MF units held by NRIs in Mauritius Singapore decline

first_imgMumbai: Mutual Fund (MF) units held by non-residents in Mauritius and Singapore declined after the amendment in double taxation avoidance agreements (DTAA) with them for withdrawal of capital gains exemption in a phased manner, effective April 2017, according to an RBI survey. The survey covers 44 Indian MF companies and their asset management companies (AMCs), which held or acquired foreign assets and/or liabilities during 2018-19 and/or in the preceding year. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscal”Foreign liabilities of MF companies ($13.5 billion) in the form of non-residents’ investments in the units substantially exceeded their foreign assets in the form of overseas equity investments ($0.7 billion) in March 2019 with both foreign liabilities and foreign assets recording increases during 2018-19,” it said. The UAE, the UK and the USA were the largest investors together accounting for one-third of the MF units held by non-residents. According to the survey, foreign liabilities in units of MF companies at face value in the case of Mauritius declined 43.1 per cent at the end of March 2019 over the previous year. In the case of Singapore, the decline was 16.6 per cent during the same period. The survey further said that in the case of asset management companies of non-residents in the UK held over half of the foreign liabilities of AMCs in March 2019. On the other hand, AMCs’ equity liabilities to non-residents in Japan, Mauritius and Hong Kong declined during the year.last_img read more

Jet crisis Plea on consumer redressal deferred to May 1

first_imgNew Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday adjourned hearing on a plea seeking prompt redressal of consumer complaints in the wake of the ongoing Jet Airways crisis. The court said that it will hear the plea on May 1. The application was filed by consumer rights activist Bejon K. Misra, whose earlier plea seeking capping of airfares charged by various airlines in the country, is still pending before the court. In Monday’s interim application, the petitioner claimed that passengers had been severely affected owing to the sudden suspension of Jet Airways services and sought directions to the government to allow them a full refund on their tickets with a reasonable compensation, or to arrange for alternative travel for them to reach their destinations. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details The petitioner’s counsel Advocate Shashank Deo Sudhi said that with more than 100 flights cancelled without prior notice, passengers were constrained to run from pillar to post to manage their urgent official and personal commitments. The need to seek alternative modes of travel, or seats, on other airlines urgently was resulting in chaos as other airlines were profiteering out of the crisis, he said. “It is common knowledge that all the competitor airlines have exorbitantly increased their fares and the vulnerable consumers are constrained to suffer not only in terms of money but also in terms of mental harassment of an unprecedented scale,” read the application. Misra has earlier told the court that the authorities were behaving like “silent spectators” to the “arbitrary” air fares. He said that in the absence of any effective aviation sector regulator, there is a looming crisis in the country.last_img read more

