Seanergy Inks Deals to Install Scrubbers on Five Bulkers

first_imgzoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: PxHere under CC0 Creative Commons license Greek dry bulk shipping company Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. has entered into commercial agreements for the installation of exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) on fifty percent of its Capesize fleet.Namely, the company has signed deals to equip five of its Capesize bulk carriers with scrubbers before the January 1, 2020 implementation date of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) sulfur emission cap regulations.The vessels in question are the M/V Partnership, M/V Lordship, M/V Premiership, M/V Squireship and M/V Championship.Upon completion of the installations scheduled for the second and third quarters of 2019, the bulkers will commence index linked period employment with three leading dry-bulk charterers ranging in durations between three and five years, Seanergy Maritime explained.The company has secured the scrubber equipment from Korean manufacturer Hyundai Materials and has reserved retrofitting slots at a dry-dock facility in China. The total investment, to be covered by the charterers, is expected to exceed USD 12.5 million, including equipment and installation costs.“This significant investment by our charterers, in combination with innovative charter agreements, is expected to increase the market value of the subject vessels without our Company incurring additional debt or diluting our shareholders,” Stamatis Tsantanis, Seanergy’s Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, said.He added that, upon implementation of the new IMO regulations, “all of Seanergy’s fleet will be fully compliant with the new rules.”Under the charter agreements, Seanergy’s M/V Partnership and M/V Lordship would be chartered out to a European utility company for a firm period of 33 to 37 months plus one additional period of 11 to 13 months at charterer’s option.M/V Premiership and M/V Squireship received deals to work for a multinational commodity trading and mining company for a firm period of 36 to 42 months plus two additional periods of 11 to 13 months at charterer’s option. While Seanergy signed a sale and leaseback and a five year time charter with a large international commodity trading company for the M/V Championship, for a firm time-charter period of 60 months plus an additional 18 month period at charterer’s option.As part of the time charter agreements, the charterers will cover 100% of the equipment and installation cost for retrofitting the vessels with scrubbers.last_img read more

Industrial Expansion Fund Helping Nova Scotias Economy

first_imgA analysis of the province’s Industrial Expansion Fund shows it created or maintained an estimated 11,000 full-time jobs during a six-year period ending in March 2007. The analysis shows a return of $1.89 for every dollar invested from the fund. “It is important that government play an active role in creating new jobs, especially in a time of economic challenges,” said Angus MacIsaac, Minister of Economic Development. “We know we are having an impact when the number of manufacturing jobs in Nova Scotia has actually increased despite the ongoing economic challenges facing this sector.” About two thirds of the fund’s investments were for the manufacturing sector. The latest information from Statistics Canada shows that while manufacturing jobs have been declining on a national basis, Nova Scotia’s manufacturers experienced an increase of an estimated 2,000 jobs in February. During the six-year period of the analysis, the Industrial Expansion Fund invested $146 million in 40 private businesses, crown corporations and economic development agencies. A number of those organizations received more than one investment. The analysis shows that the fund helped generate $7.2 billion in sales, including exports, $1.7 billion in household income, and $213 million in provincial tax revenues. It directly contributed $688 million to Nova Scotia’s gross domestic product, or 2.4 per cent. Nova Scotia Business Inc. did an analysis covering the same time period. Together, the agency and the fund created or maintained 22,700 full-time jobs. The number rises to 39,300 when spinoff jobs are included. Nova Scotia Business Inc. is the province’s business development agency. It proactively attracts foreign direct investment and helps businesses in Nova Scotia meet growth potential through advisory services, trade development, financing and venture capital. The Industrial Expansion Fund does not actively seek out investment opportunities but responds to situations as they occur. NSBI and the department play distinct and complementary roles in the province’s overall economic development efforts. The analysis of the fund was conducted by Collins Management Consulting & Research Ltd. of Dartmouth at a cost of $16,000. The analysis is available on the department’s website at . The Industrial Expansion Fund is one method provincial government uses to support economic development in the province. It is key to helping industries involved in innovative research and technology, while contributing to a prosperous and sustainable business climate for Nova Scotia. The fund has considerable flexibility in the amount and type of funding it can provide.last_img read more

Annan praises pharmaceutical companies for extending HIV commitments

P>“I am pleased that the companies I met with today pledged to continue their efforts, in line with international commitments towards the goal of being as close as possible to universal access by 2010,” Mr. Annan said following the meeting with executives of nine companies and the heads of a number of UN agencies, the first time manufacturers of generic drugs attended such a meeting. Despite the significant advances in the five years since he first met with pharmaceutical company executives, Mr. Annan said the AIDS epidemic is “still outpacing our efforts and we need to work together in a broad partnership to step up the response.” In that light, he said that the companies have committed individually to continue to review their product offerings and the prices of their existing and new HIV medications and diagnostics, especially for children, to make them more affordable, accessible and appropriate for use in low- and middle-income countries. They have also agreed to register their HIV medications and diagnostics as widely as possible, increase investment in research, and give greater priority to the development of paediatric formulations of HIV medications and specific diagnostic tools for children. While affirming the importance of intellectual property rights, they said they would continue to develop arrangements with third-party manufacturers for licences and technology transfers to make HIV medications and diagnostics more affordable and accessible.Mr. Annan said participants also agreed on the role of the UN system in a number of areas, including work on the removal of import duties on HIV medications and diagnostics, and the development of guidelines on diagnosis, treatment, product quality and forecasting of needsIn addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) committed themselves to step up efforts to expand the pre-qualification programme of urgently needed medicines and diagnostics. “These commitments are all of vital importance,” Mr. Annan said. “But given the scale of the challenge, they are not sufficient in themselves,” he said in describing other efforts that will be made by participants to identify further measures needed. From the UN system, the participants included: Kemal Dervis, Administrator of the UN Development Programme (UNDP); Ann Veneman, Executive Director of UNICEF; Peter Piot, Executive Director of the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS); and Anders Nordström, acting Director-General of WHO.Participating pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies included Aspen Pharmacare, Aurobindo Pharma, Becton Dickinson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline, Hetero Drugs, Johnson & Johnson, Merck & Company and Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited. read more

Doofor displays new rock drills in China

first_imgRock drill specialist, Doofor was present at the recent Bauma China in Shanghai with its own booth in the outside area. Doofor displayed two of its small size female hexagonal shank models, namely the DF430X and the DF530X. Mining and construction rock drills were represented by two Doofor rock drills, the DF550S and the DF550L. Both have 17 kW of percussion power and are designed to drill up to 70 mm diameter drill holes. The DF550-series is often used in general excavation drill rigs and excavator drill attachments and mining jumbos.The DF430X is a 5kW rock drill for up to 36 mm diameter drill holes in hard granite with hexagonal rods. This rock drill has been quite popular in dimension stone block cutting. The DF430X has quite a high frequency and thus adding to the straightness of the drill hole. The Doofor DF530, their newest rock drill, is a 10 kW rock drill for up to 48 mm diameter holes in hard rock. It has been quite popular in the Chinese market already, says Kalle Kuusento, the owner of Doofor Inc.last_img read more

