Tiny House Warriors establish new village to resist pipeline assert Secwepemc sovereignty

first_imgJustin BrakeAPTN NewsThe Tiny House Warriors have established a new village in BC’s interior at the site of a planned worker’s camp and are calling land defenders to the area in an effort to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and assert Secwepemc sovereignty in Secwepemcul’ecw, their unceded territory.Last weekend’s arrest of Secwepemc Ktunaxa land defender Kanahus Manuel and the subsequent eviction of the Tiny House Warriors from B.C.’s North Thompson River Provincial just outside Clearwater has drawn six or seven land defenders and water protectors from other nations.Manuel, a member of the Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society and founder of Tiny House Warriors resistance, was taken into custody by local RCMP officers last weekend, but was released later that day after signing a conditional release “under duress,” she told APTN News Tuesday at the group’s new village in Blue River, B.C.“They didn’t win, because we’re here and I’m standing on this ground that they forcibly removed my people from [for] hundreds of years — and I’m still standing here. And this is the power that nobody sees.“They think they’ll break me by arresting me and throwing me in jail…when I didn’t do anything wrong. And they think it’s going to stop me. But it won’t, because we have determination.”The new village sits alongside an access road on the edge of Blue River, about 100 feet from a family campground and across the road from Kinder Morgan’s planned workers’ accommodation complex.Three tiny houses are accompanied by four tents, a camping gazebo, and a small kitchen area covered by a green tarp when not in use. Kanahus and her sister’s children run around with the dog and take short strolls up the road. She is joined by two of her sisters—Snutetkwe and Mayuk—her mother Beverly, children, niece and about a half dozen land defenders and water protectors from the occupied Tongva, Mohawk and Purepecha territories. Filmmaker Jahnny Lee of the Yong-In Clan Korea Nation, a filmmaker who helped shoot “Akicita: The Battle of Standing Rock,” which premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, is also at the Tiny House Warriors’ village documenting the resistance.All of those present at the village are Indigenous.Just up the road along the Yellowhead Highway motels, tourist lodges and a couple gas stations are the only visible businesses in the town of about 250.Tourists pass by on their way to Murtle Lake, a popular canoeing destination.Some stop to ask what the warriors are doing and seem interested. Most just drive by. Vehicles the warriors believe to be unmarked police cars or private security hired by Kinder Morgan pass by a few times a day.It’s doubtful anyone seeing the Tiny House Warriors know of the Manuel family legacy.Manuel and the warriors are part of a growing movement of Indigenous peoples in Canada asserting themselves on their land. They argue that despite its rhetoric Canada has not moved to fully recognize inherent Indigenous rights, title and jurisdiction as mandated by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, international law, and by the Supreme Court of Canada.Manuel’s family has led the fight for rights and sovereignty in Secwepemcul’ecw. Her late father Arthur Manuel, a former Secwepemc chief and international ambassador for Indigenous rights in Canada and abroad, has been described as the “Nelson Mandela of Indigenous Peoples”. Her late grandfather George Manuel was the first chief of the National Indian Brotherhood.Kanahus said she is continuing the fight her father and grandfather led.“I will never live my life and their life in vain, for what they did for us — and not just them but all our ancestors before.”New village next to Kinder Morgan’s Blue River “man camp”Kanahus and the others call the proposed Trans Mountain worker’s accommodation complex a “man camp” due to the overwhelming majority of men who typically occupy the facilities.The site will house up to 1,000 workers, most of them men, for the duration of the pipeline construction phase in the area, which is scheduled to begin in September.Manuel said the man camps will be just the latest in a long line of such encroachments on Secwepemc territory dating back to the Hudson’s Bay Company and the camps established to build the Canadian Pacific Railway, which helped open up Secwepemcul’ecw to settlers, increased resource extraction, and violence against Indigenous women and girls.She said some Indigenous women are likely to work in the camps, and that like others she has spoken with they may fear reporting harassment or assault out of fear of losing their job. “If they come out and they address it then they’re blacklisted from any type of jobs working at the camps anymore.”A 2016 report from Amnesty International concluded resource development in Northeastern BC is “both fuelling violence and increasing vulnerability to violence” for Indigenous women.Fending off smear campaignsOn Tuesday Kanahus was the target of an article by Stewart Muir, a former editor at the Vancouver Sun and currently a writer for Resource Works, a website sponsored by the Business Council of British Columbia and forestry, mining and energy associations.Though Arthur Manuel acknowledged in “Reconciliation Manifesto”—the book he was working on when he unexpectedly passed away in January 2017—that he has “earned a living off oil and gas,” Muir claims to have “broke news of the gas station angle” on the story of Kanahus Manuel. Manuel said the article is part of what she calls a broader “smear and disinformation campaign” that regularly targets Indigenous people defending their land.“In the 80s when our people were completely impoverished and there was no opportunity in the whole valley for the three reserves there—Neskonlith, Adams Lake and Little Shuswap—there was no business, no type of employment, only the band office working for the state,” she said, responding to Muir’s article.“My father had a lot of kids and he refused to be on welfare. He would take office jobs that would take him out of the community…and he said no, I think I’m going to start a business — and he started a gas station on the reserve,” she continued. “Not to be involved in the oil and gas industry — you don’t make money on oil and gas in a small business. The purpose was to create some economic certainty for our family, and that’s what he did, and I stood by him. He raised us off of that.”Manuel denied owning the gas station, as claimed by Muir, and said her uncle Richard, Arthur’s brother, owns the gas station and presently leases the business out.Kanahus says other smear campaigns may come, particularly at the hands of federal intelligence and security agencies.“The counterintelligence program that was used to take down the American Indian Movement and to dismantle other liberation movements and fronts throughout Canada and the U.S. — they know those tactics,” she said.In 1995, following an armed standoff at Gustafsen Lake in Secwepemcul’ecw, evidence submitted in court proceedings revealed the RCMP had sought out “smear and disinformation” tactics against the land defenders.Manuel said she expects similar tactics employed by RCMP and intelligence agencies as the Tiny House Warriors gain support.“People are going to try to discredit this movement, but our hearts are so big for our land, our hearts are so big for our children, for my mother, my great-grandmother, all those who came before me who instilled who I am in my DNA,” Manuel said.All part of a bigger fight against colonizationThe increased violence against women and loss of access to traditional lands and resources are all part of the wider issue of colonization, said Manuel.She said the Canadian government has forcibly displaced her people “off of our traditional territory on to Indian reserves, which is 0.2 percent of our land base,” but that the Tiny House Warrior movement “is freedom”.Four of the 17 bands established under Canada’s Indian Act have signed agreements with Kinder Morgan.In “Reconciliation Manifesto,” Manuel wrote that while a few Secwepemc bands have signed deals with Kinder Morgan, “Secwepemc territory belongs to the Secwepemc people collectively.“Band councils have jurisdiction on the postage stamp-sized lands set aside under the Indian Act, but it is the whole nation that holds collective title to our vast national resources.”Echoing the key pillar of her father’s fight for Indigenous rights and sovereignty in Secwepemcul’ecw, Manuel said Canada and corporations wishing to extract resources from her people’s territory need the consent of the nation.“When we’re saying that the Canadian government, the Trudeau government, did not get the free, prior and informed consent of the Secwepemc people collectively, it’s important for us to continue to say that this is a collective right,” she said. “It’s a collective right with all 10,000 Secwepemc that are within the Secwepemc Nation.“[If] one child stands up and says no, that’s our law. That’s our law as Secwepemc people,” she continued.“There is a collective Nation that needs to say yes as well, and there is no yes for this pipeline.”jbrake@aptn.ca@JustinBrakeNewslast_img read more

