Practical Tax Advice For Olympia Families – IRS Audit Triggers

first_imgSubmitted by Bliss & SkeenJohn Skeen of Bliss & Skeen Certified Public Accountants has been talking about taxation around the dinner table since he was thirteen.What are your chances of being audited by the IRS? Not surprisingly, the nation’s tax collector tends to go after the big money.According to figures recently released by the IRS, approximately 1.11% of all 2010 individual tax returns were audited in 2011, the same as the prior year. This rate has hovered around the 1% mark for several years.In comparison, the audit rate of 1.02% for taxpayers with income of less than $100,000 almost quadrupled to 3.93% for those with an income of $200,000 or more. That means the IRS audited roughly one out of every 25 of these returns. And the odds of being audited jumped to about one out of eight for those with income above $1 million.Besides chasing high-income taxpayers, the IRS often flags returns for the following reasons:Unreported income. The IRS will match the W-2s and 1099s it receives with the income reported on your return.Travel and entertainment deductions. Traditionally, this is a prime audit target. IRS agents pay extra attention to deductions for business use of vehicles.Large charitable gifts. It’s suspicious if charitable deductions are disproportionate to the amount of your income.Home-office deductions. Such deductions are often claimed by taxpayers who do some work at home but don’t otherwise qualify for a home office.Rental real estate losses. In general, losses aren’t available unless you “actively participate” in the rental activity.Cash businesses. If you’re usually paid in cash, the IRS is more likely to peruse your return.Hobby losses. Generally, you can’t claim a loss from an activity that’s merely a hobby, not a bona fide business.Foreign bank accounts. The IRS is after taxpayers who don’t report income from offshore accounts.Conversely, don’t pass up legitimate tax breaks on your return. If you’re uncertain, give us a call for guidance.Bliss & Skeen2407 Pacific Ave Suite COlympia, WA Facebook4Tweet0Pin0last_img read more

Lacey To Dedicate Expanded Senior Center

first_imgSubmitted by City of LaceyThe City of Lacey will officially dedicate its newly-expanded senior center during a public ceremony at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 16. The center is located in Woodland Creek Community Park, 6757 Pacific Avenue SE.The $2.9 million project doubled the size of the facility to 10,000 square-feet, significantly increasing capacity for programming and services. Over the last decade, Lacey has experienced dramatic increases in demand for services to seniors. Since opening at its current location in 2003, use of the center has surged from 257 registered-members to nearly 1,700.“Lacey’s senior population is one of the fastest-growing in Washington, and is projected to double again within ten years,” commented Mayor Virgil Clarkson. “This facility is an outstanding example of state and federal support successfully leveraging local resources in meeting critical needs.”The project received $1 million in support from the federal Community Development Block Grant program, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and administered by the Washington State Department of Commerce. The award marked the seventh for Lacey from the block grant program, with previous projects including the senior center’s first phase, construction of the Lacey Child Care Center, and preservation and rehabilitation of affordable housing.Additional funding was provided by the city, Senior Services for South Sound, the Lewis-Mason-Thurston Area Agency on Aging, the Forest Foundation, local businesses, and several hundred individual donors.“Lacey has done an outstanding job addressing the needs of our senior population,” said Eileen McKenzie Sullivan, executive director of Senior Services. “We’re pleased this project will go a long way toward meeting increasing demands within the community.”The building expansion was designed by BLRB Architects of Tacoma. Jones & Roberts of Olympia was the general contractor. Senior Services for South Sound, which has partnered with the city for several decades, manages the facility.For more information, contact Lori Flemm, Lacey Parks and Recreation Director, at (360) 438-2633. To learn more about senior programming and services, call the Lacey Senior Center at (360) 407-3967. Facebook35Tweet0Pin0last_img read more