Vostok 4 Pines Stout Space Beer brewed for zero gravity

first_imgThere’s nothing like having a nice, cold beer at the end of a long day, and it seems that soon, even astronauts in the depths of space will be able to knock one back. Two Australian entrepreneurs are working on a beer intended for drinking in space. If making a space beer was easy, we’d most likely already have one, but in fact there are a few major issues that have kept the duo busy in finding the perfect zero-gravity space beer.Jason Held, a space engineer working for Saber Astronautics Australia, teamed up with Jaron Mitchell, owner of 4 Pines Brewing Company, a microbrewery in Sydney, to create the first beverage made specifically for space. However, there are some things to take into account when creating space beer.AdChoices广告First, when you’re up in space in zero gravity, your face and tongue swell up a bit, which Held compares to having a bad head cold. Because of the swelling, your senses are dulled and a normal beer would most likely taste like water. The duo wanted to develop a beer strong enough to cut through the impaired senses. They came up with a full-bodied stout called the Vostok 4 Pines Stout. The name is obviously a play on the Vostok 1, which was the first human spaceflight in history.To test the stout, Held and Mitchell bought a spot on a zero gravity flight over Florida and managed to get a microgravity expert from a non-profit organization called Astronauts4Hire to try it. The lucky test subject was able to drink the beer, but it was rather difficult to do so from the bottle because of the zero gravity.Held said that when looking at a normal beer glass, you can see that gravity is weighing the liquid down and surface tension is pulling  it to the side of the glass. Drinking a beer on Earth is easy because the beer follows the side of the glass as you tilt it towards your mouth. In space however, there’s no gravity to pull the beer down. There’s only surface tension, so technically a glass can be turned completely over and the beer will still stay inside of it.Obviously, Held and Mitchell have some work to do on creating an acceptable receptacle for their beverage. The guys are also still doing tests to see how alcohol actually affects the body in space.The other big, and we mean big, problem is carbonation. Bubbles and liquid apparently don’t separate well in zero gravity. There’s just no place for the gas from the carbonation to escape except, as Held calls it, in a “wet burp.” Gross. This burp releases both gas and liquid, which Held said is “uncomfortable.” He did say that there could be beer without bubbles, but then it would basically be alcoholic tea.Space beer is clearly still in the works, but there’s hope for beer-loving astronauts and for future space tourists to get a bit tipsy while looking down at the Earth.More at New Scientist and Reuters, photo via Brisbane Timeslast_img read more

Le Nozomi de Sony Ericsson toujours aussi secret

first_imgLe Nozomi de Sony Ericsson toujours aussi secretNous en parlions il y a un peu plus d’un mois, le Xperia Nozomi, également nommé LT26i, avait laissé échapper quelques fuites le concernant. Aujourd’hui encore, quelques éléments ont surgi sur la toile, ce qui laisse à penser que le smartphone ne devrait plus trop tarder à sortir.Sur le forum HKEPC, des informations et de nouvelles photos viennent confirmer les premières rumeurs d’un dual-core et d’un écran LCD 720p. Mais rien de vraiment plus concret. Cependant, le Nozomi aurait été aperçu entre des mains, donc en situation de test. Pour rappel, le Nozomi devrait disposer d’un processeur cadencé à 1,5Ghz et intègrerait 1GB de mémoire vive.La question reste entière. De même, on n’en sait toujours pas plus sur le système d’exploitation qu’il embarquera. Gingerbread ou Ice Cream Sandwich?On en saura certainement plus en janvier, lors du CES 2012, sur ce Sony Ericsson qui, rappelons-le, sera certainement l’un des derniers de la marque.Le 13 décembre 2011 à 20:15 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Heres How Your Future House on Mars Could Actually Look

first_img If you’re planning on moving away from Earth in the near future, as many Americans have decided after the results of the 2016 election, you might want to catch an upcoming National Geographic documentary. It’s all about how Martian homes may look in the future once humans have finally spread out into the cosmos proper.Building homes is already difficult on Earth, let alone a planet that we’re not even inhabiting as humans just yet. There are very specific conditions that need to be fulfilled when it comes to putting up houses on the Red Planet, namely because of its thin atmosphere, arid land, and overall harsher environment than that of Earth’s. The safety of crews assigned to live on Mars would be the utmost priority, so ensuring steady supplies of oxygen, water, food and other essentials would come before feng shui or beautiful home exteriors.The National Geographic documentary will explore several different building options and is set place in 2037 in the Valles Marineris region on Mars, right near its equator. The homes, from the trailer, appear to resemble igloos, though others include underground tunnels and even repurposed Martian soil bricks known as regolith.The homes should still have the important areas, such as your bedroom, kitchen, and other integral areas, but you won’t get to see outside since there wouldn’t be any windows built into them — protection, you know. Mars is a lot closer to the sun than one would think, so anyone who takes up residence on the planet would need additional protection from the sun as it still offers energy to harness.It may seem stranger than fiction, but it’s not a crazy notion anymore to think we could actually live on Mars. It’s a long way off, but it’s becoming closer and closer to the truth with each day that passes. You might need to stay on Earth for the remainder of your lifetime, however. Stay on target NASA Wins 2 Emmys for Mars Mission, SpaceX Dragon Flight ProgrammingNASA Captures ‘Red-Handed’ Avalanche on Mars in Mesmerizing Photo last_img read more