Brave Miss World A MoroccanJewish MeToo

By Hajare El KhaldiRabat – Emmy-nominated director Cecilia Peck opens up to Morocco World News about her documentary Brave Miss World, and her strive to break the silence surrounding rape and sexual assault years before the #MeToo movement brought the issue into the mainstream.When 18-year-old Linor Abargil was crowned the Miss World 1998, she seemed to have it all:  a year of charity benefits and world renown to boost her modeling career. However, beneath the crown, she had suffered a gut-wrenching trauma, just seven weeks prior. In October, 1998, Abargil was kidnapped, stabbed and raped by Uri Schlomo Nur, an Italian travel agent associated with her modeling agency, while beginning her modeling career in Italy. Soon after, Abargil managed to escape and call her mother in Israel, marking the start of her long journey towards justice.Abargil reported the crime and presented DNA evidence in Italy, before traveling home to Tel Aviv.However, Italian authorities initially released the alleged rapist for lack of evidence, pushing Abargil to seek the help of Israeli authorities, who issued an arrest warrant for Nur under his name prior to his conversion to Judaism, Selman Noor.After being tricked into returning to Israel, Nur was convicted for rape and sentenced 16 years in prison, with DNA evidence found in his car serving as the basis for his sentence.In spite of her own trauma, Abargil began to speak out about her experience and meet with other rape survivors. In her healing journey, she traveled from South Africa to Israel, and then on to American campuses, aiming to expose violence against women.In order to reach out to more rape survivors, Abargil set out for Los Angeles looking for a woman director who would help tell her story.“She felt that the worst moment in her life, which was being the victim of a terrifying abduction, stabbing and rape — and the high point of life, which was being crowned Miss World, must have happened so close together for a reason,” said Cecilia Peck who took on the mission of telling Abargil’s to the world.Peck added, “Linor had no shame in telling us about what she had been through. ‘Why should I be ashamed?’ she said, ‘The fault was his, not mine.’ Linor wanted to make a film about her fight for justice, and her journey toward healing, in the hopes of encouraging other survivors of rape around the world not to be ashamed and not to stay silent.”Peck underscored her interest in Abargil’s relationship with her mother, who buoyed her daughter with unconditional love and support throughout her healing process.“Linor comes from a very close, tightly knit Moroccan-Jewish family, who gave her a lot of support when she was raped, and the film goes into depth in her family relationships and background,” affirmed the director.Despite the poignancy of the story, documentary production was not an easy process. On one hand, Brave Miss World faced major funding problems, especially stigma surrounding the topic of rape and sexual assault before the recent hype of the #MeToo movement.“Inbal Lessner and I made the film before the #MeToo and the #TimesUp movements. We were very alone as we set out to document Linor’s story. There was no movement to support Linor and the other women who broke their silence for our cameras. But their courage was so inspiring, and Brave Miss World was one of the first films to look at what happens when women try to report rape. Now we’re seeing a huge cultural shift and massive support for women who are demanding justice,” declared Peck.On the other hand, it was hard for Abargil to speak about rape and support others while still facing her own demons: she had to walk away from the project for six months at one point in production.“It was challenging to find the balance between remaining sensitive to how triggering it could be to them, while also managing shooting days on shoestring budgets and keeping the production going. But all of the women interviewed in the film wanted to be part of something that could help other survivors feel less ashamed and less alone,” said Peck.As a result of Abargil’s case, laws were enhanced in Israel giving more rights to rape survivors. However, Abargil’s aims were higher: she wanted to help women on a global scale and set out to create dialogue around the sweeping changes in the mainstream culture today.In fact, the Emmy-nominated documentary continues to make changes through screenings on over 200 college campuses and around the world.With over 7,200,000 visitors, the Brave Miss World website provides a safe haven for rape survivors, making it the number one website for those seeking to share their stories. “We are very proud of our outreach component, which offers resources and a safe, curated space for survivors to support each other online,” declared the director.Peck wishes that these changes would reach Morocco, and that more women would be willing to speak up, and help alleviate the gender disparities.“I believe that there is a great need for advancement of the implementation of women’s rights in Morocco, and our team salutes all of the women who are speaking up there and making a difference.”Brave Miss World was recently screened at 21st edition of the New York Sephardic Jewish Festival, which dedicated its opening night to Moroccan Gnawa music. read more

