High quality user experience to build the station optimization

many websites because of many aspects, and in the category of capacity and more, but not through the catalogue and navigation to achieve reasonable layout, the website has a huge amount of information, but because of the unreasonable classification directory is this advantage into a disadvantage: the website information structure is too disorder caused resentment […]

Network product pricing strategyAli invested HK $1 billion to help young entrepreneurs in Hongkong o

Ali invested HK $1 billion to help Hongkong youth entrepreneurship, providing 200 internship opportunities each year ‘s Alibaba group. We hope to provide a rare opportunity for young people in Hongkong to develop their careers and promote exchanges between the two countries." Zhou Xiaobai in addition, the fund will select 200 outstanding graduates from universities […]

Public Memorandum four kinds of vegetables in Xining, from 3 to 5 direct subsidy limit

reporter learned from Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, March 3rd to 5 (January thirteen to January fifteen), the Xining municipal government will continue to pepper, cucumber, garlic, chives, four kinds of vegetables, the implementation of the subsidy limit, ensuring adequate food supply during the holiday season, mainly fine stable prices, benefit the people, meet the […]

The province’s first special community rehabilitation

In October 15th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Institute of drug rehabilitation community Kangfu special opening ceremony learned, combined with our province community rehabilitation work, make full use of the drug rehabilitation resources in our province, the first drug rehabilitation community set up in special drug rehabilitation. It is understood that the establishment of […]