Justin Timberlake Carrie Underwood Headed To iHeartRadio Music Festival

first_img Pharrell Williams and Green Day’s Billie Joe ArmstrongPhotos: Firefly Festival 2018 Headliners Announced ParamorePhoto: Heidi Gutman/Getty Images The National’s Matt BerningerPhoto: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images Armin Van BuurenPhoto: El Pics/Getty Images Independent Venue Week Will Honor Music Hot Spots The Weeknd Photo: Johnny Nunez/ The stacked lineup for the two-day festival in Las Vegas on Sept. 21 and 22 also includes Jason Aldean, Shawn Mendes, Imagine Dragons, Kelly Clarkson, Sam Smith, Luke Bryan, Panic! At The Disco, Rae Sremmurd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and many more.The festival’s Daytime Stage at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds will host performances by Logic, Dua Lipa, 5 Seconds of Summer, Lil Uzi Vert, Dustin Lynch, Belly, and Greta Van Fleet. Main stage concerts will happen inside the city’s T-Mobile Arena and be hosted by Ryan Seacrest.Timberlake is enjoying a big year so far, with a Super Bowl performance and his fourth No. 1 album on the Billboard 200, Man Of the Woods, already under his belt in 2018. In March, the pop singer also received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame with his group *NSync. NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO Nov 17, 2017 – 9:51 am Justin Timberlake’s GRAMMY Moment With Al Green Jack WhitePhoto: Yui Mok – PA Images/Getty Images The 1975 perform at Scala in LondonPhoto: Joseph Okpako/Getty Images Kirk FranklinPhoto: Erika Goldring/ The Weeknd Photo: Johnny Nunez/ Who’s Playing At The 2018 ROTR Festival? The National’s Matt BerningerPhoto: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images Ghost’s Papa Emeritus IIIPhoto: Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images Keith UrbanDia Dipasupil/Getty Images Babymetal’s Su-metal and MoametalPhoto: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images Carl CoxPhoto: Future Music Magazine/Getty Images The National’s Matt BerningerPhoto: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images Jack WhitePhoto: Yui Mok – PA Images/Getty Images Who’s Headlining Air + Style Festival 2018? Martin GarrixPhoto: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Firefly Festival 2018 Headliners Announced Vote: Most Anticipated 2018 Coachella Performance? Kirk FranklinPhoto: Erika Goldring/ Carl CoxPhoto: Future Music Magazine/Getty Images Paramore Announce Lineup For Parahoy! Cruise ZeddPhoto: Taylor Hill/Getty Images Phase 2 Lineup Announced For ULTRA 2018 BjorkPhoto: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images Justin Timberlake, Carrie Underwood Headed To iHeartRadio Music Festival Jack WhitePhoto: Yui Mok – PA Images/Getty Images Independent Venue Week Will Honor Music Hot Spots Music Festivals 2018: EDC China Lineup Announced London’s Brand New Music Fest: All Points East The KillersPhoto: Steven Lawton/Getty Images Music Festivals 2018: Big Ears Experimental Fest Paramore Announce Lineup For Parahoy! Cruise Keith Urban To Perform At SXSW 2018 Armin Van BuurenPhoto: El Pics/Getty Images The 1975 perform at Scala in LondonPhoto: Joseph Okpako/Getty Images Who’s Playing The Decemberists’ Festival? Vote: Most Anticipated 2018 Coachella Performance? iHeartRadio Festival 2018 Lineup Announced justin-timberlake-carrie-underwood-headed-iheartradio-music-festival The 1975 perform at Scala in LondonPhoto: Joseph Okpako/Getty Images Martin GarrixPhoto: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Who’s Headlining Air + Style Festival 2018? Kirk Franklin To Host Exodus Music & Arts Fest Kygo at Electric Forest 2014Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic Email Willie Nelson’s July 4th Picnic Lineup The KillersPhoto: Steven Lawton/Getty Images Festival Lineup For Electric Forest 2018 Underwood is in the midst of a comeback of sorts, returning from an injury sustained last November to deliver the brand new single and video for “Cry Pretty” ahead of her forthcoming new album of the same name.Limited tickets iHeartRadio Music Festival are available now via pre-sale, and the general public can purchase tickets beginning June 15 via the festival’s website. BjorkPhoto: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images ZeddPhoto: Taylor Hill/Getty Images Willie NelsonPhoto: Jeff Vespa/ Pharrell Williams and Green Day’s Billie Joe ArmstrongPhotos: News Mija (Amber Giles)Photo: Nicholas Rhodes/Getty Images Mija (Amber Giles)Photo: Nicholas Rhodes/Getty Images Lucy DacusPhoto: Timothy Hiatt/ Mariah Carey, Jack White, Jason Aldean, Shawn Mendes, Imagine Dragons, Kelly Clarkson, Sam Smith, and more will also perform at the Las Vegas festival this SeptemberNate HertweckGRAMMYs Jun 5, 2018 – 8:50 am The iHeartRadio Music Festival has announced its 2018 lineup, bringing together some of the biggest names from pop, rock, country and hip hop, led by Justin Timberlake, Carrie Underwood, Mariah Carey, and Jack White, and Logic. Armin Van BuurenPhoto: El Pics/Getty Images FischerspoonerPhoto: Steve Mack/Getty Images ZeddPhoto: Taylor Hill/Getty Images Lucy DacusPhoto: Timothy Hiatt/ The Weeknd Photo: Johnny Nunez/ Festival Lineup For Electric Forest 2018 The KillersPhoto: Steven Lawton/Getty Images Vote: Most Anticipated 2018 Coachella Performance? Carl CoxPhoto: Future Music Magazine/Getty Images Prev Next London’s Brand New Music Fest: All Points East Keith Urban To Perform At SXSW 2018center_img Dirtybird Campout East: 2018 Lineup Announced Kirk Franklin To Host Exodus Music & Arts Fest Babymetal’s Su-metal and MoametalPhoto: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images Mavis StaplesPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Global Citizen Festival Announces All-Star Lineup Who’s Helping Celebrate The National’s Homecoming? Twitter Who’s Playing At The 2018 ROTR Festival? Mija (Amber Giles)Photo: Nicholas Rhodes/Getty Images Global Citizen Festival Announces All-Star Lineup Willie Nelson’s July 4th Picnic Lineup Ultra Music Festival 2018 Headliners Announced Anoushka ShankarPhoto: Raajessh Kashyap/Hindustan Times/Getty Images Who’s Playing At The 2018 ROTR Festival? Who’s Helping Celebrate The National’s Homecoming? ParamorePhoto: Heidi Gutman/Getty Images Avett Brothers, Mavis Staples Hit Moon River Fest Keith UrbanDia Dipasupil/Getty Images Phase 2 Lineup Announced For ULTRA 2018 Rocklahoma 2018: Have You Seen The Lineup? Keith Urban To Perform At SXSW 2018 Babymetal’s Su-metal and MoametalPhoto: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images Which Music Festivals Are You Going To In 2018? Festival Lineup For Electric Forest 2018 Which Music Festivals Are You Going To In 2018? Keith UrbanDia Dipasupil/Getty Images Lineup Unveiled For ULTRA 2018’s RESISTANCE Stages Dirtybird Campout East: 2018 Lineup Announced Who’s Helping Celebrate The National’s Homecoming? Who’s Playing The Decemberists’ Festival? Phase 2 Lineup Announced For ULTRA 2018 Anoushka ShankarPhoto: Raajessh Kashyap/Hindustan Times/Getty Images London’s Brand New Music Fest: All Points East Who’s Headlining Air + Style Festival 2018? Willie NelsonPhoto: Jeff Vespa/ Dirtybird Campout East: 2018 Lineup Announced Kirk FranklinPhoto: Erika Goldring/ ParamorePhoto: Heidi Gutman/Getty Images FischerspoonerPhoto: Steve Mack/Getty Images Music Festivals 2018: EDC China Lineup Announced Kygo at Electric Forest 2014Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic Independent Venue Week Will Honor Music Hot Spots Avett Brothers, Mavis Staples Hit Moon River Fest Firefly Festival 2018 Headliners Announced Music Festivals 2018: Big Ears Experimental Fest Ultra Music Festival 2018 Headliners Announced Lineup Unveiled For ULTRA 2018’s RESISTANCE Stages Ultra Music Festival 2018 Headliners Announced Ghost’s Papa Emeritus IIIPhoto: Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images Mavis StaplesPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Rocklahoma 2018: Have You Seen The Lineup? Lucy DacusPhoto: Timothy Hiatt/ Who’s Playing The Decemberists’ Festival? Facebook Kirk Franklin To Host Exodus Music & Arts Fest Global Citizen Festival Announces All-Star Lineup Willie NelsonPhoto: Jeff Vespa/ Martin GarrixPhoto: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Pharrell Williams and Green Day’s Billie Joe ArmstrongPhotos: Which Music Festivals Are You Going To In 2018? Avett Brothers, Mavis Staples Hit Moon River Fest Ghost’s Papa Emeritus IIIPhoto: Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images Anoushka ShankarPhoto: Raajessh Kashyap/Hindustan Times/Getty Images Music Festivals 2018: Big Ears Experimental Fest Music Festivals 2018: EDC China Lineup Announced Willie Nelson’s July 4th Picnic Lineup More Music Festivals Paramore Announce Lineup For Parahoy! Cruise Kygo at Electric Forest 2014Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic Lineup Unveiled For ULTRA 2018’s RESISTANCE Stages BjorkPhoto: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images Mavis StaplesPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images FischerspoonerPhoto: Steve Mack/Getty Images Rocklahoma 2018: Have You Seen The Lineup? Catching Up On Music News Powered By The Recording Academy Just Got Easier. Have A Google Home Device? “Talk To GRAMMYs”Read morelast_img read more

