Nanjing mobile office into a low-cost entrepreneurial trend

need to pay attention to in the course of business in today’s entrepreneurs which is to improve the business efficiency, reduce the cost of social entrepreneurship, so that the majority of entrepreneurs to obtain entrepreneurial success, promote public entrepreneurship. in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" boom, mobile office, is becoming the new magic entrepreneurs". Lu Guangmin in […]

The work of College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training

in the perfect policy, entrepreneurial welfare is more and more awesome business services is absolutely not to be missed. Yesterday, the Provincial Department of Education issued a notice in 2016 to declare the work of Provincial College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training project started this year, set up 1170 provincial projects, and the selection of […]

The city urban management department to further strengthen the Huangshui River Valley of Xining envi

with the summer flood season, in order to further beautify the city environment, open the drainage channel, according to the unified arrangement of the municipal government, Xining city administration combined with the current characteristics, to further increase the comprehensive management of environmental sanitation section of Huangshui River in Hexi ning. is to further strengthen the […]

The West District of Xining city for the elderly health escorting

this year, the city of Xining with the help of community health service center this platform, by the district finance contribution of more than 800 yuan to carry out the elderly, migrant children with disabilities free health examination activities. recently, West District Xiguan community health service center, tiger Taiwan community health service centers are often […]