Eli Manning Is Profoundly Mediocre

We’re launching a sports newsletter. 🏆  Join the squad. Subscribe Among that group, Eli Manning ranks either last, or ahead of only Testaverde,1In Testaverde’s defense, he spent nearly a decade toiling away on some bad Buccaneers and Browns teams. in nearly every season-indexed rate stat: completion rate, yards per attempt, interception rate, passer rating, adjusted yards per attempt, net yards per attempt and adjusted net yards per attempt.But Manning is not just terrible at being great — he regularly tests the lower boundaries of even being good. He has finished among the top 10 in ESPN’s Total Quarterback Rating just four times out of the 11 seasons for which QBR has been calculated; his average rank is a middling 16th. He has finished among the top 10 in passer rating just once in 12 starting campaigns, finishing an average of 18th. From 2004, when Manning entered the league, through Week 1 of 2017, he was in the bottom half of both season-indexed passer rating and season-indexed adjusted net yards per attempt2PFR’s Advanced Passing table contextualizes passing rate stats by indexing them to the league average over three seasons with the given season in the middle. 100 is average, higher is better. See the PFR Glossary for details. (among quarterbacks with at least 50 starts): Even after Eli Manning’s 200 consecutive regular-season NFL starts, quantifying his career is difficult.Manning is in his 14th season, and nearly every one has felt like a crossroads. Which quarterback would show up for the Giants: the one capable of winning two Super Bowl MVPs — or the one capable of leading the NFL in interceptions for three seasons?The answer was probably somewhere in between. Manning has been reliably, and historically, mediocre.Only 10 quarterbacks in NFL history have started at least 200 games, according to, and the list is a who’s who of all-time legends: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Fran Tarkenton, Dan Marino, Brett Favre, Warren Moon and John Elway. And Eli Manning. And, OK, Vinny Testaverde — but still.Save Eli Manning and Testaverde, all have been enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame or are virtually certain to be.What to expect from the Lions vs. Giants The truth is, the NFL’s eighth all-time leading passer has produced like a below-average starter across his entire career. That average contains some really low points, like his miserable 27-interception 2013 season, when he finished 35th in passer rating in a league with just 32 teams.But that is as close as Manning has come to truly poor play. That reliability — that no matter how much he teases us with flashes of greatness, he at least definitely won’t be bad — has prompted the Giants to lean on him for more than a decade. What’s more, he’s rewarded that trust: Tonight, Manning will make his 212th consecutive start, the longest active Ironman streak in the NFL — and third-longest in the history of the league.Above all, that may be Manning’s greatest skill: just being there. Since he took the starting quarterback job away from Kurt Warner in November 2004, the Giants have not had to worry about the position, allowing the team to devote resources and draft picks to other areas. By comparison, the Giants’ roommates, the Jets, have started 15 quarterbacks in this span. The Cleveland Browns have started 23.But considering that Eli will turn 37 in January, how much longer can the Giants expect this to last? Quarterbacks seldom hang on to starting jobs beyond age 35. Then again, elite quarterbacks have blown past this expiration date — especially in recent years. Brady and Brees combine for 78 years of life, and together, they threw for more than 800 passing yards when they faced off on Sunday. Favre, Moon and Eli’s brother Peyton all played some of their most efficient football very near the end of their starting career. So maybe Eli Manning will soon reach a never-before-seen level of performance?But even his best passing performance, in 2011, still couldn’t match up with the best of his peers’. He threw for 501 more yards than he ever had before or ever has since, but 543 fewer than Brees that season. Manning gained an impressive average of 8.4 yards per attempt, but Aaron Rodgers gained an average of 9.2. Manning’s passer rating in 2011, 92.9, was worlds away from the NFL-record 122.5 that Rodgers posted that season.Even if Manning finds another level sometime soon, he’ll still be several levels shy of Brady, Brees and Rodgers’ best.In some ways, Manning is a throwback: A high-risk, high-reward passer who is rarely efficient but sometimes makes big plays in big moments. A Joe Namath in an era when offensive innovations have made the average NFL quarterback better than Roger Staubach.3Hall of Famer Roger Staubach’s career average completion rate (57 percent), TD/INT ratio (1.4:1) and passer rating (83.4) were all below 2016 NFL team passing averages (63.0 percent, 1.9:1, 87.6). All newsletters But this is why advanced statistics exist: to help isolate a player’s performance from that of his teammates’ (hello, defensive lines and David Tyree) and to compare his performances against those of his peers. That analysts at major outlets were still citing rings and wins to claim that Eli is better than Peyton as late as 2013 is proof that we still need to look deeper.A handful of high-leverage highlights can’t outweigh hundreds of games’ worth of mediocre play, not when we’re trying to pick the best of the best. But then, Eli Manning has never been one of the best.No, the most prolifically mediocre quarterback in NFL history is in a class all by himself.Check out our latest NFL predictions. read more

Opinion Cincinnati Reds should trade Aroldis Chapman before its too late

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman celebrates the final out in the 9th inning against the Miami Marlins at Marlins Park in Miami on July 31. The Reds won, 3-1. Credit: Courtesy of TNSA good closer is a luxury for non-contending teams.Although the 2015 season has just begun, the Cincinnati Reds must seriously consider trading Aroldis Chapman.The flame-throwing left-hander has been a mainstay in the Reds’ bullpen since his major league debut in 2010. Featuring a fastball that routinely reaches the triple digits and a crippling slider, Chapman has established himself as one of the premier late-inning guys in MLB, perhaps only surpassed by Craig Kimbrel, formerly of the Atlanta Braves.Despite the incredible success he’s sustained in Cincinnati, including three All-Star appearances, the Reds must look to move Chapman quickly if they plan on contending in the near future. The Sunday trade between the Braves and San Diego Padres, which moved the equally unhittable Kimbrel to San Diego, should serve as an impetus to get a deal done.Despite his reputation as the best closer in the game, Atlanta could only recoup a modest return for Kimbrel. The Braves had to lower their asking price in order to get the Padres to pick up Melvin Upton Jr.’s massive contract.If the Reds were to try to deal Chapman, their return, in a vacuum, would likely be a little less than what Kimbrel would have fetched. But since this is the MLB, and not a vacuum, the Reds are positioned to reap a bounty.Any one of the teams expected to contend this season would be thrilled to have Chapman’s services, and most would be willing to part with one or two premium prospects in order to get a deal done.With the best closer in the game already on the move, the market has shrunk.  The demand for a dominant stopper like Chapman will not be higher than it is right now.The Reds must move quickly while they have leverage.  Though it would be disappointing for many Cincinnati fans to see the team selling pieces so early in the season, that disappointment would turn into optimism when they see the bounty the Reds obtained in return.Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that Aroldis Chapman pitches right handed, when in fact, he throws left handed. read more

