Marcelino: “Luis Suarez was our Xavi, Lapetra was Iniesta”

first_img“I was able to sign for Real Madrid, but I won twice as much as Di Stefano. They should have given me five million pesetas back then ”Marcellin JESUS ​​RUBIO (DAILY AS) -In football you play for the public, your audience, not for one person. I didn’t know when he got to the box, nor did I care. I was worried about the opponent in front of me. There were people who wanted to give more political importance to that party than the protagonists actually gave it. It only had sport importance. I stood out in that game and went to the locker room without turning around or picking up the Cup. If it were otherwise there could be punishments, which might be. I think I never went to the National Team because of my attitude. Come on, they stopped taking me.-There were reprisals against you.-But not for that game, there were several things, because I complained about the Cup finals that I had, we always had to play away from home. Even when we faced Barcelona we had to go there. I had to face myself when I saw things that I didn’t think were fair and I paid some consequences. JESUS ​​RUBIO (DAILY AS) JESUS ​​RUBIO (DAILY AS) -Your friend Luis had to arrive to return to the path of triumph. Before Euro 2008 you ventured that if Spain won that title it would chain a few years of titles and successes. Why was he so convinced?-I said it because I saw it coming. That team from Luis was hungry to win. I remember that the team of 64 met with them before the European Championship. I had to be at the table with Villa and Torres and they looked at us with admiration. I told them that they had a team as big as ours, but that they had a defect that had to be removed. When they reached the quarterfinals and faced technically very good people they thought they were superior to them and suffered. When that happened to me, I thought that if I suffered, they were dead, broken. The defect of the selection was that it had idealized a series of teams. They thought they were superior. When we deal with you, we beat them. We had complex. I told them that as soon as they thought that these rivals could be won, they would win them and so it was. We had an impressive team and the advantage of having Luis Aragonés who was a winner, as he was already as a player.-You only played 14 games with the national team.-Yes. Then three games were played a year, but they were worth many now. It was eight years. – The players felt used politically with the triumph of the Eurocopa?-Do not. But I talk about me, not about the selection as such. I felt that there was a current in the Government in favor of Real Madrid and Barcelona. With a lot of nerve. I don’t have any picture with the cup after the game. I finished and went to the locker room. And the reason was because of what I had before that happened with Zaragoza. I was not comfortable in the National Team. I play with Di Stéfano and Gento the qualifying phase for the World Cup in Chile. My first match is against Morocco at the Bernabéu. They take Puskas out of the team, with everything it was, and they get me. I score a goal and I was considered the best of 22. It turns out that a month before I qualified for Spain for the World Cup in Chile and then they didn’t take me saying that I was very young and could scare me, when I was the flag bearer of Zaragoza. That bothered me a lot. I was going to defend Spain but I was not happy with how the team was taking. At that time the Secretary General of Sports was a politician and the Spanish Government tended to take players from Madrid, Barcelona, ​​and Athletic. Because they lived in Madrid and they feared Barcelona … That’s why I went to the locker room, I never stayed to pick up the trophy or go around the field. Not in the Cup finals, either. It was my way of claiming that all athletes had to be treated with the same equity.– And then at night how was the most intimate celebration of the title?-I spent two or three hours with an interpreter talking to Yashin. A very nice guy. For me the two best goalkeepers in history were always Yashin and Iribar, which we had. The two teams had dinner at the Palace hotel in Madrid and after dinner I went with Luis Aragones who was a friend of mine who had played that qualifying phase and with Carlos Lapetra.-And the next day reception in El Pardo with Franco …-Yes. I did not go with the team. I went with Rivilla in her Mercedes and we arrived a little late. (Serie). Just for the picture. We had to wait a lot, there was a paraphernalia … and with the car we arrived direct. “I had to retire with 29 years, they sewed me with kicks. One day Gallego, who marked me, followed me to my dressing room and went into the bathroom with me. ”Marcellin “In those days I was the best top scorer in the world, but I was not a forward to use, I also liked to create game.”Marcellin -Why do you think the great head auctioneer has been lost?-Because it is like that and also for a long time. There is not a Marcellin. In my time it was said that I was the best auctioneer in the world. Jackie Charlton, against whom I played with Zaragoza, said after the game that a 1.72 footballer had never won over the actions. He told me it looked like he had springs on his legs. He took half body jumping and he was 1.98.-Were the injuries removed with 29 years?-Yes. I could not anymore. When you are the scorer of a team of which you are forty percent, all the clubs are for you. I was the one who scored the goals. All the games put me an uncle for myself. They kicked me a lot. They followed me to the changing rooms. As it is. “When the game ended I went to the locker room, I did not go around the field, nor did I pick up the Cup, nor do I have any photos. The next day I arrived late to the reception of El Pardo. “Marcellin “In some moments I was not comfortable. There were people who wanted to give more importance to the victory before the USSR and only had sport significance.Marcellin -How?-How do I tell him. Not only were the 90 minutes attached to me but one day Paco Gallego, from Barcelona, ​​was so obsessed with me that at the end of the first half, we climbed the stairs of the changing rooms, to the right was mine. I went in, I went to the bathroom and there I find him by my side. He hadn’t noticed and there I was pissing and he was next. I told him what he was doing there. A scare was hit and it was thrown.-We enter into matter. Your goal, the title of Eurocopa 64. Imagine that you are Matías Prats and you have to narrate your own so much.