The work of College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training

in the perfect policy, entrepreneurial welfare is more and more awesome business services is absolutely not to be missed. Yesterday, the Provincial Department of Education issued a notice in 2016 to declare the work of Provincial College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training project started this year, set up 1170 provincial projects, and the selection of the 400 or so recommended as the national project. Specific how to declare, Xiaobian to answer for you.

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How to make money What projects are suitable for early start

at present, there are a lot of people to choose the business, entrepreneurship can make us think of the first is not so simple, large investment, then there is no suitable for the early start of the project? Weak, but not to venture, as long as the market saw, selection of projects, as well as making money for their own business! What to do, not good for small, you can choose some small projects to do! Today Xiaobian prepared 10 petty gold industry project, I believe you will love


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Shijiazhuang garlic you relentless comeback 9 yuan per catty

garlic is indispensable in people’s daily life seasoning, cooking time, so the market demand has been great. Since this time, due to the reduction in supply and other factors such as the impact of human speculation, since May this year, since the new garlic market, garlic prices have been rising. Recently, Shijiazhuang garlic prices are soaring, up to 9 yuan a catty.

in Shijiazhuang coal street street food market, carrying a bunch of garlic, the public Liu told reporters that the first half of the retail price of garlic less than 5 yuan per kilogram, but now quickly break through the $9. "But for ordinary consumers, because the demand is limited, so the impact is not large, expensive, we will eat less." read more

How to carry out simple marketing management

now people pay more and more attention to management, any one industry attaches great importance to management. However, the "management" is simple, very complex to carry out. A lot of people because of the "management" to understand the complex, leading to difficult to carry out the work. In fact, marketing management can also be carried out very simple. So, how to carry out marketing management simple?

general to human activities is simple and complex, some people love the simple complicated, in order to show their skills, some people love to make the complex simple, marketing management, a lot of people are trapped in the quagmire inside the complex, dead beat heart gaunt. In addition to some people deliberately want simple things complicated, I believe that many people are willing to love simple, simple, marketing management is a complex project in the works of masters in marketing management for books is an immense number of books, the author is a simple love, also believe that the power of simplicity. I interpret my understanding of marketing management as follows: read more

Shop should pay attention to what issues

now is a universal social network era, and the online shopping population is also increasing, more and more people started the operation of the shop, then, in the whole course of the operation of the shop, should pay attention to what?

with online shopping boom strong incoming, nowadays, more and more people are keen on shopping on the Internet, and the Internet to engage in sales organizations or institutions are also more and more. With such a boom, this is a very important channel for people to profit, and a trend is the future trend of the development of electronic commerce, it is so, then how to run a small shop? Find a couple of steps for friends, see together. read more

How to set up shop renovation of the province

has a shop, if you want to create a better consumer environment, to attract more consumers, naturally also need to work through the decoration. However, the decoration work how to do, in fact, and the cost also has a very big relationship. If we want to lower the cost of venture capital investment, the cost of renovation also needs to be more natural. But for countless entrepreneurs, shop decoration how the province is a problem. So, how to set up shop renovation of the province? Let Xiaobian to you. read more

Turkey stanbul explosion has caused 10 deaths confirmed as S

Turkey, Istanbul, 12 local time explosion, as of now has resulted in 10 dead and 15 injured. Turkey’s prime minister says the attack has been confirmed by ISIS.

"I condemn the terrorist attacks in Istanbul. The attack was carried out by a suicide bomber from Syria." Turkey’s president, El, 12, the day of the incident occurred in the center of the city of Istanbul indignation. According to Reuters, 12, Istanbul, central Ahmad square, Sultan, a sudden explosion, killing at least 10 people were killed and 15 injured. Soil total Lidawute Oulu 12 confirmed the attack by the Islamic state (IS) for. read more

Jianggan District enlarge recruit the maximum subsidy 15 million

21 century is the most popular natural talent, where to go is the talent of the world. To promote innovation and entrepreneurship is the need for talent, in order to attract more talent, Jianggan District really spell out, please be able to enter the company, the government gives you a maximum of 800 thousand one-time funding, such a good thing will happen in Jianggan District.

2011 years to 2015, Jianggan District has implemented a hundred people plan, grants 100 projects, with the technology at home and abroad high-level entrepreneurial innovation team and individuals. After the implementation of many enterprises to help tide over the difficulties, such as to get involved in mobile remote and referral medical Zhuojian technology, once wages are not sent out, got the "Hundred Talents Program" subsidies to survive, in June last year, the company has obtained 150 million yuan investment in Tencent. read more

Energy saving equipment stores good prospects to improve the performance of the way

now society, because the whole environment deterioration, environmental protection and energy saving and emission reduction has been put on the agenda, at the same time, is now ready to invest in a franchise of energy-saving equipment, but also by the market support, have good market prospects.

advocate on the occasion of the national energy-saving emission reduction, energy saving and environmental protection equipment demand increasing, energy saving and environmental protection industry choice is a wise choice. However, investors are people at the same time, energy saving and environmental protection equipment market competition will be gradually increased, and energy saving equipment franchisee to adapt to market competition, improve energy-saving equipment franchise sales. read more

KUKE Si Hamburg make money

joined the venture to choose and choose, hesitant to decide, the main thing is to worry about the project in the end do not make money. KUKE, Hamburg is the first choice of many franchisees, because it can allow the franchisee to make easy money, you make money Cheng worry.

service features prominent. KUKE, Hamburg is facing the 16-40 year old consumers, in such a competitive market, to enter the market to Western-style food exquisite, personalized, diversified services, products form standardization, quality standardization, variety innovation, after the launch has been widely welcomed. read more

nternet + e-commerce brings new opportunities for entrepreneurs wealth

at present, the country holds a positive attitude to the development of the electricity supplier, preferential policies are put forward, to cultivate new economic power, the development of electronic commerce and service industry is an important content of "Internet + action", at the same time to the innovation of government management and services, and actively support the development of electronic commerce, the wrecker stage, to regulate and guide in the process of development. Government departments pointed out that e-commerce has greatly reduced the cost of circulation, led to the development of the real economy, greatly promoted employment, to stimulate the vitality of China’s economy can not be". read more

Four tips for novice a good local specialty stores all over the

now set up shop so many investors, the real experience is very few, most of them are new. For these newcomers, if you want to successy open a shop, naturally need to master a certain secret. So, what are the secrets of a good local specialty store? Let Xiaobian introduce four tricks.

as the saying goes, "money is not everything, but no money is absolutely impossible," who would be too much money. The way to make money, in the public innovation, people’s business, the call of a lot of people choose entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is also a convenient way to do is join stores, so there is a mature brand, mature audience groups, as well as management model. But for the first time entrepreneurs need to learn a lot of places. Today, we from the local specialty stores as an example to learn how to open a good shop. read more