Bengals intellectuals call for Mamata as PM in unison

first_imgKolkata: Prominent intellectuals from Bengal stood by Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee in her fight against BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in particular, for dividing people on religious lines and damaging the secular fabric of the country.All the intellectuals who joined a programme at Kolkata Press Club on Tuesday with the slogan of ‘check the communal forces from unleashing a reign of terror in Bengal, an embodiment of communal harmony’, echoed the opinion that Banerjee is the only viable alternative in the country to fight Modi and his fellow BJP leaders, who carry with them a baggage of bigotry and intolerance. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaThe intellectuals also made it clear that they want to see the Trinamool supremo, who has the capability to ease the tension and fear prevailing among the people across the country, as the Prime Minister. They also strongly objected to BJP president Amit Shah’s remark that Bengalis have been turned to Kangals (beggars). Renowned artist Shuvaprasanna Bhattacharya said: “Saffron is the colour of sacrifice. A political party with a saffron flag is trying to spark communal tension in Bengal. We came across a rally (one attended by Amit Shah) while coming here. Where are these people coming from? They certainly do not look like our fellow citizens. They were shouting objectionable slogans and showing gestures which the people here in Bengal are not familiar with.” Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highway”We must prevent the extremism and intolerance triggered by some people in the state. They are coming from outside the state and maligning Bengal. Our Chief Minister had hinted many days ago at the attempts to spread communal tension, which is being witnessed now. These communal forces are targeting Banerjee as they are scared of her. We must build opinions and support her,” he added. Economist Abhirup Sarkar said that the saffron party has been trying to destroy institutions including the Reserve Bank of India, which gives an idea as to which direction our democracy is heading toward. “The institutions which are supposed to keep a vigil on the ‘Chowkidar’, have been destroyed,” said Sarkar. Well-known singer Kabir Suman said that they must lend support to the Chief Minister, who has given a clarion call to oust Modi. “They have seen a revolution in the development works initiated by her. BJP has waged a war and she must win to restore communal harmony,” the singer said. He also said that he would have slapped Shah, had he been present when the former had termed Bengalis as ‘Kangals’.last_img read more

Akhilesh Maya weigh options

first_imgLucknow: Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav on Monday held a meeting with Bahujan Samaj Party President Mayawati to discuss the political situation in view of the exit polls results.The hour-long meeting was held at the BSP chief’s Mall Avenue residence here. The two leaders made a seat-to-seat assessment but decided to wait for the results rather than speculate on the exit poll results. Talking briefly to reporters after the meeting, Akhilesh said: “We will talk after the results on May 23. I maintain my stand that we are winning 56 seats in UP.” Sources said that the two leaders also decided that they would hold talks with other opposition leaders on May 24, when all results are finally out. “They will have telephonic talks with West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Chief Sharad Pawar on May 23 and with other leaders, including those of the Congress on May 24,” said a source.last_img read more

Ban Maithripala agree to meet in New York

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and President Maithripala Sirisena have agreed to meet in New York next month when the President attends to the UN General Assembly.Ban Ki-moon had telephoned the President yesterday and congratulated him on the peaceful conduct of the Parliamentary elections, the President’s office said today. During the conversation, the UN Secretary General had expressed keen interest to meet the President on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. He commended the President for having shepherded an inclusive process and the Election Commissioner for his exemplary efforts in helping guarantee the exercise of the right to vote of the people of Sri Lanka.The Secretary-General encouraged the new Government to make further progress on good governance, accountability and reconciliation. He had said he looks forward to continuing to work with the President, the Prime Minister, the Government and the people of Sri Lanka in support of building long-term peace and prosperity for the country. (Colombo Gazette) President Maithripala Sirisena is scheduled to attend the UN General Assembly and will speak on the latest developments in Sri Lanka. The President has told the UN chief that he looks forward to the meeting in New York and also agreed to consider some of the advice given by Ban Ki-moon during their telephone conversation.On Tuesday, in a statement issued by his office, Ban Ki-moon applauded the people of Sri Lanka for their peaceful and broad-based participation in the parliamentary elections of 17 August. read more