LG to ship 55inch curved OLED TVs before the end of 2013

first_imgWe’ve been hearing about how great OLED TVs are going to be for years now. Low power use, much more vibrant colors, and screens that are as thin as a sheet of paper. But they haven’t appeared yet, or at least not at a price point that makes them mass market affordable, or large enough to replace your main TV.2013 looks to be the year that changes, though, and LG has stated that it will release 55-inch and larger OLED TVs this year. But these aren’t just massive OLED TVs, they are also going to be curved.No specific dates or prices have been given, but LG’s Vice President of Home Entertainment, Thomas Lee, said it will happen in the second half of 2013. And even though we don’t know pricing details, they will clearly demand a high premium, and especially so if LG has no competitors offering curved TVs for a while. Samsung can’t be far behind, though, as they showed this display off during CES:As to why you’d want a curved TV, it’s meant to offer a more immersive experience. Visit most modern movie theaters today and they will project on to a curved surface. Transferring that to a TV wouldn’t work too well at smaller sizes, but on very large TVs you won’t just get better immersion, the viewing angles should also be improved.The first model to launch will most likely be the LG EA9800 55-inch TV that was shown off at CES back in January. But LG is also promising larger units, so we could see curved TVs in the 60-84-inch range, maybe even larger.last_img read more

Teen critically hurt when motorcycle strikes SUV

first_imgA 17-year-old boy was hospitalized Friday night with life-threatening injuries after crashing his motorcycle into the back of another vehicle on St. Johns Road near the Minnehaha neighborhood, according to Vancouver police. The teen’s condition today is unknown.The crash was reported shortly after 8:15 p.m. near Northeast 65th Street and Northeast St. Johns Road. Officers with the Vancouver Police Department and Clark County Sheriff’s Office responded.Vancouver police Officer Eric McCaleb said Saturday that the motorcycle crashed into the back of a Jeep. But he did not know the cause of the crash. The driver of the Jeep, who was not identified, was uninjured, he said.The motorcyclist was transported via ambulance to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, McCaleb said.The crash is under investigation.last_img read more

Pogba honoured to wear Manchester United armband

first_imgAfter Manchester United defeated Leicester City 2-1, Paul Pogba spoke to official Manchester United TV, stating that it is “an honour to wear the armband.”The France international midfielder was described by Manchester United boss as a “monster” after contributing so much on the back of only a few days’ work at the Aon Training Complex.“It’s always a pleasure for me, an honour to wear this armband. A lot of big players for story of the club [have had it]. It’s something great. To win today was most important. I scored a penalty, I’m very happy and really happy we started with a win.”Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedSolskjaer praises Harry Maguire after Man United’s 1-0 win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer singled out Harry Maguire for praise after helping Manchester United keep a clean sheet in their 1-0 win over Leicester City.“It’s not a role you have to do. I think with everybody, all the players, all the team-mates, make you comfortable to wear this and proud to wear this. Even like when Michael Carrick came to talk to me and told me he wanted me to wear it because of the story of what I give to the club, to the people, to the fans, to the young players in the Academy. Stuff like that – they look up to me. I want to give back to them and always try my best to be thankful to the fans and to my team-mates.”Pogba also captained the team and opened the scoring with a penalty, while also winning our Man-of-the-Match award.last_img read more

Man cautioned for threatening Mike Misick Mistrial Motion comes today

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:mike misick, mistrial, People Progressive Party, police, Ralph A. Thorne Police get wanted man; Magistrate Court back open Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 02 Feb 2016 – Show Police are taking threats against SIPT prosecutors, defendants and their attorneys seriously and have cautioned at least one TCI man for alleged threatening words leveled at ex-Premier, Michael Misick. The Police were told of the incident and last Friday paid the civilian a visit; Magnetic Media is informed that lead attorney for Misick, Ralph Thorne, lodged the complaint. Nine are on trial for maladministration where reported millions were allegedly moving through Progressive National Party account, personal bank accounts and all from private developers between 2003 and 2009. Thorne, as Misick’s attorney exposed the threat in a media statement; he also shared that he would file a mistrial motion which he did yesterday. Arguments had to be presented to Justice Paul Harrison by 3pm Monday; court resumes this morning to hear those mistrial motions. Among the complaints from the Misick camp, that a media statement issued by Beaches owner, Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart was prejudicial against his client. Butch Stewart admitted to paying a huge fine when a treasurer unbeknownst to him, he said, deposited $1.65 million dollars into Prestigious Properties bank account. Yesterday, Magnetic Media inadvertently said it was $1.2 million, when the fine was actually $12 million dollars. Update: Women robbed while exercising (21 year old Arrested) Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force’s mission to combat abusive images of children online Recommended for youlast_img read more