-Everything started in a corner against us. Rivilla cleared head and the ball came to me that had come down to defend. I gave it back to Revilla who went for the band and gave it to Pereda. At the moment I touch the ball at the beginning of the play I forget everything and go to the opposite area looking for the center forward position. The play went by the band, Pereda made a break as he was going to get inside and went out. I was already at the penalty spot waiting for the center, when I arrived I threw myself towards the ball and came a little behind. I threw the body back, I found the ball in front and hit, as I liked, just towards the goal line, the goal line. It was a dry blow. Yashin didn’t have time to throw himself.-And what was as historic as his goal was that for years it was thought that the center had been of Amancio and not of Pereda because of the assembly of the television images. Why did none of the three ever say anything, to undo the mess?– I had always commented that the center had been Pereda. JESUS ​​RUBIO (DAILY AS) JESUS ​​RUBIO (DAILY AS) This was his mythical goalA center of Pereda arrived from the right (usually a trick image is seen in which Amancio centers, because the node, which did not have the play, mounted it with that trick), at half height. Marcelino bent down, turned his torso and neck and percussed the ball, from about twelve meters, to the strain of Yashin’s left stick, which didn’t even move. “The team was so long without winning because it had complex against certain rivals. When he lost it with Luis, he won everything. It was a great team. ”Marcellincenter_img JESUS ​​RUBIO (DAILY AS) -Your beginnings were on the beach …-Yes. What we did all those kids in Ares is to play beach four or five hours after leaving school. The advantage of playing on the beach is that being soft and hard sand, the physical conditions you get are bestial. From the beach I went to Racing del Ferrol in Segunda. I played some games in the Galicia of Mugardos, but Racing already knew me from the beach and had me seen to sign. I studied at the seminar and I quit. My mother got a huge dislike because I wanted her to be a priest. I didn’t want him to play football. I played as an amateur and started studying industrial engineer. In Ferrol I was a short year.-The chronicles of the time say that his best weapon, in addition to the head shot, was speed.-Yes, in Zaragoza I played the first year as a right winger. In ten meters Gento and I would be on par in terms of speed, but in 40 meters mine was higher. I held up to 60 meters at maximum. In 100 meters it was a little less than 11 seconds … in the classic tennis shoes. He jumped head over three meters and peak.-Let’s talk about his head shot, his great specialty, which allowed him to score that goal that is a sublime part of the history of Spanish football.-The head game is very difficult and almost extinct. The two great auctioneers I noticed and were my teachers were Zarra and César, who was later my coach at Zaragoza. They were the best in the world and then, it’s me. After me I don’t think anyone will reach my height.-What is the secret of the head shot?-I think you are born with that gift. It helped me a lot to play on the beach barefoot. We played volleyball with the head. But I think it was also genetic because the other children also played the same thing and did not jump like me. I did not play federated neither in children nor in juveniles. When they did my medical tests to sign for Racing, the doctor made me repeat ten series of tests for the low pulsations I gave. It was strange that he gave 38/40 … I asked him why I had to do so many series and he didn’t want to answer me.Years later that same doctor gave a conference in Zaragoza to which I went and asked him about the medical tests he had done years before and told me that he was about to give me useless for football because my recovery power was not normal. I thought I could have a heart injury. It was not normal to have the same pulsations at rest and after exertion. The fact of playing five hours on the beach had influenced my power of recovery although for me it was like being five hours playing tute,– And the secret of the jump that keeps so much zeal, what was it?-I had a lot of jumping power, it is seen in the photos and images of my time. My secret was that I didn’t jump straight, I jumped forward and then threw my body back to always have the ball in front of me and choose the direction you want to give the ball. The secret is in the waist suit, without the waist suit there is no head shot. I always pointed to the goal line, there the goalkeeper suffers greatly. He doesn’t have time to react anymore. This happened in the goal of the European Championship. Yashin is standing because he doesn’t see the auction until he has it on top. JESUS ​​RUBIO (DAILY AS) -During the end of 64, at some point, the players looked towards the box, you worried about what could be cooking with the presence of Franco … DAILY AS (DAILY AS) -And two years later the World Cup 66 in England. You go from starting to not play the first two games and have dropped on occasion that the lineups were not made to Villalonga, the coach, but were imposed from above.-In the European Championship we won, Villalonga made a sensational team with an average of 24/25 years. That team was very good, good enough to have won that World Cup if they hadn’t touched. It all started badly with the concentration of Santiago. We were 40 days and all raining. In the training camps the mud was coming from the ankles … What a way to train a World Cup! There was no way to play. It was a quagmire. There the Government sent us. Of that in the Federation, the Government commanded. I was not happy. I thought I was going to start and that we were going to win the World Cup. They made me the headline in a friendly in Santiago and I asked Villalonga to let me stay in Spain. I did not want to go. Four or five starting players were handed to substitutes. He had brought other players who imposed them. I will not say who because they were great players, but taxes.I told Villalonga what the problem was. That he wouldn’t put that team. The substitutes in training scored five or six goals. I asked him to explain what was happening. And he simply told me that the team had been imposed on some players. More or less in a clear, quite clear way.And I told him to leave me out. Among the four he has to rule out and so there was no problem. But he did not. I was very well known in England. The Government spoke with the coach and the president of Zaragoza and I was not going, but of course there could be consequences. Then they told me that they didn’t force me to play but that I had to go so that there was no political scandal. Then I went but I only played the last game when there was nothing left to do. We won Germany by miracle, in the end.