Olympia Pediatrics: Children and Sports Drinks

first_imgSubmitted by Dr. Amy Belko for Olympia PediatricsExperts in sports medicine agree that all children and adolescents need frequent and unlimited access to water before, during, and after exercise.  In fact, some feel that younger children in particular don’t realize that they are thirsty until their body is already dehydrated.But, is there a need for sports drinks which provide hydration but also provide sugar and electrolytes?In 2012, an excellent review, Consumption of Sports Drinks by Children and Adolescents was published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  To summarize:Water is the key to keeping our children well hydrated.  Fresh, safe, and free water should be available to children in parks and school recreational facilities. The average American child or teenager does not engage in enough physical activity to need rehydration with a sports drink.  Parents and coaches need to focus on water.  Only 10-20% of time in PE class is spent in vigorous activity.  Even most team practices and games are not vigorous enough to require extra electrolytes and sugar. If children are participating in prolonged vigorous physical activity in hot, humid conditions for more than one hour, small amounts of sports drinks may be appropriate.  These activities include prolonged football and soccer training during the summer, marathon training and races, soccer and tennis tournaments, and long bike races.A balanced diet is usually enough to replace the water, carbohydrates and electrolytes lost during exercise.  Most electrolytes can be replenished with milk, soup, fruits and vegetables.Sports drinks are a source of added sugar, added sodium and excess energy intake.Sports drinks displace other necessary nutrients for our growing children in particular calcium, vitamin D, and iron.Don’t be swayed by advertising.  Water is the most necessary fluid required.  Add fruit or herbs to water for a change in taste.  Or simply keep a jug of water cold in the fridge to fill up those water bottles prior to practice. Facebook10Tweet0Pin0last_img read more

Announcing Olympia Family Theater’s 12th Mainstage Season

first_imgFacebook4Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Olympia Family TheaterOlympia Family Theater’s 12th Mainstage Season will feature a few familiar titles, 2 south sound originals, and 1 world premiere. Each story will take audiences members on a fantastic journey, across the ocean, across town, and sometimes just across the living room. Our five productions of the season will include Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat, Winnie the Pooh, 3 Impossible Questions, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, and Cinder Edna.Photo courtesy: Olympia Family TheaterDive into the journey with us. There are sure to be a few surprises, new friendships and lots of laughter.Tickets and Subscriptions are on sale now.Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the HatSeptember 29-October 22, 2017The Cat in The Hat interrupts a rainy afternoon with his unexpected visit to Sally and her brother’s cozy home. Their outspoken and outraged pet Fish is astounded and concerned, but this cat will not be deterred. He will teach us all to make our own fun with nothing but a little imagination. “It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how.” Along with Thing One and Thing Two, the cat will fill our theater with mischievous humor and madcap style. Young and old alike will delight in this faithful adaptation of a classic book come to life before our very eyes.Winnie the PoohNovember 24-December 23, 2017Join Winnie the Pooh, everyone’s favorite bear “of very little brain” on this frantic adventure. Pooh sets out to rescue Piglet from Kanga’s baths (with soap!) and strengthening medicine. Pooh tries his best but when he eats too much honey and really gets stuck- Owl, Eeyore, Rabbit and his countless relations work together to get him out. Hopefully, Pooh still has time to help his friend.  A.A. Milne’s wit shines throughout this beloved story and makes this a play a journey you will not want to miss.3 Impossible QuestionsFebruary 2-18, 2018A collection of stories centering around the popular character Mullah Nasreddin, who is a well-loved character in the folklore and comic stories of a large number of Islamic cultures. In consultation with the Islamic Center of Olympia, we have collected and adapted the stories of this teacher who sometimes seems a fool and sometimes a hero.  The stories about the mullah (which means teacher) have their origins from as far back as the 13th century where he may or may not have been a real person in Turkey. We celebrate our Muslim friends and neighbors with our retelling of these stories. In many countries and for hundreds of years these tales have been passed down from parents to children and now, we are pleased to share the humor and wisdom of Mullah Nasreddin and this journey with you!The Miraculous Journey of Edward TulaneMarch 16-April 1, 2018With a simple set, live music, and a tender story, Kate DiCamillo’s bestseller comes to life in an unforgettable stage experience. Tossed overboard, stuck in a hobo’s knapsack, and used as a scarecrow, we join a china rabbit doll named Edward as he undertakes a perilous 20-year journey. Along the way, he sheds his arrogance, and his heart grows bigger and softer as he discovers the importance of people, friendship, and love. Based on the book by the bestselling author Kate DiCamillo (Flora & Ulysses, The Tale of Desperaux, Because of Winn-Dixie)!Cinder EdnaMay 11–June 3, 2018Cinder Edna lives next door to a famous girl you have probably heard of, Cinderella. Ella and Edna have cruel stepmothers and stepsisters, but they have different approaches to life’s journey. Cinder Edna has better things to do than sit in the ashes and feel sorry for herself and she doesn’t believe in Fairy Godmothers. She saves her money to put a dress on layaway, just in case a special occasion should arise. She takes the bus to the ball AND she wears comfortable shoes. Although each ‘Cinder’ ends up with the prince of her dreams, one may be a great deal happier than the other. You decide.PERFORMANCESThursday & Friday performances are at 7:00 p.m.Saturday & Sunday performances are matinees at 2:00 p.m.Pay-What-You-Can Performances: Each show has one performance where patrons can pay what they can for a ticket. For these dates no online sales, cash or check at box office starting at noon day of show. The lobby opens 1 hour before the performance time.TICKETSAdvance ticket purchase is recommended due to limited seating! Tickets can be purchased online or by phone with Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Tickets are available 24 hours from the Olympia Family Theater website. Box office hours: 2 hours before each performance (cash, check or credit card)SINGLE TICKETSAdults: $19.00Senior/Student/Military: $16.00Youth (Under 12): $13.00GROUP DISCOUNTS10% off groups of 10 or more to one performance.SUBSCRIBE and SAVESave up to 30% off your seats with a Season SubscriptionSave up to 25% off your seats with a 3-Show SubscriptionAll subscribers get 10% off any additional single tickets they purchaseACCESSIBILITYAll performances are wheelchair accessible. Please mention any special needs when making your reservation.Based in downtown Olympia, OFT is a nonprofit community theater that engages audiences of all ages in performances and programs that entertain and educate.Olympia Family Theater612 4th Ave EOlympia, WA 98501360-570-1638last_img read more