Biobased Products Enjoy the Spotlight in Washington

first_imgThis week in Washington, DC the U.S. biobased products sector was the subject of attention on several fronts.  On Tuesday, June 17 the Senate Ag Committee held a hearing titled, “Grow it Here, Make it Here: Creating Jobs through Biobased Manufacturing.”  Among those testifying at the hearing are The Coca-Cola Company, which uses biobased plastic bottles, called “PlantBottle,”that are made with sugar feedstocks; Cargill, which uses soybean oil to produce an electric transformer fluid called “EnviroTemp” that recently was the recipient of the EPA’s Green Chemistry Award and supplies biobased ingredients for a broad range of companies and products; and Lear Corporation, which uses soybean oil for their SoyFoam products used in automotive interiors.Following the hearing, the Senate Agriculture Committee hosted a “Spotlight on Innovation” that showcased 35 companies and entities from more than 20 different states, who are involved in developing and producing biobased products. The Indiana Soybean Alliance was among those participating in the showcase and displaying soy-based concrete sealant and other soy based products. Some other notable participants in the showcase include, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Ford Motor Company, DuPont, the Sherwin Williams Company, SynLawn of New York, Biobased Technologies of Arkansas and Soy Clean of Iowa.Building around the Senate hearing and showcase, the United Soybean Board (USB) held their annual biobased workshop June 17-18 in Washington, DC.  The workshop, officially called the Biobased Stakeholder’s Dialogue, brought together many companies and organizations to examine and discuss issues important to the growth and development of the biobased sector.  The USB workshop was held at the George Washington University (GWU), and included opening remarks from Kathleen Merrigan, the former USDA Deputy Secretary and current Director of Sustainability for GWU as well as a keynote address from current USDA Deputy Secretary and former ASA staffer Krysta Harden.The Biobased Products Coalition (BPC), which ASA is a founding and leading member, was also a prominent part of the week’s activities.  The BPC worked closely with the Senate Agriculture Committee on the hearing and the showcase and hosted a reception on Tuesday evening, at the same location as the USB workshop.  The BPC also honored current and former Senate Ag Committee chairmen, Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) for their leadership and contributions to the biobased products sector.  The BPC presented Sen. Stabenow and Sen. Harkin with biobased floor mats that depict their states and say “Made with Soy.” The mats were made and provided by Universal Textile Technologies, SynLawn and Signature Accord, sister companies located in Dalton, Georgia and New York and members of the BPC.ASA is a founding and leading member of the Biobased Products Coalition (BPC), which works to develop and implement a comprehensive and pro-active federal policy strategy to advance the interests of biobased manufacturers and their industry partners. The Coalition currently consists of large and small companies, and agricultural trade associations representing feedstock producers.ASA will continue to seek opportunities through federal policy and with the private sector to increase industrial uses of soybeans and expand markets for soybean producers. The recent developments and market uncertainty in the food and biodiesel sectors reinforces the need to continue to develop additional outlets for soybean oil and soybean uses.last_img read more

ASAWISHH in Cambodia for Trade Servicing Activities

first_imgASA/WISHH Executive Director Jim Hershey and Asia Division Director Alan F. Poock are currently in Cambodia for trade servicing activities and to start the EMP funded animal feed activities.Poock and Hershey met with Mr. Chea Rady of Medivet, who was a trade team member that visited Iowa and the Global Trade Exchange in August.  Medivet currently  buys U.S. whole soybeans that are extruded into full-fat soybean meal for pig starter feed.The team also met with the Royal University of Agriculture on collaboration for the upcoming animal feed activities.  ASA/WISHH has received USDA/FAS Emerging Markets Program funding to implement poultry and swine feeding demonstrations, a feed conference, technical assistance and a trade team to the U.SAfter Cambodia, Poock and Hershey travelled to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to meet with USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) Senior Attaché Gerald Smith which covers Cambodia. They discussed long term market development and opportunities in animal agriculture and aquaculture.Funding for this trip is provided by the Iowa Soybean Association and FAS’s Market Access Program.last_img read more

No injuries reported in rollover crash on Mill Plain

first_imgOne woman was stuck in her car Thursday morning after it rolled near the intersection of Southeast Mill Plain Boulevard and Southeast 172nd Avenue.The crash was reported around 9:20 a.m. by multiple callers, according to radio traffic monitored at The Columbian.Engine 9, Engine 10 and a battalion chief from the Vancouver Fire Department responded.Engine 9 arrived and found a two-car accident between a Subaru and a Chevorlet Tahoe. The Tahoe was on its side in the median just east of the intersection, said Kevin Stromberg, a Vancouver Fire spokesman.An adult female in the Tahoe was unable to get out because the vehicle was unstable, Stomberg said. After firefighters used equipment to secure the vehicle, the woman was able to get out on her own and signed a refusal for transport, Stromberg said.The driver of the Subaru did not report any injuries.last_img read more