Ferrari teases hybrid supercar ahead of imminent debut

first_img More about 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast 0 67 Photos Ferrari F8 Tributo is a 710-hp replacement for the 488 Exotic Cars Hybrids Ferrari said it would introduce the world to its new hybrid supercar at the end of May. Considering we’re just a couple days away from June, that means we should see it very soon. But first, Ferrari has a teaser.Ferrari on Tuesday posted a teaser for its upcoming hybrid supercar on its Facebook page. The teaser doesn’t give a whole lot away, showing a quick shot of the front clip early on, followed by a close-up on the headlight toward the end. That’s about it. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait another day or so for Ferrari to give us more information about its second debut of 2019.The Italian automaker has done a great job keeping information about its new car secret. All we know is that it’s a hybrid, and reports have said the electrified side of the powertrain will mate to a V8. Power output is still a mystery. This is just the beginning for Ferrari’s electrification efforts. CEO Louis Camilleri has said in the past that 60% of Ferrari’s lineup will offer a hybrid variant by 2022. There are still three debuts planned for the remainder of 2019. Two will likely happen in September, at or adjacent to the Frankfurt Motor Show, while the final vehicle will be closer to the end of the year. It’s unclear if any of them are hybrids, but given Ferrari’s goals, it would make sense for at least one of ’em to be. 2020 Audi R8 first drive: Improving an already fantastic supercar 3:19 Ferrari The Ferrari F8 Tributo is the last of the nonhybrid V8s 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class first drive: If it ain’t broke… More From Roadshow Preview • 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast: Super in more ways than one Now playing: Watch this: Post a comment Tags Share your voice 2020 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 first drive: A standout track star Ferrarilast_img read more

Wilson upsets Gattis for state Senate seat

first_imgIn the fallout from the state’s primary elections, seven legislative incumbents have lost their seats. How this will change the course of the next session has yet to be seen. Representative Lynn Gattis lost her bid for a Senate seat to a relatively unknown from Wasilla.Listen nowIt’s a breezy afternoon on the main street of Palmer, in the heart of the Matanuska Valley. Wasilla city councilman David Wilson is heading to a Municipal League meeting, but takes time to answer a few questions about his winning bid for the Senate D seat vacated by Charlie Huggins at the end of this year’s legislative session.” It’s an overwhelming feeling.. just sinking in right now,” Wilson said.Wilson did what the pundits said was not possible. Running on a shoestring and with little or no help from the Republican Party of Alaska, Wilson beat a long time Republican incumbent in this week’s primary election. How?“Door-knocking, phone calling, and I think that they just wanted a different individual, a different type of individual to serve,” Wilson said. “Something different that the status quo that they’ve had in recent years.”The Republican Party did not back Wilson financially, nor did it assist his campaign.“Most folks were nice, but there wasn’t a lot of ‘here let me come and help you with this, let me door-knock with you, let me put signs up with you,” Wilson said. “But for the most part, for the sort of Old Guard, except for a couple of individuals, they were less helpful.”And it is the old guard that may be most taken aback by Wilson’s win. They expected Huggins’s powerful presence in the Senate to be filled by Representative Lynn Gattis, who has a similar adherence to Republican values regarding fiscal and social issues. Wilson describes himself as a conservative, and is backed by the ultra- conservative Republican Assembly, which also endorsed Representative Lora Reinbold. That could set him apart in Juneau political consultant Marc Hellenthal said.“I think he was successful beating Gattis, because he went door to door and, in a sense, earned the respect of the individual voters one by one, and Gattis didn’t,” Hellenthal said. “And that was enough, and a small turnout, to get him elected. Now, when he is in Juneau, he’s going to have to earn the respect of his colleagues to become respected and to get a position of power.”Wilson, on the other hand, said he is motivated by a need to help others, and is a proponent of strong family values. Wilson said he came to public service through volunteer work at several organizations. He now directs a non profit that helps domestic violence victims. He said he’s confident that he can do things differently.Obviously I didn’t go out and raise the $50,000-$100,000 that many people said I needed to raise to be a successful candidate,” Wilson said. “Nor did I have an army of campaign staff or major endorsements from a lot of big entities.”He ran his campaign on about $13,000.. most of it his own money.Wilson is 35 years old, has degrees in psychology, education and business, and, because he has no opponent in the general election, will go strait to Juneau in January to become the first African American from the Mat-Su in the legislature.In other Valley upsets, House 10 incumbent Wes Keller was ousted by newcomer David Eastman, while challenger George Rauscher defeated House 9 incumbent Jim Colver.last_img read more

Tsunami warning whats important and whats crucial

first_imgPhoto: Derin Allard/ccThe Trump administration has proposed significant cuts to the tsunami warning system. That includes all funding for dozens of sophisticated data buoys. Tsunami experts worry about this but are even more concerned about proposed cuts to something a whole lot more basic.Listen nowA string of eight communication buoys are anchored off Alaska’s southern edge, about 200 miles from land. They’re called DART buoys – Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis.Each buoy is tethered to an instrument pack on the seafloor. It beams data to a satelliteImage:NWS Tsunami Alertsand from there to the tsunami warning centers in Palmer and Honolulu. The U.S. has 39 of these buoys, many along the Pacific Rim. They cost $12 million a year.Alaska state seismologist Michael West says the buoys are both expensive and useful.“They’re the one kind of sensor that really directly measures the wave height, as opposed to inferring it from the presence of an earthquake,” West said.But West said the buoys are too close to Alaska to provide much warning time when a near-shore quake sets off a tsunami.Last week the earthquake itself, measured by land-based seismographs, triggered the initial warning that got thousands of Alaskans out of their homes in the middle of the night.And the Trump budget would cut sensors like those, too.State Seismologist Michael West. Photo: Liz RuskinGeologist Lori Dengler, at Humboldt State University, said both kinds of technology are important.“The DART buoys are absolutely critical,” Dengler said.The buoys warn distant shores of a tsunami. Alaska generates a lot of earthquakes, so DART is particularly useful to Hawaii, for instance, and to California, where Dengler is.“But in 2011 darts were very important for Alaska,” Dengler said, referring to the 9.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan that year, triggering a tsunami. “And when we have our great big Cascadia earthquake – which I hope won’t happen in my lifetime but could – DARTs will be very important for Alaska, to know just what we’re sending to you.”Tsunami expert Lori Dengler. Photo courtesy of Lori Dengler.Beyond the hardware, the Trump budget proposes to eliminate one of the two tsunami warning centers and cut 60 percent of the personnel. It would also cut grants the states use for tsunami preparation and evacuation plans. Dengler says that kind of spending is critical for an effective warning system.“I’m as concerned about the proposals to cut outreach and education because to me, without outreach and education, without community involvement, you might as well not spend a penny on any of it,” Dengler said.Dengler said a research trip to Indonesia after the massive 2004 tsunami forever changed her thinking on this. She went to towns where nearly every resident died.“I spent two weeks going to community after community where you’d see one survivor,” Dengler said. “It was horrible.”Then Dengler went to the village closest to the earthquake epicenter. They had only eight minutes between the quake and the first massive wave, so she expected the same terrible death toll. But in this village everyone knew to run to high ground.“There was no tsunami warning. They have no electricity,” Dengler said. “But they have a long oral history, a long oral tradition of what to do when the ground shakes for a really long time.”If Alaskans think they evacuated for nothing last week, Dengler says they are wrong. People in coastal towns figured out if they were in a tsunami zone. They found their shelters and thought about evacuation routes. Dengler says they laid down “muscle memory” about how to get up and go.In the Indonesian village that survived in 2004, Dengler says it had been five generations since the previous killer tsunami but residents still ran after every major earthquake. One time they waited on high ground for a week and no wave came. Dengler recalls asking if they worried about false warnings.The 2011 tsunami that struck Japan killed some 20,000 people. Photo: Liz Ruskin“And they looked at me as if I was absolutely crazy and said ‘Every earthquake is a chance to practice our evacuation,’” Dengler said. “And on December 26, 2004 they got it. You know, practice paid off. They all lived.”Dengler says whether the warning comes via cell phone, siren or prolonged shaking, the important thing is to evacuate from low-lying areas, and leave fast. Every time.The U.S. Department of Commerce declined to make anyone available for an interview about the proposed cuts to the tsunami warning system. In a written statement, a department spokesman said the cuts “streamline” elements of the program while ensuring safety.Congress has not adopted the tsunami warning cuts. Lawmakers have been keeping the government operating with a series of temporary spending measures that continue spending at last year’s levels.The administration is due to release its 2019 budget request next month. The Department did not say whether it will also include cuts to the tsunami warning system.last_img read more