-Why do you say so convinced that Spain could have won that World Cup 66?-Because we were very good. We had gone through the stone to all the best in those years. The logical thing is that we would have won it, but we already lost it in the concentration of Santiago and then with the election of the players that Villalonga made forced, as I said, by the Government.-What prize did you have for winning the Eurocup?-For winning the semifinal and the final 150,000 pesetas. In Zaragoza they gave us 300,000 pesetas for the Copa de Rey and 300,000 for the Copa de Ferias. And those 150,000 pesetas were not given to us by the Federation. There was money from an individual who put it and that’s why we got that amount. The Federation gave 70,000 pesetas. There was a patron who I don’t want to say.-Who was the Xavi of that Selection?-Luis Suarez. And Iniesta was Lapetra. They were the team players. Pereda and I also supported a lot in the midfield. Fuste had a long journey.– Did it give you the feeling that the national team had to win something again to really recognize the merit of that 1964 title.-Yes it had been valued. What happened was that the fan was tired of Spanish football, being a world team power, only had a title at the selection level and that it was becoming very stale. Spain deserved much more. At the selection level it was getting very bad. People when I saw me thanked me for that goal and had the right to demand more because Spanish football was far superior to what for so many years nothing was achieved.-How did you explain that drought with the good players who always went to the national team?-I thought that Spanish football was led by politicians and it was not the sport that led the sport. For that reason we pay more than. Soccer became politicized. That’s why when they talked about Russia’s goal it bothered me. It seemed to me that Spain had much more equipment and proof of this is that all Spanish clubs won in Europe. You could have done many more things with the selection. That is why there was a moment that celebrating that of 64 seemed a little disrespectful to the new players and the new generations. It bothered me about them. JESUS ​​RUBIO (DAILY AS) “We had a team to have also won the World Cup 66, but the government imposed players on the coach. He told me himself. ”Marcellin -Before entering the subject and talking about your goal, introduce yourself in society for the new generations that didn’t see you play. Who was Marcellin?-Marcelino was a striker who created the front of the five magnificent in Zaragoza and was part of the National Team that was champion of the Eurocopa of 64 and was lucky enough to score the goal that gave us the title to all. That feat was of the team, not just Marcelino.-And how did he play, what was his style, what kind of striker was he?-I was not a center forward to use, I played for the bands, I went down to the center of the field, I liked to play. I scored goals, I am the top scorer in the history of Zaragoza, but I did more things. Before playing ‘nine’ I was extreme, inside… I gave almost more goals than I scored. He was a creator, as well as an auctioneer. I did not stay at the penalty spot. He finished coming from behind. By The National Team was about to turn 44 and Antwerp silver (1920) was already far away. Final of Eurocopa 64. That evening at the Bernabéu Marcelino Martínez Cao (29-4-1940) scored the goal of his life. That of the victory before the USSR. The history of the Red would not be understood without that much and this protagonist.Five decades later in his native Ares, in the restaurant Texture, owned by Tete, his wife, Marcelino takes out his private hard drive and reviews his life as an international with a memory worth considering. “Franco didn’t like football. He liked bulls and hunting. We don’t play the final for him, but for our audience. ”Marcellin “I became a footballer on the beach and I had beastly physical conditions. I was running 100 meters in less than 11 seconds and my jump was three meters and a peak ”Marcellin – Do you remember the first time?-Yes it was against Morocco. Qualifying match for the Chilean World Cup 62. We won (3-2) and scored the first goal. I was chosen as the best player of the game and they didn’t take me to the World Cup… Ha ha ha. They said I was very young and it could scare me … I don’t want to talk about it, but the reality is that before the World Cup, Real Madrid wanted to sign me and in the end there was no transfer and I think it was like a certain punishment. They told me … I then charged a lot of money in Zaragoza. I arrived as an amateur and then my record was very high, more than double that of Di Stéfano, for example. When Madrid came looking for me, there was a lot of money I was charging and they also had to pay Zaragoza. They had no money for so much. It is not like today. If Madrid wanted to sign me, I had to pay five million pesetas of those, which was outrageous. Jumping the million was already a silly one. But I wanted to stay in Zaragoza. I didn’t feel like undoing a team that I had created and also already earned enough. Madrid is Madrid and I respect it and I have admired it, but I stayed in Zaragoza for people who did not deserve that I leave and leave them lame.-And why do you think he didn’t go to the World Cup because he didn’t sign for Madrid?-When the coach was Escartín, who was independent, I went to the World Cup. Then they signed Hernández Coronado who was an employee of Madrid and no longer took me. How do you interpret it? It’s very clear … Tomás Ondarra -Why did you say once that you would have liked that goal to be scored at another stage, not in a dictatorship?-For many reasons. Franco didn’t like football and I know it firsthand. He liked bulls and hunting. When we played with Zaragoza the four consecutive Cup finals, our president was in the gallery with Franco. He had a good friendship with him and Franco asked him: “How is this? You come here to play the final of my Cup four times, how is it? that you and others always play. ”last_img read more