A Healthy Mouth Right From the Start

first_imgFacebook42Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Thurston County Health & Public ServicesNew parents are often on the lookout for ways to keep their new little one safe and healthy. It might be learning about an app for their phone to keep important information at their fingertips, or understanding which are the best car seats, and how to securely fasten them into the safest place in their car. They may be looking up the recommended way for their baby to sleep to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), or exploring the best way to feed their little pumpkin to keep baby happy and growing well. Many new parents, however, may not realize why keeping a baby’s mouth healthy is such an important part of a child’s overall health, or how to keep their child’s first teeth growing strong and healthy.A baby’s first tooth will usually emerge between 6-12 months of age. Most parents recognize the signs of teething long before that first tooth erupts; their little one drools, chews on everything and may be very cranky. Those first 20 teeth will all be in place around the little one’s third birthday. Baby teeth are important because they:Help a child chew nutritious food to grow strongAllow for correct speech and pronunciation of wordsEnsure proper placement in the gums of adult teeth laterBaby teeth need to be protected and well cared for until they are ready to come out around the age of six. Cavities can occur in baby teeth and be painful. They may make it difficult for children to eat, sleep and learn. Baby teeth also need to be protected because cavities in baby teeth can spread to adult teeth.Children should have an oral health screening by age one.To find a dentist for your child or yourself visit, and to get more information on good oral health, be sure to visit the American Dental Association’s website: for baby teeth is simple. Even before there are signs of that first tooth, a daily routine of wiping baby’s gums with a wet washcloth is all that’s needed to remove bacteria and will begin to set the stage for a lifetime of good oral healthcare. Once baby’s teeth begin to come in, a soft toothbrush with a rice-sized dab of fluoride toothpaste can be used to gently brush them twice a day. Around age 3, that daily bit of fluoride toothpaste should be about the size of a pea. Parents should help their child brush their teeth until they can tie their own shoes, and remind them to spit out any excess toothpaste instead of swallowing it.One danger to baby teeth is sometimes called Baby Bottle Mouth—the decay of a child’s front teeth. The most common contributor to Baby Bottle Mouth is prolonged exposure to sugary drinks. Even if a little one isn’t downing bottles of sugar-sweetened sodas, liquids that baby drinks may have added or natural sugar. These sugars, which are found in formula, milk, and juice, feed the bacteria in a baby’s mouth and can lead to cavities. Putting a baby to bed with a bottle is a particularly troublesome habit that can bathe the teeth in sugar and bring on Baby Bottle Mouth. If a child needs a bottle to fall asleep, it should contain water only. Breastfeeding offers many health benefits for a little one, but even breastmilk contains sugar that can cause tooth decay. So, no matter how a baby is fed, starting a healthy habit of dental care is very important.The Thurston County Public Health & Social Services Department participates in the Thurston County Local Impact Network. The Network is working toward a common goal of improving health by reducing oral health disparities. You can learn more at read more