Disgraced lawyer sent to prison

The Hamilton lawyer who helped win a $20-million lawsuit for the residents of Caledonia was sentenced Monday to penitentiary time after he was convicted of skimming $1.7 million of the funds.John Findlay pleaded guilty to fraud and breach of trust by taking the money that was held in trust for the people of Caledonia who suffered from an occupation of the town in 2006. He was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison.“This is a good man who’s fallen from grace,” Findlay’s lawyer, Geoffrey Read, said on Tuesday.“The public can look at this and see there was an accounting and justice was done. But I hope they also look at what kind of a fellow this was.”Reid said his client had a long history of good behaviour and had reported himself to the law society and co-operated with the police.“It’s a shame, but he’s done everything a fellow could do.”The law firm Findlay McCarthy LLP was paid $3.3 million for its role in shepherding the Caledonia class-action suit through the courts.In an agreed statement of facts, the court was told Findlay moved another $1.7 million from the trust account to bank accounts of Trefoil Marine, a U.S. company that Findlay was operating.He was arrested in September last year and, in April, the Law Society of Ontario revoked his licence, ordering him to pay costs of $51,500 plus the missing $1.75 million.At that point Findlay wrote to the society and said he had made “substantial progress” in his efforts to make restitution but as of his arrest, he had only repaid $50,000.The suit, which involved hundreds of Caledonia businesses and residents, was designed to compensate those who had property damage or business losses during the occupation.Along with the $3.3 million paid to the lawyers, about $14.5 million went to members of the lawsuit. Findlay was to keep a reserve of about $2 million.Such a white-collar crime might not have even resulted in jail time a decade ago but Canadian sentences are increasing and the judge agreed such a breach of trust by a lawyer merited a penitentiary sentence.Assistant Crown attorney Fraser McCracken asked Justice Tory Colvin to consider a three-year sentence while Read suggested a 15- to 18-month jail sentence was more appropriate, noting the increase in sentences for major frauds occurred just after Findlay illegally began transferring the money.While the judge also ordered that Findlay repay the $1.7 million, Colvin acknowledged that a disgraced lawyer will have little opportunity to do that once out of prison.The judge declined to make a penalty condition of further prison time if Findlay doesn’t pay up.The law society becomes involved in such cases and has replaced the missing funds so it will be to that entity Findlay owes the money.“He wants to make good on that,” said Read.“Justice has been done according to the law and hopefully he can return to being a good citizen when he’s released.”SGamble@postmedia.com@EXPSGamble read more

UN atomic agency chief says Libya was in early stages of nuclear

After visiting Libya to start verifying its clandestine activities, the head of the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) today said that Tripoli’s nuclear programme was “at an early stage of development.”Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei, who arrived in Libya on Saturday with a team of technical experts, has begun a detailed process of verification of the North African country’s nuclear record.Mr. ElBaradei’s trip comes on the heels of Libya’s recent renunciation of all endeavours to develop weapons of mass destruction and its pledge to fulfil all obligations under international disarmament treaties.Seeking the Agency’s help, last week a Libyan envoy in Vienna informed the IAEA that his country had been engaged for more than a decade in the development of a uranium enrichment capability but added that that no industrial-scale facility had been built, nor any enriched uranium produced. read more

This Could Be The Biggest AlabamaAuburn Matchup Ever

Georgia32.2-1.9+2.82.2 SatGeorgia Tech165423.7Georgia212219.4 Ohio State27.8+3.2-4.83.8 RKSEASONALABAMAAUBURNALABAMAAUBURNCOMBINED So with 62.4 percentage points of total CFP probability on the line — in terms of how much the game projects to swing our model’s odds across every team in the country — Alabama-Auburn is easily the most important game remaining in the regular season: 10199314✓22198120041992 32016✓3012246819902204 SatOklahoma217787.3West Virginia173416.5 FriPittsburgh150015.6Miami221614.8 Auburn21.0%-20.6+31.0+/-24.7 Clemson70.0-1.7+2.62.1 82011✓4214218718642013 Oklahoma58.1+1.2-1.91.5 SatFlorida166142.5Florida State16744.0 And the stakes of this particular Iron Bowl could scarcely be higher. Not only will the winner go to the SEC title game as West division champ,2Either Alabama will have an 8-0 conference record or the teams will be tied at 7-1 in conference games and Auburn would have a head-to-head tiebreaker over the Crimson Tide. but the outcome will also have a big influence on who ultimately makes the College Football Playoff.According to the FiveThirtyEight CFP prediction model, Alabama and Auburn are two of the eight remaining teams in the country with at least a 20 percent probability of making the CFP. If Bama wins, that would bump the Tide’s playoff odds from 67 percent to 84 percent; if they lose, that number falls to 42 percent (meaning ’Bama might well miss the CFP for the first time). The stakes are even higher for Auburn: If the Tigers prevail, their odds will rise from 21 percent to 52 percent, but a loss would effectively eliminate them from the CFP race. And the ripple effects extend beyond the SEC, as seven other teams figure to see their playoff probabilities shift by at least 1.5 percentage points depending on what happens on the Plains. USC9.5+1.6-2.41.9 As of Nov. 20, 2017. Includes teams where the average swing is at least +/- 0.5 percentage points 12017??237421612262 Alabama66.9+16.6-25.120.0 TEAMCURRENT CFP CHANCEBAMA WINSAUB WINSCFP SWING SCOREELO RATING 61994✓2114208921082098 72015✓2913239017642030 How the Iron Bowl could change the playoff pictureSwings in each team’s chances of making the College Football Playoff depending on who wins the Alabama-Auburn game SatWashington196176.5Washington St.19128.5 DAYSCHOOLELO RATINGWIN PROB.SCHOOLELO RATINGTOTAL SWING SatAuburn216139.9%Alabama2374+/-62.4 2201328✓34234920962215 Miami51.1-1.6+2.41.9 The most important games of Week 13According to total swing in all teams’ likelihood of making the College Football Playoff based on the game’s outcome 52014✓5544230019752125 Elo ratings are scaled so that an average team has a rating of 1500. SatStanford200444.3Notre Dame199710.4 SatSouth Carolina189118.6Clemson219214.5 CHANGE IN CFP CHANCES IF … SatMinnesota156513.2Wisconsin216512.0 SatMichigan187225.7Ohio State199225.5 4201027✓28215622102182 9198920✓30205119451996 On paper, this year’s Iron Bowl looks like the best in yearsHighest combined Elo ratings (according to their harmonic mean) for Alabama-Auburn matchups, 1988-2017 Week 13 in college football — aka rivalry week — promises to be one of the most chaotic of the year, with dozens of teams playing hatred-filled games that will have major College Football Playoff implications. No. 2 Clemson travels to face in-state rival South Carolina; No. 7 Georgia hits the road for its annual meeting with Georgia Tech; and No. 9 Ohio State heads to the Big House to face “That Team Up North.” But of all those high-intensity games, it’s the one between Alabama and Auburn that has the most riding on it.The Iron Bowl has given fans some of the most spectacular college football moments in recent memory, including “The Drive” in 2009, when Greg McElroy drove Alabama back to a 26-21 win at Jordan-Hare Stadium via a touchdown with less than 90 seconds left. Or “The Camback” in 2010, when Auburn, led by Cam Newton, stormed back from 24 points down in Tuscaloosa to stay undefeated (they’d eventually go on to win the National Championship). And most famously, there was the “Kick Six” in 2013, when Alabama took a 57-yard field goal attempt with one second remaining, but the ball fell short, and Auburn’s Chris Davis ran it back 109 yards to win the game.But this Saturday’s Iron Bowl could top all of those others, given its importance and the sheer quality of this year’s Tide and Tigers squads. For starters, these two teams are the best they’ve been in decades. We can measure how strong a given matchup is using our Elo ratings, which assign each team a score based on their quality at any given moment. And currently, Alabama boasts the No. 1 Elo in the country (what else is new?) while Auburn ranks sixth. If we combine those Elo ratings using their harmonic mean — which allows us to look for matchups where both teams have high ratings — we find that this year’s Iron Bowl features the greatest combination of Alabama and Auburn squads since at least 19881Our Elo Ratings for college football only go back that far.: TCU11.0+1.8-2.72.1 Notre Dame1.1+0.4-0.70.5 HOME TEAMAWAY TEAM In terms of ridiculous, heart-stopping finishes, it would be hard for Saturday’s game to top the 2013 edition, which ranked second in terms of combined Elo ratings, so don’t hold your breath for another miraculous kick six. But even though we don’t know how it will end, this Iron Bowl is set up to be special. The teams are at their best, the winner will likely go to the College Football Playoff while the loser will likely stay home, and the game’s outcome could help throw the rest of the country into chaos. The Alabama-Auburn rivalry is legendary and the game would still be tense even if both teams were 2-9 — but with the road to the national championship passing squarely through Jordan-Hare Stadium on Saturday, this season’s edition should be one for the ages.Check out our latest college football predictions.CORRECTION (Nov. 22, 9:30 a.m.): A previous version of the third table in this story reversed the home and away teams for several games: Auburn-Alabama, Georgia-Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh-Miami, South Carolina-Clemson, and Stanford-Notre Dame. The table has been updated. read more

