Domain security national standards to send the Ministry of audit operation and maintenance instituti

reporter recently learned from the North dragon net joint Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) and other units jointly initiated the formulation of a domain name security seven series of standards has completed the Communication Standardization Association audit, Ministry of audit is sent. After the adoption of the series of standards by the Ministry of industry, and will have passed the two safety standards together, constitute a series of technical standards to regulate the safe operation of the domain name. read more

n the Spring Festival of apple, Jonathan Lee sang, congratulations

Apple wants Jonathan Lee to give you a new year song.


Spring Festival is approaching, old king Andy Lau "Congratulation" song is not to spread throughout the high streets and back lanes but this year, you will also hear? Another version, apple invited another Chinese music Godfather Jonathan Lee to re interpretation of this song.

in this section directed by the famous director Stanley Kwan’s 60 second commercials, highlighting the Narcissus, the character, the traditional red Chinese elements of the Spring Festival, but Jonathan Lee and Li Jianqing, an apprentice white singing folk songs "Congratulations", is the violin, guitar and keyboard Remix these Western musical accompaniment, interspersed among the re arrangement of the pop music section. It also reflects the idea of Apple wants to integrate Chinese and Western culture, so that the entire advertising standards consistent with the brand’s temperament. read more

Three bitcoin platform all suspended bitcoin withdrawals business

bitcoin China 9 evening announcement, with immediate effect will suspend bitcoin, Wright currency withdrawals business. Notice that the lift is to further suppress the bitcoin market speculation, the possibility to prevent bitcoin illegal pyramid selling activities, foreign exchange and money laundering. At this point, the fire currency network, OKCoin bitcoin and bitcoin China’s three largest bitcoin trading platform suspended bitcoin, Wright currency withdrawals.

On the afternoon of 8

, the central bank interviewed 9 bitcoin trading platform including "China bitcoin, bitcoin trading network, bitcoin", "cloud money net", "gold", "BTC100", "poly currency net", "money shellfish network", "big fire so, the content involved in anti money laundering. read more

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of network accounting in e-commerce environment

in today’s economic development, e-commerce more and more people’s lives. With the expansion of e-commerce, e-commerce is not only a simple transaction between individuals to buy and sell, but the enterprise and consumers, enterprises and suppliers of the active platform. Business transactions in the payment of goods, raw materials, such as the purchase is completed on the network. Financial related issue, documents and so on is also passed to the virtual electronic form. The form of accounting in e-commerce has been different from the actual accounting operation. Paperless, recessive, electronic, etc. are some of the characteristics of electronic commerce accounting. Electronic commerce is a new product of the development of information in our country, and the standardization of electronic commerce is not enough, so there are many advantages in the operation of electronic commerce. In this paper, the advantages and disadvantages will be discussed. read more

The whole point of operation strategy of B2c website

seems to be a lot of people do B2C mall have such an idea: B2C mall are just beginning to burn. Many of the B2C’s leaders seem to be looking forward to the long term: the loss of a few years, a good reputation. A few years later, however, the website has disappeared from our eyes. The other day also contact with such a field in a B2C mall, many employees, the cost is also a lot of efforts, the establishment of the website about nearly a year, almost all rely on advertising to maintain network traffic, conversion rate of about one thousand. This B2C uses the open source mall, their products. But sales are very low, so many companies do not know what the staff was busy all day, we often see a lot of claims to invest millions of B2C mall, spent a lot of money but shrinking finally collapsed, and spend so much money to go on some promotion path rather than spend on the goods, so that consumers feel the price can have a reputation effect allowing users to help you promote. read more

Ali integrated Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan platform

text / Zhang fifteen

March 6th, Alibaba group’s China retail platform (Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan) unified planning and management.

Taobao President Zhang Jianfeng (line epilepsy) will serve as China’s retail platform (Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan) responsible person, to Ali group COO Zhang Yong (Xiaoyao) report. This will strengthen the resource integration and unified planning between the various platforms, and to strengthen and protect the organizational form, do deep do new "Taobao, Tmall, universal quality Juhuasuan activity". Alibaba group will as in the past to provide consumers with the best shopping experience and shopping options for businesses to provide more fair and effective dynamic operating environment, continue to lead the social trends and the development of the industry to promote consumption. read more