Tmall Taobao home appliances Sakura fully repaying Ali said its product is fake


Taobao appliance Sakura fully repaying Ali said its products fake

[TechWeb] reported on April 3rd news, Ali announced Sakura repaying all the "wonderflower" brand merchandise in all Tmall Taobao platform, and to provide relevant information to the law enforcement departments in carrying out the line of precision strike. At the same time to remind the majority of consumers, this inferior brand products are still selling in other electronic business platform, must be carefully screened when buying, to prevent deception. read more

Jingdong 2014 ideal fullness

Meng Mei / Wen

at the Columbia University in the United States for 4 months "Liu" was, and was interviewed by the media, this is the year of Liu Qiangdong’s second appearance in front of the media, the first time is at the Jingdong POP platform conference, at that time, Liu also just came back from the United States, his first reaction is black media the thin, to see the same. According to Liu himself, lost 36.

see the reporter’s first sentence, Liu said: "we are the first three quarters of the whole to achieve a profit, no loss." Heartfelt happy, everyone can see. For Jingdong, this is the first time to stand up straight. read more

How do you plan a website

Please get your pen and paper ready!


1. advertising for their own businessSales of />2.

3. to establish a public service

4. for a kind of idea, idea, cause to do propaganda

5. to make their business to the world


1. is very small, there is a site on the line

2. start from the smallest scale, and then gradually develop

3. is quite complex

4. extremely large and complex


1. business professionals

2. female

3. male

4. teen

5. children

6. students

7. all the people? )

8. other


1. content oriented, professional design, careful

2. visual design trendy, login speed

3. with a large number of graphics and animation, ignoring the login speed

4. focuses on visual design, but also quickly

5. login speed is the most important


1. search engine

2. paid advertising

3. news

4. directional email

5. free ad

6. free consulting service

7. links

8. classified ads

9. header advertising

10. card


12. direct mail

13. other


read more

Shoes Tianya the development of e-commerce from CCTV news

with the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years, creating a platform like Taobao online shopping, more and more people join the ranks of online shopping. CCTV news channel in recent years often see the online shopping and Taobao’s figure, the shoes for different periods of news reports about their own views.

a few months ago, because of the financial crisis of the unemployment rate increases, the employment pressure is unprecedented, especially at the time of CCTV News reported on, about how Taobao shop, XX university how many students get employed by Taobao, day registrations exceeded how much, how much is the volume of transactions, etc. similar stories can be seen from here, Taobao in solving the employment above indeed played a major role, a computer to a network to solve equipment problems, this means online shopping this new social behavior has been accepted by the society, with the addition of more 80 after 90, e-commerce will be more and more influence. read more

Ali integrated Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan platform

text / Zhang fifteen

March 6th, Alibaba group’s China retail platform (Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan) unified planning and management.

Taobao President Zhang Jianfeng (line epilepsy) will serve as China’s retail platform (Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan) responsible person, to Ali group COO Zhang Yong (Xiaoyao) report. This will strengthen the resource integration and unified planning between the various platforms, and to strengthen and protect the organizational form, do deep do new "Taobao, Tmall, universal quality Juhuasuan activity". Alibaba group will as in the past to provide consumers with the best shopping experience and shopping options for businesses to provide more fair and effective dynamic operating environment, continue to lead the social trends and the development of the industry to promote consumption. read more

Cheaper to buy online shopping network dedicated contribution quality shrink is serious

Metropolis Daily News reporter Xie Ling Chen Jun

discount attractive electricity supplier big promotion, often let the online shopping family heart, and if you can buy at the same price and the same store goods are more exciting. However, many people found at the brand to start, it is a "network for money", the price is low, compared to the quality and the store has shrunk.

it is understood that the difference between online and offline delivery phenomenon is very common, in order to avoid the two sales channels to fight, many manufacturers are producing for the business channel "for money". read more

LV landed WeChat selling luxury 500 million users are hungry

WeChat users has reached 500 million, because the heat is not reduced, advertising, public number, micro business also grew up, it is not just a social software.

according to foreign media reports, LV, Gucci, Burberry and other traditional luxury brands have begun to use WeChat and 500 million hungry users to establish a deep connection.

of course, because of the addition of payment functions, orders, purchase, transfer, etc. is very convenient, the official has been improving and strengthening account functionality, and even recently also on-line mobile terminal. read more

Taobao global buyers purchase let buy a diamond shop also live in spring

yesterday (August 28th) news, Taobao global purchase jointly launched Taobao live 24h global scene activities. According to reports, the event has more than 500 global buyers to buy live around the world, attracting tens of thousands of online audience onlookers.

According to

billion state power network understanding, global purchasing hands will broadcast the entire process to buy goods, but also according to the user’s messages, ask the counter clerk related issues. The user clicks on the left picture studio or the lower left corner of the "baby", can jump directly to the purchase page, also can click to buy live pictures of the bottom right corner of the page to return to the studio. read more

Millet in the Jingdong, a compromise can restore the decline

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen on micro-blog with two "we" announced the affair, and quickly in the entertainment and social network caused a sensation. In a large number of Fan Ye and Li Chen relationship marketing occasion, millet and Jingdong also took the opportunity to love exposure.

two years ago, millet settled in Tmall, the Jingdong will spread online suppress millet said, the reason is only millet to adhere to their own channels, and the Jingdong is proprietary to 3C product attitude, but also because of this millet yet settled Jingdong. Today, the marriage of millet and Jingdong, Jingdong still uses a proprietary mode of operation, then why millet compromise and why Jingdong? read more

How to carry out marketing effectively

recently went to the most talked about whether or e-commerce, may contact are inside this circle of people, many CEOs are always complaining about the website’s conversion rate is too low, spend the cost to do advertising, to do brand marketing, but the conversion rate is not high, and the site out of the same high rate. So, for any sales oriented enterprises, whether it is traditional enterprises or e-commerce companies, is not a good thing, improve the success rate of sales are common goals. We may take the mobile phone is not the same, including customer service or sales ability and so on, this part of discussion is too complex, from a point of view, is that the target user group, the user’s point of view, analysis of how to improve the conversion rate of users, how to lock the user, select the target user groups for effective marketing. In order to improve the conversion rate. Here, the first reference iResearch web survey report: read more