This Years Boston Marathon Was Sloooooowww

For more than 20 years, the first man and woman across the Boston Marathon finish line have almost always been athletes from Kenya or Ethiopia. But it was an American woman and a Japanese man who won this year’s open divisions. Desiree Linden was the first American woman to win since 1985, finishing in 2:39:54, the slowest winning time since 1978. The men’s field was similarly sluggish — Yuki Kawauchi’s winning time of 2:15:58 was the slowest since 1976.One likely reason for the unusually slow finishes? Runners faced heavy rain, headwinds and the coldest marathon temperatures in 30 years. Kawauchi was loving the cold, though. “For me, these are the best conditions possible,” he told reporters after the race. read more

Heineken Cup cheat sheet Your guide to this weekends rugby action

first_imgUlster v CastresWhen: Tonight, 8.0pmWhere can I watch? Sky Sports 3.The story so far: Ulster are flying so far this season. They currently top the RaboDirect Pro12 with five wins from five, having played one game fewer than their nearest rivals as their trip to Zebre was postponed after the tragic death of Nevin Spence.Castres, as ever, are ticking along nicely in the Top 14. They have won four, drawn one and lost three games this season with the defeats coming away to fellow Heineken Cup competitors Toulon, Montpelier and Toulouse. Their drawn game was also on the road – a gritty 20-20 finish against Stade Francais in Paris.Team news: The visitors have made nine changes from the side which beat Clermont at home seven days ago. Among those drafted in, is the familiar face of Pedrie Wannenburg who scored the decisive try for Ulster in last season’s Heineken Cup semi-final.Castres coach, Laurent Labit, has retained both first-choice props for the trip, along with second row Rodrigo Capo Ortega, open side Yannick Caballero and backs; Marc Andreu and Daniel Kirkpatrick.Ulster coach Mark Ancombe has been forced to switch Stephen Ferris into the unfamiliar number eight jersey in the absence of Nick Williams, ruled out after suffering a rib injury last week. Ferris’ place on the blindside will be taken by his heir apparent Iain Henderson. Ruan Pienaar is back from international duty with the Springboks, but after a season almost devoid of rest he is placed on the bench. Zebre: D Halangahu; G Venditti, M Pratichetti, G Garcia (c), S Sinoti; L Orquera, T Tebaldi: S Perugini, D Glazzon, L Redolfini; Q Geldenhuys, J Sole; N Belardo, M Bergamasco, D van Schalkwyk.Replacements: C Festuccia, M Aguero, C Fazzari, M van Vuren, F Ferrarini, L Martinelli, R Trevisan, L Sarto.Connacht: R Henshaw; T O’Halloran, E Griffin, D McSharry, F Vainikolo; D Parks, K Marmion: D Buckley, E Reynecke, N White (c); M Swift, M McCarthy;  J Muldoon, W Faloon, G Naoupu.Replacements:  A Flavin, R Ah You, R Loughney, D Gannon, J O’Connor, D Moore, M Nikora, M Fifita. Leinster: I Madigan; A Conway, B O’Driscoll, F McFadden, I Nacewa; J Sexton, E  Reddan: C Healy, R Strauss, M Ross; L Cullen (c), D Browne; K McLaughlin, S Jennings, J Heaslip.Replacements: S Cronin, H van der Merwe, J Hagan, D Toner, L Auva’a, J Murphy, I Boss, F Carr.Exeter Chiefs: L Arscott, I Whitten, P Dollman, J Shoemark, M Jess; G Steenson, H Thomas: B Sturgess, S Alcott, C Rimmer; T Hayes (c), J Hanks; T Johnson, J Scaysbrook, R Baxter.Replacements: C Whitehead, C Budgen, B Moon, A Muldowney, D Mumm, W Chudley, I Mieres, S Naqelevuki. Racing Metro v MunsterWhen: Saturday 1.45pmWhere can I watch? Sky Sports 1.The story so far: It has been a mixed start to the season for Munster. While they have impressed in playing the new expansive style advocated by Rob Penney, they have come up dreadfully short in their big games thus far. The three defeats all came away from home: a narrow reversal to Ulster coming before being outclassed by trophy winners Ospreys and Leinster.Racing currently reside smack, bang in the middle of the Top 14 with four wins and four defeats, the last of which came at home to Montpelier last Saturday, so there is hope for Munster here…Team news: Until, that is, you look at the home team’s front row where the is room for international class only.Andrea lo Cicero is brought in as one of five changes from last week’s defeat. Out-half Ollie Barkley is also promoted into the starting XV.Munster confirmed this week that they would have to go to Paris without the services of Keith Earls and Wian du Preez. Donncha O’Callaghan also failed to recover from a hamstring injury, but (and it’s a very big BUT) Paul O’Connell is back in harness.All of that coming and going means a reshuffle in the pack and the backline. Up front, The Big Dog has displaced Donnacha Ryan, who switches to blindside flanker to provide some extra power in the back row. Ahead of O’Connell and Billy Holland in the second row, there is another