Barnett: “Gareth loves Real Madrid, the city and his life there”

first_imgHow was that recent meeting in London where you shared a table with Raiola and Mendes to go against FIFA?Very good! Because we want the same. They have to consult us. Not only can they be worth their rules. If they insist on that, we’ll see each other in court.Where are they willing to go?To any court in the world. If we are wrong, we will be, but the courts will say so. FIFA must realize that we have the money to do it …Is Neymar’s career well run?I don’t care, really.What do you think of parents who want to control their children’s career?It’s crazy. This is a difficult world, that first. The second, you do not have an appropriate perspective on the boy, they understand you as your child. Third, this business is very professional, that’s why I’m successful, that’s why my company is successful, but not all agents are. Today, marketing, social networks … everything is done professionally. And with all due respect, most of those parents, and I know there will be exceptions, they haven’t trained professionally and don’t know how to get the best. It’s not just about getting up on Mondays, knocking on the door and getting a contract. There is more. If you have great talent, you must use the best weapons, the best people.Would you like to represent Mbappé?Of course, but he has his family and that’s fine. I will manage to survive.Have you called your father to try?Yes, he was very kind, very polite, but he wanted to take his son’s affairs himself. I don’t argue with people anymore, I’m too old.Let’s talk about Bale … He left again in the 82 ‘!And what problem is there? He wanted to get home without traffic. You can’t kill him for that. The team lost and he was very angry.Shouldn’t I take care of those little details?Why?By the public, who pays his tickets.And they boo you. He loves Real Madrid, no matter what is said about him. A lot of crap is written about Gareth. Like he doesn’t speak Spanish. Yes, he speaks Spanish! Those who say that do not know him, they remain as complete idiots talking about someone they do not know.But do you really speak Spanish?Clear! Last week I met Saúl in my office, whom I also represent. They sat for 10 or 15 minutes speaking in Spanish, without any problem. You don’t need to prove that you speak Spanish well.What is Bale really like?Probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. It’s fantastic. He is a great family man, with a woman and three children. He is reserved, a quiet man. He loves to play football and loves the life he has. And he does not consider, and I agree with him that it should be proven before anyone. It’s disgusting the way people talk about him, he hurts me as a person.Are you happy in Madrid?Yes. He loves Madrid, the city and the life he has there.How can a player be happy knowing that his coach does not love him?That is not true. How do you know he doesn’t love you?Many days does not summon you.I promise he does love him, Madrid loves Gareth Bale. There is no problem between Zidane and Gareth. People write about that, I already give up; I do not care.There are those who say they only play the games they want.They should shut up. It is better not to say anything and let people doubt if you are an idiot, than to open your mouth and confirm that you are an idiot. And those people are idiots.Isn’t it that Bale is afraid of injuries?Yes, yes. To 100%.Why so much injury?You are welcome. His body is quite …Are they back problems?No, it is not a single thing.Woodgate had a lot of trouble and that was why back problems.Is not that. Gareth has been through a lot, has had many injuries and is worried. You can’t train too much, not five days a week. It must be handled properly. But it’s ok, you can play.What do you think of Zidane?He is a very good person. I think it’s good people.When did you talk to him for the last time?I will not reveal that, but I can say that when I have met him it is very impressive to hear him speak. He knows what he is talking about.Why is Bale not playing in China?He had an offer impossible to refuse, but Madrid did not want to sell it. The Chinese club could not pay what Madrid asked for transfer.But … Bale in China?Yes, he wanted to leave a legacy. Help make football shine there. He had a vision, which could make Chinese football great. And it was a lot of money, yes. They would have made him the highest paid player in the world.Why didn’t he go to United when Mourinho wanted to sign him?So Gareth was not for sale.Then, then admit that it is now!(Laughs) Neither now. Madrid has always shown him great respect, the president has always been a big fan of Bale and shows him incredible respect.Are you still in love with Florentino de Bale?I think so. He has a fantastic relationship with him.Was it his right eye?I want to think so, but there were others, like Cristiano or Ramos. I could not say if it was his right eye, I do not have so much confidence with him (with Florentino). He has never told me.He always said that Bale would win the Golden Ball …Now it is unlikely. Who was Jonathan Barnett before being an agent?Someone who had hair (laughs).What was he doing?I worked in the casinos.What did his father do?I worked in the casino business and I worked for him. I had a comfortable childhood, but my grandfather was a Polish immigrant who arrived in England at the beginning of the 20th century, with nothing in his pocket.He likes football?I love. I liked it better when I was not a representative (laughs). I used to go see Arsenal and scream like crazy. I went to all the parties with my father and my brothers, those from home and abroad.Who is the best player he saw?PeleDid you see him?In Wembley! I was 16 when England won the 1966 World Cup. I went to the final. And before I could see him live.And say Stefano?I saw him on television. He was a fantastic footballer. I also remember Butragueño …Who is your favorite player in Arsenal history?I used to go see Liam Brady, a very skilled player. And then there are the Invincibles of Arsenal, it was a pleasure to see them that season that they never lost.At what time do you wake up?At 5:30. Everyday. Things of age. But before I worked more, 25 hours a day. It is the only method to succeed. David, my partner, and I, started at a kitchen table, with no money, and now we have the largest agency in the world. Rugby, athletes, soccer players … And in the United States NFL.Do you know how much money you have in the bank?Yes, yes, I know.Does the money hook, like the drug?I have never tried drugs! (Laughs) But everyone who says he doesn’t care about money is because he never had it. Family comes first, of course, health comes second … but once you have money, it’s fine. I am not ashamed to have it. But you must do things with him, give money to charity …Do you donate money?Yes, I am very religious. I am Jewish. A percentage of my salary goes to charity. It is important. I do it for the children. I had a brother who died at 18 of a brain hemorrhage. Every year David and I donate a few hundred thousand pounds. We also built a children’s hospital … The agents are not so good so we have to compensate with those donations! (Laughs)What is your secret?People do not understand what the real agents do. When the market closes, we are not going six months on vacation …How do you take care of your men?Throughout. Your club does not, we do. We make sure they have a good life, we manage their marketing, we look for their houses, we buy their cars, we manage their finances … There are people here 24 hours.Are you like a father to them?No, rather like a manager. I don’t have to be your best friend. I have to be someone they respect and listen to.How many people work for you?About 130 in seven countries.Are you better than Mendes or Raiola?Who? Who are they? (He jokes). No, no … Actually I am quite attached to Mino. We are good friends and we will have dinner together. I also get along well with Jorge, he’s a little crazy, but he’s adorable. We are part of an association and there are no problems between us. I think they are bright.Have any players been stolen?Never.He imagined that his world was a bit like the mafia of old New York, each taking care of his territory …Never among the great agents. That happens between small and stupid agents. I do not care. If someone doesn’t want to be with me, they can leave. I don’t aim at anyone with a gun. And if they leave, then they return, because the small agent cannot do anything for them.How is your relationship with Florentino?If you give your word, the business is done. It’s hard negotiating, I respect him. When he enters a room, he fills it with a great presence. You know the president has entered. He has always been honorable and kind to me.Do you think he knows about football?Yes, a lot. He has a lot of knowledge. He loves football and Real Madrid is his life.Is football immersed in a financial bubble that can explode?No, it’s bulletproof as long as people keep watching. People need a distraction. Look in America, with basketball, baseball, the NFL … they attract even more people.Let’s talk about FIFA …We have to do it?Why does FIFA want to control the agents?From the bottom of my heart I think it is to monopolize headlines. To be famous The agents are an easy target. What they want to do (limit their commissions) is garbage. Ask ten random footballers who takes care of them, if FIFA or its agents … Ask them! FIFA doesn’t care about players or have any idea what we do. Infantino has never set foot in our offices, nor in those of Mendes or Raiola, but he wants to set the rules. It’s not fair.Did you know that Raiola won € 40M when Pogba went from Juve to United?He did not earn 40 million. But why not? How much did he earn by taking Pogba from Manchester to Juve when he was young? Nothing! Then Pogba was young and won zero. No one remembers that. And no one put a gun on Juventus’ head to pay Raiola a lot of money. They told him that if they sold it, they would give him a percentage. So he took that opportunity. What would have happened if Pogba had been a fiasco and had been allowed to leave for free? I have not heard Juventus complain, nor United. FIFA complains without knowing the facts. I have read that now they want to create a new tournament in Africa. Who takes the money there? FIFA It is a scandal.last_img read more