Tom Beusse Named CEO of FW

first_img Chad Phelps, F+W’s chief digital officer, also left the company about a month after Nussbaum, which triggered a reorg of the digital team. F+W has yet to hire his replacement and settling into a new digital structure will likely be one of Beusse’s top priorities.  Enthusiast media and e-commerce company F+W has found a new CEO after a three-month search. Tom Beusse was named to the top spot this afternoon and his appointment takes immediate effect.  Beusse’s last job was president of USA Today’s Sports Media Group—a post he held from 2011 to 2013. He’s also been CEO of Westwood One and held president positions at Rodale and Time4 Media. “The deep relationship F+W brands have with their customers positions us for real growth in an increasingly vertical media environment,” says Beusse in an official statement. “The experience I have gained from previous roles, particularly at Rodale and Time4 Media, provides me with an excellent understanding of the roles these brands play in the lives of the enthusiasts they serve and with some tangible plans to expand the same.” Jim Ogle, who served as interim CEO during the company’s search for a permanent replacement, will return to his COO/CFO post.  His hiring comes three months after the departure of F+W’s previous CEO, David Nussbaum, who left to become CEO of America’s Test Kitchen.  The company cites Beusse’s previous media experience in digital, TV, radio and film as an attractive mix. “He has demonstrated that he understands vertical communities like those served by F+W. He is here to author and execute a growth strategy,” says a statement provided to Folio: by the company. “Now that Tom is in place as CEO he will spend time further analyzing our digital business, as a whole, then make determinations as to which positions we need to accelerate our growth, as our digital strategy and development will be critical to our future,” says a spokesperson.    More on this topic Folio: Week in Review – January 23, 2016 Former Time4 Media President Jumps to Radio Time4Media Creates New Position to Expand Its Digital Presence Beusse Out at Time4Media, But Magazines Will Remain in New York (posted 2/12) F+W Names Digital Media VP, Continues ‘Aggressive’ E-Media Growth F+W Lays Off 30 StaffersJust In Shanker Out, Litterick In as CEO of EnsembleIQ This Just In: Magazines Are Not TV Networks TIME Names New Sales, Marketing Leads | People on the Move Four More Execs Depart SourceMedia in Latest Restructuring Editor & Publisher Magazine Sold to Digital Media Consultant The Atlantic Names New Global Marketing Head | People on the MovePowered bylast_img read more

Goways free flights the Northern Territory and 100 agent incentive

first_imgGoway’s free flights the Northern Territory and $100 agent incentive Tags: Agent Incentives, Australia, Goway Travel, Northern Territory Tourism << Previous PostNext Post >> TORONTO — Goway Travel together with Northern Territory Tourism is offering free, one-way domestic flights to or from Australia’s Northern Territory, along with a $100 agent incentive.The flight deal is available with any new Qantas airfare and land vacation booking to Australia through Goway.The tour operator says there are two ways to take advantage of the offer.“Your clients can purchase one of three special packages (, on which they will enjoy a free one way flight between Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney to Darwin, Alice Springs, or Ayers Rock, for a saving of up to CA$360 per couple,” says Goway.“Alternatively, let Goway customize the perfect Northern Territory vacation for you. Simply ask for a custom quote [and] mention the FLY FREE offer.”Bookings must include roundtrip international airfares with Qantas Airways from North America and at least four nights in the Northern Territory. The deal is valid for travel completed by Dec. 31 and must be booked by July 31.More news:  Flight Centre Travel Group takes full ownership of Quebec-based agencyPlus, Goway is reminding agents that any new booking that includes international airfares from North America and at least four nights in the Northern Territory is eligible for a $100 gift card for the booking agent. This incentive is valid for bookings made prior to July 1 and is limited to one incentive per booking.For more information on free flight promotion visit Full details of the agent incentive are available at Travelweek Group center_img Posted by Share Tuesday, June 5, 2018 last_img read more

Australia number one for Brits

first_imgA new poll among British travellers found Australia to be their top pick for ‘Best Country in the World’.According to a survey conducted by the UK’s Ultratravel magazine, Australia was voted best country, outranking other popular destinations including; Italy, New Zealand, Thailand and the US.Tourism Australia managing director Andrew McEvoy said although economic conditions causing a decrease in arrivals from the UK, the poll reinforced Australia’s ongoing appeal to travellers in the UK. Brits vote Australia as the ‘Best Country in the World’. Image: Tourism Australia “This is a great win for us, in one of our most important markets,” Mr McEvoy said.According to the poll, judges described Australia as a “perennial favourite” and stressed it had “much to offer the luxury traveller”.Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J.last_img read more