switch at hooker where Damien Varley has regained his place ahead of Mike Sherry.Behind the scrum, Earls’ loss has been James Downey’s gain in midfield. And Penney has moved to sate Ian Keatley’s lust for a starting jersey by putting him at fullback, from there he will hope to inject another dimension to the Munster attack. ©INPHO/James CrombieZebre v ConnachtWhen: Saturday 1.45pmWhere can I watch? Sky Sports, but it will be behind the red button.The story so far: The home side have made the most inauspicious of starts to their existence. Five defeats in five games have been adorned by only a single losing bonus point. They currently sit eight points adrift at the foot of the Pro12 table.The bonus point win over Leinster has undoubtedly been the highlight of Connacht’s six games so far. However, they were quickly brought down to earth with the news that Eric Elwood would step down at the end of this season. Seven days after running in five tries against the European champions, Connacht could not manage a single point on the road to Ulster.Team news: Captain Gavin Duffy’s continued absence through injury means new signing Nathan White will lead the western province into their second Heineken Cup campaign. Duffy’s place at fullback is again filled by Rob Henshaw. Elwood has opted to blood some promising young talents in Parma. Kieran Marmion is chosen to partner wily old Dan Parks and Denis Buckley (tipped for big things) will start at loose head after impressing against Leinster and Ulster in recent weeks. Schmidt: Leinster not defending the Heineken Cup, just one of 24 contendersMuller: Tragedy reminds us just how lucky we are to play rugbycenter_img Ulster: J Payne; T Bowe, D Cave, P Wallace, A Trimble; P Jackson, P Marshall; T Court, R Best, J Afoa, J Muller (c), D Tuohy, I Henderson, C Henry, S Ferris.Replacements: R Herring, C Black, A Macklin, L Stevenson, M McComish, R Pienaar, L Marshall, C Gilroy.Castres: R Teulet; M Garvey, S Bai, D Kirkpatrick, M Andreu; P Bernard, T Lecrampe; Y Forestier, M Bonello, M Coetzee; M Rolland (c), R Capo Ortega; P Faasalele, Y Caballero, P Wannenberg.Replacements: M Rallier, G Marmoiton, H Lazar, J Tekori, A Claassen, R Kockott, P Bonnefond, T Sanchou. Leinster v Exeter ChiefsWhen: Saturday, 3.40pmWhere can I watch? Sky Sports 1.The story so far: As you may already be aware, the reigning champions of Europe have not had it all their own way this season. A spate of first team injuries depleted their resources in the early season fixtures and they needed some heavy soul-searching after shipping six tries in Llanelli and five in Connacht. Since then though, things have been looking up. The win over Munster, the easing of the injuries arising from that game and a home tie to open their defence of the big cup.Team news: Despite being reduced to the bare bones by the 70th minute of last Saturday’s win over Munster, Joe Schmidt has been able to named an unchanged backline this afternoon. The pack includes two changes, but only because of front-liners Cian Healy and Leo Cullen have returned to full fitness.Neither Rob Kearney or Gordon D’Arcy have proved their fitness, but Isaac Boss (unavailable since hyper-extending his elbow in the opening night defeat against Scarlets) is one of just two backs on the bench as Joe Schmidt includes extra back-row cover in the formidable shape of Leo Auva’a. Racing Metro: B Fall; J Jane, M Bergamasco, F Estebanez, J Saubade; O Barkley, M Machenaud: A lo Cicero, D Szarzewski, L Ducalcon; K Ghezal, F van der Merwe; A Battut, J Cronjes (c), M Matadigo.Replacements: T Bianchin, E Ben Arous, B Sa, F Metz, B la Roux, C Gerondeau, S Descons, V Vakatawa.Munster: I Keatley; D Howlett (c), C Laulala, J Downey, S Zebo; R O’Gara, C Murray. D Kilcoyne, D Varley, BJ Botha; B Holland, P O’Connell; D Ryan, S Dougall, P O’Mahony.Replacements: M Sherry, M Horan, S Archer, D O’Callaghan, P Butler, P Stringer, D Barnes, D Hurley. Heineken Cup build-up: Elwood determined to haze the new boyslast_img read more

Man hospitalised after stabbing in Tipperary

first_imgA 22-YEAR-OLD is in stable condition in hospital after being stabbed in the early hours of this morning in Tipperary.The incident occurred at the entrance road to Móin Na Cíbe (Monakeeba), Thurles. The 22-year-old sustained multiple stab wounds and was taken by ambulance to Clonmel Hospital where his condition is described as stable.A knife was recovered near to the scene by gardaí in follow-up searches and a man in his 30 has been arrested. He is currently detained at Thurles Garda Station.The scene is preserved for a technical and forensic examination.Anyone with information is asked to contact Thurles Garda Station 0504-25100 or the Garda Confidential Line 1800 66 111.Read: Man dead and another seriously injured after early morning stabbing in Shankill>last_img read more