“We started to win at the roundabout that leads to the stadium”

first_imgNot because it doesn’t give you a title, but there are nights that you don’t forget. This is one of those nights. The best team in the world comes, a lot of victories and you can beat him. You have not passed, but you have won because we have options for a match.-Is it time for the season to go for the Champions League and leave the League?We never did. When we win the League, we play the Champions League final. When we were second in 2016, too. When we go second in 2018, we win the Europa League Winning many times brings winning. The way to feel strong is to win what comes ahead. The tension is in Villarreal already. It is very important.-How did you see Lodi?I didn’t take it out of the field, right? Broke it. It is a time of absolute demand and I know you can give what you gave. To give it you have to go through moments that have happened. I hope he can sustain it, because he is 21 years old and is in a team that has to win every day. And for that he has to play like today. And you can do it, you have proven it. Although at times I hate myself, I already told him that he will end up loving me.-Klopp talked about the environment …Not only in the Champions League, but in the League, we see that it is difficult to win as a visitor. The teams become strong. What will happen in England? Missing a lot, there are games ahead. We are in the league now.-Saul.I can talk about the game of Felipe, Vrsaljko who had not played for a long time, but has been involved, absorbed the responsibility not being fit after nine months without playing and responded from the heart. Is growing. I have spoken a thousand times about Saul. Sometimes I put it on the left side causing difficulties because I know he is capable of everything. He played where he feels most comfortable and has that nose of important goals that is a gift, few have it.-How do you prepare for Anfield?We don’t stop thinking so far. When the game approaches, I will count …-Why Lemar?There was a match that nobody expected that was with Lemar. I did expect it because I trust him and his characteristics. It’s different and I had to take it away because he felt a contracture. Between Correa, Morata, Lemar and Lodi, we could generate on the left with some precision, with a different step to the four Mestalla media. Then we look for Marcos’s legs to the right and finally 15 minutes for Costa’s return, which the team noticed.-What was the plan?The idea was to win. From there, the team has situations and understands them. If there are forces, it is pressed forward, but it is not easy to always have them. When the team understands that it is time to return and be together, it does it perfectly. It was what was seen. A block, height doesn’t matter so much. Worked triumph against the champion: “It was the game we expected, with a very strong opponent, with different records in his field and in ours, and I think we responded very well at the start and then we played as we had to play, even in some contrsagolpe we could increase the advantage”.Perfect defense?: “If the attackers and midfielders had not participated in the defensive work, the defenders would not have been so good.”Liverpool: “They play very well, they have great physical power, they are specialists and steal and get out fast” with the ball … “.Role of the hobby: “We started to win at the roundabout that led us to the westadio. In eight years I did not see such a reception.”Options: “We are going to play with humility, because they are used to playing great games in their stadium.”In a press conference he said:– Zero shots on Liverpool’s door.Liverpool had important occasions, although they did not go to goal. They have very good records in all lines, strength, power, players that solve in small spaces … The team did a great job as a block. We started to win it when at the roundabout the bus turned and we found a lot of people excited, ambitious, without fear … The group woke up something beautiful football, if we have to suffer, we suffer together. A block, the people and the team. We found the goal, we backed down because they took us but we defended. Some kickback we could carry it better. We were not fine to generate more danger.-Is it a coup d’état against pessimism?Of the eight years I have been, few times was the fans at this level, because it was throughout the game. It was exciting, it makes you want to play. The word that comes to me is tranquility, knowing that when you work as a team you can. The team responded with great effort, as it did in Valencia. This time he understood that he was pressing down and learning records. I like it beyond the result.-Is it the best night? Simeone appeared in the ‘flash interview’ of Movistar Champions League to give his first analysis of the victory against Liverpool that gives hope for the return at Anfield.last_img read more