Watch : Marcelo does a brilliant bin challenge with his son’s classmates at his…

first_imgAdvertisement The star left back of Real Madrid, Marcelo is spending quality time with his kids in the International Break. Marcelo has not been called up in the Brazilian National team in this International break and that’s why he is enjoying the holiday with his kids.Advertisement Marcelo was seen in the school of his son and he involved in a successful bin challenge in his son’s school. It was successful because of the brilliant ball control of the star Brazilian left back Marcelo. The friends of his son also helped him a lot to complete this challenge. The star Brazilian left back seemed to be really happy after completing the bin challenge as he started to celebrate with the kids.Advertisement The 31 year old star Brazilian left back has to fight for his place at Real Madrid in this season. The club management of the Los Blancos have already brought in Ferland Mendy from Lyon to play in that position. It will be a healthy competition between these two players to grab the position in the starting eleven of Real Madrid through out the whole season. However, these sort of small sessions with the kids will certainly help the left back to keep himself boosted up for the rest of the season.Advertisement Advertisementlast_img read more

Twitter sends love to legendary all rounder Kapil Dev for his 61st birthday

first_imgImage Courtesy: Hindustan Times/AFPAdvertisement r61NBA Finals | Brooklyn Vsqdzu9Wingsuit rodeo📽Sindre Elnbq( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) 84pdWould you ever consider trying this?😱8cmCan your students do this? 🌚69pnRoller skating! Powered by Firework The captain of the Indian Cricket Team that lifted the 1983 Cricket World Cup. An Honorary  Lieutenant Colonel of the Indian Territorial Army. A blistering all rounder for the Men in Blues. Its the birthday of India’s cricketing icon- the one and only Kapil Dev! Everyone’s beloved ‘Haryana Hurricane’ has just turned 61 today, and the whole lot of social media has overflown with birthday wishes and felicitations.Advertisement Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times/AFPAnother legend and icon of the game of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar wished Kapil Paaji: Many happy returns of the day Kapil Paji. Have a wonderful and healthy year ahead.”, along with a photo of the duo.Advertisement Bishan Singh Bedi, former Test captain, sent his best wishes to his former teammate: “Birthday Greetings for the Greatest Indian All Rounder till date..GodBless Kaps now & Always..Love All Always.!”Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament, Congress leader and reputed writer retweeted Bishan Bedi’s tweet with the caption: “An absolute great. And gave us all so much pleasure whenever he played. A superb player & a peerless entertainer. Happy birthday Kapil Dev!”Honourable Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee conveyed her wish to Kapil Dev.Kuldeep Bishnoi, another Congress politician and the current Member of the Legislative Assembly from Adampur, Haryana, posted an evergreen picture of himself with a young Kapil, with a complimenting caption:“Wishing you a day filled with happiness and a life filled with joy. A very happy birthday @therealkapildev Paaji.” tweeted former Indian star cricketer VVS Laxman, with a picture of himself with Kapil Dev.Mohammad Kaif tweeted a picture of himself with Kapil, and also thanked him for being a role model for the younger generation of Indian cricketers: “Many more happy returns of the day@therealkapildev Paaji. Thank you for inspiring a whole generation of youngsters !”Former Men in Blues star RP Singh’s wish mentioned how Kapil was the idol for the young cricketing fans who aspired to become a fast bowler. A pacer himself during his career, RP Singh also mentioned that he had worked with Kapil Dev as a commentator, along with a picture.Harbhajan Singh, Kedar Jadhav and Shikhar Dhawan all had their own tweets coming in.Indian cricket journalist and commentator Harsha Bhogle conveyed his felicitation.Renowned comedian and cricket humorist Vikram Sathaye greeted Kapil Dev, along with an ‘unseen’ clip of him interviewing the birthday man.The official Twitter handle of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) sent their greetings.The International Cricket Council (ICC) soon followed up.Doordarshan’s official Twitter account sent their wish to the “Champion of Champions.”Next wish comes from the official Twitter handle of ESPNcricinfo.Indian Premier League side Rajasthan Royals wished Kapil Dev, while asking the Twitter audience about their ‘favourite Kapil Dev moment.’Lord’s Cricket Ground, the stadium where Kapil Dev lifted the trophy in 1983, sent their own greetings through their official Twitter handle.Also read-Twitteratis pour in their wishes for the birthday boy Suresh Raina!Wishes pour in as Virender Sehwag turns 41 Advertisementlast_img read more