TUI recommends rejection of Croke Park II proposals

first_imgTHE TEACHERS’ UNION of Ireland is to put the Croke Park extension proposals to its members in a ballot – and is recommending they reject them.In a statement this evening, the TUI said that its executive committee met this afternoon to consider the proposals that emerged from public service talks as they apply to the education sector.It added: The TUI executive has decided that the proposals should be put to a ballot of TUI members, with a recommendation to reject.The TUI represents in excess of 15,000 members at second and third level.RTÉ reports that a second teachers’ union, the Irish Federation of University Teachers, has also recommended its members vote against the proposed agreement.This morning, the AHCPS, which represents more than 2,700 public sector workers, also recommended a No vote on Croke Park II.Read: Civil servant union to recommend No vote on Croke Park II> The overwhelming view was that the proposals are deficient in many respects.last_img read more

Minister denies resource issue in area where 13 patients have died by

first_imgUpdated: 8.20pmKATHLEEEN LYNCH HAS denied there is a shortage of mental health staff in the Carlow-Kilkenny-South Tipperary area after it emerged that nine senior doctors have withdrawn confidence in the service.Some 13 patients have died by suicide in the area in the last two years, with a further four “serious incidents” being recorded.The group of nine consultant psychiatrists wrote to Lynch, the junior minister with responsibility for mental health, in June 2013 to express their “serious concerns” about local services in light of nine fatalities from August 2011 to January 2013.These included three suicides of in-patients by the same means, four suicides in home-based settings and a further suicide in a crisis house.Four more deaths by suicide have since occurred.RTÉ’s This Week programme received the letter under the Freedom of Information Act.‘No resource issue’Speaking on the radio show today, Lynch denied that she had ignored the doctors’ concerns, noting that she had passed the information on to the HSE.She said that the Carlow-Kilkenny-South Tipperary mental health service “one of the best-resourced services in the country” with 658 employees.“There is no resource issue there,” she stated.Lynch said that a report into services in the area was commissioned in December 2013.When asked why there was a six-month gap from her receiving the letter to the establishment of the report, she said “I felt there wasn’t a need for [a report before then].”I’m a great believer in checking your facts … and getting outside experts to come in a take a look.Lynch asked the nine doctors who sent the letter to engage in discussions with the department of health, the HSE and the Mental Health Commission.The nine senior doctors raised their concerns with the HSE about the management of the service in November 2012 and on a number of subsequent occasions.‘Incredibly alarmed’Dr Alan Moore, a retired psychiatrist from the area, said that the doctors had received “no adequate response” from Lynch or the HSE.He said the number of patients’ deaths by suicide were “extraordinary”, adding he was ”incredibly alarmed by the lack of action”.Dr Moore noted that he expected ”a much more robust and instant response” given the ”unusual and very high number of tragedies being reported”.The HSE has previously stated that the number of deaths by service users were in line with figures from previous years.Dr Damien Sharpe, a GP working in Clonmel, said that the home-based treatment teams, which cover 100,000 people, were under-staffed.Lynch denied this, saying they had 200 employees.Dr Sharpe said that the nine doctors ”have been going through the proper channels all along but my feeling is that they haven’t been listened to”.The service in its current format is not working … it has in the past and it continues to fail its patients.Lynch said that the report into services in the area was due soon and she would act on its recommendations.“When we get a report that people are dying within the service … we take it very, very seriously,” she added.‘Wake-up call’Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Mental Health, Colm Keaveney, said the number of deaths were “harrowing and should be a serve as a wake-up call” for Lynch and her department.“The Minister claims that the service in Carlow-Kilkenny-South Tipperary is the best resourced in the country, so why are the suicide and self-harm numbers so high?“The current system is not working and it must be changed to meet the needs of service users. The only way this can be done is speaking with nurses, doctors and patients, not so-called experts who have no appreciation for the situation within these institutions and in the homes of service users,” Keaveney stated.Sinn Féin Health Spokesperson Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin said it was ”very serious” that the psychiatrists had withdrawn their confidence in the HSE management of the service.He called on Lynch to come before the Dáil this week and “explain how this situation has arisen and what she is going to do about it.”Originally published: 2.56pmHelplines: Teen-Line Ireland 1800 833 634 (for ages 13 to 19) Samaritans 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.org  Console 1800 201 890 – (suicide prevention, self-harm, bereavement) Pieta House 01 601 0000 or email mary@pieta.ie – (suicide, self-harm, bereavement)center_img Aware 1890 303 302 (depression, anxiety) Read: Improved mental health supports needed for Irish familiesRead: Struggling with your mental health, but don’t know where to turn? This can help Childline 1800 66 66 66 (for under 18s)last_img read more

Greffe totale du visage évolution positive pour cette première mondiale

first_imgGreffe totale du visage : évolution positive pour cette première mondialeEspagne – L’ancien agriculteur espagnol qui avait reçu une greffe totale du visage fin mars voit son état “évoluer favorablement” a indiqué samedi la porte-parole de l’hôpital barcelonais de Vall d’Hebron à l’AFP.Une équipe de trente personnes s’était mobilisée durant près de 24 heures pour mener à bien l’intervention, rendue possible grâce au visage d’un donneur victime de mort cérébrale. Le patient avait ainsi pu recevoir peau, mâchoires, menton, nez, joues, dents et muscles. D’après le Dr Joan Pere Barret, le chirurgien qui a dirigé l’équipe médicale, une seule cicatrice, ressemblant à une simple ride, serait visible au niveau du cou.À lire aussiCette vidéo retrace l’évolution de nos ancêtres en moins de 2 minutesL’homme avait été défiguré accidentellement il y a cinq ans après avoir pointé une arme sur son visage. D’après l’hôpital, le traumatisme avait causé  la perte du nez, des fosses nasales, la déformation des maxillaires de la zone naso-ethmoïdale, des pommettes, des lèvres, de la bouche et des parties souples du visage. Seuls ses yeux et sa langue avaient pu être conservés.La représentante de l’hôpital a expliqué que plus aucune information concernant le patient anonyme et son intervention ne serait divulguée à la presse. “Le patient doit récupérer” a-t-elle ajouté, “nous verrons plus tard si nous faisons une nouvelle présentation”. Le patient devra encore être hospitalisé durant deux mois, et être soumis pendant quatre mois à des contrôles médicaux.Avant cette opération, aucune greffe totale n’avait encore été réalisée dans le monde. Dix greffes partielles du visage avaient cependant été pratiquées en France, aux États-Unis, en Chine et en Espagne, a rappelé le Dr Barret dans son communiqué. En 2005, la France avait été pionnière en la matière en réalisant une transplantation faciale sur une femme défigurée par la morsure d’un chien.Le 26 avril 2010 à 11:32 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Activists oppose plan to widen I-5