Anderson was also operated on Wednesday, as Federer

first_imgKevin Anderson, who was quantity 5 on the earth in 2018 and finalist within the US Open and Wimbledon, might be at the very least three months off after having been operated by a medial meniscus harm of the best knee. Curiously, the South African went by means of the working room on Wednesday, similar to Roger Federer, and to be intervened for a situation similar to that of the Swiss. “I attempted to squeeze each in coaching and in matches, however I didn’t enhance. I did some assessments in Australia and sadly they revealed that I had a tear within the medial meniscus. After consulting with the medical doctors and my workforce, we determined that surgical procedure was the absolute best step to maneuver ahead, “Anderson wrote.” It’s troublesome and irritating to undergo this after sitting nearly a 12 months. However I do know that it’s the proper determination to return to the place I wish to be, and I can guarantee you that I’ll do my finest to make it occur. Thanks in your continued help and I hope to see you as quickly as attainable “stated the South African addressing followers. Almost definitely, like Federer, Anderson doesn’t reappear till the grass season, in mid-June. Anderson performed solely 5 tournaments in 2019 and was down from Wimbledon to the ATP Cup final January, a event through which he reappeared to defend the colours of his nation after a interval of low through which he tried to get well from the issues he was already dragging on his proper knee. Now, Kevin (33 years previous), has revealed in his social networks that final December he was injured once more in the identical space “throughout a pre-season coaching”, and though he tried to compete once more, on the Australian Open he couldn’t reside as much as that annoyance that ultimately has led him to endure an operation.last_img read more

The Setién effect fades

first_imgIf we stick to other competitions, Quique Setién also does not stand better compared to Valverde: in the Copa del Rey the final was always reached with the Extremaduran coach while with the new coach the team fell in the quarterfinals against Athletic (1-0) in San Mamés. Although, in this case, it must be recognized that the new format of the Cup, a single party, did not favor Blaugrana interests.Right now in The only competition where Setién has an open bar to point at his predecessor is in the Champions League. With Valverde leading, the team fell devastated in the quarterfinals against Roma (3-0) in the 2017/18 season and in the semifinals against Liverpool (4-0) the following year. The team achieved an acceptable booty (1-1) in San Paolo against Naples last Tuesday, especially for what was seen in the field, with a Barcelona ramplón, without ideas, conservative and unambitious.The problem on the horizon is that He has not yet found the key after more than 50 days in office. He started with a 3-4-3 against Granada (1-0), evoking his mentor Johan Cruyff, but little by little he was defusing his ideology until formulating a 4-4-2 manual. Along the way he has been testing with 4-3-3, but the absence of extremes and strikers – lately he is relegating Ansu Fati to the bench and has not yet given ownership to Martin Braithwaite – has forced him to qualify his slate , to the point of betting on a system as conventional as little recognizable in Barcelona.Right now, the situation in Barcelona is extremely fragile. With a galloping institutional crisis, after the explosion of social media controversy, and with a template under minimum – Right now it only has 16 players of the first team available – the team has to face the remaining games from here at the end of the season as if they were authentic endings. And is that any stumbling block would be fatal both in the League and, let’s say, in the Champions League. When Quique Setién took the team in mid-January, he did it first in LaLiga, tied with Real Madrid, but with the ‘goal average’ in favor, with the knockout stages of the Champions League against Naples for playing after qualifying first of his group and with the Copa del Rey competition about to start. A truly unbeatable panorama to take over a team, although it is true that At the first exchange he encountered an important obstacle: the sports management decided to dispense with four players -Aleñá, Todibo, Wagué and Carles Pérez- and not incorporate anyone in the winter market.Setién arrived to reactivate the Barcelona game that, according to the technical manager, Eric Abidal, had stalled in recent months with the previous coach, “there are players who do not work much”, a sentence that opened the thunder box in the locker room, with Messi replicating the French so overwhelming.However, the reality is that neither the game nor the results have finished taking off with the medicine of the Cantabrian technician. Of the eleven games he has directed – seven in LaLiga, three in the Cup and one in the Champions League -, the balance Has been of seven wins, one draw and three losses, who have left the team without the leadership in LaLiga, in favor of Real Madrid, and out of the Copa del Rey.In fact, with Setién, Barcelona has only been leader in two of the seven days, 28.5%, while with Valverde the team was leader in 80 of the 94 days, 85%. With the Cantabrian coach in front, Real Madrid has already added five leaders, while throughout the Valverde era, the white team was only able to reach it six times.last_img read more

ERTE in 2nd B: is the remedy worse than the disease?

first_imgOn the one hand, those of the clubs. They fear committing a fraud of law. 70% of a temporary withdrawal from an ERTE is paid by Social Security, but the other 30% could pay their share, with consensus, through some type of compensation (they are not obliged to do so). The problem is that in order to run it, your template must be registered. And that is scarce. On the other hand, there are the soccer players. Most of them receive part of their salary in A and another in B, so the adjustments would be applied to their base and their income would be greatly reduced, having access to a minimum unemployment due to such a low contribution and without being able to justify the rest. Solution: clubs and players will have to negotiate. The focus is on the First and Second due to the uncertainty of knowing the effects that the crisis will have. But from a lower echelon, in Segunda B, Tercera and women’s football, it is where the consequences are being seen. At this time, more than a dozen 2ªB teams and 262 players are affected by the ERTE. According to union estimates, “up to 35% of the players will be left behind.” The problem is that not only footballers will be heathens. For some clubs the remedy will be worse than the disease. In Third, where contracts are scarce, we don’t even speak.The reason is simple. In Second B, where the cuts will be focused, the 1989 collective agreement has still not been renewed, the one in which the figures are still written in pesetas and the military is discussed. Since the ON Footballers’ complaint of this situation in November 2019, steps were being taken, not without problems, to start the negotiation. But this pandemic caused employers and unions not to sit down. So the staff is helpless and doubts come.last_img read more