What fast bowlers need to do to swing a cricket ball without saliva

first_imgImage Courtesy: Getty/TOI/APAdvertisement g4NBA Finals | Brooklyn Vsmzj3Wingsuit rodeo📽Sindre En71rz( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) yfWould you ever consider trying this?😱6s0tCan your students do this? 🌚mRoller skating! Powered by Firework The COVID-19 pandemic of the past few months have made an impact on world sports in more than one way. In addition to a long suspension of all fixtures, tournaments and tours, a number of new rules and regulations have been implemented across several sports as means of precautions and as a counter measure against contamination. Advertisement One of them belongs to cricket, the ban on the use of saliva, which is an age old method used by pace bowlers to swing the ball, and the ban is currently in effect in the ongoing three match Test series between England and West Indies.Image Courtesy: Getty/TOI/APFrom the bowler at the non striking end of the pitch to the keeper behind the wickets, the cricket ball is treated with multiple polishes of saliva on one side, to generate swerve in the next delivery. Although the method is surely insanitary in the gentleman’s game, the benefits were worth for the pacers.Advertisement However, now with the prevalence of the novel Coronavirus, saliva possess a high chance of contaminating the virus, and handling a saliva polished ball during a match creates a risky affair for all the players on the field. When the medical guidelines are strictly to use masks and to avoid touching your mouth, licking your finger to shine a cricket match ball, termed a ‘vector of the disease’ by the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is surely not a good idea.The ICC’s implementation of the ban in June, on the same day the Windies arrived at England for the series. While the decision, recommended by former Indian bowling icon and captain Anil Kumble has been widely accepted by players, as bowlers are retraining themselves to let go of their habit of wetting their fingers, there are a number of ways the seamers can achieve swerving the ball. Lets look at them below-Advertisement 1. Sweat:Although saliva usage has been prohibited, the ICC gave no red signal to use sweat for shining the ball. “…it is highly unlikely that the virus can be transmitted through sweat and saw no need to prohibit the use of sweat to polish the ball…” the ICC release had stated last month.No saliva? No stress: Sweat is a hugely effective alternative for the age old method of shining the ball. (Image Courtesy: Deccan Herald/TOI)Using sweat will be very useful for cricketers in humid climates such as India and Australia. Wiping off perspiration mixed with sunscreen from forehead will be a pretty effective alternative for pacers. While this method may not be that useful in dry and winter conditions, there is another way to get the job done.2. Dukes Ball:The Dukes ball, used in English cricket, can be shined on one side without using any bodily fluid. As stated by Dilip Jajodia, the owner of Dukes ball manufacturing company British Cricket Balls Ltd, rubbing the ball on the trousers will allow the grease inside to come out and shine one side of the ball, thus, allowing it to swing. Although saliva used to speed up the process, it is still better than nothing.The answer lies in the question: The waterproofing grease inside the Dukes balls of England is a good shining alternative. (Image Courtesy: Getty)While the waterproofing grease inside the Dukes ball is allowed, ICC has also banned using wax, as it constitutes as ball tampering. Back in May, Australian manufacturer Kookaburra had proposed the idea of producing a wax applicator as an alternative to both saliva and sweat, but that scheme is now futile.3. Damp Towel:South African speedster Lungi Ngidi has recently come up with an interesting idea of using a damp towel to do the shine work. “So now we have to find a game plan to get the ball to swing. Probably a damp towel is the best thing but you’ve got to find something somehow, to shine it,” the 24 year old spoke to ESPNcricinfo.A no brainer: Proteas speedster Lungi Ngidi proposes the use of damp towel to do the shining work. (Image Courtesy: Getty)Human life is changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and with it, the sport of cricket will also see some new changes. While there are some negative views on the saliva ban, the icons of pace bowling will use such alternatives to their best effects.Image created by BetwayIf you like reading about MMA, make sure you check out Also follow India’s biggest arm wrestling tournament at ProPanja.comAlso read-Coach reveals if Aussie players will participate in IPL 2020Aussie quick Josh Hazlewood outlines Rohit Sharma’s greatest strength as a batsman Advertisementlast_img read more