first_imgPORTLAND — Transportation and environmental activists called on Portland city officials to reject a proposed Interstate 5 expansion aimed at reducing crashes and congestion.More than 350 people and 26 groups have signed a letter that asked the city to not support the $450 million expansion on the stretch of roadway running through the heart of Portland, The Oregonian/OregonLive reported Thursday.The project would only be a temporary fix, activists said, as it would prompt city residents to drive more, causing more pollution and leaving the congestion issue unresolved.The Oregon Department of Transportation proposed the project, which officials said would address one of the state’s worst highway bottlenecks and save commuters time on the roadway.Department officials said the project would also add an auxiliary lane to connect the on- and off-ramps that is expected to reduce crashes because of merging.The expansion was among the projects singled out for funding in the state Legislature’s $5.3 billion transportation package earlier this year.The opposition to the project comes as the Portland City Council begins deliberations on a plan for the central part of the city that includes the expansion project.last_img read more

Kapil Sharma Show Chandan Prabhakar alleges ill treatment by Kapil Sharma Salman

first_imgChandan Prabhakar in The Kapil Sharma ShowSony TVThere’s no stopping the Kapil Sharma Show from witnessing a massive increase in the fan following day after day. Despite being through a number of ups and downs and a fair share of controversies, the show has maintained its steady run at the TRP meter.The show which sees a number of celebrities from different walks of life, recently had Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif grace the couch. Apart from many funny moments and hilarious one-liners, the show also saw guests pulling pranks at each other.Amidst all this, it was Chandan Prabhakar who accused Kapil Sharma of ill-treatment on the show. What’s more? Even Salman agreed with Kapil and said that Chandan deserves such a treatment. Shocked? Well, before you jump to conclusions, let us tell you that it all happened during the show as a part of the script.As per a report in India Today, Chandan told Salman Khan, “dekhiye aisa treatment hota hai mere saath,” to which Salman said, “Itna achcha?” When Chandan questioned why he isn’t given the same facilities in his van like the other stars of the show. Not missing an opportunity to pull his leg, Salman questioned Kapil why has Chandan been given a van at all.At his humorous best, Salman even poked fun at Archana Puran Singh, who had replaced Navjot Singh Sidhu after the Pulwama controversy owing to his statements. When Archana asked for her Eidi, Salman said that she should be thankful that she is getting the cheques which are not bouncing.Sunil Grover, who was an integral part of the show earlier, didn’t come to promote the film Bharat along with Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. On being asked whether he plans on joining the show back, Sunil had said that he has a number of other commitments and has no plans of coming back to the show.last_img read more

Trump says US has gotten nothing from Pakistan aid

first_imgUS President Donald Trump tweets on ‘foolishly’ giving aid to Pakistan. File Photo: ReutersUS President Donald Trump said on Monday the United States has “foolishly” handed Pakistan more than $33 billion in aid over the last 15 years while getting nothing in return, and pledged to put a stop to it.”They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!” Trump wrote on Twitter. “The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools.”A National Security Council official on Monday said the White House does not plan to send $255 million in aid to Pakistan “at this time” and said “the administration continues to review Pakistan’s level of cooperation.” In August, the administration had said it was delaying the payment.Pakistan’s foreign minister, Khawaja M. Asif, wrote on Twitter “We will respond to President Trump’s tweet shortly inshallah…Will let the world know the truth…difference between facts & fiction.”It was not immediately clear what prompted Trump’s criticism of Pakistan but he has long complained that Islamabad is not doing enough to tackle Islamist militants.The New York Times reported on Dec. 29 that U.S. officials had sought but been denied access to a member of the Taliban-linked Haqqani network captured in Pakistan who potentially could provide information about at least one American hostage.In countering US criticism, Pakistan says it has launched military operations to push out militants from its soil and that 17,000 Pakistanis have died fighting militants or in bombings and other attacks since 2001.Michael Kugelman, senior associate for South Asia at the Woodrow Wilson Center, cautioned that people should not “overstate the significance of Trump’s tweet for policy.”Kugelman noted Trump tweeted in October that relations with Pakistan were improving, when some experts suggested they were not. “Still, this is an administration that has repeatedly vowed to take a harder line and has strongly considered an aid cut. So was Trump’s tweet meant to preview a coming shift in policy? I’d certainly bet on the possibility,” Kugelman said.In a speech last month in Afghanistan to US troops, Vice President Mike Pence said “for too long Pakistan has provided safe haven to the Taliban and many terrorist organizations, but those days are over. President Trump has put Pakistan on notice.”Hamdullah Mohib, Afghanistan’s ambassador in Washington said in a Twitter posting that Trump’s tweet was a “promising message to Afghans who have suffered at the hands of terrorists based in Pakistan for far too long.”US Senator Rand Paul said on Twitter he would lead the charge in the Senate to end aid to Pakistan. “Let’s make this happen,” he said.The Pakistan embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Monday.last_img read more