SureSave reveal travel agents needs

first_imgAgents also said they are seeking system-based solutions, in regards to insurance channels Source = ETB News: P.T. Research gleaned from more than 420 travel agents across Australia has revealed that 60 percent of agents sell travel insurance policies to more than half of their customers. Image: “Our research revealed that one of the most important things agents must have, is trust that an insurance provider will look after their customer, so we are currently investing in new and unique ways to deliver this to them,” Mr Callaghan said. SureSave’s new research covers how agents prefer to conduct business with their travel insurance provider, if they receive enough information in a timely manner and what types of cover will help sell more policies. Travel insurance provider SureSave says agents are seeking systems-based solutions to provide better service, compared to other insurance channels. Half of these agents said they managed to achieve a conversion rate of better than 75 percent. “That’s impressive, but we also want to help agents raise the bar even further,” SureSave executive general manager Michael Callaghan said. last_img read more

Will Setbacks Derail the Homebuilding Recovery

first_img in Data, Origination Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Capital Economics Home Prices Homebuilders Housing Permits Housing Starts Investors Lenders & Servicers National Association of Home Builders Service Providers 2013-04-19 Krista Franks Brock Will Setbacks Derail the Homebuilding Recovery? April 19, 2013 389 Views center_img Despite some obstacles in the homebuilding recovery and “”three consecutive monthly declines””: in the “”National Association of Home Builder’s””: homebuilder confidence index, “”Capital Economics””: remains largely optimistic about the homebuilding rebound. [IMAGE]The analytics firm is sticking with its previous prediction that housing starts will reach about 1 million this year and 1.3 million next year. The 7 percent increase in housing starts “”experienced in March””: is the result of a 31 percent monthly increase in multifamily housing, which is “”prompting talk of a bubble in multi-family construction.”” Meanwhile, starts in the single-family sector declined 4.8 percent. Building permits, which generally serve as a predictor of construction starts, decreased 3.9 percent in March, making Capital Economics “”almost certain that starts will drop back in April.”” Rising construction costs is one hindrance to the homebuilding recovery. The cost of lumber has increased 60 percent since January 2012, according to Capital Economics.[COLUMN_BREAK]This increase is the result of a combination of factors leading to tight supply, including a pine beetle epidemic plaguing Canada’s lumber industry, rising demand from China, and a slowdown in production in North America resulting from low demand during the economic downturn. In fact, the lumber industry in North America is producing its lowest levels of output since the 1980s, according to Capital Economics. Recent home price increases should help mitigate the effects of rising construction costs, however, according to the economists at Capital Economics. Another concern heard from economists and industry participants is that the construction rebound has thus far been “”essentially jobless.”” However, Capital Economics reminds those concerned that “”construction employment has always lagged homebuilding volumes.”” Over the past two months 32,000 new hires have been added to construction payrolls, and Capital Economics sees this as “”a sign of things to come.”” In fact, Capital Economics predicts residential construction employment will be a “”key driver”” of rising employment over the next year. While admitting the homebuilding recovery is experiencing some “”thorns in its side,”” Capital Economics says, “”what seems to have been missed by many commentators is that rather than simply being exogenous constraints on the homebuilding rebound, rising prices and supply bottleneck for materials, labour and land are also all reflections of the strength of the recovery.”” Sharelast_img read more