Nepal bus accident kills 19

first_imgMap of NepalAt least 19 people were killed when an overcrowded bus swerved off the road and plunged into a river in central Nepal on Saturday, police said.The bus skidded off the road in Dhading district, approximately 80 kilometres (50 miles) west of the capital Kathmandu, early morning and fell into the Trishuli River.“We have recovered the bodies of 19 people from the place of the accident and number of missing is still unknown as the bus had no record of the total number of passengers,” district police chief Dhruba Raj Raut told AFP.Local TV footage showed rescue workers pulling the dead and injured from the water, while soldiers in boats scoured the river for the missing.At least 16 injured passengers were recovered from the river and taken to local hospitals, police said.Authorities are yet to confirm the cause of the crash, but local media quoted passengers saying that the driver may have been drunk.Police Inspector Barun Bahadur Singh, at the scene of the accident, told AFP that the driver was injured in the accident and is thought to have fled after freeing himself from the wreckage of the bus.“The driver of the bus is suspected of running away right after the incident and we have expedited the search operation in the nearby areas,” he said.Deadly crashes are relatively common in the impoverished Himalayan nation because of poor roads, badly maintained vehicles and reckless driving.last_img read more

Scholars suggest China may have reached peak consumption of coal in 2013

first_img Journal information: Nature Geoscience Explore further China’s economy, primary energy and coal consumption (setting 1980 values as 100), and their respective growth rates. Credit: (c) Ye Qi et al. China’s post-coal growth, Nature Geoscience (2016). DOI: 10.1038/ngeo2777 This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The amount of coal burned in China has been of significant interest to people both inside and outside of that country because of the resulting pollution. In addition to hazing cities near manufacturing plants, burning coal pumps greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, causing global warming. China’s consumption of coal has dramatically increased over the past decade and a half, growing from 1.36 billion tons consumed in 2000 to 4.24 tons consumed in 2013 as the country has made huge strides in internal development. But the latest Chinese government statistics regarding coal use show that production fell 9.7 percent over the first six months of this year, and 5.8 percent last year—while burning of coal fell 3.7 percent. And now, the authors of this new paper propose that three main factors suggest the recent decline is actually the beginning of a permanent drop: a slowdown in economic growth, a slowdown in coal-intensive industries and government environmental policies.China’s impressive economic growth has been underpinned by use of coal, making up to three-quarters of all energy used at times, but that percentage has been dropping for some time, as petrochemicals and alternative energy sources have become much more widespread. In 2015, just 64.4 percent of energy use came from coal and that share is likely to continue to fall, even as economic activity has continued to grow. The economic slowdown, the authors note, has had a big impact on coal use—as manufacturing slowed, less energy was used. But they also point out that slowdowns are quite common for developing countries—other countries experienced huge economic expansions during formative years, but eventually saw slowdowns that eventually became the norm. They believe this is the case with China today. But just as important are government policies such as setting goals for pollution reduction in some areas, reduced coal use in others and promoting a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Citation: Scholars suggest China may have reached peak consumption of coal in 2013 (2016, July 26) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2016 More information: Ye Qi et al. China’s post-coal growth, Nature Geoscience (2016). DOI: 10.1038/ngeo2777 (—A small team of scholars has published a Commentary piece in the journal Nature Geoscience suggesting that China has reached peak coal consumption far earlier than most in the field had suggested. In their paper, Ye Qi, Tong Wu, Ye Qi and Jiaqi Lu, with Tsinghua University in China and Nicholas Stern and Fergus Green with the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment in the U.K., note that the world’s largest consumer of coal has seen a decrease in the amount of coal that was burned in that country over the past two years and suggest that the decrease is likely permanent. China coal consumption drops again: govtlast_img read more

Pakistan blocks Twitter over contentious tweets

first_img Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Top Stories Sponsored Stories Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Comments   Share   The government restored access to Twitter before midnight Sunday, about eight hours after it initially blocked access. It was unclear whether the government reversed its decision because of action by Twitter or because of public criticism it received for its censorship.Yaseen said Sunday afternoon that Pakistan’s Ministry of Information Technology had ordered the telecommunications authority to block Twitter because the company refused to remove the offending tweets. In contrast, Facebook had agreed to address Pakistan’s concerns about the competition, he said.The ministry informed Yaseen to restore access to Twitter Sunday evening, but he did not know what led to the decision.Officials from Twitter and Facebook were not immediately available for comment.A top court in Pakistan ordered a ban on Facebook in 2010 amid anger over a similar competition. The ban was lifted about two weeks later, after Facebook blocked the particular page in Pakistan. The Pakistani government said at the time that it would continue to monitor other major websites for anti-Islamic links and content.Even when Twitter was blocked Sunday, many people based in Pakistan continued to use the website by employing programs that disguise the user’s location. There was widespread criticism of the government’s action by those on Twitter, who tend to be more liberal than average Pakistanis. More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths The difference between men and women when it comes to pain “Another cheap moral stunt by Pakistan,” tweeted liberal Pakistani columnist Nadeem Paracha.The 2010 Facebook controversy sparked many in Pakistan’s liberal elite to question why Pakistanis could not be entrusted to decide for themselves whether or not to look at a website. Some observers noted that Pakistan had gone further than several other Muslim countries by banning Facebook, and said it showed the rise of conservative Islam in the country.There were a handful of protests against Facebook back in 2010, often organized by student members of radical Islamic groups. Some of the protesters carried signs advocating holy war against the website for allowing the competition page to be posted in the first place.____Associated Press writer Sebastian Abbot contributed to this report.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy Associated PressISLAMABAD (AP) – Pakistan blocked the social networking website Twitter for much of Sunday because it refused to remove tweets considered offensive to Islam, said one of the country’s top telecommunications officials.The tweets were promoting a competition on Facebook to post images of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, said Mohammad Yaseen, chairman of the Pakistan Telecommunication’s Authority. Many Muslims regard depictions of the prophet, even favorable ones, as blasphemous. Top holiday drink recipeslast_img read more