Barasat Municipality conducts massive antidengue drive

first_imgKolkata: Barasat Municipality has started a massive drive against dengue and other mosquitoes-borne diseases round the year as precautionary measures.The Health department of the municipality has undertaken various campaigns to combat dengue and other mosquitoes-borne diseases. It is also organising awareness campaigns at various wards under its jurisdiction urging people to ensure there is no empty cups, broken furniture and other used materials kept on the their rooftop or in nearby areas.A six-member team has already been formed by the Health department of the civic body to constantly monitor the drive.Members of the conservancy team have been visiting houses and examining if the water is accumulated in the flower vases, tray of refrigerators, pots or empty cups inside or around the households. The conservancy team has also been instructed to carry out drive in under construction buildings that often become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.The health workers have been asked to visit individual houses and housing complexes to examine the overhead tanks and underground reservoirs. The owners of individual houses and the housing complexes are being asked to take up the issue immediately, if the reservoirs are not covered properly.Champak Das, Chairman-in-Council (CIC) of the health department at Barasat Municipality said the anti-dengue drive was started from January and will continue throughout the year as a precautionary measure.”Our conservancy team has been carrying out a survey for eight days in a month at each ward where people are urged to be vigilant so that water does not get accumulated in pots. The health workers are also examining the terraces of various houses, empty cups, refrigerators’ trays during their visit to each household. We send the survey reports to the health department on a daily basis,” Das said.Anti-mosquitoe repellents have been sprayed through fogging machines. As many as 11 fogging machines have been procured by the municipality, Das said. He also mentioned that two health centers have been set up at Madhyabaluria and Badu, each having the facility of testing blood samples. Elisa tests are also being conducted at these health centers.No dengue cases have so far been reported from Barasat due to prolonged campaign by the civic authorities. Leaflets are being distributed among people mentioning the Do’s and Dont’s to combat the disease.last_img read more

Why a new logo

first_img Facebook Comments Everyone needsa new look once in a while. And while The Tico Times’ new logotype seems like a radical change from that of our old site, it’s really not. In fact, there’s a lot of hidden history behind the green circle that’s literally turning the page, and behind the retro text.Tico Times creative director Haime Luna and wife Gerrie Gómez spent days researching the topic. They used the The Tico Times’ original font from 1956 – Futura – and Times New Roman, which was used in a second launch of the paper in 1972. (Our new isotype – the green circle with the “T” – is in Times New Roman and the new logo is in Futura.)You probably noticed the smiling sun has disappeared – but in a way it hasn’t. We kept the circle and the original Times New Roman “T” to pay tribute to the newspaper’s history. And if you look again at the folded-over edge of the logo, you’ll see the sun is still winking at you!Our new logo is designed to be functional online, meaning you can recognize it in any format, big or small, whether it’s a Twitter icon or at the top of our home page.To give you an idea how it evolved, here are some of Haime’s earlier designs:Logo proposal No. 1: The Times MemorabiliaHere we see the circle and the original “T,” which are meant to show that we recognize what the print weekly has accomplished over the years, and that this legacy is at the center of what we do today.Logo proposal No. 2: The TicoWe liked the vivacity of this logo, which was inspired by the traditional Costa Rican oxcart, but we were worried the psychedelia might confuse people of our intentions. Plus, the isotype didn’t work when shrunk to a smaller size.Logo proposal No. 3: The ExplorerA more holistic design, we ultimately felt this one was a little too Bob Dylan.Logo proposal No. 4: The ObserverThe soberest of the four earlier designs, the “Observer” reflects transparency and serious journalism, and is set in the colors of the Costa Rican flag. But we needed a little more flexibility and versatility. (A little more Bob Dylan.)The WinnerWe were pretty close with the first four proposals. But sometimes the best idea comes from putting your earlier ideas into a blender and seeing what comes out. See if you can spot the elements from these earlier designs in our final logo. Related posts:Watch a video of the best Tico Times front pages from our old print editionlast_img read more

FHFA Watchdog Critical on GSE Aged Repurchase Fees

first_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Fannie Mae FHFA Freddie Mac Investors Lenders & Servicers Service Providers 2014-02-17 Colin Robins Share February 17, 2014 517 Views in Government, Secondary Market, Uncategorizedcenter_img FHFA Watchdog Critical on GSE Aged Repurchase Fees A “”report””:http://fhfaoig.gov/Content/Files/AUD-2014-009.pdf released last week by the “”Federal Housing Finance Agency””:http://www.fhfa.gov/ (FHFA) “”Office of the Inspector General””:http://fhfaoig.gov/ (OIG) was critical of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s collection of late fees. The report criticized the two for poor management of late fee collection, noting fees were either not consistently collected or collected at all.[IMAGE]Findings were outlined in the OIG’s report, “”FHFA Oversight of Enterprise Handling of Aged Repurchase Demands.””The report notes that FHFA ordered Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to “”develop consistent timelines and collection standards for fees and penalties and additional types of penalties and remedies.””FHFA let each enterprise establish its own model for penalizing servicers and collecting late fees.As a result, Freddie Mac continued to employ its existing model for collecting late fees.[COLUMN_BREAK]””By inconsistently waiving, enforcing, and excepting late fees through 2012, the Enterprise missed assessing up to $284 million in late fees that are now unlikely to be collected–losses that taxpayers ultimately bore,”” the report commented.Worse yet, Fannie Mae collected no late fees, citing a concern over the projected $5.4 million implementation cost to manage late fee collection. However, the OIG charges Fannie Mae did not consider the benefits–potentially $284 million from 2009 to 2012.The report also noted that Fannie Mae had a higher volume of unresolved repurchase demands than Freddie Mac, and could have potentially collected more than the estimated figure.Ultimately, the FHFAOIG recommended three suggestions going forward.First, quantify the benefit of implementing a repurchase late fee program at Fannie Mae to compare the cost versus benefits of the program.Second, direct Freddie Mac to develop a late fee report to be routinely sent to FHFA that expands on information related to late fees.Finally, direct Freddie Mac to provide FHFA with information on assessed but uncollected late fees associated with 2013 bulk settlements. The Inspector General wants the fees to be considered in the negotiations and documented in accordance with the Office of Conservatorship Operations (OCO)’s Settlement Policy.In a reponse, FHFA agreed with OIG’s recommendations.last_img read more