airlinesappointmentsCentarahotelsIHGSingapore Airl

first_imgairlinesappointmentsCentarahotelsIHGSingapore AirlinesSix Senses Missed the new year movers and shakers news during the holidays? Catch up on the latest travel industry appointments with our at-a-glance January round-up. Pictured: Leanne Harwood, new md Australasia and Japan for IHGNew Sales Manager for Singapore Airlines, SydneySingapore Airlines has appointed Shahreen Goodrick as National Agency Sales Manager, working out of Singapore Airlines’ Sydney office, effective Monday 8 January.Goodrick rejoins the Sydney office having worked as the Airline’s Manager Marketing and Alliances New Zealand, as well as having previously held roles within the Australian Area Marketing department.Sustainability VP at Six SensesJeffery Smith has been promoted to Vice President, Sustainability for Six Senses from his former role of Director of Sustainability. He takes over the position from Amber Marie Beard who will consult on special projects.Smith draws upon a decade of experience launching community-based tourism programs where he focused on capacity building and facilitating connections between travellers, indigenous peoples and the natural world. In his new role Smith will ensure that Six Senses remains at the leading edge of sustainable tourism practices. He holds a Master of Environment and Sustainability degree from Western University, and Bachelor of Applied Science from University of Waterloo in Canada. He has a technical background in environmental engineering with consulting experience in the United States and his native Canada, where he also worked for two years in solar energy development. His wide experience also includes ecosystem risk management, municipal planning advisory and elephant conservation.Centara Hotels & Resorts appoints new VP Business DevelopmentEffective 1 January, Allen Thomas has been appointed to the role of Vice President Business Development for Centara Hotels & Resorts. The French national has 28 years experience developing hotel and resort businesses, including positions with HPL, Como Hotels and, most, recently Resorts Holdings International.Thomas will be responsible for executing the company’s plan to grow from 58 to 134 hotels over the next five years. IHG’s new md Australasia and JapanInterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has appointed Leanne Harwood to the role of Managing Director, Australasia and Japan, replacing Karin Sheppard, who moves to London to take on the new position as IHG’s Managing Director, Europe.Harwood was previously Vice President for IHG’s operations in South East Asia and Korea, based in Bangkok, and is one of IHG’s Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia (EMEAA) senior leaders. She will be responsible for the operations, growth and performance of more than 70 hotels in the Australasia and Japan Business Unit, and will oversee the regional teams in Sydney and Tokyo. IMAGE: Leanne Harwood, new md Australasia and Japan for IHGAdventure World appointment for India & Asia productEric Finley has joined Adventure World to helm their India & Asia product portfolios. With over twenty years wholesale and destination management industry experience across Australia and Asia, with previous roles covering tour leadership, ground operations, national sales/marketing and product management, Finely was most recently a Senior Product Manager for Asia at Insider Journeys (formerly Travel Indochina), a position he held for 12 years.He can be contacted at read more

BOSTON MA– To coincide with the 2008 Olympic Game

first_imgBOSTON, MA– To coincide with the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, private jet provider has written and released exclusive profiles of select U.S. Olympic athletes that can now be seen on NBC Olympics and Team USA websites.US Olympic Athletes including sprinter Allyson Felix, decathlete Bryan Clay, gymnast Alicia Sacramone, BMX racer Donny Robinson and weight lifter Cheryl Haworth were all interviewed for the Newsletter. Originally intended solely for monthly newsletter distribution to the company’s private jet clients as part of a “Countdown to 8-8-08” series, the profiles were picked up for general viewership.“We are so thrilled and proud to have worked with such amazing U.S. Olympic athletes,” says’s Vice President of Brand Development Kathryn Shehade. “We wish them the best of luck in Beijing and we’ll be watching.”The Olympians were interviewed by Aoife Millar with a focus on how the athletes prepare their bodies and minds for such a long journey and what they do upon arrival to quickly return to optimal performance shape for the competition.Profiles can be viewed by visiting Team USA, NBC. For the full articles in their original format visit or call 617-471-5531.last_img read more

FILE In this Jan 24 2018 file photo Rita More

first_img FILE – In this Jan. 24, 2018 file photo, Rita Moreno attends the Los Angeles premiere of “One Day at a Time” Season 2 at ArcLight Hollywood in Los Angeles. Moreno, Sandra Bullock, Dave Chappelle, Christopher Walken, and Helen Mirren are among the latest slate of stars set to appear on the 90th Academy Awards. Oscar telecast producers revealed another round of celebrity presenters on Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2018, which also includes Jane Fonda, Matthew McConaughey, Lupita Nyong’o, Nicole Kidman, Jodie Foster, Ashley Judd and Eugenio Derbez. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File) by The Associated Press Posted Feb 27, 2018 5:05 am PDT Last Updated Feb 27, 2018 at 5:40 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Sandra Bullock, Dave Chappelle, Christopher Walken, Rita Moreno and Helen Mirren are among the latest slate of stars set to appear on the 90th Academy Awards.Oscar telecast producers revealed another round of celebrity presenters on Tuesday, which also includes Jane Fonda, Matthew McConaughey, Lupita Nyong’o, Nicole Kidman, Jodie Foster, Ashley Judd and Eugenio Derbez.Chadwick Boseman, Mark Hamill, Gal Gadot, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Gina Rodriguez and Zendaya were previously announced as presenters.Producers also said last week that all five Oscar-nominated songs will be performed live on the show by their original singers, including Mary J. Blige, Natalia Lafourcade, Andra Day and Common.Jimmy Kimmel will host the show Sunday from Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre.___For full coverage of awards season, visit: .center_img Sandra Bullock, Dave Chappelle, Rita Moreno join Oscar showlast_img read more