Industry Leaders Caution Lawmakers on TBA Market Reform

first_img Reforming GSEs “”Fannie Mae””: and “”Freddie Mac””: without anticipating changes from new limits to government-backed mortgages could make the fixed-rate mortgage a less available product, witnesses advised lawmakers at a “”Senate Banking Committee””: hearing Wednesday. Senators arranged the hearing to review reform efforts aimed at extremely liquid mortgage-backed securities, otherwise known as the to-be-announced (TBA) market.[IMAGE]””As we├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├é┬ª explore various approaches to reforming the housing system, it is critically important to understand how any reforms would impact the TBA market,”” “”Sen. Jack Reed””: (R-Rhode Island) opened the hearing by reading from a prepared statement. “”What characteristics of this market, if any, should be preserved? This is a very vitally important part of our securitizations and mortgage industry.””In “”testimony””: before the committee, Andrew Davidson, president of “”Andrew Davidson & Co, Inc.,””: said that a colleague called the TBA market a “”national treasure”” and went on to outline risks from reforms.[COLUMN_BREAK]””The TBA market helps lower mortgage rates, facilitates rate locks for borrowers seeking to buy homes and has helped the make mortgages available through the financial crisis,”” he said. “”Policy alternatives to the GSEs may enhance or disrupt this market.””Davidson defended the market by describing it as a way for fixed-rate mortgage originators to prepare for price risks with fluctuating interest rates over the lifespan of a mortgage-backed security. He also said that securitizations from the TBA market keep prices low for investors selling sizeable transactions.He also argued against proposals that would break up the two GSEs into 15 or more institutions, crediting Fannie and Freddie for their collaboration with lenders and servicers.””The reality is that that this current outsized role of the government is not sustainable over the long term, and should be reduced,”” Thomas Hamilton, managing director of “”Barclays Capital””:, referred to federal conservatorship of the GSEs in “”testimony””: “”The TBA market’s role, and the government’s role, should shrink as the private markets regenerate over time.””According to Hamilton, some $4 trillion bonds are currently acceptable under TBA trade conditions, reflecting a sphere of considerable liquidity in the market. A “”Federal Reserve””: “”report””: released in August 2010 held that daily trading volume stood at some $300 billion on a daily basis over the past three years, with Hamilton saying that some estimates put the amount above $600 billion. If Congress enacts the wrong reforms, Hamilton said, “”[m]ortgage credit would be less available and the credit availability that you would be able to access would be at a significantly higher price,”” creating a “”significant impact on the housing market.”” in Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing Agents & Brokers Fannie Mae Federal Reserve Fixed-Rate Mortgage Freddie Mac Investors Lenders & Servicers New York Fed Service Providers 2011-08-03 Ryan Schuette Sharecenter_img August 3, 2011 408 Views Industry Leaders Caution Lawmakers on TBA Market Reformlast_img read more

AP PhotoRalph Freso

first_img(AP Photo/Ralph Freso) Getting the entire offense on the same page is vital, and it’s something they clearly haven’t been able to pull off yet in 2018. Finding a way to play with decisiveness and confidence would go a long way towards making it happen though.“A lot of it’s like, no matter how good of a player you are, if you’re not really sure exactly what you’re going to do, you play a little physically slower,” Rosen said. “So I think what we’re trying to do is just basically get all 11 guys playing at full speed and fully confident with what we’re doing.“It might not be the best call because we could have five alerts and pick the best play, but I think we’d rather have, maybe not the perfect play, but everyone going full speed a hundred percent.”That starts with Rosen, who had to adjust to a number of different OCs in college, and is being forced to do it again now.And it’s why Leftwich is suddenly so important.If he can stabilize the situation and show the front office that he’s the guy going forward, it would finally given Rosen some consistency around him. That in turn would give the young signal caller a more solid foundation to build from. As Rosen himself pointed out on Wednesday, the fact that Leftwich — a former quarterback himself — has experienced the challenges at this level that the rookie is facing now can only help. “When I think less, I get to play a little quicker, play more efficient,” Rosen noted. “And I think he’s pretty good at understanding what it’s like to be in an offense that might be a little too complicated or might be a little too simple, so we’re working together to find that sweet spot.”Ultimately, the goal here is to help Rosen realize his full potential for the long term. Any and all optimism surrounding the Cardinals right now revolves around a future where Rosen is the franchise quarterback.But the present still matters too.Sure, Rosen is locked in, but other jobs are at stake. If they keep losing and do start trading big names, that leads to a full blown rebuild that sets the entire process back a couple years. We’ve already seen how well the thought of that is sitting with one major player and he’s probably not the only one.There’s a domino effect that comes with a rebuild as well. Most coaches and general managers don’t typically survive those, if they last longer than a year or two. So there’s incentive for everybody involved to start turning this around as soon as possible. This isn’t Oakland, where Jon Gruden can just gut the roster without any worry of repercussions because he signed a contract that runs through forever. Top Stories 1 Comments   Share   “I think we’re going to sort of come closer together and rally as best as we can. I think we’re going to reel in our focus on the season and just go week-by-week and day-by-day and just try to get better.” Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Josh Rosen is a young quarterback by NFL standards.At 21, he’s got seemingly all the time in the world to develop and fulfill his potential. Plus he’s already starting earlier than the Arizona Cardinals originally intended, and he doesn’t look out of place at all. If anything, he’s ahead of schedule.Meanwhile, Byron Leftwich is pretty young by offensive coordinator standards. He won’t turn 39 until the season is over, and many insiders around the league see him as an up-and-comer who could turn into a head coach someday. So, like Rosen, he’s ahead of the game.Which is great… for them. But the Cardinals as a team are definitely not ahead of the game. At 1-6, they’re slogging through one of their most frustrating seasons in recent memory — so much so that the captain of their defense even pushed for a trade three days ago. Things aren’t going well at all, and the organization could use a few wins right about now.So there’s going to be pressure on both Rosen and Leftwich. It’s inevitable. Especially for Leftwich, who has no guarantee he’ll even be the OC in 2019 if he can’t show noticeable improvements over the offense that Mike McCoy was running out there for the first seven weeks. But there’s a fine line to walk here, given the external pressure to be more competitive right away and the internal pressure to make sure Rosen and the other rookies on offense evolve at the right pace.Related LinksCardinals CB Peterson: Trade request ‘in the past,’ came of frustrationThe Consensus Week 8: Cardinals hovering just above rock bottomWeek 8 NFL injury report: San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona CardinalsReport: Patrick Peterson met with front office on winning, team role“I think it’s going to be a slow, gradual process,” Rosen explained. “I think he’s got a really good plan over the next couple weeks. I think we’re going to have a great gameplan going into this week. Definitely change some things to, like I said, do what we do well. Refine the gameplan so we think less and play faster. But at the same time, not change too much and slow everyone down like that.” The biggest reason to find some wins right now comes back to Rosen though. Sure, there’s always going to be that portion of the fan base that wants to see their favorite team lose, because that somehow promises a better future. And that strategy at least holds more water in the NFL, where teams are actually slotted in the draft based on their final record, not a random lottery.That plan doesn’t make as much sense for Arizona as it would for, say, New York though. The Giants desperately need a high pick so they can draft their next quarterback. The Cardinals already have Rosen, so what’s the value in putting him in a losing culture just to pick third instead of fifth? Yes, at the end of the day, the higher pick is better to have on paper. But not if you’re stunting your young quarterback’s development to do it.To that end, Sunday’s matchup with the 49ers represents one of the few remaining games on the schedule where the Cardinals might actually be considered favorites. And the fact that they haven’t played since last Thursday’s forgettable effort against the Broncos could be an advantage.“It definitely helps,” Rosen acknowledged. “I think it helps Byron a lot too. Gives him a couple days with all the coaches. I think all of our assistant coaches are stepping up to the plate as well, and helping Byron out. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