The reasons why Real Madrid dribbles the ERTE

first_img“Our parties are not canceled, they are postponed. There are things that can be done on the international calendar that would make it possible for the season to end if things clear up between now and April. Sand we end up playing the whole season, so the economic impact is going to be substantially mitigated, ”says Dave Hopkinson, Global Director of Real Madrid Sponsorships, in a recent interview at Glory Media. “The same we see a change in behavior in people and it takes time to return to a stadium of 80,000 people like the Bernabéu. But we will be fine. If the balance this season comes out negative it will be hard. We will have an impact with the fans, we will not have the money for the tickets, an impact with the sponsors who may be looking for a refund of part of the money from their contracts or looking to make certain adjustments. You are in a very complicated world if your business closes and the opportunities to generate profit are continuously being lost these days. Postponement in the calendar? We will be fine. No postponement on the calendar? We will not be well. ” The coronavirus has pushed the clubs to a limit and Madrid is no exception.At the moment, contrary to what has happened in clubs such as Barcelona, ​​Espanyol or Atlético, Real Madrid has slipped that it will not need ERTE to stabilize its economic situation. Everything, hoping that, as Rubiales has stated, the domestic competitions can end even if the summer is entered. The white entity has the ability to cushion the impact of the coronavirus crisis by its solid accounts. In the last ten years (since 2009, when Florentino Pérez returned to the presidency) he has accumulated a net profit of 324 million euros. One after another, all accounts have returned a positive balance. Gorka Leiza & nbsp; (DIARIO AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Gorka Leiza (DAILY AS) The Real Madrid mattress is fluffy, but you should not lose the perspective that, being a sports club (like Barça, Athletic or Osasuna) it is the board of directors that jointly responds to possible losses in the income statement. This is established by the Sports Law and it is what has led Bartomeu to want to cut 70% of the salaries of his staff while the State of Alarm lasts. In the case of Madrid, the guarantee of 75 million euros put in by Florentino Pérez’s board of directors for the 2009 elections (15% of the budget at that time) was lifted when benefits of the same amount were achieved. But, if the numbers return red … There is something that Real Madrid has taken great care of in the last decade and that allows it to survive now. This is what the ECA (Association of European Clubs) calls the Efficiency Ratio. The Efficiency Ratio is the percentage of the total salaries of the entity’s workers (in the case of Madrid there are more than 800) with respect to the total operating income (before the disposal of fixed assets). The ECA recommends that it not exceed 70%. According to the latest accounts approved in Madrid (those of the 2018-19) that ratio is 52%, a spectacular figure. The total wage bill is 394 million and the operating income is 757 million. Of those 394 million total salary mass, 283 correspond to the salaries of the coaching staff and players of the first squad. This is the reason, the low ratio of 52%, for which Madrid will not accuse (as long as the competition ends, as Hopkinson says) the first impact of the coronavirus crisis. By way of comparison, in 2018-19 in Barcelona this Efficiency Ratio has shot up to 68% according to the club’s report: € 541M of total salary mass (427 for the first team) and ordinary operating income from 836 (which the Blaugrana club increases to 990 because it includes player transfers). Salaries are a slab for Barça. In Madrid, those who charge the most are Ramos, and Bale, both net 14.5 million. At Barça there are three players. Messi, Luis Suárez and Griezmann, who considerably exceed that figure.In Europe there are already examples of large clubs whose squads are having to adjust to the new situation. In Germany, for example, are the players of Bayern and Schalke those who offered to charge 30% less while soccer is stopped. In Spain the rosary of clubs that host the ERTE begins. Even Al Khelaifi has already said in Paris that there will be reductions in wages at PSG … At the moment, Real Madrid survives the crisis.last_img read more

No hurdles a big mistake by Digicel GP organisers

first_imgThe revelation that there would again be no hurdles event in this year’s Digicel Grand Prix series at the recent launch came as a big shock for many individuals close to the sport.On the schedule are the: 100 metres, 200 metres, 400 metres, 800 metres and 4×400 metres relays, along with the long and high jumps. The latter was added to the list this year.This snub can be seen as a slap in the face for the athletes who are involved in both the intermediate and sprint hurdles. One can understand the hurdles’ absence during last year’s introductory season of the Grand Prix, but it is indeed a big mistake that for the second year in a row this discipline is not one of those events that will be contested.The people who make up the Technical Committee are competent individuals and they do understand the strength of the country’s track and field, so why add the high jump and not one of the hurdle events? Why is it that both the 100m and 200m are being contested at the same meets? They could simply have replaced the 200m with either the 100m hurdles or the 400m hurdles.Outside of the 100 metres, hurdle events have been the country’s most successful at the international level, and athletes doing this discipline should be encouraged.At the last IAAF World Junior Junior Championships in Eugene, Oregon, Jamaica had two medallists as Jaheel Hyde won gold in the 400m hurdles, while Tyler Mason won silver in the 110m hurdles.Last summer, it was gold for Danielle Williams in the women’s 100m hurdles with her sister Shermaine also making the final. In the men’s 110m hurdles Hansle Parchment, an Olympic bronze medallist, won the silver medal here, while Omar McLeod almost made it to the final. Also, the defending champion in the men’s 110 metres hurdles at the Commonwealth Games is none other than our own Andrew Riley.If we are getting success in a particular discipline, we must continue to give the younger athletes in the event the support and encouragement that they need.EXCELLENT TRACK RECORDJamaica’s track record in the hurdles has been excellent over the years with several athletes winning major medals.Among the juniors it started with Gillian Russell and continued with Camille Robinson, Shermaine Williams, Natasha Ruddock, Latoya Greaves, Sherene Pinnock, Yanique Thompson, Jeneive Russell, Marvin Williams and Keiron Stewart who have all won medals at the junior level internationally.Among the seniors the likes of Michelle Freeman, Deon Hemmings, Delloreen Ennis- London, Brigitte Foster-Hylton, Winthrop Graham and Danny McFarlane have all had major success.The Digicel Grand Prix series will start on Saturday February 6 with the Western Championships in Montego Bay and the Youngster Goldsmith inside the National Stadium.There is hope that good sense will prevail and it will not be too late for the organisers to have a change of heart and replace one of the sprint events with either the sprint or intermediate hurdles.- R.G.last_img read more