McCarter Pond Gets A New Lease On Life

first_imgBy John BurtonFAIR HAVEN – There will be life for McCarter Pond.The Borough Council has already taken steps to work on the pond, located on Fair Haven Road in the vicinity of Linden Drive, beginning this past spring, and more is in the works for the coming year, Mayor Benjamin Lucarelli assured.“We’re committed to a maintenance program,” for the time being, Lucarelli said. And in spring 2016, “We’re reopening the issue of dredging the pond,” the mayor added.Area residents became upset and concerned about the pond’s condition – as it has become overgrown with vegetation and an abundance of silt, to the point of possibly endangering the pond’s life – and went to a public borough council meeting.“At this point it seems many of the council are interested,” in doing the work needed to ensure the pond’s viability, said Gail Mura, a member of the Friends of McCarter Pond, said after attending the council meeting.Councilman Roland Wilhelm attended a couple of the group’s meetings at Mura’s home, offering his support, Mura said. Wilhelm did not immediately respond to requests for comment for this story.“I see where there’s a movement starting in town,” to save the pond, Mura added, “which is a good thing.”So far, based upon a report from the borough Environmental Commission and discussions with a contractor, Lucarelli said, some work has already commenced. The pond was treated with environmentally friendly chemicals/bacteria to help kill some of the duckweed and other vegetation has proliferated, especially of late. In addition, the borough installed three aerators, placed just under the surface. They “help maintain the oxygenation at the bottom of the pond” and for the water from the neighboring stream that feeds into the pond, according to Lucarelli.The next step will be dredging to remove the extensive silt, which has developed in the overall approximately three-foot deep manmade pond, Lucarelli offered. Silt, if not removed, would eventually rob the water of oxygen and ultimately the pond its life.Fair Haven residents have been concerned about the future ofMcCarter pond, which had become overgrown with vegeta- tion. Officials have begun treating the manmade pond, used for ice skating in winter and fishing in warm weather, with plans to dredge it in the near future. Photo: Marion LynchThe silt results from vegetation, mostly duckweed, that dies, sinks to the bottom and decays. “It turns into muck,” Lucarelli said. “And that is nature’s way to turn a pond back into a meadow.”Right now the vegetation is so thick that “ducks walk on top of it,” Lucarelli said.“The problem with dredging is that it’s a mucky, dirty process,” Lucarelli continued, and would require the removed fill to be hauled away or somehow used. The mayor suggested drying the silt, mixing it with clean fill and using it for what is called near-shore fill in the area of the pond’s bulkhead.The dredging has its cost. So far the borough has $335,000 penciled in, as a working amount, for the pond project. But the dredging could mean that cost could rise to about $500,000 in total, Lucarelli suspected.“If we can find a grant,” he added, “fantastic.”“There’s going to have to be a lot of work done, not just the dredging,” Mura acknowledged.But she is thankful that the project will be undertaken for the important traditional recreational opportunity here in the borough.“It is an intergenerational experience,” locally, featuring ice skating and hockey games when winter weather permits, Mura said.And, Lucarelli added, it is used annually for the borough’s fishing derby in the spring.This winter the borough Parks and Recreation Commission hopes to hold “Friday Night Lights” events, lighting the pond to allow for evening ice skating, Lucarelli said.The man-made pond was part of the McCarter estate, between Fair Haven Road and Buttonwood Lane. The estate was owned by Thomas McCarter (1867-1955), a prominent lawyer, who built it in the early 20th century. The pond measures 3 ½-feet deep across its length and was built for both ornamental and recreational purposes.There was even a time when local youth use to go swimming in it, Lucarelli offered.“It’s part of the identity of the town,” the mayor said. “That’s why I think it’s important to invest in it.”last_img read more