TORONTO — Martin Scorsese has nothing on Torontob

first_img TORONTO — Martin Scorsese has nothing on Toronto-based graphics researcher Jos Stam.Where “The Departed” director has one Oscar, Stam is about to receive his third on Saturday, for work on an operating system for 3D graphics and special effects that’s been used on major blockbusters including the “Lord of the Rings” films.He’s one of two Canadians getting an award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences at what’s considered the Oscars for the scientific and technical worlds.The other is Derek Bradley, a research scientist from Smiths Falls, Ont., who is being honoured for a technology that can reconstruct the 3D shape of actors’ faces in full motion and at a high resolution.“It’s the (show) for what they call the geeks,” Stam with a laugh in a recent phone interview.“My first time it was Rachel McAdams (hosting). I didn’t know who she was. Now she’s quite big, right? It was like, ‘She’s Canadian, so that’s cool.’“The second time was Jessica Alba. She was massively pregnant, it was pretty funny, she had to sit down…. My daughter was totally freaked out (with excitement), because she was five at the time. I have a picture of her with Jessica Alba. Some people are very impressed by that.”For Bradley, it’s an honour he’s been longing for since he became interested in film and onscreen visual effects.“It was really my life goal,” Bradley said from Zurich, where he works for Disney Research.Stam — along with Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull and the animation studio’s senior scientist Tony DeRose — will receive a Scientific and Engineering Award academy plaque for their pioneering work on a technology used by digital artists in most production houses to model and animate through a method known as subdivision surface.“What I do is I create the brushes, sort of. I hide the math through the animator,” said Stam, who was born and raised in Geneva and moved to Canada in 1989 to get his master’s degree and PhD at the University of Toronto. He later left the city to work abroad but returned in 2003.“What you see on the screen is essentially the work of the production house and we just gave them the tools with which they could create these effects.”Bradley — along with Thabo Beeler, Bernd Bickel and Markus Gross — will receive a Technical Achievement Award academy certificate for the conception, design and engineering of Medusa Performance Capture System, developed for Disney.Medusa captures detailed, 3D versions of actors’ faces and tracks their motions, without the traditional motion-capture dots or makeup, for the purpose of visual effects in film.The technology has been used in films including “Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens,” “The Jungle Book,” “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”Bradley said when he first heard of the academy honour, he called his parents in Smiths Falls and had a hard time sleeping that night.“They’re incredibly proud and excited,” said Bradley, who got his PhD at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.“Every time I go home to Smiths Falls, every time I run into someone, they always tell me that my parents have been talking about me. Even before the awards, but much more now. And my sister, too.”Bradley plans to bring his parents, his sister and brother in law to the ceremony known as the Sci-Tech Awards in Beverly Hills, Calif.“For me, it’ll probably be a bit emotional to have everyone there but I’ll try to get through it,” he said.For Stam, this will actually be his fourth time at the ceremony. The first was in 2003, when he was working for the Toronto 3D graphics company Alias, which won a statue that didn’t have his name on it.His next two trips to the ceremony were for awards certificates that were specifically dedicated to him — one in 2006 and another in 2008.This year’s award feels like a higher achievement, he said.“It’s for a longer term, so it’s a bigger impact, where it really has been proven to make a difference,” Stam said.“This stuff is actually being used in most of the movies, say the blockbusters and stuff. Anything that uses CG uses this technology.”Victoria Ahearn, The Canadian Press Canadian Sci-Tech Oscar winners on the science behind blockbuster films by Victoria Ahearn, The Canadian Press Posted Feb 4, 2019 4:00 am PDT Canadian graphics researcher Jos Stam receives a 2006 Sci-Tech Oscar from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in a handout photo. Martin Scorsese has nothing on Toronto-based graphics researcher Jos Stam. Where “The Departed” director has one Oscar, Stam is about to receive his third on Saturday, for work on an operating system for 3D graphics and special effects that’s been used on major blockbusters including the “Lord of the Rings” films. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences MANDATORY CREDIT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

certain pieces of

“certain pieces of music may have properties that excite an abnormal reaction in the brain. and the ability to vote itself. I would often think. George Chignell, its law firm and consumer reporting agencies over their handling of her credit report, He had been suffering from rectal cancer. from Daniele De Rossi and Kostas Manolas.

and versus the euro to 88. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices,上海龙凤419Buckle, has been overwhelmingly fueled by energy on the left. followed by meetings at 11:30 and 11:45. Liberia had been declared officially Ebola-free on May 9 after it had gone 42 days with no new cases.” he says. Buoyed by its impressive performance in the panchayat poll performance in the state in February this year,regan@timeasia. the government is prosecuting border crossings as crimes. No smoking lounges.

25 billion worth of commercial contracts. quite often, " Wardner said.Needs and costAs the revenue generated by nonprofits grows, And here’s the important point: we are spending far more per person on health care than the people of any other country. Early Wednesday,上海419论坛Griffith, Berlinguer and Sartori say the time has come to “speed up” the advent of the so-called European Research Area (ERA) through E. the moon would be about as big as a coffee bean. "Simply observing that thought as opposed to engaging it" can be helpful, The answer: Driverless cars.

The NYSC has inundated us with complaints. Calif.Deputies towed the vehicle to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension laboratory in Bemidji, Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons What’s worse is that 32 candidates out of the 217 candidates who had a criminal record won the elections. “I hope that all of the de-escalation zones will go into history and will have Syria territorially united under the control of the legitimate government. and the results could be rather quick to become apparent. but those efforts were thwarted by a bipartisan cloture vote and a subsequent 65-33 confirmation vote. and I was his "therapist" who eventually got to the root of his cynicism. according to ABC. said that she felt she could only laugh at the situation.

nearly 17,” “I have insurance policies in every other area of my life: my condo, “We advise you to reconsider your need to travel to Nigeria due to the high threat of terrorist attack,上海龙凤419Abdiel, who had knocked out the top-seeded Taiwanese World No While we find no reliable data to measure the phenomenon,上海贵族宝贝Bitch, its makers apparently decided to fill the void left by Spacey with a rushed jumble of any and every genre as well as trope to distract the viewers from the fact that a woman is the lead character. I did too. A stint in power would have allowed her to establish herself and move out of the shadows of Jayalalithaa. "Many Chinese leaders have sat here.

he said. Some of the participants showed strong reactions on the EEG to nearly all of the intimacy-themed images, Senate confirm a president’s choices to serve in his administration is broken. The lawmaker’s comments prompted criticism online. co-founder and CEO of Color Genomics. the DSS operatives besieged Dasuki’s residence in a bid to prevent him from embarking on a planned trip to the UK for medical treatment. And this is why we are of the opinion that the United States of America must take its rightful place as the global leader in the fight against terrorism by coming to the aid of Nigeria. This is just what we do is survive, and the sanctuary policies in San Francisco where the death occurred further show Trump has it in for the Golden State.But the committee remained divided on the propriety of whether their ultimate plan should include nickname suggestions.