Cameron welcomes BCCI’s move to resume ties

first_imgMUMBAI, India, CMC – West Indies Cricket Board president, Dave Cameron, has hailed the resumption of bilateral ties with the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI), as the region prepares to host India in a four-Test series starting in July. The BCCI announced yesterday it had resumed relations with the WICB after resolving “outstanding issues” pertaining to the controversial abandoned tour of India two years ago, when West Indies players quit the one-day tour over pay issues with their board. “We are extremely delighted that concerns which arose due to the incomplete tour have been addressed and would like to thank BCCI for reviving our ties,” Cameron said in a statement. “West Indies cricket appreciates the support of BCCI and the cricket loving fans of the islands keenly look forward to witness some exciting contests between the two teams.” Last December, the WICB announced an agreement to play the four-Test series in the Caribbean, following discussions with BCCI president, Shashank Manohar. The agreement was a crucial step in the thawing of relations between the two bodies and BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur yesterday underscored the importance of the upcoming series. “The BCCI is happy to resume their bilateral ties with WICB. We recognise that West Indies has a huge role to play in the development of cricket and we are happy to support their endeavours,” he said. “This tour will further strengthen the bond between the Indian and the West Indian fans, who have over the years patronised this glorious game of cricket.” The BCCI had moved swiftly to suspend relations with the WICB, following the abandoned tour which also led to the cancellation of the scheduled Test tour. An upset BCCI blamed the WICB for the abandonment and lodged a US$42 million claim for losses incurred due to the cancellation, and threatened legal action if the Caribbean board did not show how the amount would be settled. At the time, the BCCI labelled the Windies pullout a “monumental disaster” and said it had been faced with “huge revenue losses, a loss of reputation and is at risk of losing valuable commercial partners.” The BCCI has since waived the US$42 million claim.last_img read more

‘Justin Gatlin is not going to beat me’, says Bolt ahead of IAAF World Championships 200m final

first_img No final for Weir Pesonal best for Russell Her younger teammate, Janieve Russell, fared much better, placing fifth in a personal best 54.64 behind winner Zuzana Hejnova (Czech), 53.50, with the American pair of Shamier Little, 53.94, and Cassandra Tate, 54.02, taking the other podium positions. It was a shocking end to a less-than-ideal day for the Jamaicans, who also saw protests filed by the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) management team here on behalf of 5000-metre man, Kemoy Campbell, who finished 15th in his heat in 14:00.55 and Natoya Goule, who ended her 800m heat in fourth place in 2:02.37, rejected by the IAAF after claims of obstruction were denied. Simoya Campbell, the other Jamaican competitor in the women’s 800m, also failed to advance from the heats, finishing fifth in 2:01.43. In the men’s 110m hurdles heats, Olympic bronze medallist Hansle Parchment was slow out of the blocks, but it hardly mattered as he comfortably won his heat in 13.33, as all three Jamaicans advanced to today’s semi-final round. National champion Omar McLeod had an early scare or two in his heat, but he recovered well to finish second in a time of 13.43, the same time registered by Andrew Riley in his heat. Things were less dramatic in the women’s 200m qualifying, as all three booked their lanes in today’s semi-finals in relative ease. Elaine Thompson was impressive, running 120m before shutting off the engine and cruising to an easy 22.78 win, while Veronica Campbell-Brown, who laughably ran in the lane to her right – importantly, without impeding the athlete – also won her heat, posting 22.79 as she crossed the line. Sherone Simpson registered her best time of the season, running 22.52 in placing second in her heat. Still, most eyes will be on Usain Bolt as he prepares for his sprinting sequel with American archrival Gatlin, who is eager to make up after losing out to the big Jamaican in Sunday’s much-publicised 100m blockbuster. Bolt posted his first sub-20 seconds time in a World Championships or Olympic 200m semi-final and his first since the final of the last World Championships in Moscow two years ago, jogging the last 80m to stop the clock at 19.95. Gatlin was also smooth and easy in qualifying, posting a qualifying leading 19.87 to win his heat as Nickel Ashmeade, the national champion, ensured that Bolt had some Jamaican company in the final, set for 7:55 a.m. today – running on strongly to take second place in 20.19 behind Great Britain’s Jamaican-based sprinter Zharnel Hughes, 20.14. BEIJING, China: Sprint titan Usain Bolt has levelled the crosshairs squarely on rival Justin Gatlin as he goes on the prowl for his third World Championships sprint double, while Jamaica’s history-making women’s 400 metres quartet will look to add medals after yesterday’s drought at the IAAF World Championships in Beijing, China. Days after confirming his status as the top man of sprinting, Bolt was in a bullish mood as he looked ahead to what will be another mouth-watering clash against Gatlin – this time in the 200m final. “My 200m is my best event. I live for this. I know I’m going to do well. It’s not even a question. I’m not going to lose my favourite event,” said Bolt after his semi-final. “I can tell you, Justin Gatlin is not going to beat me.” Kaliese Spencer was largely expected to add to the country’s three medals yesterday, but things went inexplicably wrong for the hurdling standout, who finished at the back of the field in the 400m hurdles final in a time of 55.47. Olympic and World Championships medallist Warren Weir’s miserable season continued as he had to settle for a seventh-placed finish in 20.43, missing out on the final, as did Julian Forte, who was eighth in his semi-final in 20.57. Jamaica could win their first medal in the women’s 400m since Shericka Williams’ silver medal at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, when Stephenie-Ann McPherson, Novlene Williams-Mills, Shericka Jackson and Christine Day line up in today’s final. It’s the first time that a country has qualified four athletes to a 400m final at the Olympics or World Championships.last_img read more