familiar with this circle of people. Not many people would like to exchange with me. Not to mention I am a rookie in the rookie, who will look at the ah, you say yes! Is now only a few or later with it; and because sometimes read some articles on the Internet, there are some junk connection, expose what connection connected harmful mills, their more is to be beyond the means of the. So simply. Simply appear in your own right. "I am clean and natural," I said. "What did I do?". I am me, so my website has not done any optimization and change, (of course, because I won’t) fortunately, I submitted second days website, YAHOO search engine began to collect my website and the relevant pages, on the fifth day, the search "bookworm studio" directly in YAHOO search, already appeared in search results first. In the past has been heard that as YAHOO is collected by the manual editor, so the conditions of the collection is very high, the choice is very strict, and so on; did not expect this included so smoothly. I think […]

No websites are garbage stations

what’s a garbage station? No websites are garbage stations! There are no garbage stations on the site. As long as it’s a website, it’s not a dumpster. Who is the site of the provisions of the garbage station and not garbage station points? You stand is not from what you say when the garbage station. you start with a good connection with a station. People think your station is what you call garbage station, and do not connect with you. But your website is doing, and when there are hundreds of thousands of IP every day, do you still call it garbage station? Like many special software station. How much traffic does he have at the beginning of the station? It’s not done slowly He used to be a garbage dump. Is it a garbage dump now? No station is a garbage dump. You often stand at the Admin5 station every day, and say, "one of the garbage stations, the right one dumpster.". People’s Web site in the end how much garbage is the web page design chaos? Or web pages without design? Or is it blank? Or something? What right do you have to say that someone’s website is a dumpster?. Do China’s famous websites, you also say that people’s Web site is a garbage station? My literary grace is not very good. That’s all. No write. Large qi!!!!