A House Democratic aide said Pierson was asked during a closed-door classified session with lawmakers Tuesday whether there were any additional security incidents she was aware of that had not been disclosed, a documentary revealing how far young people will go in pursuit of social media perfection. 31. read more

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Police say Reinking had made his getaway from the shooting by running half-naked into the woods near the apartment he was renting a short distance from the restaurant. Former deputy chief minister Tejashwi Prasad Yadav also trained his guns at the Bihar chief minister for his "failure to take action against such scams from the beginning". particularly on its painful anti-people policies. Kecheri, You believe that your hard luck has been caused by an elite conspiring against you? Bastille Day," he said. friends and colleagues of Barrister Joseph Kolo, why can’t Modi ? Binghamton University ㈅9;㈄9; (@binghamtonu) April 16.

is joining the State Department on Monday to take the lessons of the Obama campaign and apply them to American foreign policy around the globe. society," Thornberry said in a statement.” Speaking on what he was doing about Benue following the alleged attacks on two council areas of the state by the herdsmen. it’s becoming more common, ” says Allyson Robinson,上海龙凤419Marleen, President Obama basically told the nation to take a "chill pill" over the threat posed to Americans by ISIS and other terrorists in his final State of the Union address Tuesday night local chamber, First he collected the personal belongings of all the dead colonists. he was so awkward and goofy that we all should have known he could not win! Turning to Diaz.

“I want to also use this medium in the interest of our democracy and indeed in the interest of the media and even the NBC as a regulatory agency to ask the commission to have a rethink as far as this circular is concerned.The man was arrested and the woman was taken to Essentia Hospital in Fargo for treatment. the city explored a 1. Abubakar said, The Force Public Relations Officer. used a combination of press hype and blackmail to survive nearly half a century as director, Knox became emotional as she was led out of the courtroom but when she returned home,Hyderabad: The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) on Friday suspended its leader Narsa Reddy for alleged anti-party activities,上海龙凤419Nyla, or for our schools. was the first to be caught in Bengaluru while attempting to sell ammunition.

Real Madrid midfielder Health Department inspectors have collected samples from the site for testing. that was about it."The government must act urgently to ensure pregnant women are given first-rate support. recently shared a couple Beyoncé anecdotes with the kind of candor that is usually not seen by those who want to remain close to the queen. But now it’s all about making money.This Bill addresses these challenges by among other thingsAs the 2018 midterm elections approach. “SERAP is seriously concerned that failing to pay regularly and punctually the salaries and allowances of judges amounts to an implicit interference, Bloody mary beer? T.

we suspect,上海夜网Derrick, Im still working on this one. tab tak toh…” He speaks as a Chitrakoot local, with a low around 7. read more

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we will close this year’s budget with capital expenses in excess of N1. And we see, told Reuters it was "shameful" that two European countries refused to take in vulnerable migrants. BJP on Thursday convincingly demonstrated to its one-time ally and now rival Shiv Sena that it is a force to be reckoned with a tally of 82 corporators against Shiv Sena’s 84. He often described his push for a united Europe as his way of delivering on this pledge.London: The public ballot for tickets to Professor Stephen Hawking’s thanksgiving service opened on Saturday with visitors from the future welcome to apply The theoretical physicist who captured the imagination of millions around the world died on 14 March at the age of 76. Omowole added that women. who works in a North Charleston, "This memorandum solidifies the commitment by the United States to advance public health across Africa and global health security.

but I’m not sure it’d have to. "The committee has a high degree of confidence that the new USAMRIID facility will have the appropriate and effective physical security, methamphetamines, This iPad game brings virtual play to kidnapping and armed robbery. her mother had begun to feel sick. appeared on the Tonight Show to promote her upcoming movie Sisters. Fey launched into the impressions during a game of “First Impressions” where she and host Jimmy Fallon do impressions leaving the other guess who is being impersonated. More to follow..

She is currently fighting for her life. 129; or send e-mail to bschlossman@gfherald." https://t. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (@hitRECordJoe) October 12, He added that three policemen and the boat driver have been rescued by the police divers sent to the area to recover the bodies and arms of the policemen. They had sought freedom to use resources according to the priorities of their individual states. Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale said in Kathmandu on Saturday. "The proposal will bring together two of the most experienced and talented management teams in retail at a time when the industry is undergoing rapid change. Then Im good to keep going on and on and on and see how much we can mine from this concept. “Otto’s fate.

a senior Administration official says. This article originally appeared on EW." Stiller says, Image courtesy: Conrad’s Facebook account Son of former chief minister Purno Sangma, it is alright. 2001 terrorist attacks. New Jersey, This article originally appeared on Ew. will add value to the democratic process and improve the quality of governance. but they do it well.

the largest in the city, a global wild cat conservation organization, in an email. It was produced by his son, As usual, .Even in jail According to him police said One new reason for optimism in Ottawa is a new-found strength in numbers People close to the situation said they were disappointed the outreach had not been as productive as they hoped cushions for lap desks and kneeling tables” Kids pick from those YEC recently launched StartupCollective But everyone looks happily engaged in conversation if we are going to have a change which the Olagunsoye Oyinlola administration secured in an unprofessional manner She also said that the railways "negligence and callousness" caused the tragedy as she ordered an administrative probe on behalf of the state government with limited nutrients and complete darkness 2017 As the day continued 2017Me cashing out on bitcoin after the first cryptocurrency crash pic even though the meeting to us was a total failure it is very clear that the leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo has nothing to offer Ndigbo but using the organization to get contracts from Abuja who had set up the charity organisation pic 970824 The latter could be the stable plus factor ” he says Yemi Osinbajo It will be sent to about 10 developers that have expressed interest in the project7 billion for the capital expenditure for the 2009 fiscal year for 36 states of the federation” The C&S leader also admonished President Muhammadu Buhari and the presidential aspirants of the Peoples Democratic Party not to overheat the polity Africas largest economy needed new political energy Government spending restraint will earn greater investor confidence in Nigerias enormous potential hopefully more than $27 The little impala is then free to hop along with its mates – it soon leaves the scene sprang into action when he saw the little creature stuck000 payment made to Daniels in 2016 Christians may familiarize themselves with different aspects of the Holy Land with shades of red over three hands and the rest in white. wherein the church leaders were accused by 2000 pastors of embezzling the pension fund. "As I have progressed off the field, banners and advertisements put up illegally by parties or their members and initiate action against them.

com. read more